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Title:The Stone Rows of Dartmoor. Part 1
Originator:Worth, R. H.
Summary:Pages 285-316

Associated Monuments (98)

MDV6168Alignment A on Shovel Down (Monument)
MDV6171Alignment B on Shovel Down (Monument)
MDV14875Alignment C on Shovel Down (Monument)
MDV6179Alignment E on Shovel Down (Monument)
MDV6148Alignment F on Shovel Down (Monument)
MDV6181Alignment G on Shovel Down (Monument)
MDV6537Assacombe Stone Row, Fernworthy (Monument)
MDV14377Barrow 150 meters north-east of Yar Tor, Corndon Down (Monument)
MDV2988Butterdon Hill Stone Row, Harford (Monument)
MDV5000Cairn associated with stone row, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV4047Cairn at Drizzlecombe (Monument)
MDV6538Cairn at eastern end of Assacombe Stone Row (Monument)
MDV49509Cairn at end of stone row south-west of Great Trowlesworthy Tor (Monument)
MDV33471Cairn at north end of Cantrell double stone row, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV14793Cairn at north end of eastern stone row near Collard Tor, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV5137Cairn at north end of Harford Stone Row, Harford (Monument)
MDV2584Cairn at north end of western stone row near Collard Tor, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV14779Cairn at north-east end of stone row, Drizzlecombe (Monument)
MDV14887Cairn at southern end of stone row at Fernworthy (Monument)
MDV2891Cairn at southern end of stone row, Ugborough Moor (Monument)
MDV49562Cairn at south-western end of stone row at Glasscombe Corner (Monument)
MDV14772Cairn at the end of row, Drizzlecombe (Monument)
MDV50703Cairn at west end of alignment between Sharpitor and Leeden Tor (Monument)
MDV4257Cairn circle at southern end of stone row on Burford Down, Harford (Monument)
MDV3329Cairn in Drizzlecombe group (Monument)
MDV6563Cairn north of the northern stone row at Fernworthy (Monument)
MDV2897Cairn on Butterdon Hill at southern end of stone row, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV2524Cairn on north side of the reave east of Shaugh Cross, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV14885Cairn south of the stone circle at Fernworthy (Monument)
MDV6560Cairn to east of Fernworthy stone circle (Monument)
MDV6719Cairn to south of Fernworthy Stone Circle (Monument)
MDV4299Cairn to the east of the stone row on Stalldown, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV4298Cairn to the west of Stalldown stone row, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV14796Cairn with cist in middle of stone row, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV48906Cairn with cists associated with triple stone row east of Cawsand Beacon (Monument)
MDV15961Cairns at the north-east end of the Corringdon Ball Stone Rows, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV2438Cholwichtown stone row at the china clay works, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV2887Cist east of Hangershell Rock (Monument)
MDV5656Corringdon Ball A stone alignment, South Brent (Monument)
MDV14802Corringdon Ball B stone alignments, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV5658Corringdon Ball C stone alignments, South Brent (Monument)
MDV5655Corringdon Ball multiple stone rows, Glasscombe, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV3762Double stone row 350 meters north-west of Sharpitor, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV14792Eastern Stone Row near Collard Tor, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV6556Eastern Stone row to south of Fernworthy Stone Circle (Monument)
MDV6534Fernworthy or Froggymead Stone Circle (Monument)
MDV5136Harford Stone Row on Brown Heath in the Erme Valley, Harford (Monument)
MDV3502Hingston Hill Stone Row, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV5235'Huntingdon Barrow' or 'Heap of Sinners' cairn north of Huntingdon Warren (Monument)
MDV6541Hurston Ridge Stone Row, Chagford (Monument)
MDV6569Hut Circle on south side of Assycombe Stone Row (Monument)
MDV5147Hut east of Harford Stone Row in settlement north of Hook Lake (Monument)
MDV6149Longstone on Shovel Down, Chagford Common (Monument)
MDV14797Merrivale Stone Row A, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV14795Merrivale Stone Row B, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV5135Northern enclosure in settlement south of Erme Pound, Harford (Monument)
MDV4896Northern row of Harter group, Walkhampton Common (Monument)
MDV3757Probable ring cairn, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV6540Reave across Assacombe Stone Row (Monument)
MDV3986Ringmoor Down Stone Row, Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV14309Round cairn on Walkhampton Common lying east of the reave (Monument)
MDV3769Round cairn with cist 380 metres north-north-west of Sharpitor summit, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV5001Short stone row, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV3761Single stone row 350 metres north-west of Sharpitor, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV6426Site of stone row, Sherberton Common (Monument)
MDV14794Small cairn at south-west end of the double stone row north-west of Sharpitor. (Monument)
MDV4895Southern row of Harter group, Walkhampton Common (Monument)
MDV4277Stalldown Stone Row, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV3377Standing stone at Drizzlecombe (Monument)
MDV14778Standing stone at the end of stone row, Drizzlecombe (Monument)
MDV6306Stone alignment west of Moorlands Farm, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV5873Stone alignment with cist on Lakehead Hill (Monument)
MDV5187Stone circle or ring cairn west of Buckland Ford, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV4994Stone row 220 meters south-west of Black Tor (Monument)
MDV2889Stone row 400 meters south-east of Western Beacon, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV2421Stone row 440 metres south of Great Trowlesworthy Tor (Monument)
MDV4991Stone row 450 metres north of Sharpitor (Monument)
MDV2415Stone Row 550 metres south-west of Great Trowlesworthy Tor (Monument)
MDV2399Stone row 600 metres south-west of Penn Beacon (Monument)
MDV2400Stone row at Penn Beacon, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV2890Stone row near Spurrell's Cross, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV2434Stone row north-west of Saddlesborough, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV4333Stone row on Burford Down, Harford (Monument)
MDV4592Stone row on Conies Down (Monument)
MDV4223Stone row on Langstone Moor (Monument)
MDV5659Stone row on Ugborough Moor, near Glasscombe Ball, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV5661Stone row south-west of Glasscombe Corner, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV6562Stone Row to north of Fernworthy Stone Circle (Monument)
MDV3376Stone row, Drizzlecombe (Monument)
MDV14777Stone Row, Drizzlecombe (Monument)
MDV14776Stone Row, Drizzlecombe (Monument)
MDV49561Terminal cairn of stone row south-west of Glasscombe Corner, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV5653The Longstone on the Butterdon Stone Row, Harford (Monument)
MDV6180The Three Boys, Shovel Down (Monument)
MDV6886Triple stone alignment and cairn 780 metres east of Cawsand Beacon (Monument)
MDV2583Western Stone Row near Collard Tor, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV14886Western Stone Row to south of Fernworthy Stone Circle (Monument)
MDV6459Yar Tor triple stone row (Monument)