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HER Number MWB15775
Record Type Landscape
Name Newbury II Battlefield, 1644

Grid Reference SU 463 684
Map Sheet SU46NE
Parish Shaw-cum-Donnington, West Berkshire
Speen, West Berkshire
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Site of Second Battle of Newbury, 1644 - listed in the English Heritage Appendix of Battle Sites, although its extent is difficult to define

Other Statuses and Cross-References

  • National Monuments Record No.: SU 46 NE 49
    SU 4640 6845

Monument Type(s):

Full Description

The Second Battle of Newbury was fought on October 27th 1644, although preparations had been made the night before by both sides, including a long flanking march to the north and west of Newbury by part of the Parliamentary army. Most of the fighting occurred in an area north of Newbury around and between the Royalist strongholds of Donnington Castle, Shaw House (where King Charles apparently was) and Speen Hill (the latter a temporary position) . The larger Parliamentary forces aimed to combine attacks on the Royalists from both the east on the slopes of Clay Hill (the Earl of Manchester) and the west at Speen (Sir William Waller), but there appears to have been a lack of coordination between the two wings. The Royalist army managed to defend Shaw House and make some gains before fading light brought an end to the fighting , but realising the weakness of their position they slipped away overnight to Oxford.

As with the First Battle of Newbury, there was no clear victor, and the inability of the Parliamentarians to defeat the King was a missed opportunity, the reverse of the situation at the First Battle. One consequence of this failure was a public quarrel between Cromwell and the Earl of Manchester, which acted as a catalyst to the War Party in Parliament to attempt radical change in the way that the war was conducted. This led to the introduction of the Self-Denying Ordinance, a bill that prevented members of the House of Commons or House or Lords from holding military command, and ultimately to the creation of the New Model Army in 1645.

English Heritage's Battlefields Register <1> contains an appendix of 'military actions which were considered to be battles for the purpose of the Register but (in Newbury II's case) the battlefield no longer survives sufficiently to warrant conservation measures, even where potential remains for interpretation and presentation.' The extent of the battlefield landscape site has therefore not been geographically defined, but the Ordnance Survey has marked an area centred at c SU4640 6845 for this battle since the First Edition Ordnance Survey mapping <28>. This is located within the 18th century designed landscape of Donnington Grove, although outside the area designated as a Registered Park. Since the 1990s, Donnington Grove has been used as a golf course.

Little fieldwork has been carried out to determine the archaeological evidence of the conflict, although limited metal detecting work during the construction of the Donnington Golf Course <30> did recover musket shot as well as some 17th century buckles and buttons.

A metal detector survey conducted as part of an archaeological evaluation to the south of Lambourn road in Speen identified four musket balls and a copper alloy buckle. The musket balls showed some evidence of having been fired and were of a size and shape consistent with 17th century musket balls. The buckle was also of a style used broadly at the time of the Civil War <38>.

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