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Originator:National Monuments Record
Summary:Aph=nmr sf1748/191-193(23/4/1980). 23/04/1980

Associated Monuments (67)

MDV8816Blissmoor Longhouse and Enclosures (Building)
MDV6386Cairn north of Corndon Tor (Monument)
MDV6385Cairn north of Corndon Tor (Monument)
MDV6460Cairn with cist near Yar Tor stone row, Yartor Down (Monument)
MDV6059Challacombe Medieval Settlement, Manaton (Monument)
MDV6489Conjoined enclosure on Yartor Down (Monument)
MDV6030Dartmeet parallel reave system - northern section (Monument)
MDV6412Deserted settlement at Yar Tor (Building)
MDV25193Disused quarry on Welstor Common (Monument)
MDV26685Ditch on the north side of Cripden Down (Monument)
MDV26686Ditch on the northern side of Cripden Down (Monument)
MDV25204Ditches in field north of Bowdley Cottage, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV6436Enclosure 320 metres south-east of Badger's Holt (Monument)
MDV6384Enclosure and hut circle 360 metres south of Sherwell (Monument)
MDV26473Enclosure east of Badger's Holt (Monument)
MDV26475Enclosure in Dartmeet parallel reave system (Monument)
MDV26170Enclosure in Dartmeet parallel reave system (Monument)
MDV26333Enclosure in Settlement on Yartor Down (Monument)
MDV26196Enclosure, Widecombe in the Moor (Monument)
MDV26243Field system on Corndon Down (Monument)
MDV27694Field system on Yartor Down (Monument)
MDV26980Fossilised Reave System on Langstone Hill, Manaton (Monument)
MDV8541Greenway Camp Hillfort (Monument)
MDV8763Hut circle 110 metres north-west of Blissmoor, Manaton (Monument)
MDV26345Hut circle 245 metres east of Sherwell, Corndon Down (Monument)
MDV6456Hut circle 340 metres east of Sherwell, Corndon Down (Monument)
MDV8762Hut circle 370 metres south-east of Ford Farm (Monument)
MDV6484Hut circle 400m south-east of Sherwell, Corndon Down (Monument)
MDV26346Hut circle 450 metres south of Sherwell, Corndon Down (Monument)
MDV6462Hut circle 460 metres north-west of Sharp Tor (Monument)
MDV6464Hut circle 460m south-east of Yar Tor (Monument)
MDV6457Hut circle 530 metres south-east of Sherwell, Corndon Down (Monument)
MDV6461Hut circle 600m south-east of Yar Tor (Monument)
MDV8802Hut Circle 80 metres north-west of Blissmoor, Manaton (Monument)
MDV26232Hut circle and field boundaries, Widecombe in the Moor (Monument)
MDV6435Hut circle east of Badger's Holt (Monument)
MDV16722Hut circle in enclosure on Yartor Down (Monument)
MDV16721Hut circle in enclosure south-west of Yar Tor (Monument)
MDV26678Hut circle near Manaton Rocks (Monument)
MDV26679Hut circle near Manaton Rocks (Monument)
MDV26680Hut circle near Manaton Rocks (Monument)
MDV26169Hut circle within Dartmeet parallel reave system (Monument)
MDV26168Hut Circle within Dartmeet parallel reave system (Monument)
MDV16723Hut circle within the Dartmeet parallel reave system (Monument)
MDV119122Hut circles in settlement east of Blissmoor Farmstead (Monument)
MDV5990Hut circles on Hamel Down (Monument)
MDV125964Hut in enclosure on Yartor Down (Monument)
MDV125965Hut in enclosure on Yartor Down (Monument)
MDV6387Large cairn on Corndon Tor (Monument)
MDV16727Large cairn on Corndon Tor (Monument)
MDV26191Marshy area on Hamel Down (Monument)
MDV6423Medieval site 250 metres south-west of Cordon Ford (Monument)
MDV26228Natural gully on Hamel Down (Monument)
MDV25217Parallel Reave System on the south-eastern edge of Halshanger Common (Monument)
MDV26249Possible enclosure on Yartor Down (Monument)
MDV26347Possible enclosure with hut 150 metres east of Sherwell, Corndon Down (Monument)
MDV6107Pound on Hamel Down, Manaton (Monument)
MDV8848Prehistoric Field System around Hunter's Tor Hillfort, Lustleigh (Monument)
MDV26698Prehistoric field system near Manaton Rocks (Monument)
MDV25175Quarry north of Cold East Cross, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV8815Settlement east of Blissmoor Farmstead (Monument)
MDV26192Streamworking west of Blackaton, Widecombe (Monument)
MDV5988Two hut circles north of Lower Blackaton (Monument)
MDV26338Unlikely cairn on Yartor Down (Monument)
MDV26334Unlikely enclosure north-west of Yar Tor (Monument)
MDV26343Unlikely hut circle 300m south of Yar Tor (Monument)
MDV26344Unlikely hut circles south-west of Yar Tor (Monument)