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Title:Objective 5B: Lower Tamar Valley Recreation and Land Management Iinitiative: Cultural Heritage Appraisal
Originator:Dyer, M. J. + Manning, P. T.

Associated Monuments (130)

MDV37330Arsenic Works at Devon Great Consols Mine, Gulworthy (Building)
MDV59103Artiscombe Farmstead (Monument)
MDV63009Bere Alston Station (Monument)
MDV29233Bible Christian Chapel, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV18382Blaxton Mill, Bickleigh (Monument)
MDV56177Bronze Age Axe from Woolawork Quarry (Find Spot)
MDV63038Brook Headstone in St Paul's Churchyard, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV5447Butspill Mine, Tamar Valley Mine, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV37331Canal Incline Cottage, Gulworthy (Building)
MDV2690Castle Head Promontory Fort, Dunterton (Monument)
MDV3860Chapel at Morwell Barton (Monument)
MDV2691Chapel Site (Monument)
MDV63024Cider Press at Lopwell Quay, Buckland Monachorum (Monument)
MDV28854Clock at St Mary’s Parish Church, Bickleigh (Find Spot)
MDV76314Cottage at Morwellham (Monument)
MDV63007Cottage at Morwellham (Monument)
MDV59374Coumbe Headstone at St Nonna's Parish Church (Building)
MDV62998Coumbe Memorial at St Nonna's Parish Church (Monument)
MDV2362Dean Memorial at St Mary’s Parish Church, Bickleigh (Monument)
MDV2694Defended Enclosure in Dunterue Wood (Monument)
MDV3862Devon Great Consolidated Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV72844Devon Great Consols Railway, Inclined Plane (Monument)
MDV56109Devon Great Consols, 'Great Leat' (Monument)
MDV56107Devon Great Consols, Leat & Tramline (Monument)
MDV3880Devon Great Consols, Railway (Monument)
MDV56108Devon Great Consols, Rubbytown Leat (Monument)
MDV56091Devon Great Consols, Twin Water Wheels (Monument)
MDV56088Devon Great Consols, Two Water Wheels (Monument)
MDV3873Devon Great Consols, Wheal Anna Maria (Monument)
MDV3878Devon Great Consols, Wheal Emma (Monument)
MDV3870Devon Great Consols, Wheal Fanny (Monument)
MDV3874Devon Great Consols, Wheal Josiah (Monument)
MDV42207Devon Great Consols, Wheal Maria (Monument)
MDV12620Dunterton, All Saints Parish Church (Building)
MDV32464Endsleigh Park, Milton Abbot (Monument)
MDV56632Engine House at Whitsam Down Mine (Monument)
MDV37381Farmstead at Morwellham (Building)
MDV37384Ferry Stage at Morwellham Quay (Building)
MDV28857Font at St Mary’s Parish Church, Bickleigh (Monument)
MDV28856Font at St Mary’s Parish Church, Bickleigh (Monument)
MDV59808Foot Headstone at St Mary’s Parish Church, Bickleigh (Monument)
MDV53160Ford at Lopwell, Buckland Monachorum (Monument)
MDV59763Garden WallS at Warleigh House (Building)
MDV63037Gas lamp at St Paul's Church, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV40933Gatepiers at St Nonna's Parish Church (Building)
MDV59796Granite Memorial (Monument)
MDV40934Hamley Headstone at St Nonna's Parish Church, Bradstone (Building)
MDV59725Headstone to Elizabeth Press (Building)
MDV63049Headstones at St Mary’s Parish Church, Bickleigh (Monument)
MDV28855Herring Memorial at St Mary’s Parish Church, Bickleigh (Monument)
MDV2364Heywood Memorial at St Mary’s Parish Church, Bickleigh (Monument)
MDV2689Hilltop Enclosure north-west of Lucy Cleave Wood (Monument)
MDV37313Honeytor Farmhouse (Building)
MDV15926Kelly House (Building)
MDV35867Kelly House, Barn (Building)
MDV2718Kelly House, Granary (Building)
MDV35868Kelly House, Stable Block (Building)
MDV59728Kneebone Headstone, Dunterton Parish Church (Monument)
MDV37382Limekiln at Morwellham Quay (Building)
MDV5438Limekilns at Morwellham Quay (Building)
MDV5443Lockridge Silver and Lead Mine (Monument)
MDV28858Lopes Memorial at St Mary’s Parish Church, Bickleigh (Monument)
MDV5435Medieval and post medieval quay at Morwellham Quay (Monument)
