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CHER Number:06935
Type of record:Monument
Name:Cratendune village

Summary - not yet available

Grid Reference:TL 52 77
Parish:Ely, East Cambridgeshire, Cambridgeshire

Monument Type(s):

Full description

O1, Village of "Cratendune" (site of) Lost village of Cratendune, alleged to have been situated about 1 mile S of Ely. The history of Cratendune, taken from all available sources is as follows:- "... Ethelbert I, (who reigned from 560 - 616) founded a Church to the honour of the Virgin Mary in a village named Cratendune. Later that church was destroyed in the war between Anna, King of E Anglia, and Penda, King of Mercia. When Anna's daughter, Etheldreda, adopted a religious life, ... she chose a more attractive site a mile farther N and built a monastery there in 673. This site later became the town of Ely, because the people of Cratendune abandoned their village and rebuilt it around the monastery..." A possible site for this lost village is 3/4 mile N by E of Ely Fields Farm (52--/77-- in view of the available water supply, but no objects of any considerable antiquity was found there. Can the pagan AS cemetery (Cambs 30 NW 4, TL 57 NW 3) be associated with this lost village? If it were not for the lack of water at this latter site the writer would expect to find some traces of the village there, but so far, he has had no time to look for it properly. Pagan AS cemetery referred to as Cratendun Cemetery.

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Sources and further reading

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