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Title:East Devon Heathlands Archaeological Survey
Originator:Exeter Archaeology

Associated Monuments (714)

MDV70411 Field Banks East of Woodbury Parish Boundary (Monument)
MDV70793Accommodation Blocks, Military Training Site, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV14847Adze, Woodbury Common (Find Spot)
MDV14973Adze, Woodbury Common (Find Spot)
MDV60855Air Raid Shelter, Woodbury Cottage, Woodbury (Building)
MDV67556Ararat Cottage Southeast of Gullylane Farm (Monument)
MDV70378Area of Pits and Trenches on Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV50442Aretefact Scatter Southwest of Shortmoor Cottage (Monument)
MDV50511Artefact Scatter North of Ford Cross Cottage (Monument)
MDV50499Artefact Scatter North of Hussey's Farm (Monument)
MDV50508Artefact Scatter Northeast of Stockland Great Castle Camp (Monument)
MDV50581Artefact Scatter Northwest of Brimpit Farm (Monument)
MDV50561Artefact Scatter Northwest of Broadhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV50472Artefact Scatter Northwest of Hill Grounds (Monument)
MDV50439Artefact Scatter Northwest of Lillington Farm (Monument)
MDV50438Artefact Scatter Northwest of Lillington Farm (Monument)
MDV50325Artefact Scatter on Stockland Hill (Monument)
MDV50334Artefact Scatter on Stockland Hill (Monument)
MDV50440Artefact Scatter Southeast of Barn Park Farm (Monument)
MDV50526Artefact Scatter Southeast of Brimpit Farm (Monument)
MDV50400Artefact Scatter Southeast of Lower Brimpit Farm (Monument)
MDV50565Artefact Scatter Southwest of Shortmoor Cross (Monument)
MDV50582Artefact Scatter West of Higher Quantock (Monument)
MDV50471Artefact Scatter West of Hill Grounds (Monument)
MDV50435Artefact Scatter West of Horners Cottage (Monument)
MDV50448Artefact Scatter West of Hussey's Farm (Monument)
MDV50510Artefact Scatter West of Shore Head (Monument)
MDV50510Artefact Scatter West of Shore Head (Monument)
MDV50510Artefact Scatter West of Shore Head (Monument)
MDV50510Artefact Scatter West of Shore Head (Monument)
MDV50445Artefact Scatter West of Whitecroft (Monument)
MDV59689Artefact Scatter, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV10431Artefacts Scatter, Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV30017Axe at Meshayes Farm (Find Spot)
MDV20327Axe found West of Land End Farm (Find Spot)
MDV21021Axe, Colaton Raleigh Common (Find Spot)
MDV62906Axes found on Horner Hill (Find Spot)
MDV17291Axminster (Monument)
MDV70807Bank (Monument)
MDV70408Bank and Ditch East of Castle Plantation (Monument)
MDV55209Bank and Ditches, Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV70917Bank at Scott's Pollard, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV72088Bank North East of Penn Farm (Monument)
MDV70778Bank North of Morish Cotley (Monument)
MDV72174Bank North of Seaton Road (Monument)
MDV70393Bank North West of Blackberry Maries (Monument)
MDV55210Bank North West of Four Firs (Monument)
MDV70788Bank North West of Island Plantation (Monument)
MDV72176Bank Northeast of Putts Corner (Monument)
MDV54218Bank on Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV72095Bank on Hense Moor (Monument)
MDV72104Bank on Hense Moor (Monument)
MDV70921Bank South East of Manor Farm, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV70391Bank South of Upham Plantation (Monument)
MDV70390Bank South of Uphams Plantation (Monument)
MDV70406Bank southeast of Woodbury Park Golf and Country Club (Monument)
MDV72246Bank Southwest of Widcombe Wood (Monument)
MDV72247Bank Southwest of Widcombe Wood (Monument)
MDV70217Bank, Aylesbeare Common (Monument)
MDV70383Bank, Bicton (Monument)
MDV70388Bank, Bicton (Monument)
MDV70386Bank, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70947Bank, Dalditch Common (Monument)
MDV70946Bank, East Budleigh (Monument)
MDV70221Bank, Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV70772Bank, Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV70801Bank, Military Training Camp, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70209Bank, Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV21683Banks and Barrows South of Benchams Cottage (Monument)
MDV113928Banks North East of Bystock Fishponds (Monument)
MDV46471Banks Northwest of Bay Cottage (Monument)
MDV42916Barracks, Ottery St. Mary, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV46099Barrow Field Name at Penn Farm (Monument)
MDV10471Barrow near Yettington Intakes (Monument)
MDV10472Barrow near Yettington Intakes (Monument)
MDV44166Barrow north of Seaton Road (Monument)
MDV44167Barrow North of Seaton Road (Monument)
MDV44165Barrow North of Seaton Road (Monument)
MDV44164Barrow North of Seaton Road (Monument)
MDV10962Barrow North of Seaton Road (Monument)
MDV20177Barrow North of Seaton Road, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV47705Barrow North West of Middle Ashculm Farm (Monument)
MDV10445Barrow on Aylesbeare Common (Monument)
MDV10818Barrow on Broad Down (Monument)
MDV20182Barrow on Broad Down (Monument)
MDV20181Barrow on Broad Down (Monument)
MDV10816Barrow on Broad Down (Monument)
MDV41391Barrow on Broad Down (Monument)
