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Associated Monuments (46)

MDV50442Aretefact Scatter Southwest of Shortmoor Cottage (Monument)
MDV50585ARTEFACT SCATTER in the Parish of Stockland (Monument)
MDV50429ARTEFACT SCATTER in the Parish of Stockland (Monument)
MDV50854ARTEFACT SCATTER in the Parish of Stockland (Monument)
MDV50583ARTEFACT SCATTER in the Parish of Stockland (Monument)
MDV50431ARTEFACT SCATTER in the Parish of Stockland (Monument)
MDV50430ARTEFACT SCATTER in the Parish of Stockland (Monument)
MDV50428ARTEFACT SCATTER in the Parish of Stockland (Monument)
MDV50511Artefact Scatter North of Ford Cross Cottage (Monument)
MDV50499Artefact Scatter North of Hussey's Farm (Monument)
MDV50508Artefact Scatter Northeast of Stockland Great Castle Camp (Monument)
MDV50581Artefact Scatter Northwest of Brimpit Farm (Monument)
MDV50561Artefact Scatter Northwest of Broadhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV50472Artefact Scatter Northwest of Hill Grounds (Monument)
MDV50438Artefact Scatter Northwest of Lillington Farm (Monument)
MDV50439Artefact Scatter Northwest of Lillington Farm (Monument)
MDV50325Artefact Scatter on Stockland Hill (Monument)
MDV50334Artefact Scatter on Stockland Hill (Monument)
MDV50440Artefact Scatter Southeast of Barn Park Farm (Monument)
MDV50526Artefact Scatter Southeast of Brimpit Farm (Monument)
MDV50565Artefact Scatter Southwest of Shortmoor Cross (Monument)
MDV50582Artefact Scatter West of Higher Quantock (Monument)
MDV50471Artefact Scatter West of Hill Grounds (Monument)
MDV50435Artefact Scatter West of Horners Cottage (Monument)
MDV50448Artefact Scatter West of Hussey's Farm (Monument)
MDV50510Artefact Scatter West of Shore Head (Monument)
MDV50445Artefact Scatter West of Whitecroft (Monument)
MDV50443Chert South of Shortmoor Cross (Find Spot)
MDV20583Enclosure North of Hussey's Farm (Monument)
MDV50584FINDSPOT in the Parish of Stockland (Find Spot)
MDV50449Flint at Shore Bottom (Find Spot)
MDV50399Flint Scatter North of Featherlake (Find Spot)
MDV50446Flint Scatter, Stockland Little Camp (Monument)
MDV50447Flint Scatter, Stockland Little Camp (Monument)
MDV50564Flint Scraper Southeast of Golden Square (Find Spot)
MDV48616Great Borrough Lot and Stone Burrow Field Names South of Hill Grounds (Monument)
MDV48472House East of Lane End Farm (Monument)
MDV72138House Northeast of Featherlake (Monument)
MDV48636House Southwest of Castlewell (Monument)
MDV72136House Southwest of Thrashill (Monument)
MDV72146Lane End Farm (Monument)
MDV72144Quantock (Kennels) Southeast of Higher Quantock (Monument)
MDV47404Settlement South of Horner Hill (Monument)
MDV72154Starveacre Northwest of Baggatton Farm (Monument)
MDV1913Stockland Great Castle (Monument)
MDV1918Stockland Little Castle (Monument)