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Originator:Department of National Heritage

Associated Monuments (102)

MDV749921 and 2 Charles Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749431 and 3 Victoria Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749231 Fairfax Place, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV747361 Lower Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV854410 The Butterwalk, Duke Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7491910 The Quay, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7493311 Smith Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7469112 and 14 Above Town, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV854512 Duke Street, The Butterwalk, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7494415 Victoria Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV2365316 Clarence Hill, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7503216 Clarence Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7494517 Victoria Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749242 Fairfax Place, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749152 South Embankment, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7490120 Newcomen Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7495022 Foss Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7490322 Newcomen Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7471123 Coombe Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7494924 Foss Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7494725 and 27 Victoria Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7490426 Newcomen Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7502828 Flagon House and 1 - 2 Mount Pleasant Steps, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749913 and 4 Charles Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749253 Fairfax Place, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749403 Market Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7498331 and 33 Crowthers Hill, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7474437 Newcomen Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749144 South Embankment, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7493649 and 50 Newcomen Street and 36 and 37 Lower Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749815 Above Town, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749905 Charles Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749265 Church Close, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749415 Foss Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV85425 Higher Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749225 The Quay, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749896 Charles Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749276 Smith Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7498463 Victoria Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7498665-79 Victoria Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749357 Smith Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749218 The Quay, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7498581 Victoria Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749349 Smith Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749209 The Quay, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV23709Aldar, 1 Norton Park Cottages, Totnes Road (Building)
MDV74776Alma Cottage, 21 Brown's Hill, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV8519Artillery fort at Dartmouth Castle (Building)
MDV74988Bay Tree Cottage, 6 Roseville Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV8525Bayard's Cove Castle, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74907Boundary Wall of St Barnabas Church, 33 Newcomen Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74820Bridge, Warfleet Creek (Building)
MDV55300Coastal Battery, Dartmouth Castle (Monument)
MDV75029Combecote, 31 Ridge Hill, and Hill House, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74908Conduit at 148 Above Town, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74710Dartbank, 22 Coombe Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74910Dartmouth Arms, 26 Lower Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV53841Dartmouth Boat Float (Monument)
MDV23649Dartmouth Castle Tearooms (Building)
MDV49103Eastern Limekiln, Castle Road, Warfleet (Building)
MDV74608Fox Chest Tomb, St Clement's Churchyard (Building)
MDV74867Gothic Cottage, Weeke Hill, Warfleet (Building)
MDV8537Granite Shaft west of St Petrox Parish Church (Building)
MDV74905Harbour View, 27 Newcomen Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV19561Hawley's Fortalice, Dartmouth Castle (Monument)
MDV74693Henley Collection Museum, 3 Anzac Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74993Horse Trough, Charles Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV55605Hospital at Britannia Royal Naval College (Building)
MDV74816Lamp Post west of the Boat Float, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74702Lamp Post, Bayards Cove (Building)
MDV74700Lamp Post, Bayards Cove (Building)
MDV74701Lamp Post, Bayards Cove (Building)
MDV74909Lamp Post, Bayards Hill, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74932Lamp Post, Smith Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74928Lamp Post, Smith Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74918Lamp Post, The Quay, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74917Lloyds Bank, 2 The Quay, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV75022Mount Boone House Boundary Wall (Building)
MDV86230Mount Galpine House, Clarence Hill, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV75033Old Mill Bridge west of Old Mill Creek, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV18866Possible Holy Well, South Ford Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74712Primrose House, 24 Coombe Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV44233Rock Cottage, Weeke Hill, Warfleet (Building)
MDV74906St Barnabas Church, Newcomen Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74902St John The Baptist Church, Newcomen Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV8531St Petrox Parish Church, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74775Summerland, 17 Brown's Hill, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74987Telephone Box, Victoria Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV71170Telephone Kiosk at Dartmouth Castle (Monument)
MDV74912Telephone Kiosk, Coles Court, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74815Telephone Kiosks north of the Boat Float, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV75034The Keep, 17 Mount Boone, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74942The Market House Inn, Market Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74913The Old Post Office, 9 South Embankment, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74948The Sail Loft, 26 Foss Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV53899The Sail Loft, Mayor's Avenue, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74946The Windjammer, 23 Victoria Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74929Town Cottage, 9 Church Close, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74755Water Conduit, 19 South Town, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74930Water Conduit, Church Close, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV49102Western Limekiln, Castle Road, Warfleet (Building)
MDV74982Woodlands, Weeke Hill, Warfleet (Building)