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HER Number (PRN):02808
Name:"Wroxeter Castle" (Hall Orchard)
Type of Record:Monument
Protected Status:Scheduled Monument 1003705: Title not entered

Monument Types


Scheduled Monument: An intriguing site consisting of the earthwork remains of a medieval ringwork (earthwork castle) and fortfied manor house site, which appears to have reused elements of the Roman defences and has been shown by partial excavation to contain substantial archaeological remains.

Parish:Wroxeter and Uppington, Shrewsbury and Atcham, Shropshire
Map Sheet:SJ50NE
Grid Reference:SJ 5628 0814

Related records

00026Related to: Viroconium Cornoviorum (Roman Wroxeter) (Monument)

Associated Finds

  • FSA1586 - VESSEL (12th century to 13th century - 1100 AD to 1299 AD)

Associated Events

  • ESA2674 - 1972 Excavation by Shropshire Archaeological & Historical Society
  • ESA2675 - 1981 Contour survey at Wroxeter by Shropshire County Council
  • ESA2677 - 1987 field observation at Wroxeter by English Heritage
  • ESA4710 - 1859-1862 Excavations by Wright at "Wroxeter Castle"
  • ESA4711 - 1970 Trial Trenches by Houghton
  • ESA4712 - 1988 Field Survey at Hall Orchard, Wroxeter
  • ESA5075 - 1999 WB on excavation of lining pits along water main DMA711, Wroxeter by BUFAU


Roughly rectangular earthwork which would appear to have resulted from the construction of the Roman defences, subsequently utilised as a moated site / castle? after the Norman Conquest. To the south an earth dam, now breached, would have impounded water in the ditch of the Roman city. Possible reference to this site in Inquisitions Post Mortem 12 Edward I <2>

Trial trenches by Houghton in 1970 across the postulated castle site produced some C12 and C13 pottery. They located the line of the Roman town wall to the north of the stream, and ditches thought to be part of a medieval ringwork. The wall was overlain by a clay platform thought to be the foundation of the medieval 'castle' (fortified manor house) owned by the Fitz-Alans <3>

Partial contour survey of field in September 1981 as part of Wroxeter Survey & Fieldwork course <4>

Human and animal bone and post medieval pottery found in the laying of telephone ducts apparently in the entrance drive adjacent to the field in 1986 <5>

Excavations in 1859 located a small, square masonry room attached to a continuous wall. The masonry was rough and it is suggested that it might have been medieval in character, although only Roman artefacts were found. A plan shows an E-shaped structure facing the river with a detached wall facing it <9>

The field was systematically surveyed in 1988, showing clearly a dam thrown across the stream to form a mill pond. This was apparently of two phases <10>

Other reports <11><12>

CMHTS Comment: The square structure [<9>] may have been the foundations a mill since it lies downstream of the dam [<10>] <13>

CMHTS Report <14>

Investigation in this area was undertaken during excavations in advance of water main relining at Wroxeter, in 1999, by BUFAU (ESA5075). This included monitoring and recording of lining hole 15, which was located within a dip in the rampart of the town wall, c. SJ 5633 0814. The origin of this depression is unknown, but it is thought to be a medieval hollow way leading down to a mill pond formed during the medieval period by damming the natural stream that runs down to the river Severn in this area. On excavation, this trench was found to be waterlogged. No further evidence was found with regard to the date of this feature. ->

-> The report contains detailed analysis of the remains and a number of specialist reports on the artefactual material recovered. <15>

Rainald de Balleul is reputed to have had a castle at Wroxeter in the 12th century and his successors, the Fitz Allans are known to have had a residence herem probably the 'Arundel Castle' for which documentary evidence is said to exist. The excavations from 1859 are reported on, although it is acknowledged that the date is unclear. <16>

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