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The Humber Historic Environment Record covers Kingston upon Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. We are currently made up of approximately 20,000 monument records on archaeological sites, buildings, landscapes and finds ranging in date from the Palaeolithic to Modern Structures such as the Humber Bridge. We are based within Hull City Council within the City at The Old School, Northumberland Ave, Hull. Members of the public are more than welcome to make a visit (by appointment only) to the HER and view any or all of our records and other information that we hold. Equally we are also contactable via email or telephone to answer any queries regarding the HER or Development Management issues. The contact details for email enquiries is archaeology@hullcc.gov.uk whilst our telephone number is 01482 217466. We hold a computerised database linked to a geographical information system, plus non computerised aerial photographs, maps, fieldwork reports, a reference library, slides and digital images along with parish files. The computerised records are largely in index form, hence they currently do not offer a comprehensive dataset. Not all of the hard copy information has been computerised / digitalised. Therefore there may be additional information relating to a monument record that is not accessible via the Heritage Gateway at this moment. However the Humber HER is constantly being enhanced in order to make as much information digitally available as possible, this will be undertaken by the tram and uploaded to Heritage Gateway twice a year. Once the indexing / computerising is complete, we hope to add more detail and further enhancement to our record. Covid-19 Service: Our HER is still available to everyone and can be search through the Heritage Gateway website. So go on and explore what fantastic Heritage Assets are in your area. If you need help search Heritage Gateway please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail, telephone or social mediea. Visitors: At the moment we are closed to visitors, however if you do want any information related to Heritage Assets in your area or any archaeological fieldwork that has taken place in your area. We are happy to send it to you either digitally or via the post please contact us either via e-mail, telephone or social media and we will be happy to help.