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The North Lincolnshire SMR was created in 1998, a year after the establishment of North Lincolnshire Council as a unitary authority. Data was extracted from the main Humber SMR, which had its origins in Humberside County Council, c. 1984. The home of the new SMR was North Lincolnshire Museum, where it has remained since 1998 with the same two members of staff. The aims and objectives of the SMR are to provide information and a continuing professional archaeological advisory service to the local authority, developers, landowners, contractors, consultants, academic institutions and members of the public. The database information now published on the Heritage Gateway is a work in progress. Text descriptions for one third of our records have yet to be compiled, so researchers who require the fullest information should contact the SMR about access to our paper records. Visitors to our office are also able to see aerial photographs, parish files, unpublished 'grey literature' reports, and other sources. Our Geographical Information System (GIS) is also available. North Lincolnshire contains a wide variety of sites ranging in date from the prehistoric period up to the 20th century, including nationally important sites such as Gainsthorpe Deserted Medieval Village and Thornton Abbey. Other sites on the record are of regional or local importance, and help us to piece together a picture of the continuous occupation of North Lincolnshire since the retreat of the last ice sheets.