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HER Number:MDV6114
Name:Kes Tor field system


Settlement containing hut circles and fields on kes tor.


Grid Reference:SX 664 868
Map Sheet:SX68NE
Admin AreaDartmoor National Park
Civil ParishChagford
Civil ParishGidleigh
DistrictWest Devon
Ecclesiastical ParishGIDLEIGH

Protected Status

Other References/Statuses

  • Old DCC SMR Ref: SX68NE/6
  • Old SAM County Ref: 261
  • Old SAM Ref: 28714

Monument Type(s) and Dates

  • PARALLEL REAVE SYSTEM (Bronze Age - 2200 BC to 701 BC (Between))

Full description


Vis=est -/-/1997 (gerrard, s. ) at sx66608645. Coaxial field system at kestor (mpp).

GIBSON, Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV33825.

The proposed bt trench cut through a number of reaves. Sections across these were excavated in advance of trenching, by gibson, in july 1989. Although the route passed through areas already disturbed, some buried soils were discovered and pollen analysed. Two possible periods of occupation identified: mid-2nd millennium and medieval (gibson).

Griffiths, D. M., Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV3966.

Tractor damage restored by harrowing + rolling and infilling of worst ruts (griffiths).

FOX, Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV4034.

Vis=estimated -/-/1951 (fox) early iron age settlement reoccupied in 13th and 14th century. Fields extensive and partly remade.

QUINNELL, Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV1356.

20 sherds of early ironage pot recovered during excavation. Other pottery medieval, non-ceramics pound stone whorl, quern and slag. Now in ram museum, exeter (quinnell).

Fleming, A., Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV139025.

Kestor system has an excellent example of a staggered terminal reave. Terminal just w of the round pound runs s to meet n edge of a further block of parallel reaves whose terminal, near the junction point, is located c 35m w. The s terminal does not join teign divider reave, suggesting the existence of a buffer zone. The most southerly reave, which pre-dates the terminal, ends on a small cairn of the type which tends to enclose a cist. This seems to be the only case where a burial cairn is used as an aiming-point by a reave (fleming).

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274523.

Settlement containing hut circles and fields on kes tor.

Ancient Monuments, Untitled Source (Report - Survey). SDV274524.

Vis=estimated -/-/1948 (ancient monuments) 12 or more hut circles with associated rectangular fields covering the ground between kes tor rocks and the metalled road to batworthy house (chagford parish), and continuing in gidleigh parish nw of road. The huts are all large, built of large granite orthostats set 1.4m apart and space filled with loose stones. The field- walls are mostly row of orthostats. Condition good. The huts do not appear to have been touched, and the preservation of this site, together with batworthy pound, from forestry, the military etc. Is of highest importance.


The settlement consists of 27 huts, average diam 7m, the majority are imposing structures, with walls faced internally with large vertical slabs and externally with bedded boulders. Most of the dwellings are isolated, but there are also groups of two or three huts. The field walls consists of one or two lines of upright bedded slabs and boulders. The fields are nearly all rectilinear, but vary in size; it is evident that the smaller ones are centred on the huts. There are two sunk road ways through the fields. Date: 1st half of iron age a. The catalogue of finds lists pottery, objects of stone (whetstone hammer stone, quernstone, anvil stone, spindle whorl, rubber), flint and chert (arrow, flake, scraper, 22 pieces), pebbles, quartz crystals, hornfels, iron ore, iron slag, report on samples of charcoal and peat, pollen analysis (separate descriptions of these finds to be found in object file).

ONE ON EACH SIDE OF THE ROAD, Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274528.

Kestor settlement, bronze or iron age. On n,nw,ne slopes is a group of about 27 huts. There is an associated layout of rectangular fields defined by lines of upright slabs, and there are 2 probably contemporary sunk roads, each running nne/ssw (one on each side of the road) between batworthy and teigncombe. To the w of this road is round pound (sx68ne/9) excavation has shown that this settlement dates from the iron age, the 4 radial walls extending from the huts to the round are probably medieval.

Gawne, E. + Somers Cockes, J. V., Untitled Source (Report - Survey). SDV274529.

Vis=est -/-/1967 (gawne + somers-cocks) elongated fields found here during lady fox's excavation. Some remodelled in medieval times. A clear set of reaves extending across the forest boundary to stone tor hill. Another set still visible near entrance to fernworthy plantations and continues inside the planted areas. Ormerod published a plan of the old fields and reaves near kestor, showing low banks extending parallel to each other beyond area covered by the fields proper.

