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Title:An Archaeological Check-List for South Brent
Originator:Robinson, R.
Summary:Summary report from the parish checklist work carried out by Rosemary Robinson in the late 1970s.

Associated Monuments (58)

MDV27827Area for training horses, north of Gisperdown, South Brent (Monument)
MDV60224ARTEFACT SCATTER in the Parish of South Brent (Monument)
MDV13280Cairn 180 metres west of Red Brook (Monument)
MDV13288Cairn 460 metres west of Dockwell Farm (Monument)
MDV5778Cairn at north end of stone row west of Black Tor, South Brent (Monument)
MDV13281Cairn on Brent Fore Hill (Monument)
MDV13286Cairn on Dockwell Ridge (Monument)
MDV13314Congregational Chapel, South Brent (Building)
MDV13330Dockwell farmhouse, South Brent (Building)
MDV13269Enclosure north of Treeland Downs (Monument)
MDV13334Farmhouse at Bullhornstone (Building)
MDV13148Farmhouse at Mill Farm, Brent Mill (Building)
MDV13410FIELD SYSTEM in the Parish of South Brent (Monument)
MDV13650Flint scatter and spindle whorl found at Stippadon Farm (Monument)
MDV13645Flint scatter at Dockwell Farm (Monument)
MDV132896Flint scatter at Marley Head (Monument)
MDV13646Flint scatter found near Bloody Pool (Monument)
MDV13648Flint scatter, Court Gate Farm (Monument)
MDV7929Flints found at Zempson Farm (Monument)
MDV13661Forder Farmstead, South Brent (Monument)
MDV13311Former chapel (now 14-15 Totnes Road), South Brent (Building)
MDV13300Gisperdown Farmhouse, South Brent (Building)
MDV13655Granite quern from Great Palstone, South Brent (Find Spot)
MDV13272Hut circle east of the leat at Corringdon Ball, South Brent (Monument)
MDV13271HUT CIRCLE in the Parish of South Brent (Monument)
MDV132244Hut circle north of the Corringdon Ball field system (Monument)
MDV25697Hut circle on the south side of Corringdon Ball field system, South Brent (Monument)
MDV13270Hut circle south of Corringdon Ball field system, South Brent (Monument)
MDV14116Incised Cross Fragment at Gisperdown Farmstead, South Brent (Monument)
MDV5667Large scraper of black flint found on summit of Three Barrow Tor, South Brent (Find Spot)
MDV13662Leigh Farmhouse, South Brent (Building)
MDV77533Leigh Grange farm, South Brent (Monument)
MDV13649Lithic implements found at Court Gate Farm, South Brent (Monument)
MDV112520Little Bullhornstone Farmstead (Monument)
MDV13294Lynchets west of Overbrent, South Brent (Monument)
MDV13151Manor Mill, South Brent (Building)
MDV118221Oak House, South Brent (Building)
MDV13268Oval shaped enclosure at Aish Ridge, South Brent (Monument)
MDV13673Palstone Barn, South Brent (Monument)
MDV13654Palstone Farmhouse, South Brent (Building)
MDV13630Part of the hillfort on Brent Hill, South Brent (Monument)
MDV13152Place name evidence, South Brent (Monument)
MDV13639Possible barrow, Dockwell Farm (Monument)
MDV13643Possible lynchets, Lower Beara Farn (Monument)
MDV13292Possible parallel reave system at Gisperdown, South Brent (Monument)
MDV13284Prehistoric cist on Corringdon Ball (Monument)
MDV13277Probable enclosure at Dockwell Farm, South Brent (Monument)
MDV13161Quarry west of South Brent (Monument)
MDV13293Reave on Dockwell Ridge (Monument)
MDV13287Ring cairn west of Dockwell (Monument)
MDV13289Site of a barrow in field at Gisperdown, South Brent (Monument)
MDV7940Site of cross at Great Palston, South Brent (Monument)
MDV13315The former Anchor Inn, South Brent (Building)
MDV13146The former Clarence Inn (Clarence House), South Brent (Building)
MDV13145The former London Inn, South Brent (Building)
MDV5666Three Barrows; largest cairn, Ugborough Moor (Monument)
MDV5827Treeland Brake Stone Row (now destroyed) (Monument)
MDV13384Yalland Warren, South Brent (Monument)