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Historic England research records

Historic England research records are created during recent work to investigate archaeological sites and historic buildings to inform heritage management.

The results also include parts of the former National Record of the Historic Environment (NRHE) which was previously available online via Pastscape. As part of the Heritage Information Access Strategy (principle 1), the terrestrial part of the NRHE is being transferred to the relevant local authority Historic Environment Record, after which point it will be retrieved as part of the HER’s search results. New research records created by Historic England will also be transferred to HERs.

The results also include Historic England’s records relating to historic aircraft crash sites and the marine historic environment, such as shipwrecks.

Historic England also records information on investigations into the historic environment including excavations, surveys and other research. Older (pre-2020) investigation records have been archived with the Archaeology Data Service (ADS), where they can be searched or via the Heritage Gateway. From autumn 2020, Historic England will be reporting its own investigations via OASIS to ensure that this information is available to HERs and wider audiences.