MDV10561Barrow on Colaton Raleigh Common, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV44156Barrow on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV44156Barrow on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV44159Barrow on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV44157Barrow on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV44160Barrow on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV44158Barrow on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV14196Barrow on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV20173Barrow on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV20172Barrow on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV43257Barrow on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV10944Barrow on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV28990Barrow on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV44156Barrow on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV44156Barrow on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV12745Barrow on Scott's Pollard, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV14748Barrow on the Western Edge of Hayes Wood (Monument)
MDV11017Barrow on west side of Mutter's Moor, Otterton (Monument)
MDV44161Barrow or Ring Cairn on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV7709Barrow Southeast of Jack's House (Monument)
MDV1843Barrow south-west of Knowle Farm (Monument)
MDV72250Barrow Southwest of Widcombe Wood (Monument)
MDV28861Barrow to north-east of Common Farm, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV10551Barrow, Aylesbeare Common (Monument)
MDV28982Barrow, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV28983Barrow, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV10568Barrow, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV10607Barrow, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV60669Barrow, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV28981Barrow, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV28988Barrow, Otterton (Monument)
MDV20179Barrow, Ottery St. Mary (Monument)
MDV10746Barrow, Ottery St. Mary (Monument)
MDV10753Barrow, Ottery St. Mary, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV10747Barrow, Ottery St. Mary, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV10752Barrow, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV10748Barrow, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV10749Barrow, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV29867Barrow, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV10559Barrow, South West of Hawkerland (Monument)
MDV29630Barrows North West of Hayes Barton (Monument)
MDV10967Barrows on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV11541Barrows, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV60670Barrows, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV15258Barrows, Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV10756Beacon, Ottery St. Mary, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV70951Benchams South East of Pine Lodge (Monument)
MDV38064Bicton Manor, Bicton (Monument)
MDV70394Bicton-Colaton Raleigh Parish Boundary (Monument)
MDV39955Blackhill Quarry (Monument)
MDV72273Boundary Bank, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV72091Boundary East of Penn Farm (Monument)
MDV43255Boundary Stone on Seaton Road (Monument)
MDV70818Boundary Stone, Lympstone Common (Monument)
MDV70374Boundary Stone, Lympstone Common (Monument)
MDV70375Boundary Stone, Lympstone Common (Monument)
MDV72275Boundary Stone, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV72279Boundary Stone, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV72299Boundary Stone, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV113113Boundary West of Dalditch Plantation (Monument)
MDV70418Boundary, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV72312Boundary, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV17282Boundary, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV43245Boundary, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV10697Bowl Barrow 120m South-West of Ring-in-the-Mire, Forming Part of a Round Barrow Cemetery on Gittisham Hill, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV10691Bowl Barrow 500m west-north-west of Ring-in-the-Mire, Forming Part of a Round Barrow Cemetery on Gittisham Hill, Gittisham (Monument)
MDV10933Bowl Barrow North-North-East of Putts Corner (Monument)
MDV10932Bowl Barrow North-North-East of Putts Corner, Forming Part of a Round Barrow Cemetery on Gittisham Hill, Gittisham (Monument)
MDV10724Bowl barrow north-north-west of Ring-in-the-Mire (Monument)
MDV14172Bowl Barrow North-North-West of Ring-in-the-Mire (Monument)
MDV15097Bowl Barrow on Lympstone Common, 500m west of Fryingpans (Monument)
MDV15096Bowl Barrow on Lympstone Common, 500m west of Fryingpans (Monument)
MDV15095Bowl Barrow on Lympstone Common, 500m west of Fryingpans (Monument)
MDV10434Bowl Barrow on Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV10435Bowl Barrow on Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV10467Bowl Barrow on Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV10436Bowl Barrow on Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV10436Bowl Barrow on Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV10436Bowl Barrow on Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV10436Bowl Barrow on Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV10468Bowl Barrow on Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV10437Bowl Barrow on Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV10439Bowl Barrow to North East of Common Farm, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV10937Bowl Barrow, Part of a Round Barrow Cemetery on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV10935Bowl Barrow, Part of a Round Barrow Cemetery on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV10936Bowl Barrow, Part of a Round Barrow Cemetery on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV10963Bowl Barrow, Part of a Round Barrow Cemetery on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV70404Brick Platform, Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV14747Brickworks, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV72147Bucehayes Cottage, Bucehayes Common (Monument)
