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Title:Plymouth Fortress Survey
Originator:Pye, A.
Summary:WWII heavy anti-aircraft battery located in the middle of an arable field. Consists of four octagonal gun emplacements facing SW, SE, and S with a concrete access road giving access to their rear and also to a shelter or store on the northern side and to two further rectangular gun emplacements to the NW. The battery was established in 1940 for four 3.7" guns. The four octagonal emplacements are built of shuttered concrete. Each has a magazine on the flanks, each flanked by a pair of shelters. The central gun mounting in each case still survives although often covered up. Each emplacement is protected by earth banks. One of the two rectangular emplacements seems to have a square iron gun mounting superseded by another oval mounting very similar to those in the four octagonal emplacements. They also have magazines and shelters on each side. In the centre there is a sunken command/observation post, protected by earth banks, with two observation platforms on the outside and another platform containing an instrument pillar. There is also a sunken magazine, protected by concrete blast walls and containing individual recesses which still retain their labelling. The original guardhouse accommodation is located to the south of the access road and is now called Princes Cottages. The whole site survives complete. Most emplacements are used for the storage of timber and some farm equipment; until recently used as a camp by travellers who have left a lot of their old vehicles behind. The two rectangular gun emplacements are open and derelict; one has been partly filled in. The control post and magazines are open and derelict and are not used, nor are two small shelters. A possible sentry-box adjoining princes cottages is used for storage, as is the store/shelter to the north of the magazine.

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