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CHER Number:06956
Type of record:Find Spot
Name:Late Bronze Age flesh hook, Little Thetford

Summary - not yet available

Grid Reference:TL 53 76
Parish:Thetford, East Cambridgeshire, Cambridgeshire

Monument Type(s):

  • FINDSPOT (Late Bronze Age - 1000 BC to 701 BC)

Associated Finds:

  • FLESH HOOK (Late Bronze Age - 1000 BC to 701 BC)

Full description

1. A late BA flesh hook was found about 9ft below the surface while digging a dyke at Little Thetford. It is of elaborate design and consists of two parts, originally joined by a wooden shaft. Now in the BM.

2. The flesh hook was discovered in 1929, and purchased by the British Museum. The original account recalls remnants of a wooden shaft, but insufficient material remains to radiocarbon the object. The object is in two pieces, a butt end and a hooked part, which comprises multiple components. Scientific analyses were undertaken on the object, revealing a metal composition characteristic of a LBA date, as well as identifying the pin as a modern component added to secure the other parts of the object. A proposed manufacture and construction sequence for the object is discussed, involving the use of lost-wax casting. It is suggested that the hook may be an experimental piece for smiths working in the Wilburton tradition. The complexity and individuality of the object may reflect the status of the object in the community.

Sources and further reading

<1>Article in serial: Antiq J 9. p. 255 - 256 (photo).
<2>Article in serial: Bowman, S. and Needham, S.. 2007. The Dunaverney and Little Thetford Flesh-Hooks: History, Technology and Their Position within the Later Bronze Age Atlantic Zone Feasting Complex. Antiquaries Journal 87.