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Title:CPE/UK 1890
Originator:Royal Air Force

Associated Monuments (119)

MDV55129Agricultural Cropmarks South of Wembury (Monument)
MDV25944Bank adjacent to cairn south-east of Roundhill Farm (Monument)
MDV58085Bigbury, Golf Course (Monument)
MDV7601Blackdown Rings (Monument)
MDV4842Bolt Tail Camp, Marlborough (Monument)
MDV1751Boringdon Camp, Sparkwell (Monument)
MDV36662Bowl Barrow near Home Farm, East Charleton (Monument)
MDV7224Burleigh Dolts, South Huish (Monument)
MDV51252Cable Station northwest of Starehole Cove (Monument)
MDV7829Cairn 170 meters east of Skerraton Gate (Monument)
MDV7946Cairn 180 meters south-east of Skerraton Gate (Monument)
MDV5889Cairn 5 south-west of Bellever Tor (Monument)
MDV5951Cairn 7 or Hut Circle south-west of Bellever Tor (Monument)
MDV5803Cairn 926 metres west of Skerraton Gate (Monument)
MDV4014Cairn at Eylesbarrow (Monument)
MDV4031Cairn at Eylesbarrow (Monument)
MDV6250Cairn circle 280 metres south of Roundhill Farm (Monument)
MDV5888Cist and Cairn 3 south-west of Bellever Tor (Monument)
MDV21574Deserted Medieval Settlement at Bolt Head (Monument)
MDV13071Deserted Settlement at Ilton, Malborough (Monument)
MDV13884Down Thomas Battery, Wembury (Monument)
MDV7542Dunstone Down Field System (Monument)
MDV71100EARTHWORK in the Parish of Ermington (Monument)
MDV21100Earthwork on Morley Hill (Monument)
MDV21101Earthwork to south of Road (Monument)
MDV21099Earthworks to the west of Chercombe Bridge Road, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV26431Enclosure 100 metres south of Rider's Rings (Monument)
MDV25007Enclosure 500 meters east of Western Beacon (Monument)
MDV64626Enclosure north of Snapes Point (Monument)
MDV80249Enclosure south of Idestone Farm, Aveton Gifford (Monument)
MDV4882Enclosure south of Whympston, Bigbury (Monument)
MDV26175Enclosure to the south of Laughter Hole House (Monument)
MDV5712Enclosure with hut circles on Dockwell Ridge (Monument)
MDV5716Enclosure with three hut circles, Dockwell Ridge (Monument)
MDV25719Enclosure with two hut circles, Dockwell Ridge (Monument)
MDV26484Enclosures north-west of Brake Corner (Monument)
MDV55690Former Military Aircraft Hangar, Townstal, Dartmouth (Monument)
MDV22100Higher Uppacott Farmhouse, Widecombe in the Moor (Building)
MDV50865HMS Cambridge, Wembury Point (Monument)
MDV54165Hope Cove, Radar Station (Monument)
MDV4747Huntingdon Tin Mine (Monument)
MDV5183Huntingdon Warren (Monument)
MDV25718Hut circle adjacent to southern enclosure, Dockwell Ridge (Monument)
MDV5178Hut circle in Bishop's Meads settlement (Monument)
MDV5179Hut circle in Bishop's Meads settlement (Monument)
MDV5177Hut circle in Bishop's Meads settlement (Monument)
MDV78911Hut circle in settlement north-east of Shipley Tor (Monument)
MDV78910Hut circle in settlement north-east of Shipley Tor (Monument)
MDV26430Hut circle near enclosures south of Rider's Rings (Monument)
MDV25745Hut circle outside enclosure west of Zeal Hill (Monument)
MDV25744Hut circle outside enclosure west of Zeal Hill (Monument)
MDV5294Hut circle settlement at Hickaton Hill (Monument)
MDV5779Hut circle settlement west of Zeal Hill (Monument)
MDV26442Hut Circle within Lower Cator Settlement (Monument)
MDV2535Hut Circle within Prehistoric Enclosure (A) at Trowlesworthy Warren, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV25142Hut circles at Ausewell Wood (Monument)
MDV26157Hut Circles south of Laughter Hole House (Monument)
MDV7470Hutholes Medieval Settlement, Widecombe in the Moor (Monument)
MDV4861Iron Age promontory fort at Oldaport Camp, Modbury (Monument)
MDV4331Knackersmill Gulf prehistoric settlement (Monument)