MDV72151Bucehayes Farm North of Bucehayes Common (Monument)
MDV70573Building Northeast of Tangletree Farm (Monument)
MDV72200Building on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV72201Building on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV72202Building on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV72237Building on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV113384Building South East of Wheathill Plantation (Building)
MDV49360Building Southeast of Merrydown Cottage (Monument)
MDV70574Building Southwest of Tangletree Farm (Monument)
MDV70800Building, Military Training Site, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70806Building, Military Training Site, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV72281Building, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV15255Buildings and Fields South East of Southfield Farm (Monument)
MDV113931Buildings and Slit Trenches, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV114723Buildings on Gittisham Hill (Building)
MDV72173Buildings on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV11564Burrow Close Field Name South West of Gray's Crossway (Monument)
MDV116058Bystock (Monument)
MDV10566Cairn Cemetery, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV14744Cairn to north-east of Woodbury Castle (Monument)
MDV28986Cairn, Bulverton Plantation (Monument)
MDV28987Cairn, Bulverton Plantation (Monument)
MDV43244Cairn, Otterton (Monument)
MDV20180Cairn, Ottery St. Mary (Monument)
MDV29188Cairn, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV43246Cairn, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV43243Cairn, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV43248Cairn, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV10429Cairns, Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV70953Canterbury Green Farm South West of Canterbury Green Plantation (Monument)
MDV41918Carriage House and Stable Block, Combe House (Building)
MDV47675Catch meadow south of Overday Farm (Monument)
MDV27158Cawley's Farm House, Cawleys Farm (Building)
MDV10603Cemetery at Hawkerland (Monument)
MDV35333Chalk Pit Northwest of Mathayes (Monument)
MDV35332Chalk Pit West of Mathayes (Monument)
MDV50443Chert South of Shortmoor Cross (Find Spot)
MDV70797Cinema at Military Training Site, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV28618Circular Features on Harpford Common, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV21327Club House at Woodbury Castle (Building)
MDV10461Coin at Mount Pleasant (Find Spot)
MDV10525Coin, Woodbury Common (Find Spot)
MDV10484Coin, Woodbury Common (Find Spot)
MDV72111Cole Hill Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV10938Combe House, Combe Park (Building)
MDV41924Combe House, Fish Pond (Park/Garden)
MDV32461Combe Park, Gittisham (Park/Garden)
MDV72117Combeshead Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV70784Common Farm, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV70415Control Shelter and Generator Building, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV10664Core and Scraper, Withycombe Common (Find Spot)
MDV107172Corrymoor Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV47706Cottage and Garden, Combe Hill (Monument)
MDV72127Cottage on Horner Hill, Stockland (Monument)
MDV72125Cottage on Horner Hill, Stockland (Monument)
MDV72126Cottage on Horner Hill, Stockland (Monument)
MDV72152Cottage on Horner Hill, Stockland (Monument)
MDV46089Cottage South East of Trotwood (Monument)
MDV72268Cottage, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV48639Cottages on Horner Hill, Stockland (Monument)
MDV17615Cross, Ottery St. Mary, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV16100Culm Pyne Barton (Monument)
MDV39966Dalditch Brick Works, Dalditch Common (Monument)
MDV15101Dalditch Camp. World War Two Army Training Camp, Infantry Training Centre (Monument)
MDV10626Dalditch Mill, East Budleigh (Building)
MDV70792Decontamination Building, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV78767Decontamination Building, Military Training Camp, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV15888Ditch East of Four Firs (Monument)
MDV70208Ditch to west of Woodbury Castle (Monument)
MDV70403Ditch, Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV55213Earthwork Banks on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV49860Earthwork banks, to the north of Brownheath, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV10497Earthwork Mound at Four Firs (Monument)
MDV10499Earthwork Mound at Four Firs (Monument)
MDV10498Earthwork Mound at Four Firs (Monument)
MDV10483Earthwork Mound Northeast of Woodbury Castle, Woodbury (Monument)
MDV10474Earthwork Mound on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV10473Earthwork Mound on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV10506Earthwork mound to north of Woodbury Castle, Woodbury (Monument)
MDV14976Earthwork Mound to the north of Squabmoor Reservoir (Monument)
MDV14977Earthwork Mound to the north of Squabmoor Reservoir (Monument)
MDV10477Earthwork Mound, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV10475Earthwork Mound, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV10496Earthwork Mound, Four Firs (Monument)
MDV14975Earthwork Mounds to the north of Squabmoor Reservoir (Monument)
MDV15114Earthwork Mounds within Squabmoor Plantation (Monument)
MDV15103Earthwork near Yettington Intakes, Bicton (Monument)
MDV47678Earthwork North of Gould's Farm (Monument)
