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HER Number (PRN):01567
Name:Motte castle adjacent to Oaklands Hall, Chirk Bank
Type of Record:Monument
Protected Status:Scheduled Monument 1019299: Motte castle

Monument Types


Scheduled Monument: Despite some modification, this is still a well-preserved Norman motte (earthwork castle), and is of particular interest because it is one of a pair of castles set facing each other across the Ceirog Valley to control the Welsh border crossing at this point (the other motte is in Wales).

Parish:Weston Rhyn, Oswestry, Shropshire
Map Sheet:SJ23NE
Grid Reference:SJ 2903 3703

Related records: None recorded

Associated Finds: None recorded

Associated Events

  • ESA2111 - 1984 field observation by Shropshire County Council


Oaklands Mount, 6 miles north-east from Oswestry, is a small oval mound 130ft long by 75 broad. Half the ditch remains around the northern and eastern sides, but the other portion has succumbed to the domestic requirements of an adjacent house. Also listed as a tumulus by the VCH <1a>
Listed as an early castle <1b>

Evaluated for MPP in 1990-1: Medium score as one of 43 Motte castles; Medium score as one of 93 Bowl Barrows <7>

Scheduled in 2000. Scheduling description: ->

-> The monument includes the earthwork and buried remains of a motte castle built on an east to north east facing slope and occupying a commanding position at the top of the southern side of the Ceiriog valley. The River Ceiriog is the ancient border between England and Wales. On the opposite side of the valley, 550m to the north, there is another motte castle which is the subject of a separate scheduling. These castles appear to have been sited to give a clear view of each other in order to control the movement of people crossing the border and passing along the river valley. ->

-> The flat-topped, steep sided oval mound is constructed of earth and stone. It measures approximately 26m by 40m at its base, 10m by 26m across the top, and varies in height from 1.3m at the west to 3m at the east. A terraced path has been cut into the northern side of the mound. Although no longer visible at ground level, a ditch, from which material was quarried during the construction of the monument, surrounds the mound. This has become infilled over the years and survives as a buried feature, approximately 5m wide. ->

-> The garage and the concrete plinth on which it stands, the driveway and the telegraph poles are excluded from the scheduling, although the ground beneath all these features is included. <8>

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