MDV37328Methodist Church, Morwellham (Building)
MDV2361Modyford Memorial at St Mary’s Parish Church, Bickleigh (Monument)
MDV7160Morwellham Quay (Monument)
MDV3859Motte and Bailey, Lamerton (Monument)
MDV59724Neaile Headstone, Dunterton Churchyard (Building)
MDV3886New Bridge, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV19935North Hooe Silver and Lead Mine, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV59807Pearle Headstones at St Mary’s Parish Church, Bickleigh (Monument)
MDV59794Philip Headstone (Monument)
MDV40935Philip Headstone at St Nonna's Parish Church (Building)
MDV2222Preaching Cross on Bickleigh Green (Building)
MDV47561Quarries Near South Tamar Mine (Monument)
MDV53111Quarry at Lockridge (Monument)
MDV53112Quarry at Lockridge (Monument)
MDV51084QUARRY in the Parish of Sydenham Damerel (Monument)
MDV53113Quarry near Lockridge Farm (Monument)
MDV37380Quay Cottage and Assayer's Laboratory at Morwellham (Building)
MDV59795Radcliff Headstone (Monument)
MDV1650Ramsdown Mine, Milton Abbot (Monument)
MDV5648Ramsdown or Castle Park Camp, Milton Abbot (Monument)
MDV29578Roborough Coin Hoard (Find Spot)
MDV40912Shafts at Ramsdown Mine, Milton Abbot (Monument)
MDV53114Shafts at Tamar Valley Mine (Monument)
MDV40913Shafts to North-West of Downhouse, Kelly (Monument)
MDV2365Slanning Memorial at St Mary’s Parish Church, Bickleigh (Monument)
MDV2363Slanning Memorial at St Mary’s Parish Church, Bickleigh (Monument)
MDV59107Sluicegate north of Artiscombe Farmstead (Monument)
MDV51089Smithy at Three Oaks (Monument)
MDV59806Soper Tomb at St Mary’s Parish Church, Bickleigh (Monument)
MDV5493South Tamar Silver and Lead Mine (Monument)
MDV3882Southern Portal to Tavistock Canal Tunnel (Building)
MDV2357St Mary's Parish Church, Bickleigh (Building)
MDV12622St Nonna Parish Church, Bradstone (Building)
MDV59726Stenlake Headstone, Dunterton Churchyard (Building)
MDV59727Stenlake Headstone, Dunterton Churchyard (Building)
MDV59792Sydenham Damerel, Royal Inn (Monument)
MDV59791Sydenham Damerel, Townlake Farm (Monument)
MDV5442Tamar Smelting Works, Weirquay, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV62454Tamerton Foliot, Gothic Boat House near Warleigh House (Building)
MDV5502Tamerton Foliot, Warleigh House, Dovecote (Building)
MDV5449Tavistock Canal, Inclined Plane (Monument)
MDV3879Tavistock Canal, Western Section (Monument)
MDV37383The Manager's House, Morwellham Quay (Building)
MDV63006The Ship Inn, Morwellham Quay (Building)
MDV2360Tomb at St Mary’s Parish Church, Bickleigh (Monument)
MDV59729Tombchest of John Hartmason, Dunterton Churchyard (Building)
MDV59793TROUGH in the Parish of Sydenham Damerel (Monument)
MDV63023War Memorial, Bere Ferrers Village Square (Monument)
MDV5501Warleigh House, Tamerton Foliot (Building)
MDV63005Waterwheel at the manganese mill, Morwellham (Monument)
MDV13882Weir Quay, Union Tin Smelting Works (Building)
MDV37317Wheal Anna Maria Houses (Building)
MDV3865Wheal Anna Maria, 19th Century Arsenic Works (Monument)
MDV56094Wheal Emma, Shaft (Monument)
MDV56098Wheal Emma, Shaft (Monument)
MDV37322Wheal Fanny, Count House, Tree View (Building)
MDV37321Wheal Fanny, Mine Captain's House, Woodland View (Building)
MDV37316Wheal Josiah Cottages (Building)
MDV37326Wheal Maria Cottages Nos 1-20 (Building)
MDV37327Wheal Maria Farm (Building)
MDV37325Wheal Maria, Count House, Nos 23 and 24 (Building)
MDV22886Wheal Russell Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV56633Wheelpit at Whitsam Down Mine (Monument)
MDV41530Whitsam Down Mine, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV5450Workers' Cottages at Morwellham (Monument)
MDV63008Workshops at Morwellham Quay (Monument)
MDV59723Wreyford Memorials, All Saints Church (Monument)