MDV15098Earthwork on Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70959Earthwork on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV70410Earthwork pit on Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV55208Earthwork Pits and Trenches on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV70206Earthwork Pits on Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70380Earthwork, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV21737Earthwork, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV70392Enclosure and Trackway, Bicton (Monument)
MDV15899Enclosure east of Putts Corner, Part of a Round Barrow Cemetery on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV38887ENCLOSURE in the Parish of Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV20583Enclosure North of Hussey's Farm (Monument)
MDV15893Enclosure North of Naplease Goyle (Monument)
MDV113382Enclosure North West of Hayes Wood (Monument)
MDV49381Enclosure Northeast of Huntshayes Farm (Monument)
MDV38888Enclosure South East of Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV57905Enclosure South East of Southfield Farm (Monument)
MDV46470Enclosure West of Cartmoor Farm (Monument)
MDV38889Enclosure, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV15115Enclosure, East Budleigh (Monument)
MDV37757Enclosure, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV70414Enclosures, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70816Extraction Pit within Squabmoor Plantation (Monument)
MDV70817Extraction Pit within Squabmoor Plantation, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV70945Extraction Pits within Leeford Plantations (Monument)
MDV7710Extractive pit on Hense Moor, Luppit parish (Monument)
MDV72093Extractive Pits South East of Hensemoor House (Monument)
MDV72241Faraway Farm, Gittisham (Monument)
MDV49367Featherlake North of Lower Brimpit Farm (Monument)
MDV15260Field Banks on Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV70212Field Boundary on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV47723Field boundary to the north of Higher Ashculm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV70384Field Boundary, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70948Field Boundary, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70381Field Boundary, Woodbury (Monument)
MDV46098Field Name at Overday Farm (Monument)
MDV72269Field Name Stoney Walls, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV24674Field Name West of Hillcrest Farm (Monument)
MDV72115Field on Hense Moor (Monument)
MDV114101Field System East of Clayhidon Turbary (Monument)
MDV72140Field System Northeast of Lower Brimpit Farm (Monument)
MDV47677Field System Northeast of Luppitt (Monument)
MDV49867Field System Northwest of Mathayes (Monument)
MDV72098Field System Northwest of Penn Farm (Monument)
MDV49868Field System on Hense Moor (Monument)
MDV21067Field System on Horner Hill (Monument)
MDV21111Field System on Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV15099Field System on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV15117Field System, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV11072FINDSPOT in the Parish of Otterton (Find Spot)
MDV45222Firing Butts on Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70790Firing Range, Bicton (Monument)
MDV70787Firing Range, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV28393Flag Signal Post, Ottery St Mary (Monument)
MDV29868Flag Signal Station, Newton Poppleford and Harpford (Monument)
MDV50449Flint at Shore Bottom (Find Spot)
MDV10754Flint Cairn in White Cross Plantation, Sidbury (Monument)
MDV57906Flint Findspot Southeast of Southfield Farm, Newton Poppleford and Harpford (Find Spot)
MDV70773Flint Pieces South West of Pine Lodge, Harpford Common (Find Spot)
MDV10469Flint Scatter found on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV10520Flint Scatter found South West of Woodbury Park Golf and Country Club (Monument)
MDV47872Flint Scatter North East of Bystock Fishponds (Monument)
MDV50399Flint Scatter North of Featherlake (Find Spot)
MDV15090Flint Scatter on Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV15105Flint Scatter South of Four Firs, Woodbury (Monument)
MDV61829Flint Scatter West of Golden Well (Monument)
MDV15106Flint Scatter, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV47871Flint Scatter, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV10518Flint Scatter, Crook Plantation, Woodbury (Find Spot)
MDV10574Flint Scatter, Hawkerland (Monument)
MDV59681Flint Scatter, Newton Poppleford and Harpford, Otterton, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV11078Flint Scatter, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV19840Flint Scatter, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV50446Flint Scatter, Stockland Little Camp (Monument)
MDV50447Flint Scatter, Stockland Little Camp (Monument)
MDV61699Flint Scatter, Woodbury (Monument)
MDV10522Flint Scatter, Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV10519Flint Scatter, Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV10524Flint Scatter, Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV10521Flint Scatters at Four Firs (Monument)
MDV50564Flint Scraper Southeast of Golden Square (Find Spot)
MDV69691Former Gravel Pit, Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV70783Former Military Buildings on Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70799Former Sewage Works, East Budleigh Commons (Monument)
MDV41919Garden Building, Combe House (Building)
MDV23332Garden South of Le Chalet (Monument)
MDV41920Garden Walls, Combe House (Building)
MDV60899Gardens and Vineyard, Combe House (Park/Garden)
MDV116071Gittisham (Monument)