RCHM APP 1985, Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274530.

This is the chagford common parallel reave system extensive reaves which continue as field boundaries in the north east and extending south-westwards across chagford common. There are extensions to this reave system further south sx68ne/7 on thornworthy tor and west on shovel down sx68ne/88 continuing onto sx68nw/113. Well preserved as seen on the nmr 1977 ap and 1947 raf ap. Associated enclosures and hut circles occur throughout the system (rchm app 1985).

DNH:17/8/1994, Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274539.

Smc granted for clearance of silt from the leat and the reinstatement of part of the leat bank (dnh:17/8/1994).

DCMS:19/7/1999, Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274543.

Smc granted, subject to conditions, for works concerning the archaeological research excavation of a hut circle to examine the impact of bracken on sensitive archaeological deposits (dcms:19/7/1999).

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274544.

Curwen, c. /antiquity/1(1927)227 fig.21,281-286/prehistoric agriculture in britain.

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274545.

Fox, a. /tda/84(1952)246/19th report on archaeology and early history.

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274546.

Fox, a. /tda/86(1954)21-62/excavations at kes tor.

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274547.

Fox, a. /pps/20pt.1(1955)87-102.

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274548.


Untitled Source (National Monuments Record Database). SDV274549.


Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274550.

Grinsell, l. V. /discovering regional archaeology; south west england/(1970)26.

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274551.

Gawne, e. + somers-cocks, j. V. /tda/100(1968)278-9/parallel reaves on dartmoor.

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274552.

Ormerod, g. W. /rude stone remains situated on the eastern side of dartmoor/ (1896).

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274553.


Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274554.

Fox, a. /arch. J/114(1957)155/huts and fields at kestor chagford.

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV274555.

Aph=raf cpe/uk 2082/3286-8(19/5/1947).

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV274556.

Aph=raf cpe/uk 1995/1362-4(13/4/1947).

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV274557.

Aph=raf sx6586/2/59-63(18/5/1977).

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV274558.

Aph=nmr sx6686/6/54-56(18/5/1977).

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV274559.

Aph=nmr sx6785/1/464/473(18/5/1977).

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274560.

Fleming, a. ,pps/49(1983)195-241/the prehistoric landscape of dartmoor.

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV274561.

Aph=dap/dk 3,4,5,5a(26/7/1984).

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV274562.

Aph=dap/em 3a(17/3/1985).

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274563.

Doe/smc letter/(15/3/1989)in smr.

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274564.

Doe/smc letter/(27/7/1989)in smr.

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274565.

Doe/smc letter/(19/10/1989)in smr.

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274566.

Fleming, a. /landscape history/6(1984)7/the prehistoric landscape of dartmoor: wider implications.

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274567.

Fleming, a. /the dartmoor reaves/(1988); figs 11,29.

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274568.

Dnh/smc letter/(17/8/1994)/in smr.

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274569.

Gibson, a. /excavations at kestor field system, dartmoor, july 1989/(1990)/in dnpa library.

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274570.

Griffiths, d. /(27/7/1995)/correspondence in dnpa files.

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274571.


Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274572.

Des=probert, s. Et al/castor parallel system/1:2500 plan/(1991).

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274573.

Des=gerrard, s. /(1/4/1997)/as above.

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274574.

Fox, a. /1954 excavations at kestor, devonshire ass. Rep. Trans.86, 21-62.

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274575.

Des=quinnell, h. /later prehistoric pottery survey/(1998)dbid:1428/in smr.

Untitled Source (Aerial Photograph). SDV274576.

Aph=dap/tv 1-4(23/9/1990).

Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV274577.

Dcms/smc letter(19/7/1999)/in smr.

Department of Environment, Untitled Source (Migrated Record). SDV326253.

Smc granted for digging trench for underground electricity and bt supply (doe).

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Associated Finds

  • FDV5891 - QUERN (Early Bronze Age to Late Medieval - 2200 BC to 1539 AD?)
  • FDV5888 - SHERD (Early Iron Age - 700 BC to 301 BC)
  • FDV5890 - SPINDLE WHORL (Early Iron Age to Late Medieval - 700 BC to 1539 AD)
  • FDV5889 - SHERD (Medieval - 1066 AD to 1539 AD)

Associated Events: none recorded

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