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HER Number:MDV132727
Name:Hut circle within Broadun enclosed settlement, Dartmoor Forest


Hut circle within 'Broadun' enclosed settlement. One of over 30 hut circles within the enclosure


Grid Reference:SX 634 800
Map Sheet:SX68SW
Admin AreaDartmoor National Park
Civil ParishDartmoor Forest
DistrictWest Devon
Ecclesiastical ParishLYDFORD

Protected Status

Other References/Statuses

  • National Monuments Record: SX68SW11
  • National Record of the Historic Environment: 443926

Monument Type(s) and Dates

  • HUT CIRCLE (Constructed, Bronze Age - 2200 BC (Between) to 701 BC (Between))

Full description

Prowse, A. B., 1891, The Ancient Metropolis of Dartmoor, 311, figure (Article in Serial). SDV245176.

Other details: Figure.

Burnard, R., 1894, Exploration of the Hut Circles in Broadun Ring and Broadun, 191-193, 196 plan (Article in Serial). SDV246116.

Broadun. Ruined walls enclose an area more than 4.86 hectares to the south of 'Broadun Ring'. 17 huts still recognisable, many more spoiled by being robbed for newtake walls. Probably 50 habitations and storehouses.
Hut 1. Entrance fairly complete. Charcoal found round hearth. Nest of dozen cooking stones just inside the entrance. 60 cooking stones, 5 pieces of schorl, 9 small rounded river stones of white quartz (slingstones?) rubbing stone of grit, flint scrapers found in the hut. A piece of clear quartz found under a fallen stone.
Hut 2. Plain hearth stone. 3 cooking stones, 3 flint fragments, charcoal found.
Hut 3. Charcoal round hearthstone. 4 cooking stones, piece of altered grit, fragment of slaty stone found.
Hut 4. No hearth, a cooking hole near the centre full of charcoal and ashes.
Hut 5. No floor. Nothing found. Probably store house.
Hut 6. Cooking stones, flint, rubbing stone, charcoal found. No hearth visible. Floor roughly paved. Two other imperfect circles jointed these, not explored. Hut 7. Well paved. Signs of fire and charcoal near the entrance. Hut 8. Flint flake found. Hearthstone. Hut 9. Hearth in good condition. Cooking stone and charcoal found.
Hut 10. Not a circle, like a small cairn. Pit found underneath, filled with stones. Wood charcoal and ash in the bottom of the pit.
Hut 11. One cooking stone and charcoal. Plain hearthstone.

Brailsford, J. W., 1938, Bronze Age Stone Monuments of Dartmoor, 455 (Article in Serial). SDV304210.

Worth, R. H., 1943, The Prehistoric Pounds of Dartmoor, 282 (Article in Serial). SDV320337.

Worth, R. H., 1945, The Dartmoor Hut Circles, 242 (Article in Serial). SDV246120.

Royal Air Force, 1949, RAF/540/176, 5121-2 (Aerial Photograph). SDV224083.

Griffiths, W. E., 1951, Early settlement in Caernarvonshire, 63-4 (Article in Serial). SDV224028.

Broadun containing 17 huts. The huts are circular, and range from 9 to 15 ft in diameter; they contain hearth-stones and 'cooking-holes'. Some are paved, and some have entrances with orthostatic jambs. Small finds from excavation included many pot-boilers, fragments of flint rubbing-stones, and pieces of charcoal. One heap of stones proved on examination to contain a pit, 4 ft deep and 4 1/2 ft long, containing a mixture of charcoal and bone ash.

Ancient Monuments, 1976, Schedule notes (Schedule Document). SDV320304.

(21/01/1976) Hut circles and enclosure west of Hartland Tor. A round enclosure about 250 metres in diameter. The outline is still tracable. There are 39-40 hut circles in it.

Ordnance Survey Archaeology Division, 1978, SX68SW11, SX68SW11 (Ordnance Survey Archaeology Division Card). SDV224030.

(02/10/1978) An enclosed settlement known as 'Broadun' contains 36 Type 1 hut circles with a further three outside the southern perimeter. The condition of the huts is mostly poor, though three are in reasonably good condition. Their average internal diameter is 3.7 metres with an average thickness of walling of 1.3 metres; the largest has a measurement of 13.0 by 10.5 metres and the smallest a diameter 2.5 metres. Twenty three of the huts have entrances on the south-east, south or south-west side. The enclosure wall appears to be contemporary with or later than the huts. There is some indication that the interior of the enclosure has been cleared.

