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HER Number:MDV1280
Name:Cropmark Enclosure North of Netherexe Barton


A probably multi-phase and multiple ditched enclosure or enclosed settlement of probable later prehistoric to Roman date is visible on aerial photographs as cropmarks on the floodplain of the Exe Valley, north of Netherexe Barton.


Grid Reference:SS 938 011
Map Sheet:SS90SW
Admin AreaDevon
Civil ParishRewe
DistrictEast Devon
Ecclesiastical ParishREWE

Protected Status

  • SHINE: Prehistoric or Romano-British rectilinear and curvilinear ditched enclosures, ring ditches, water channel, pits, linears, pits and artefact scatters south of Rudway Barton

Other References/Statuses

  • National Monuments Record: 10138580
  • Old DCC SMR Ref: SS90SW/40

Monument Type(s) and Dates

  • ENCLOSURE (Iron Age - 700 BC to 42 AD)

Full description

Devon County Council, Devon Air Photograph Transcriptions (Cartographic). SDV344181.

Uglow, J., Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV43389.

Excavation at the site known as 'turnspit' in 1988-89 confirmed the presence of a ditched enclosure of c0.1ha but with no indication of an entrance or a causeway. The pottery + roof tile fragments recovered suggest the enclosure was a settlement occupied in c2 + c3 (uglow).

BALKWILL, Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV44259.

Cropmark site in exe valley. Square enclosure with outer rectilinear ditches. Situated just outside entrance of large enclosure complex at ss941008 (balkwill).

UGLOW, PERS COMM, Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV44587.

Vis=-/4/1988 (uglow) fragment of amphora handle picked up at ss93810113 (uglow, pers comm).

Griffith, F. M., Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV8774.

Extremely complicated series of enclosures of different dates - one appears triple ditched - in all at least three phases apparently. Also double-ditched curvilinear feature, all visible on cuc/mh71. Immediately to the west, shown on photo bts 91 is a complex of cropmarks mainly of a field system coincident with that surviving, and which is still preserved in the parish boundaries, with one small circular feature or ring ditch at ss93640093 (griffith).

NMR CITING MILLER, Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV114599.

Rapid examination of ap suggests the presence of an oval enclosure, possibly a barrow site of prehistoric or roman date, visible as an oval ring ditch cropmark c.650m ssw of rudway barton. May be part of enclosed settlement. Rapid examination of ap suggests the presence of a number of rectilinear enclosures and possible pits. The features form a small enclosed settlement of preshistoric or roman date, visible as cropmarks c.550m sw of rudway barton (nmr citing miller).

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV114601.

Aph=cuc/mh 65-71(5.7.1953)/mh 71 in smr.

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV114602.

Aph=nmr ss9301.

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV114603.

Aph=dap/x 3(25/6/1984).

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV114604.

Aph=dap/ax 1,2,3,3a(3/7/1984).

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV114605.

Aph=dap/bi 11,11a(5/7/1984).

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV114606.

Aph=dap/cn 5,6,7,7a(17/7/1984).

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV114607.

Aph=dap/dl 8a,9,10,11(27/7/1984).

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV114608.

Aph=cuc/bts 91,86(3/7/1975)obliques/bts 91,86 in smr.

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV114610.

Des=miller, a. /(1996?)/rchme ap primary recording project.

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV114611.

Aph=nmr/ss9033/20-22; ss9301/9, 11, 13-20, 22, 30, 34-36, 39-40, 54-56, 59-63, 65-66; ss9401/4-7.

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV114612.

Aph=dap/iu 10, 10a/(10/7/1987).

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV114613.

Aph=dap/kk 8-9/(16/5/1988).

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV114614.

Aph=dap/ks 7-12/(1/7/1988).

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV114615.

Aph=dap/lb 1/(10/1/1989).

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV114616.

Aph=dap/lf 25-27/(10/1/1989).

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV114617.


Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV114618.

Aph=dap/ox 10-12/(25/7/1989).

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV114619.

Aph=dap/ph 8-10/(28/7/1989).

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV114620.

Aph=dap/qs 5-8/(24/5/1990).

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV114621.

Aph=dap/rf 3,4/(31/5/1990).

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV114622.

Aph=dap/vs 14-17/(31/7/1992).

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV114623.