MDV116073Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV70942Golden Well, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV48654Gravel Pit at Hill View (Monument)
MDV70400Gravel Pit East of Hawkerland Brakes (Monument)
MDV70401Gravel Pit East of Hawkerland Brakes (Monument)
MDV39965Gravel Pit in South West Corner of Lympstone Common (Monument)
MDV54229Gravel Pit North East of Mount Pleasant (Monument)
MDV70924Gravel Pit North of Blackhill Quarry (Monument)
MDV70936Gravel Pit North of Heather Down Farm, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV38945Gravel Pit North of Morish Cotley (Monument)
MDV70204Gravel Pit Northwest of Four Firs (Monument)
MDV70376Gravel Pit on Lympstone Common (Monument)
MDV70923Gravel Pit on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV70922Gravel Pit South East of The Warren (Monument)
MDV66851Gravel Pit South East of The Warren (Monument)
MDV38977Gravel Pit South West of Venn Ottery Common (Monument)
MDV70416Gravel Pit South West of Woodbury Park Golf and Country Club (Monument)
MDV70420Gravel Pit to west of Heather Park, Ottery St. Mary (Monument)
MDV38975Gravel Pit, Aylesbeare Common (Monument)
MDV70940Gravel Pit, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70810Gravel Pit, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV54228Gravel Pit, Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV67625Gravel Pit, Newton Poppleford and Harpford, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV38944Gravel Pit, North of Hawkerland (Monument)
MDV67637Gravel Pit, Otterton (Monument)
MDV38976Gravel Pit, Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV39967Gravel Pit, Withycombe Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70214Gravel Pits on Aylesbeare Common (Monument)
MDV70935Gravel Pits South West of Tucker's Plants (Monument)
MDV72180Gravel Pits Southeast of Sidmouth Road on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV39954Gravel Pits, Island Plantation (Monument)
MDV48616Great Borrough Lot and Stone Burrow Field Names South of Hill Grounds (Monument)
MDV40518Great Simonsborough Farmhouse, Hemyock (Building)
MDV16880Greenway Lane, Stowford (Monument)
MDV16880Greenway Lane, Stowford (Monument)
MDV16880Greenway Lane, Stowford (Monument)
MDV16880Greenway Lane, Stowford (Monument)
MDV72121Gully North East of Lane End Cottage (Monument)
MDV72096Gully South East of The Old Farm (Monument)
MDV70417Gully, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV72106Gullyhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV72087Gullylane Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV116059Harpford (Monument)
MDV69690Harpford Hill Cottage North West of Oakdene Farm (Monument)
MDV54225Hawkerland Valley Military Depot (Monument)
MDV15522Hawkerland, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV10579Hayes Barton, East Budleigh (Building)
MDV34354Hearth West-Southwest of Bucehayes Farm (Monument)
MDV62911Hearths, Thorn Tree Plantation (Monument)
MDV70955Heather Cottage, Higher Metcombe (Monument)
MDV70219Hedgebank North East of Mount Pleasant (Monument)
MDV15887Hedgebanks on East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV19529Hemyock Manor (Monument)
MDV72118Hensemoor House South of Gullylane Farm (Monument)
MDV16634High Road, East Budleigh (Monument)
MDV71416Higher Ashculm West of Clayhidon Turbary (Monument)
MDV72142Higher Huntshayes Farm (Monument)
MDV48620Higher Quantock West of Woodmoor Copse (Monument)
MDV70812HOLLOW WAY in the Parish of East Budleigh (Monument)
MDV113386Hollow Ways South of Hayes Wood (Monument)
MDV70920Holloway East of Manor Farm, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV24669Holloway from Wyke Lane to Trinity Hill (Monument)
MDV72094Holloway North West of Cole Hill Farm (Monument)
MDV71384Holloway South of Tangletree Farm (Monument)
MDV70804Holloway West of Hayes Wood (Monument)
MDV70385Holloway, Bicton (Monument)
MDV70387Holloway, Bicton (Monument)
MDV112740Holloway, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV15257Holloway, Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV72116Honeywells North East of Luppitt (Monument)
MDV48618House and Orchard Northwest of Bucehayes Common (Monument)
MDV48619House and Trackway West of Quantock Common (Monument)
MDV48472House East of Lane End Farm (Monument)
MDV48635House North of Castlewell (Monument)
MDV48634House North of Shortmoor Cross (Monument)
MDV72138House Northeast of Featherlake (Monument)
MDV70575House Northeast of Tangletree Farm (Monument)
MDV48636House Southwest of Castlewell (Monument)
MDV48637House Southwest of Castlewell (Monument)
MDV72136House Southwest of Thrashill (Monument)
MDV48647Houses at Hillcross, West of Shortmoor Cross (Monument)
MDV72123Huntshayes Pits Northwest of Millhayes (Monument)
MDV41921Ice House, Combe House (Building)
MDV70798Incinerators, Military Training Site, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV50017Iron Ore from Mutter's Moor (Monument)
MDV24805Kings Farm (Monument)
MDV113933Land Surface and Bank at Thorn Tree Plantation (Monument)
MDV72110Lane End Cottage formerly White's Plot (Monument)
MDV72146Lane End Farm (Monument)
MDV48641Lane End House East of Lane End Farm (Monument)
MDV27159Le Chalet Southeast of Cawleys Farm (Building)
MDV15092Linear Earthwork on East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV15091Linear Earthwork on East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70405Linear Earthwork, South of the B3180 (Monument)
MDV70220Linear Feature, Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV70926Linear North of Blackhill Quarry (Monument)
MDV4586Linhay at Combeshead Farm (Monument)
MDV70954Little Orchard South of Manor View Farm (Monument)
MDV15104Low Mound on Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV72143Lower Brimpit Farm (Monument)
