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Title:Anti-aircraft artillery, 1914-46
Originator:Dobinson, C. S.
Summary:Light AA Battery at Site '10', Teignmouth. Equipped with a single 40mm Bofors gun on a MkII platform. No manning information recorded.

Associated Monuments (115)

MDV71829Anti-Aircraft Battery to the southeast of Noss House (Monument)
MDV58752Bolt Head, Site [A] AA Battery (Monument)
MDV58753Bolt Head, Site [B] AA Battery (Monument)
MDV58754Bolt Head, Site [C] AA Battery (Monument)
MDV58748Bolt Head, Site 1 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV58749Bolt Head, Site 2 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV58750Bolt Head, Site 3 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV58751Bolt Head, Site 4 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71845Dartmouth Site [A], AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71846Dartmouth Site [B], AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71847Dartmouth Site [C], AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71849Dartmouth Site [E], AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71850Dartmouth Site [F], AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71851Dartmouth Site [G], AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71854Dartmouth Site [J], AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71841Dartmouth Site A5, AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71842Dartmouth Site A6, AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71843Dartmouth Site A7, AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71844Dartmouth Site A8, AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71727Dartmouth, Fire Beacon AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71726Dartmouth, Lupton AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71828Dartmouth, Site 1 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71838Dartmouth, Site 11 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71839Dartmouth, Site 12 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71830Dartmouth, Site 3 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71831Dartmouth, Site 4 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV13884Down Thomas Battery, Wembury (Monument)
MDV71739Exeter, Faringdon AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71736Exeter, Halsford Wood AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71737Exeter, Hoopern Farm AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71730Exeter, Huxham AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71733Exeter, Jack in the Green AA Battery (Monument)
MDV58401Exeter, Kenbury AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71805Exeter, Site [A] AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71806Exeter, Site [B] AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71807Exeter, Site [C] AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71808Exeter, Site [D] AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71797Exeter, Site 2 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71798Exeter, Site 3 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71799Exeter, Site 4, AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71800Exeter, Site 5, AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71803Exeter, Site 7 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71804Exeter, Site 8 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71913Exmouth Site 10, AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71914Exmouth, Site 11 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71900Exmouth, Site 2 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71911Exmouth, Site 7 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71740Farringdon [A] Anti-Aircraft Battery, Horwell Farm (Monument)
MDV71809Harrowbeer, Site 1, AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71810Harrowbeer, Site 2 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71811Harrowbeer, Site 3 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71812Harrowbeer, Site 4 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71724Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery to the south of Coleton Barton Farm (Monument)
MDV58247Holbrook Anti-Aircraft Battery (Monument)
MDV71825Light Anti Aircraft Battery 2, Chivenor (Monument)
MDV71901Light Anti-Aircraft Battery to the northwest of Green Farm (Monument)
MDV71784Plymouth Devonport, [L] AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71781Plymouth Devonport, E3 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV58783Plymouth Devonport, E4 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV51618Plymouth, Netton AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71920Plymouth, Renney Site 74 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71775Plymouth, Rennie AA Battery (Monument)
MDV58781Plymouth, Rennie Light Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battery (Monument)
MDV71921Plymouth, Staddon Heights Rocket Battery (Monument)
MDV71770Plymouth, Staddon Heights AA Battery (Monument)
MDV64625Salcombe, Anti Aircraft Battery (Monument)
MDV71777Salcombe, Holset AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71885Salcombe, Site [A] AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71874Salcombe, Site 1 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71883Salcombe, Site 11 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71875Salcombe, Site 2 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71876Salcombe, Site 3 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71877Salcombe, Site 4 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71878Salcombe, Site 5 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71879Salcombe, Site 6 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71880Salcombe, Site 7 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71919Salcombe, Site 72 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71881Salcombe, Site 8 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71882Salcombe, Site 9 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71779Salcombe, Southdown AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71886Salcombe. Site [B] AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71884Second World War Light Anti-Aircraft Battery northwest of Lincombe Farm (Monument)
MDV71899Site 1 AA Battery, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV71796Site 1, Anti-Aircraft Battery, Southeast of Cranbrook Exeter, Site 1 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71915Site 13 AA Battery, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV71916Site 14 AA Battery, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV71902Site 4 AA Battery, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV71903Site 5 AA Battery, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV71904Site 6 AA Battery, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV71917Site 69 AA Battery, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV71912Site 8 AA Battery, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV71887Teignmouth, Site 1 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71896Teignmouth, Site 10 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71897Teignmouth, Site 11 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71898Teignmouth, Site 12 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71888Teignmouth, Site 2 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71889Teignmouth, Site 3 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71890Teignmouth, Site 4 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71891Teignmouth, Site 5 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71892Teignmouth, Site 6 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71893Teignmouth, Site 7 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71894Teignmouth, Site 8 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71895Teignmouth, Site 9, AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71837World War II Battery at Britannia Royal Naval College (Monument)
MDV71918World War II Battery at Dartmouth Castle (Monument)
MDV71853World War II Battery at Sandquay Wood, Dartmouth (Monument)
MDV71855World War II Battery east of Dartmouth College (Monument)
MDV71848World War II Battery south of Bayards Cove, Dartmouth (Monument)
MDV71832World War II Battery south of Lower Weeke Farm (Monument)
MDV71725World War II Battery south of Townstal Road, Dartmouth (Monument)
MDV71852World War II Battery southeast of Coastguard Station (Monument)
MDV71833World War II Battery southwest of Bayards Cove, Dartmouth (Monument)
MDV71834World War II Battery west of Bayards Cove, Dartmouth (Monument)
MDV71836World War II Battery, Coronation Park (Monument)
MDV71835World War II Battery, Seymour Drive (Monument)