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HER Number (PRN):01168
Name:Ringwork on Warfield Bank 500m south east of Park Cottage
Type of Record:Monument
Protected Status:Scheduled Monument 1012866: Ringwork

Monument Types

  • OPEN FIELD (Medieval - 1066 AD to 1540 AD)
  • RINGWORK (Medieval to Post Medieval - 1066 AD to 1901 AD)
  • GUN EMPLACEMENT? (17th century to Early 20th century (pre-war) - 1600 AD to 1901 AD)


Scheduled Monument: A good example of a ringwork (a nationally rare form of stronghold usually dating to within the late Anglo-Saxon and Norman periods), of particular interest because of its proximity to Hopton Castle.

Parish:Hopton Castle, South Shropshire, Shropshire
Map Sheet:SO37NE
Grid Reference:SO 3714 7741

Related records: None recorded

Associated Finds: None recorded

Associated Events

  • ESA1565 - 1970 field observation by English Heritage
  • ESA1566 - 1973 field observation by the Ordnance Survey
  • ESA1567 - 1981 field observation by Shropshire County Council
  • ESA1568 - 1981 field observation by English Heritage
  • ESA1569 - 1986 field observation by English Heritage
  • ESA1570 - 1991 field observation by Shropshire County Council


Rather slight remains of a ringwork castle <1a>
Eighty foot in diameter, surrounded by a bank 9ft high with an entrance to the NE <1b>
The bank is 8m wide and 1.6m high (average). The outer ditch, largely ploughed out or silted up, is, where best preserved..4m wide and less than 0.2m deep. The interior is 26m in diameter. ... OS FI 1973 <1>

It appears that the site as depicted on the OS 1:2500 map has been turned thorough 90degs clockwise. Sited on an isolated hill with extensive views in all directions. A circular turf-covered bank with traces of an outer ditch on the west and north east quadrants. Dimensions are as described by the OS [<1>]. The interior is level with the outside ground, but it has been largely quarried away..The major break is to the NNE and is slightly out turned-interpreted by the OS as a completely modern break, it would appear to be the most likely site for the original entrance, as it faces the col between Warfield Bank and the ridge/spur to the NE beyond... The outer ditch only remains as a short length to the west and in an arc from the north to east, except across the existing entrance. ..According to the tenant, the earthwork was an emplacement for cannon shelling Hopton Castle. A Tyler FI 1981 <3>

Site surrounded by ridge and furrow running in several directions, suggesting that several furlongs are involved. The ridge and furrow is well preserved but is small and closely spaced. DH FI 1991. Utilisation of an existing quarry below the site was investigated in March 1991. It was noted that any extension of the quarry might require Scheduled Monument consent <5>

Evaluated for MPP in 1990-1: Low score as one of 91 Irregular Open Field Systems; Medium score as one of 20 Ringworks <10>

Scheduling affirmed in 1995. Scheduling description: ->

-> The monument includes the remains of a small ringwork castle situated on the summit of Warfield Bank, a small isolated knoll with extensive views in all directions. The position has been chosen for its strategic strength and the site is clearly designed as a military work. The ringwork is circular in plan with an overall diameter of 42m and includes a circular bank with an average width of 7m and height of 1.6m enclosing an internal area 25m in diameter. The interior surface of the enclosure originally would have been at the same level as the outside ground. However, the interior has been cut into in the north and south quarters creating deep water-filled hollows separated by a narrow stone ridge. Central to the ridge is a deep circular water-filled hollow cut into the stone. These excavations may be the result of stone quarrying; stone is close to the surface and a later quarry lies lower down the hill to the north east. A break 6m wide in the north east quarter of the bank, slightly out-turned on the south east side, appears to be an original entrance. A surrounding ditch, from which the material would have been quarried for the construction of the bank, is visible as a slight hollow 4m wide and 0.2m deep for a short length around the north west and south west sides; elsewhere it will survive as a buried feature of similar width. ->

-> Local tradition suggests that the enclosure was constructed during the Civil War as an emplacement for the cannon shelling of Hopton Castle which lies 600m to the north west. There is a clear view of the castle from Warfield Bank <11>

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