MDV15535Manor Farm, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV10771Manor House, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV16944MANOR in the Parish of Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV15836MANOR in the Parish of Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV19021MANOR in the Parish of Farway (Monument)
MDV17788MANOR in the Parish of Lympstone (Monument)
MDV38066Manor of Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV38071Manor of East Budleigh (Monument)
MDV15897Manor of Fenne Otterie, Newton Poppleford and Harpford, Ottery St. Mary (Monument)
MDV16942Manor of Otterton (Monument)
MDV15523Manor, Dalditch (Monument)
MDV46073Marl Pit North of Gould's Farm (Monument)
MDV38978Marl Pit North West of Tekoa Manor (Monument)
MDV38942Marl Pit South East of Hawkerland Farm (Monument)
MDV72259Marl Pit, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV72255Marl Pit, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV46060Marlpit Cottage Northwest of Turf House (Monument)
MDV72103Marlpit Northwest of Gould's Farm (Monument)
MDV29890Microliths from East Budleigh Common (Find Spot)
MDV39953Milestone on Bicton Common (Building)
MDV72276Military buildings to west of Greystone Hill Plantation, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV62912Military Earthworks at Thorn Tree Plantation (Monument)
MDV54220Military Earthworks on Aylesbeare and Harpford Commons (Monument)
MDV14750Military Earthworks on Aylesbeare Common (Monument)
MDV70371Military earthworks on Lympstone Common, Lympstone (Monument)
MDV70389Military Features, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70791Military Garage, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70373Military Site on Coombe Common (Monument)
MDV55205Military Slit Trenches, Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV112754Military Structure, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV112753Military Struture, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV55207Military Trenches, Woodbury Castle, Woodbury (Monument)
MDV112741Military Trenches, Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV70944Mill West of Woolcombes (Monument)
MDV116068Millhayes (Monument)
MDV72090Mound and Banks East of Penn Farm (Monument)
MDV72177Mound North of Seaton Road (Monument)
MDV70409Mound North West of Uphams Plantation (Monument)
MDV72175Mound Northeast of Putts Corner (Monument)
MDV72172Mound on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV70407Mound on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV70399Mound South East of Hawkerland Brakes (Monument)
MDV15086Mound South of Four Firs, Woodbury (Monument)
MDV54230Mound, Aylesbeare Common (Monument)
MDV72089Mound, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV72274Mound, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV72277Mound, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV72272Mound, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV70814Mound, Withycombe Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV51171Mound, Woodbury (Monument)
MDV20303Mounds to north of Trinity Beacon, Axminster (Monument)
MDV70952Mount Pleasant Cottage West of Vennings Copse (Monument)
MDV71410Mount Pleasant Farm Northeast of Stockland Great Castle Camp (Monument)
MDV70943Nine Parish Boundary Stones, Lympstone (Monument)
MDV70785Nissen Huts, Military Training Camp, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70786Nissen Huts, Military Training Camp, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV49366North Common Cottage West of Quantock Common (Monument)
MDV66855Old Clay Pit in Upham's Plantation (Monument)
MDV29631Openwork, Crook Hill (Monument)
MDV49375Orchard West of Quantock Common (Monument)
MDV72113Overday Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV14397Palaeolithic Handaxe, East Budleigh Common (Find Spot)
MDV70782Parish Boundary Bank between Bicton and Woodbury (Monument)
MDV70382Parish Boundary Bank, Bicton (Monument)
MDV72239Parish Boundary between Gittisham and Honiton parishes (Monument)
MDV70934Parish Boundary between Harpford and Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV72181Parish Boundary between the Gittisham and Sidbury Parishes (Monument)
MDV7707Parish Boundary on North East Edge of Hense Moor (Monument)
MDV71385Parish Boundary on Trinity Hill (Monument)
MDV70794Parish Boundary Stone South East of Tucker's Plants (Monument)
MDV70819Parish Boundary Stone, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70775Parish Boundary Stone, Harpford Common (Building)
MDV47726Parish Boundary, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV28991Peat Cutting, Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV46100Penn Farm (Monument)
MDV70803Pieces of Flint North West of Hayes Wood (Find Spot)
MDV55184Pit West of Burrowshot Cross (Monument)
MDV55184Pit West of Burrowshot Cross (Monument)
MDV55184Pit West of Burrowshot Cross (Monument)
MDV55184Pit West of Burrowshot Cross (Monument)
MDV113771Pits and Platforms on Lympstone Common (Monument)
MDV58253Pits on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV70789Platform North West of Island Plantation (Monument)
