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Title:105 SW
Originator:Ordnance Survey
Summary:Also recorded on OS 6" (1907) map.

Associated Monuments (58)

MDV56097 Wheal Emma, Powder Magazines (Monument)
MDV42209 Wheal Josiah, Reservoir (Monument)
MDV56109Devon Great Consols, 'Great Leat' (Monument)
MDV56107Devon Great Consols, Leat & Tramline (Monument)
MDV56112Devon Great Consols, Leat (Monument)
MDV56111Devon Great Consols, Leat (Monument)
MDV42206Devon Great Consols, Precipitation & Ochre Works (Monument)
MDV56091Devon Great Consols, Twin Water Wheels (Monument)
MDV3873Devon Great Consols, Wheal Anna Maria (Monument)
MDV3878Devon Great Consols, Wheal Emma (Monument)
MDV3870Devon Great Consols, Wheal Fanny (Monument)
MDV42210Devon Great Consols, Wheal Frementor (Monument)
MDV3874Devon Great Consols, Wheal Josiah (Monument)
MDV42207Devon Great Consols, Wheal Maria (Monument)
MDV3868Devon Great Consols, Wheal Thomas/Watson (Monument)
MDV51110QUARRY in the Parish of Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV51093QUARRY in the Parish of Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV51114QUARRY in the Parish of Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV51115QUARRY in the Parish of Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV56116QUARRY in the Parish of Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV51096Quarry to east of Wheal Russell Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV51113South Wheal Fanny, Engine Shaft (Monument)
MDV56103South Wheal Fanny, Shaft (Monument)
MDV37317Wheal Anna Maria Houses (Building)
MDV51099Wheal Anna Maria, Engine Shaft (Monument)
MDV3877Wheal Anna Maria, Field Shaft (Monument)
MDV56089Wheal Anna Maria, Flatrod Gully (Monument)
MDV56115Wheal Anna Maria, Spoil Heap (Monument)
MDV56084Wheal Anna Maria, 'Upper' Dressing Floor (Monument)
MDV3872Wheal Emma, Agnes's (new) Shaft (Monument)
MDV51100Wheal Emma, Agnes's (old) Shaft (Monument)
MDV56087Wheal Emma, Counthouse Shaft (Monument)
MDV56095Wheal Emma, Engine House & Boiler House (Monument)
MDV3875Wheal Emma, Incline Shaft (Monument)
MDV56092Wheal Emma, New Shaft (Monument)
MDV56086Wheal Emma, Path Shaft (Monument)
MDV42208Wheal Emma, Ponds (Monument)
MDV3869Wheal Emma, Railway Shaft (Monument)
MDV56099Wheal Emma, Shaft (Monument)
MDV56094Wheal Emma, Shaft (Monument)
MDV56098Wheal Emma, Shaft (Monument)
MDV56096Wheal Emma, Smithy (Monument)
MDV56093Wheal Emma, Thomas' Shaft & Engine House (Monument)
MDV51092Wheal Fanny, Eastern Shaft (Monument)
MDV51112Wheal Fanny, Western Shaft (Monument)
MDV37316Wheal Josiah Cottages (Building)
MDV56090Wheal Josiah, Flat Rod Cutting (Monument)
MDV51116Wheal Josiah, Hitchins's Shaft (Monument)
MDV3867Wheal Josiah, Richard's Engine Shaft (Monument)
MDV3876Wheal Maria, Gard's Shaft (Monument)
MDV56080Wheal Maria, Morris' Shaft (Monument)
MDV22886Wheal Russell Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV51108Wheal Thomas/Watson, Bawden's Shaft (Monument)
MDV56100Wheal Thomas/Watson, Eastern Shaft & Pits (Monument)
MDV56113Wheal Thomas/Watson, Leats (Monument)
MDV56101Wheal Thomas/Watson, Old Shaft (Monument)
MDV3883Wheal Thomas/Watson, Plunger Shaft (Monument)
MDV3890Wheal Thomas/Watson, Watson's Shaft (Monument)