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Description:The history of the defences in this period is summarised by transcripts from the city archives by Juddery, Staniforth and Stoyle, with historical introductions by Stoyle; three volumes cover the periods 1450-1570 (Juddery, Staniforth and Stoyle 1989), 1570-1600 (Juddery, Staniforth and Stoyle 1988), and 1600-1650 (Juddery, Stoyle and Thomas 1988). In addition there are further summaries and abstracts of documented work in Blaylock 1995, 3 and 12-14. The main phases of work, aside from routine maintenance, took place in the second quarter of the 16th century as straightforward rebuilding, and in response to the demolition of St Nicholas’ Priory, when demolished materials were re-used in repairs to the walls (Juddery et al. 1989, 23-27; account of 1539-40). Secondly, in the later part of the 16th century work was focussed on the southern corner of the city with the construction of the Watergate and development of the quay by the city in the 1560s (cf. Monument No. 11278), but also included the rebuilding of the North Gate in 1558 (ibid., xi-xiii). The distinctive thing about these items of work is their high quality masonry of ashlar in Permian breccia blocks (Blaylock 1995, 34). Other sections of the wall in similar materials may also be attributable to this period, especially a long section of very high quality breccia ashlar walling with an integral chamfered plinth just to the north east of the North Gate in Northernhay Street (ibid., 34 and 62; section Ext. 9.9; see also Pls 36-38).

Extant: Yes
Grid reference:SX922925
Map reference: [ EPSG:27700] 292269, 92573
Periods:1540 - 1640
Subjects:TOWN WALL
Identifiers:[ ADS] Depositor ID - 11242.01

People Involved:

  • [ Publisher] Exeter City Council

Bibliographic References:

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