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HER Number (PRN):01005
Name:Motte Castle on the N Bank of Crose Mere
Type of Record:Monument
Protected Status:Scheduled Monument 1020289: Motte castle

Monument Type(s):


Scheduled Monument: Currently interpreted as a good example of a medieval motte (earthwork castle) overlooking both Crose Mere and Whattal Moss, this site has also in the past been seen as an Iron Age settlement.

Parish:Cockshutt, North Shropshire, Shropshire
Map Sheet:SJ43SW
Grid Reference:SJ 4310 3069

Related records: None recorded

Associated Finds

  • FSA204 - QUERN (Early Iron Age to Late Iron Age - 800 BC? to 42 AD?)

Associated Events

  • ESA977 - 19th century excavation (c1894?) at Crose Mere
  • ESA978 - 1977 field observation by Shropshire County Council
  • ESA979 - 1973 field observation by the Ordnance Survey
  • ESA980 - 1970 field observation by English Heritage
  • ESA981 - 1983 field observation by English Heritage


Low peninsular, between Crose Mere and Whattall Moss called Stockett, has been entrenched and perhaps stockaded. In 1872 or 1864 [<1a>], the water level of Crose Mere, Sweat Mere and Whattal Moss was lowered. Prior to this it was probably a single sheet of water <1>

Excavation in c1894 of the ditch at SJ4309 3068 showed that it had been steeper, filled with water and had connected Crosemere with Whattall Moss. The mound west of the ditch had also been higher. Animal bones, a cylindrical piece of iron and a fragment of bronze (? part of a sword sheath) found <2>

Both ends of the peninsular are defended by banks and ditches. On the eastern defences a stone causeway has been found close to Sweat Mere. Stone quern (?)found 1949 (SJ 4356 3062) by Donald Moore (in Shrewsbury Museum). <3>

DMV of Stocket "denoted only by the site of an old fort" at NGR SJ432307; formerly co-extensive with Whattall & Kenwick. [Not mentioned in Beresford. No indications of DMV on available APs (RAF 1946 & OS 1972)]. <4>

Traditionally, a chapel located on banks of Crosemere <5>

Earthwork constructed at point where the ridge of higher ground separating Crose Mere from Whattall Moss is at its narrowest. It comprises a level platform of irregular plan and on its west side, separated by a wide ditch, a regularly -shaped bank with an almost level top projecting south from the main ridge. The platform is now split by a probably later track. No defensive banks and ditches can now be seen at the eastern end of the ridge. Two much spread banks at SJ435 305 are probably the result of the digging of a wide drainage ditch between them. Footpath from SJ43573071 to SJ43513043 probably the causeway referred to in [<3>]. No indications of a DMV or of a chapel were seen on the peninsular, which is now pasture. Published Survey (25") revised.
About 1190-1194 David Fitz Owen, Prince of North Wales gave Stocgete, with its appurtenances, to Haughmond Abbey. Stockett, a group of houses, is shown on OS 1st Ed 1" 1835 at approximately SJ 431306 with access gained by a road leading from the A 528 Ellesmere to Cockshutt road at SJ 4250 3073. <6><6a>

The earthwork is as described by [<6>]. The outer bank and ditch have been reduced by ploughing on the North. There are quantities of modern brick and mortar on the north side of the track through the platform, but these are probably superficial dumping. The land is private with no right of way <7>

Slight cropmark features to the east -SA 1364 <8>

The only earthworks are those marked on the OS 6in map and are not DMV earthworks. There are traces of ridge and furrow on the SW side of the mere and there is quite a lot of stone in the adjoining ploughed field but other than this there is no evidence of earthworks <9>

Scheduling revised in 2001, at which point site reinterpreted as a motte castle, rather than an Iron Age settlement. Scheduling description: ->

-> The monument includes the earthwork and buried remains of a motte castle, occupying a natural defensive position on top of a low ridge separating Crose Mere from Whattal Moss. From this location there are extensive views of the surrounding country, particularly to the south and west. The oval-shaped motte measures approximately 36m by 56m at its base and 22m by 42m across the top. In order to create a level building platform over the natural ridge the north eastern and south western sides of the motte were built to a greater height than to the east. The north eastern and south western sides are both about 3.3m high, while the eastern side stands to a height of 1.6m. On the north western side the motte is defined by a ditch, 11m wide. The south western part of the ditch is bounded by an external rampart, which lies at the base of a natural depression. The rampart is between 12m and 13m wide, and for much of its length is just over 2m high. The north eastern part of the ditch has been infilled, but it will survive as a buried feature. A slightly sunken trackway cuts across the earthworks and part of the south west side of the motte has been quarried for soil. ->

-> In the late 19th century an archaeological excavation was undertaken here and a trench dug across the ditch. The lower deposits in the ditch were found to be waterlogged and in the upper deposits animal bones, a cylindrical piece of iron and a fragment of bronze, possibly part of a sword sheath, were discovered. ->

-> All fence and gate posts are excluded from the scheduling, although the ground beneath them is included <15>

A 'Mere House' - presumably a post-medieval building - marked at this location on Foxall's transcription of the Tithe Award map for Kenwick, Stockett and Whettall townships.<16>


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