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Bronze Age Enclosed Cremation Cemetary, Ox Close

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Description:[SD 990902] An enclosure situated on Haw Bank, described by Raistrick and scheduled as a 'stone circle' but which is probably of the type now known as an enclosed cremation cemetery. The enclosing bank which is approx 78ft north to south by 92ft east to west is c.6ft wide and 2ft high. It is composed of earth and a great quantity of small stones, up to 1ft diameter; the stones were probably erected on the crest of the bank though most have now fallen inwards. At the approximate centre of the enclosed area is a low mound about 1ft high, the centre of which has been hollowed out exposing large and small stones. (1) Visible on air photographs. (2-3) The remains are situated at SD 99009013 at the east end of a small sheltered valley (slightly below the crest of the hill slopes to the east) and consist of a sub-circular enclosure 28m east-west by 24m north south between the centres of an earth and rubble bank 0.4m high which spreads to about 3m in width. This bank has been constructed mainly of stones and large boulders (obviously taken from the scree slopes about 150m to the north) none of which appear to have been upstanding or set into the bank as suggested by Raistrick. Almost central within the enclosed area are the mutilated remains of a stony mound 0.2m high and 6m in diameter. No other features are apparent. The remains are not those of a stone circle, but more probably an enclosed cremation cemetery as suggested. Surveyed at 1:10000. (4) SD 990 901. Ox Close stone circle, Nab End. Scheduled No NY/160. (5) MORPH reference. (6) Condition monitored as part of MARS project 03/02/05 (M. Fulton). (7) Embanked ring cairn, later interpreted as a Bronze Age Enclosed Cemetary. Lithic find site - black chert arrowhead (Fig 73 in Archaeology of Yorkshire). (8)
County:North Yorkshire
Grid reference:SD990901
Map reference: [ EPSG:27700 ] 399000, 490130
Periods:-500000 - 42
-2350 - -701
-500000 - 42
-2350 - -701
-500000 - 42
Identifiers:[ ADS ] Depositor ID - MYD4264
[ ADS ] Associated ID - Scheduled Monument 24466
[ ADS ] Associated ID - Monarch UID 47317
[ ADS ] Associated ID - RSM Number (EH national number) 24466
[ ADS ] Associated ID - National Monuments Record SD 99 SE 2

People Involved:

  • [ Publisher ] Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority
  • [ Publisher ] Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority
  • [ Publisher ] Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority
  • [ Publisher ] Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

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