MDV5255Lambsdown Farm, West Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV13260Large, indistinct enclosure on Dockwell Ridge (Monument)
MDV8946Leats on Bovey Heath (Monument)
MDV13166Lower Piles stone alignment (Monument)
MDV15042Medieval Field System at Babeny (Monument)
MDV2924Motte and Bailey south of Langford Barton (Monument)
MDV27688Part of the Dartmeet parallel reave system north of the Down Ridge stone circle (Monument)
MDV25711Partial enclosure on Dockwell Ridge (Monument)
MDV26481Pillow Mound south of Rowbrook Farm (Monument)
MDV13386Pillow mounds south-west of enclosures on Dockwell Ridge (Monument)
MDV51618Plymouth, Netton AA Battery (Monument)
MDV25006Possible enclosure 580 meters east of Western Beacon (Monument)
MDV21098Possible natural outcrops, northwest of Bradley Barton, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV20528Possible prehistoric enclosure north of Knowle, Bigbury (Monument)
MDV12949Prehistoric enclosure 430 meters east of Huxton Farm (Monument)
MDV15083Prehistoric Field System on Deckler's Cliff, East Portlemouth (Monument)
MDV2307Prehistoric Hut Circle Settlement on Wigford Down (Monument)
MDV5742Prehistoric settlement east of Zeal gully (Monument)
MDV4016Prehistoric Settlement on Eastern Tor, Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV4023Prehistoric Settlement to the east of Eastern Tor, Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV7617Probable Ring Cairn Near Coldharbour Cross (Monument)
MDV13188Puper's Reave, Buckfastleigh Moor (Monument)
MDV54166RAF Bolt Tail Radar Station (Monument)
MDV7616Ring Cairn Near Coldharbour Cross (Monument)
MDV7615Ring Cairn Near Coldharbour Cross (Monument)
MDV70188Salcombe, Former Field Boundaries (Monument)
MDV70182Salcombe, Searchlight (Monument)
MDV12626Second World War bombing decoy at Down Thomas, Wembury (Monument)
MDV58005Second World War Bombing Decoy at Worswell (Monument)
MDV59233Second World War Bombing decoy, Boringdon (Monument)
MDV56361Second World War Earthworks at Snapes Point (Monument)
MDV21508Series of hut circles within enclosure west of Zeal Hill (Monument)
MDV5775Settlement 175 meters south of Rider's Rings (Monument)
MDV79011Settlement 190 meters south of Rider's Rings (Monument)
MDV5176Settlement at Bishop's Mead (Monument)
MDV6453Settlement east of Mel Tor (Monument)
MDV5812Settlement north-east of Shipley Tor (Monument)
MDV13261Settlement west of Zeal Hill (Monument)
MDV56231Slipways to the east of Coronation Park (Monument)
MDV26423Small enclosure on Dockwell Ridge (Monument)
MDV5714Small enclosure with hut circle, Dockwell Ridge (Monument)
MDV5713Small enclosure with hut circles on Dockwell Ridge (Monument)
MDV58028Stanborough, Bombing Decoy (Monument)
MDV13179Streamworks at Hook Lake, Harford (Monument)
MDV24684Tin openwork at Red Lake, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV14148Trowlesworthy Warren, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV64456Two Bowl Barrows North of Halwell Camp (Monument)
MDV7614Two Ring Cairns South-east of Coldharbour Cross (Monument)
MDV21239United States Naval Stores Depot on Knighton Heath, Bovey Tracey (Monument)
MDV22098Uppacott Medieval Settlement, Widecombe in the Moor (Monument)
MDV15078Venford Reave (Monument)
MDV56691VHF Transmitting Site, Roborough Down (Monument)
MDV14372Warren House, Huntingdon, Lydford (Monument)
MDV13204William's Shaft and Adit at Caroline Wheal Prosper Tin Mine, West Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV59229World War II Bombing Decoy at Down Thomas (Monument)
MDV59228World War II Bombing Decoy at Down Thomas (Monument)
MDV55603World War II Ship Repair Yard, Coronation Park, Dartmouth (Monument)
MDV13345Yalland medieval settlement, south of Dockwell Ridge (Monument)
MDV13384Yalland Warren, South Brent (Monument)