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Originator:Department of Environment

Associated Monuments (58)

MDV243202 and 3 The Square, Northam (Building)
MDV2438420 Market Street, Bristol House, Appledore (Building)
MDV2434928 Bude Street, Appledore (Building)
MDV244224 and part of 4a Odun Road, Appledore (Building)
MDV243214 The Square, Northam (Building)
MDV1883541-47 Irshsa Street, Appledore (Building)
MDV244235 and part of 4a Odun Road, Appledore (Building)
MDV243185 The Square, Northam (Building)
MDV243226 The Square, Northam (Building)
MDV243237 and 9 The Square, Northam (Building)
MDV243178 and 9 Lenards Road (Building)
MDV24431Appledore Post Office (Building)
MDV24442Appledore Seamen's Mission (Building)
MDV24381Appledore, 6 Market Street (Building)
MDV24376Appledore, Anchorage (Building)
MDV24355Appledore, Bank House (Building)
MDV24434Appledore, Beechcroft (Building)
MDV24378Appledore, Bradbourne House (Building)
MDV24413Appledore, Magowrney Cottage (Building)
MDV24427Appledore, Rock House (Building)
MDV24375Appledore, Rosalind + Claremont (Building)
MDV24415Appledore, The Myrtles (Building)
MDV24357Appledore, West Haven (Building)
MDV24406Appledore, Ye Champion of Wales (Building)
MDV24332Berriman's, Northam (Building)
MDV24325Bonehill Farmhouse, Tower Street, Northam (Building)
MDV24389Coach and Horses, Appledore (Building)
MDV24393Dora's House, 13 Market Street, Appledore (Building)
MDV24432Ferriwais, Appledore (Building)
MDV24337Glen Cottages, Orchard Hill, Bideford (Building)
MDV24335Glenburnie House (Building)
MDV24397Globe Hotel, Appledore (Building)
MDV24326Leighbarn, Northam (Building)
MDV24324Locksley House, 1 Tower Street, Northam (Building)
MDV24330Marshford, Churchill Way (Building)
MDV24364No. 69 Irsha Street, Appledore (Building)
MDV24365No. 70 Irsha Street, Appledore (Building)
MDV24367No. 72a Irsha Street, Appledore (Building)
MDV24368No. 73 Irsha Street, Appledore (Building)
MDV24308Northam House, Bideford (Building)
MDV24319Northam Post Office, Northam (Building)
MDV14991Northam, St. Margaret's (Building)
MDV24421Odun House, Odun Road, Appledore, Northam (Building)
MDV24338Olive Farmhouse, Northam (Building)
MDV11755Orchard Hill House, Northam (Building)
MDV24366Prince of Wales Hotel, Appledore (Building)
MDV24333Riverbank, formerly Beach Cottage, Northam (Building)
MDV24354Roborough House, 17 Bude Street (Building)
MDV24314Rosehill, Heywood Road (Building)
MDV24373Royal George Inn, Appledore (Building)
MDV24391Royal Hotel, Appledore (Building)
MDV24443Seagate Hotel, Appledore (Building)
MDV11873St Marys, Appledore (Building)
MDV24327Stone tablet at Bloody Corner, Churchill Way, Northam (Monument)
MDV101597The Mount, Castle Street, Northam (Building)
MDV489The Old Kiln, Limers Lane, Northam (Monument)
MDV24347Willesdene, 24 Bude Street (Building)
MDV24315Woodville, Heywood Road (Building)