Aph=dap/zy 10-15/(17/7/1996).

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV114624.

Aph=dap/zz 1-6/(17/7/1996).

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Aph=dap/abh 14/(29/5/1997).

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV114626.

Des=uglow,j. /pdas/58(2000)227-247/three romano-british sites in the lower exe valley.

Cambridge University Collection of Aerial Photography, 1953, CAP/MH, CAP 8132/65, 67, 69, 73 05-JUL-1953 (MH) (Aerial Photograph). SDV357463.

A Cropmark enclosure is visible. Map object based partly on this source.

Cambridge University, 1975, CUCAP BTS, CUCAP BTS86 03-JUL-1975 (Aerial Photograph). SDV2407.

A Cropmark enclosure is visible.

English Heritage, 1984, NMR 2163, NMR 2163/81 02-JUL-1984 (Aerial Photograph). SDV357051.

A Cropmark enclosure is visible.

Devon County Council, 1989, DAP 6785, DAP 6785/11 25-JUL-1989 (OX) (Aerial Photograph). SDV357408.

A Cropmark enclosure is visible. Map object based partly on this source.

DCC, 1990, DAP/6871, DAP 6871/03 31-MAY-1990 (RF) (Aerial Photograph). SDV358027.

A Cropmark enclosure is visible. Map object based partly on this source.

GetMapping, 1999 - 2000, Millennium Map 1999-2000 Getmapping (Aerial Photograph). SDV321648.

National Monuments Record, 2011, 1038580 (National Monuments Record Database). SDV346286.

Enclosed settlement, of Prehistoric or Roman date, consisting of rectilinear enclosures and possible pits seen as cropmarks

Wilkes, E. M. + Griffith, F.M., 2012, Cadbury Castle, Devon, Reconsidered (Article in Serial). SDV354394.

Hegarty, C. + Knight, S. + Sims, R., 2014-2015, East and Mid Devon River Catchments National Mapping Programme Project (Interpretation). SDV356883.

A roughly square enclosure approximately 32 metres to a side forms the focus of a
probably multi-phase and multiple ditched enclosure or enclosed settlement complex of probable later prehistoric to Roman date, visible on aerial photographs as cropmarks on the floodplain of the Exe Valley, north of Netherexe Barton.
At least three additional enclosure ditches are visible to the north-east of the square enclosure and two to the south-west. A fainter and less well defined ditch is visible with the square enclosure, possibly enclosing a rectilinear area almost 25 by 20 metres in size. The outermost two of the external ditches to the north-west appear to deviate from the eastern side of the square enclosure to intersect with further possible rectilinear enclosures or field boundaries to the south-east. A small circular feature approximately 5 metres in diameter is visible as a faint cropmark within this enclosure complex at circa SS93840108. The relationship between the square enclosure, the outer ditches and the possible fields to the south is unclear, obscured partly by geological cropmarks. Geophysical survey is recommended to help ascertain the extent and interrelationship between the cropmarks.
Possible ditched trackways might define the southern edge of the enclosed area, potentially intersecting with a wider system of trackways visible to the south and north-east, recorded separately.

Bayer, O. J. + Griffith, F. M., 2021, Prehistoric Monument Complexes in the Lower Exe Basin, 15; Figs 8, 9 (Article in Serial). SDV365335.

Several phases of appended enclosures/field systems are visible on the northern, eastern and southern sides of enclosure MDV81355, all sharing the same approximate orientation. This axis, at 45 degrees to most of the surrounding landscape, is perpetuated in the orientation of present day, and recently removed, field boundaries to the north-west of the current survey area.
It is suggested that a series of double-ditched boundaries (B13 (MDV55598, MDV55596)) that define a large sub-rectangular enclosures to the south-east are also Romano-British in date. These boundaries overlie enclosure MDV1279, bracketing its north-west side and entrance. Further linear features on a similar orientation protrude into the northern half of the enclosure.

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Associated Monuments

MDV79198Related to: Cropmark enclosure South of Latchmoor Green (Monument)
MDV79197Related to: Oval Ring Ditch South of Latchmoor Green (Monument)

Associated Finds: none recorded

Associated Events

  • EDV6530 - The East and Mid-Devon Rivers Catchment NMP project (Ref: ACD613)

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