MDV55204Platform, Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV72270Pond, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV70396Possible Bomb Craters, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV43247Possible Cairn, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV43251Possible Cairn, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV43249Possible Cairn, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV43250Possible Cairn, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV15890Possible Cropmark South of East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV14746Possible Earthwork Mounds, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70218Possible Field Boundaries on Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV47724Possible field boundaries, northeast of Middle Ashculme Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV15100Possible Field System near Thorn Tree Plantation (Monument)
MDV70796Possible Firing Range, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV15120Possible Military Earthworks on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV70774Possible Trackway, Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV18444Pound at Four Firs, Woodbury (Monument)
MDV70205Practice Trenches South of Four Firs (Monument)
MDV70811Practice Trenches, Military Training Camp, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV11438Prehistoric Axe from Wyke Area (Find Spot)
MDV10581Prehistoric Flint Implements from Pinn Beacon Hill (Monument)
MDV11012Prehistoric Flints from Peak Hill (Monument)
MDV62803Prehistoric Flints, Otterton (Find Spot)
MDV25843Prehistoric Handaxes from Millhayes (Find Spot)
MDV11071Prehistoric Knapping Site near Seven Stones Lane (Monument)
MDV54227'Q' Bombing Decoy, Aylesbeare Common (Monument)
MDV72144Quantock (Kennels) Southeast of Higher Quantock (Monument)
MDV46084Quarry North East of Fair View Farm (Monument)
MDV70925Quarry North of Blackhill Quarry (Monument)
MDV72122Quarry North West of Hillcross (Monument)
MDV70395Quarry on Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV72119Quarry Pits Northwest of Higher Quantock (Monument)
MDV72092Quarry South East of Lane End Cottage (Monument)
MDV72097Quarry South East of The Old Farm (Monument)
MDV113749Quarry South East of Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV46085Quarry South West of Penn Farm (Monument)
MDV15256Quarry South West of Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV70207Quarry to south-west of Woodbury Castle (Monument)
MDV70210Quarry to west of Woodbury Castle (Monument)
MDV46083Quarry West of Trotwood (Monument)
MDV72124Quarry West of Whitecroft (Monument)
MDV70780Quarry, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70402Quarry, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70820Quarry, Lympstone Common (Monument)
MDV72262Quarry, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV72290Quarry, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV72264Quarry, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV72261Quarry, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV72265Quarry, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV72263Quarry, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV15261Quarry, Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV54231Rectangular Earthwork Feature (Monument)
MDV47679Rectangular Enclosure Recorded North West of Hillend Farm (Monument)
MDV49376Ridge and Furrow Southeast of Cartmoor Farm (Monument)
MDV70216Ridge and Furrow, Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV70211Ridge and Furrow, Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV55206Ridge and Furrow, Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV62907Ridgeway between Danes Hill and Stockland Hill (Monument)
MDV112749Rifle Range Marker, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV112750Rifle Range Marker, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV112751Rifle Range Marker, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV45221Rifle Range on Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70805Rifle Range, Military Training Site, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV72266Rifle Range, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV55343Ring Cairn North-North-East of Putts Corner (Monument)
MDV20174Ring Cairn on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV61538Ring Cairn, Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV27877Ring Ditches Southeast of Woodbury Park Hotel (Monument)
MDV10685Ring-in-the-Mire (Monument)
MDV14169Road in the Parish of Gittisham, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV18548Roman Road at Aylesbeare Common (Monument)
MDV16014Roman road from Charmouth to Axminster (Monument)
MDV20257Round Barrow on Ball Hill, Broad Down, Farway (Monument)
MDV20259Round Barrow on Ball Hill, Broad Down (Monument)
MDV10823Round Barrow on Ball Hill, Broad Down (Monument)
MDV10823Round Barrow on Ball Hill, Broad Down (Monument)
MDV20258Round Barrow on Ball Hill, Broad Down (Monument)
MDV20260Round Barrow on Ball Hill, Broad Down (Monument)
MDV10823Round Barrow on Ball Hill, Broad Down (Monument)
MDV10823Round Barrow on Ball Hill, Broad Down (Monument)
MDV10826Round Barrow on Broad Down, Farway (Monument)
MDV10825Round Barrow on Broad Down, Farway (Monument)
MDV10827Round Barrow on Broad Down, Farway (Monument)
MDV10820Round Barrow on Broad Down, Farway (Monument)
MDV10690Round Barrow on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV70918Sand Pit at Scott's Pollard (Monument)
MDV70919Sand Pit at Scott's Pollard, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV36116Sand Pit North of Higher Quantock (Monument)
MDV48653Sand Pit Northwest of Hillcross (Monument)
MDV46059Sand Pit South of Mathayes (Monument)
MDV39962Sand Pit South West of Kettle Plantation (Monument)
MDV35103Sand Pit South West of Mount Pleasant Farm (Monument)
MDV70931Sand Pit South West of Stowford House (Monument)
MDV114099Sand Pit, Clayhidon Turbary (Monument)
MDV71419Sandpit Cottage South East of Higher Ashculm (Monument)
