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HER Number:24346
Name:TREGONY - Medieval motte and bailey, Medieval castle


The site of Tregony Castle, a motte and bailey earthwork.

Grid Reference:SW 9228 4475
Parish:Tregoney, Carrick, Cornwall
Map:Show location on Streetmap

Protected Status

  • Conservation Area: TREGONY

Other References/Statuses

  • OS No. (OS Quarter-sheet and OS No.): SW94SW 4
  • Primary Record No. (1985-2009): 24346
  • SMR No. (OS Quarter-sheet and SMR No.): SW94SW 15

Monument Types

Full description

Tregony Castle, a motte and bailey earthwork, was built by Henry de Pomeroy on behalf of John, Earl of Cornwall in the time of Richard I (1189-1199). The castle was still standing in 1540 and the castle and walls are mentioned in 1643. It was later pulled down and a manor house erected on the site. The final clearence of the castle mound and ditches took place in 1862, for which a contempory detailed description exists together with a plan (b5). There are now no extant remains (b6). The site was visited by the OS in 1977 who noted that there are no remains of Tregony Castle and no way of proving which of the plans produced in 1848 (b4) and 1862 (b5) is correct, and that whether it had a single or double bailey, the area occupied is probably exagerated (h1). In 1979 the CCRA note that the foundations for a bungalow were dug in 1977 close to the course of the bailey ditch at SW 9227 4481. Rock faces were exposed to the E, W and S sides of the excavation, giving the overall effect of an old quarry. No artefacts earlier than the C18 were found and no traces of the castle outworks were revealed (b8).

Site history:
1: 1977. QUINNELL, NV / OS

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Sources / Further Reading

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Associated Finds: none recorded

Associated Events

  • ECO464 - Tregoney Castle

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