National Monument Record, 1979, SF1510, 405-408 (Aerial Photograph). SDV224088.

Greeves, T. A. P., 1983, Middle Merripit Survey Drawing (Plan - measured). SDV321106.

Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England, 1985, Aerial Photograph Project (Dartmoor) - Dartmoor Pre-NMP (Cartographic). SDV319854.

Enclosure and 16 hut circles, some small and fragmentary, visible on 1979 NMR and 1951 RAF AP. May be more hut circles. A court or small enclosure is attached to the eastern wall of the enclosure at SX63687989.

Royal Commission for the Historical Monuments of England, 1987-1993, Duchy Farms Project Survey Visit, I. S. Sainsbury (Report - Survey). SDV350839.

(29/09/1989) SX 63547992.'Broadun' contains at least 36 hut circles. The hut circles are mostly constructed of turf covered stone and rubble walls, incorporating large boulders or outcrops and often severely robbed. They cover much of the interior although two, (35 and 36), are set on the outer lip of the wall in the south-east. They range from 2.5 metres to 6.5 metres in diameter, inside walls 1 metres to 1.8 metres thick and 0.3 metres to 0.7 metres high. Only 11 ill-defined entrances can be determined, all in the southern arcs. A larger oval hut, or small enclosure (40), about 12 metres north-east to south-west by 10 metres transversely within a turf covered rubble wall 1.5 metres wide 0.4 metres high, is set on the inside lip of the settlement wall in the east-south-east. No entrance is visible. Fragments of turf covered rubble walls (41) accompany two hut circles (13 and 14) in the north-west and another in the south-east forms an elongated 'O' shaped enclosure (42) attached to the outer face of the settlement. One hut (38), shown by authority 6, appears to be a cairn (see SX 67 NW 220), whilst another (37) is probably no more then a fortuitous spread of rubble. At (29) is a rather amorphous stony area 7 metres north-west to south-east by 5 metres, with what may be a fragment of walling on the north-east side. This is almost certainly the site of Burnard's (8) No 10 which he depicts as an elongated pecked oval (though the number is apparently misplaced). He describes it as "not a circle but a heap of stones like a small cairn, near what appeared to be a short piece of straight wall". The amorphous area seems to represent the site of a cairn since Burnard's excavation records a pit with charcoal and burnt bones. A further table of information on the settlement is held in the archive.

Butler, J., 1991, Dartmoor Atlas of Antiquities: Volume Two - The North, 39-40, Map 27, Figure 27.2 (Monograph). SDV219155.

Hut circle within 'Broadun' settlement. One of some 32 hut circles clearly defined. They are mainly grouped towards the centre with a clear area between them and the circuit wall. Almost all the huts are small of 3.0 to 4.5 metres diameter but one hut near the centre is 7.0 metres diameter. Eleven of the huts were excavated in 1893 and appear to have been dwellings.

English Heritage, 2005-2008, Prehistoric Survey Information (Cartographic). SDV345521.

Hut circle shown on survey.

Ordnance Survey, 2022, Mastermap 2022 (Cartographic). SDV364674.

Hut circle within 'Broadun Settlement' shown on modern mapping.

Historic England, 2022, National Heritage List for England, 1021333 (National Heritage List for England). SDV364675.

The monument includes a prehistoric enclosed settlement, a cairn, a short length of leat and post-medieval walling situated on a south facing slope overlooking the valley of the East Dart River. The enclosure survives as a circular shaped area denoted by a rubble bank measuring up to 5 metres wide and standing up to 0.5 metres high. The interior of the enclosure measures 300 metres north east-south west by 260 metres north west-south east and contains at least 36 stone hut circles varying between 2.5 metres and 6.6 metres in internal diameter. Eleven of the huts have visible doorways and two are attached to the outer face of the enclosure. Eleven of the huts within the settlement were partially excavated by the Dartmoor Exploration Committee in 1894 and this work revealed hearthstones, charcoal, flints, rubbing stones and pot boilers. The inner face of the enclosure wall is surmounted by a post-medieval drystone wall along much of its circuit and this stands up to 1.5 metres high. Against the northern wall is a small drystone-built animal pen. Adjacent to the southern side of the enclosure is a cairn. This survives as a 5.5 metres diameter stony mound standing up to 0.8 metres high. This cairn is clipped on its northern side by a leat carrying water to the gunpowder mills at Cherry Brook.

Sources / Further Reading

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