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The Historic Environment Record is the primary index about the physical remains of past human activity in the unitary authority of West Berkshire. Not all records are published on the Heritage Gateway. Please read the important guidance on the use of the West Berkshire HER data.

HER Number MWB6570
Record Type Monument
Name Greenham Common Airbase (RAF Greenham Common)

Grid Reference SU 502 646
Map Sheet SU56SW
Parish Greenham, West Berkshire
Thatcham, West Berkshire
Map:Show location on Streetmap


Airbase used by RAF from 1941 and USAF 1951-1992; internationally famous during Cold War

Associated Legal Designations or Protected Status

  • SHINE: Structures, above- and below-ground remains of Greenham Common Airbase (RAF Greenham Common) used by RAF from 1941 and USAF 1951-1992

Other Statuses and Cross-References

  • Berkshire SMR No. (pre 2000): 01496.01.000
  • National Monuments Record No.: SU 56 SW 15
    SU 5000 6473

Monument Type(s):

  • MILITARY AIRFIELD (Second World War to Late 20th century - Present - 1941 AD to 1991 AD)
  • MILITARY BASE (Second World War to Late 20th century - Present - 1941 AD to 1994 AD)

Full Description


The area defined on the GIS is the extent of the fenced airbase on OS mapping epoch 7 (1:10000) <21>. The Berkshire National Mapping Programme <8>, however, recorded features alongside the northern edge of the runway which probably predated this fence.

The site was long and narrow making it suitable for a standard 2,000 yard east-west main runway which was later almost doubled in length. Further runways, 1,400 yards and 1,100 yards were also constructed. Only two T.2 hangars were built and the technical site in the south-east corner was small. The bomb dump was located in the north-east corner. The airfield was allocated to the USAAF 51st Troop Carrier Wing [TCW] before completion. The RAF took over briefly in 1943, but the USAAF once again took over in October 1943. A number of fighter units had brief stays at the base. On D-Day the 438th TCG towed 50 gliders to Normandy for which it received a Distinguished Unit Citation for its actions. During Operation Market Garden the Group towed almost 200 gliders to the operation area. At the end of the war the base returned to the RAF until it was closed on 1 Jun 1946. In 1951, during the Cold War, Greenham Common became a deployment base for the Strategic Air Command. This meant a major rebuild for the east-west airfield which was then extended to 10,000 feet. In the late 1960s it was designated as a NATO reinforcement base and in the 1980s it became a storage area for cruise missiles, until the collapse of the Warsaw Pact in the late 1980s. In 1992 the airfield was declared redundant and was acquired by the Greenham Common Trust in 1997 <22>. The technical base became a business park. Much of the airfield was reopened to the public as common land on 08/04/2000.

There is a large body of literature and online resources (for example the 2003 website <7>) on Greenham Common, including its occupation prior to its military use, the air base and the peace camp protests during the Cold War era. There have been several surveys of its buildings <3><16><25> and earthworks and other structures <30>, and assessments of its significance <11><27>, leading to designation of the GAMA complex as a scheduled monument, and the listing of several buildings including the Control Tower.

West Berkshire Museum has a set of photographs showing the glider assembly facility at the eastern end of the airfield (i.e. Crookham Common) in 1944; a set of oblique aerial photographs showing the common in 1996; and a set of photographs showing the demolition of the US barracks <35>.

British Pathe has a film of a gyrocopter flight in 1970, apparently over Greenham Common <36>.

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Associated Excavations and Fieldwork

EWB1121Cold War Monuments: an assessment by the Monuments Protection Programme
EWB157Greenham Common Site Visit 2000 - Bury's Bank
EWB272WBHS Monitoring 2001-2002
EWB37Former Greenham Common Airbase (Ref: GCB96/61)
EWB533Description and Analysis - Building 275 Vehicle Maintenance Facility, Greenham Common, Berkshire (Ref: Report Ref JL/2290)
EWB541Description and Analysis - Building 303 and additional structures, New Greenham Park, Greenham Common, Berkshire (Ref: Report Ref JL/3043)
EWB858Historic Building Report: Greenham Common Airbase, Greenham, Berkshire (Ref: NBR No 93234)
EWB884Historic Building Record in respect of Former RAF/USAF Greenham Common Base, New Greenham Park (Ref: IF/JL 4020)
EWB885Berkshire - National Mapping Programme (Ref: 1064614)
EWB1415Berkshire County Council/Babtie general monitoring
EWB1157Hampshire ALSF - National Mapping Programme (Ref: English Heritage Project Number 4766)