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Originator:Gerrard, S.
Summary:Enclosure survives as a stone + earth wall measuring between 2.5m and 3.5m wide, standing up to 1.25m high, surrounding an internal ovoid area of 1.45 ha. The original entrance cuts through the SE side of the enclosure wall and survives as a 2m wide gap flanked by walls standing up to 2m high. The N side wall is a continuous face formed by 2 massive edge set slabs, with a boulder balanced on top and coursed walling of smaller stones to each side of the slabs. The S face survives as large horizontally laid slabs. The entrance was reconstructed following excavation by the Dartmoor Exploration Committee in 1894. The ground within the entrance passage and the area immediately outside is roughly paved. The 1894 excavations carried out within the entrance revealed 3 steps in the paving leading down to the lower interior. Two other breaches in the enclosure wall are probably not original features and instead relate to the bridle path which cuts through the enclosure. Enclosure appears to have been sited to take advantage of the Grim's Lake stream which flows through the N part of the enclosure and which was allowed access through a purpose built culvert. In addition to the 24 hut circles, low rubble banks defining at least 4 small internal paddocks or garden plots survive against the W wall of the enclosure. A small number of lynchets also survive within the enclosure and may represent the remains of stock control boundaries. Descriptions of individual huts on subsheets.

Associated Monuments (26)

MDV6641Grimspound enclosure wall, Manaton (Monument)
MDV43897Hut circle 1, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43906Hut circle 10, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43907Hut circle 11, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43908Hut circle 12, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43909Hut circle 13, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43910Hut circle 14, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43911Hut circle 15, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43912Hut circle 16, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43913Hut circle 17, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43914Hut circle 18, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43915Hut circle 19, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43898Hut circle 2, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43916Hut circle 20, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43917Hut circle 21, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43918Hut circle 22, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43919Hut circle 23, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43920Hut circle 24, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43899Hut circle 3, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43901Hut circle 5, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43902Hut circle 6, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43903Hut circle 7, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43904Hut circle 8, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43905Hut circle 9, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV55278Storage cache in enclosure wall, Grimspound (Monument)
MDV55277Storage structures built against enclosure wall, Grimspound (Monument)