MDV39963Sandpit South East of Kettle Plantation, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV54222Second World War Decoy Control Building (Monument)
MDV70419Section of the Parish Boundary between Venn Ottery and Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV72135Settlement North of Huntshayes Pits (Monument)
MDV47404Settlement South of Horner Hill (Monument)
MDV72257Sharp Pits Cottage, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV40520Shoebrook's Cottage, Hemyock (Building)
MDV53299SHRUNKEN VILLAGE in the Parish of Hemyock (Monument)
MDV7372Simons Barrow North East of Simonsburrow Farm (Monument)
MDV62610Sincombe Hills, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV57213Slag at Turf House (Monument)
MDV54664Slag North of Featherlake (Monument)
MDV53352Slag West of Gullyhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV54665Slag, Stockland Little Camp (Monument)
MDV55211Slit Trenches, Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV70956Southfield Farm, Higher Metcombe (Monument)
MDV10667Squabmoor South of Lympstone Common (Monument)
MDV10647St Leonard’s Chapel, Dalditch (Monument)
MDV72154Starveacre Northwest of Baggatton Farm (Monument)
MDV116065Stockland (Monument)
MDV1913Stockland Great Castle (Monument)
MDV1918Stockland Little Castle (Monument)
MDV72248Stone adjacent to row of barrows on north side of Broad Down, Farway (Monument)
MDV15089Stone Axe found on Woodbury Common (Find Spot)
MDV47704Stone Burrow Field Name, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV114100Stoney Close Field Name South of Mount Pleasant Farm (Monument)
MDV70572Tangletree Farm (Monument)
MDV70930Terrace East of Hakerland Brakes (Monument)
MDV10965The Rolling Stone, Putts Corner (Monument)
MDV11040The Seven Stones, Stone Circle, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV42507The Warren, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV15118Three Mounds on East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70213Three Trackways, Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV70795Three Tree Enclosures on East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70215Trackway across Aylesbeare Common (Monument)
MDV45767Trackway East of King's Farm (Monument)
MDV72163Trackway East of Tangletree Farm (Monument)
MDV47676Trackway North of Overday Farm (Monument)
MDV72203Trackway on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV70777Trackway South East of Mount Pleasant Wood (Monument)
MDV70927Trackway South East of Yettington Intakes (Monument)
MDV70398Trackway South of Hawkerland Brakes (Monument)
MDV70932Trackway South West of Yettington Intakes (Monument)
MDV15112Trackway West of Hayes Wood (Monument)
MDV70379Trackway, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70802Trackway, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70808Trackway, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70949Trackway, Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV70929Trackway, Military Training Site, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV72271Trackway, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV114748Trackways Southwest of Gittisham Hill House (Monument)
MDV112713Tree enclosure ring, Bicton (Monument)
MDV112715Tree enclosure ring, Bicton (Monument)
MDV70372Tree Enclosure, Coombe Common (Monument)
MDV55212Tree Enclosure, Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV113261Tree Enclosures, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70821Tree Ring East of Downlands Farm (Monument)
MDV70941Tree Ring in Crook Plantation, Bicton (Monument)
MDV70928Trench North West of Tucker's Plants (Monument)
MDV70916Trench to east of Manor Farm, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV70377Trench, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV113593Trench, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70413Trench, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV70412Trench, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70809Trench, Military Training Camp, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV72280Trench, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV72278Trench, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV70933Trenches and Trackway, Hawkerland Valley (Monument)
MDV70815Trenches in Squabmoor Plantation. (Monument)
MDV70958Trenches North of Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV70779Trenches, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70781Trenches, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV11435Trinity Beacon, Uplyme (Monument)
MDV24672Trinity Hill Road (Monument)
MDV72107Turf House West of Mattys Cross (Monument)
MDV72139Two Buildings South of Bucehayes Farm (Monument)
MDV15116Two Mounds on East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV10572Two Tumuli on Aylesbeare Common (Monument)
MDV10573Two Tumuli on Aylesbeare Common (Monument)
MDV41922Vineyard Cottage, Combe House (Building)
MDV41923Vineyard Walls, Combe House (Building)
MDV71386Well on Bucehayes Common (Monument)
MDV71417Well South East of Simonsburrow (Monument)
MDV71418Well South East of Simonsburrow (Monument)
MDV72137Well Southwest of Shortmoor Cottage (Monument)
MDV72267Well, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV70957Westbrook Farmhouse, Higher Metcombe (Monument)
MDV15111Wheathill Plantation, East Budleigh (Monument)
MDV46086Wind Whistle Southeast of Overday Farm (Monument)
MDV116053Withycombe Raleigh (Monument)
MDV70813Withycombe Raleigh/East Budleigh Parish Boundary Bank (Monument)
MDV21833Woodbury (Monument)
MDV70397Woodbury and Colaton Raleigh Parish Boundary Bank (Monument)
MDV10500Woodbury Castle, Woodbury, East Devon (Monument)
MDV70950Woolcombes North of Harpford Common (Monument)