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Title:A Survey of Grimspound, Manaton Parish, Devon
Originator:Pattison, P.
Summary:Surveyed by RCHME in 1991. Enclosure originally comprised stone wall enclosing ovoid area of c1.45ha. Circuit has 3 main curving sections on NW, NE and S sides. To N of Grims Lake the NW section lies below a slight ridge, the S of which appears to have been cut back to accommodate it, producing a length of ditch alongside it. Wall faced internally and externally with large granite blocks and slabs, set in rough horizontal courses and, occasionally orthostatically. The faces survive intermittently among a jumbled bank of stone resulting from collapse/erosion of original structure. Original wall width varies 2.5m to 3.5m. Survives in places to a height of 1.25m. At NE corner remains of a probable culvert are discernible. This channelled Grims Lake under the wall. Wall core probably rubble, though possibly earth and stone. Internal construction is probably best preserved in SE section. Survey identified 2 small shelters post-dating enclosure wall. Some reconstruction of wall carried out in early 19C. 16 of the 24 hut circles were excavated in 1894 (see subsheets). Parts of 5 pens are built against W interior face: function unknown, but possibly animal pens of post-prehistoric date.

Associated Monuments (30)

MDV8781Arrowhead found near Grimspound, Manaton (Find Spot)
MDV8778Grimspound enclosed settlement, Manaton (Monument)
MDV8779Grimspound enclosure entranceway, Manaton (Monument)
MDV6641Grimspound enclosure wall, Manaton (Monument)
MDV43897Hut circle 1, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43906Hut circle 10, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43907Hut circle 11, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43908Hut circle 12, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43909Hut circle 13, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43910Hut circle 14, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43911Hut circle 15, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43912Hut circle 16, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43913Hut circle 17, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43914Hut circle 18, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43898Hut circle 2, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43916Hut circle 20, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43917Hut circle 21, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43918Hut circle 22, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43919Hut circle 23, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43920Hut circle 24, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43899Hut circle 3, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43900Hut circle 4, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43901Hut circle 5, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43902Hut circle 6, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43903Hut circle 7, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43904Hut circle 8, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43905Hut circle 9, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV55289Hut settlement and field system south-east of Grimspound (Monument)
MDV55278Storage cache in enclosure wall, Grimspound (Monument)
MDV55277Storage structures built against enclosure wall, Grimspound (Monument)