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Originator:Ordnance Survey Archaeology Division
Summary:Vis=14/8/1950 (osa) nineteen hut circles numbered a-s. West of roos tor. Hut a: entrance appears to be to se. Much overgrown, large earth covered stones. Hut b: fairly large stones, entrance to se. Hut c: banked at eastern extreme. Entrance to s. Hut d: much overgrown, entrance to se. Hut e: much despoiled. Hut f: much overgrown, stones only visible at western extremity. Hut g: in poor condition. Hut h: condition fragmentary. Hut i: entrance to ne with large boulder apparently in situ. Forms one side of distinct depression in wall level. Hut j: a small circle, hollow in centre. Much overgrown. Hut k: double wall type with entrance at s. Much despoiled. Hut l: large turf covered stones. Hut m: entrance to s. Hut n: entrance to se. Hut o: overgrown. Not possible to determine entrance. Hut p: entrance to s. Hut q: entrance possibly at s. Hut r: much overgrown. Hut s: - individual grid refs: hut a sx53617663, hut b sx53607661, hut c sx53597655 hut d sx53557657, hut e sx53617651, hut f sx53577650 hut g sx53577651, hut h sx53597650, hut i sx53597649 hut j sx53567648, hut k sx53577645, hut l sx53597645 hut m sx53607641, hut n sx53597643, hut o sx53627646 hut p sx53527643, hut q sx53537639, hut r sx53547633 hut s sx53537636.

Associated Monuments (1)

MDV4105Hut circle settlement on the north-east slope of Cox Tor (Monument)