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Title:The North Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Phase 1. Archaeological Survey. Summary Report
Originator:Collings, A. G. + Manning, P. T. + Valentin, J.
Summary:Summary report and spreadsheet.

Associated Monuments (first 1000 links displayed, contact Devon HER for more information)

MDV106039‘Holloway Park' Field Name southwest of Beechwood Boarding Kennels, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106041‘West Butterberry' Field Name east of Beechwood Boarding Kennels, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75298103 Clovelly (Monument)
MDV44527116 Turnpike Gate, Higher Clovelly (Building)
MDV44528125 and 126 Turnpike Gate, Higher Clovelly (Building)
MDV44529127 and 128 Turnpike Gate, Higher Clovelly (Building)
MDV44520144 Higher Slerra, Higher Clovelly (Building)
MDV44521145 and 146 Higher Slerra, Higher Clovelly (Building)
MDV44522147 and Attached Former Forge, Slerra, Higher Clovelly (Building)
MDV44523148 Lower Slerra, Higher Clovelly (Building)
MDV44524149 Lower Slerra, Higher Clovelly (Building)
MDV44525150 Lower Slerra, Higher Clovelly (Building)
MDV44526151 and 152 Lower Slerra, Higher Clovelly (Building)
MDV1168116 High Street, Clovelly (Building)
MDV7530729 North Hill, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV7529929 North Hill, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV7530838 and 39 Clovelly (Monument)
MDV7530966 Clovelly (Monument)
MDV7531067 Clovelly (Monument)
MDV19045Abbotsham/Alwington Parish Boundary (Monument)
MDV106250Agricultural building north of Higher Slade, Ilfracombe (Building)
MDV75294Agricultural Building west of Coastguard Station, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV18921Alwington (Monument)
MDV11686Alwington Mine (Monument)
MDV81234American Field Names south-west of Sutherland Farm (Monument)
MDV24862Amphora at Sprat Ridge (Find Spot)
MDV44500Anchor Inn, Hartland (Building)
MDV4449Animal Bone from field near Kipling Tors, westward Ho! (Find Spot)
MDV63552Archway, The Wilderness, Clovelly Court (Monument)
MDV21554Arrowhead found near Clovelly (Find Spot)
MDV11617Artefact Scatter near Hartland Quay (Monument)
MDV75113Babbacombe, Alwington (Monument)
MDV105954Backway Barrows southwest of Southdown Farm (Monument)
MDV106680Baggaborough, five fields west of Combe Walter Farm, Abbotsham. (Monument)
MDV12394Barbed and Tanged Arrowhead from Saunton Down, Braunton (Find Spot)
MDV17016Barn at South Burrow Cottage, Braunton (Monument)
MDV106602Barn Close, North-West of Howell Farm, Parkham. (Monument)
MDV106657Barn Close, west of Horns Cross, Parkham. (Monument)
MDV75184Barn east of West Dyke Farm, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV81159Barn Park Field Name at Elmscott Farm, Hartland (Monument)
MDV81363Barn Park Field Name to north of Eastdown, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75303Barn Plot, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV106288Barns Close, north of Ettiford Farm, Ilfracombe. (Monument)
MDV11613Barrow north of Hollacombe Farm, Hartland (Monument)
MDV11611Barrow North-East of West Bursdon Farm, Hartland (Monument)
MDV111Barrow on Bursdon Moor, Hartland (Monument)
MDV110Barrow on Bursdon Moor, Hartland (Monument)
MDV109Barrow on Bursdon Moor, Hartland (Monument)
MDV12410Barrow on Bursdon Moor, Hartland (Monument)
MDV12403Barrow south-west of Baxworthy Cross (Monument)
MDV75302Barrow's Shipyard, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75039Bath House, Portledge, Alwington (Monument)
MDV81366Baxworthy, Hartland (Monument)
MDV81210Beacon east of Firebeacon Cross (Monument)
MDV75054Beacon Fieldnames, Gilscott, Alwington (Monument)
MDV13825Beacon near Buck's Barton, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV75177Becka Borough, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV80466Bell Industry (Monument)
MDV66203Bellamy's Weir, Braunton (Monument)
MDV81155Berry Field Names east of Goldenpark, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106597Berry Park, Parkham (Monument)
MDV75354Berry Park, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV41851Berry, Hartland (Monument)
MDV204Bideford or Braunton Lighthouse, Braunton Burrows (Monument)
MDV481Bideford, Westward Ho! and Appledore Railway, Bideford (Monument)
MDV81365Blackborough Field Names south of Holloford Farm, Hartland (Monument)
MDV81158Blackland Field Names to north-east of Hardisworthy, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75379Blackland, Upcott, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV75375Blacklands, Linton, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV81135Blacky Moor, south-west of Newton (Monument)
MDV19486Blegberry Castle, Hartland (Monument)
MDV41849Blegberry, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75166Boatlake, Green Cliff, Alwington (Monument)
MDV12402Bond's windmill, Hartland (Monument)
MDV33996Boundary Post at Buck's Mills, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV81324Boundary south-east of Tosberry (Monument)
MDV75338Boundary Stone east of Hobby Lodge, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV106406Boundary Stone on Oxenpark Lane (Monument)
MDV106481Boundary Stone Southwest of Hole Farm (Monument)
MDV107Bowl Barrow 540 metres south west of Higher Welsford, Hartland (Monument)
MDV12407Bowl Barrow east of Bursdon Moor Cross, Hartland (Monument)
MDV12409Bowl Barrow on Bursdon Moor, Hartland (Monument)
MDV12415Bowl Barrow on Bursdon Moor, Hartland (Monument)
MDV12408Bowl Barrow on Bursdon Moor, Hartland (Monument)
MDV12406Bowl Barrow West of Higher Welsford, Hartland (Monument)
MDV7137Bowl Barrow west of Welsford Moor, Hartland (Monument)
MDV12401Bowl Barrow west of Welsford Moor, Hartland (Monument)
MDV105Bowl Barrow West of Welsford Moor, Hartland (Monument)
MDV104Bowl Barrow West of Welsford Moor, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106Bowl Barrow West of Welsford Moor, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106Bowl Barrow West of Welsford Moor, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106Bowl Barrow West of Welsford Moor, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106Bowl Barrow West of Welsford Moor, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106414'Bowling Green' Field Name at Slew Hill (Monument)
MDV81270Bowling Green Field Name, Hartland (Monument)
MDV34348Brackenside, Buck's Cross, Woolfardisworthy (Building)
MDV199Braunton Great Field (Monument)
MDV17015Braunton Marsh (Monument)
MDV16956Braunton Old Malt House (Building)
MDV103767Bremlidge (Monument)
MDV67682Brick Bunker and Blast Wall Adjacent to Carpark at Hartland Point (Monument)
MDV75157Bridge at Peppercombe, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75154Bridge Cottage, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75358Bromwell Farm, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV75403Buckish Down, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV11677Buck's Barton, Woolfardisworthy (Building)
MDV75394Buck's Barton, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV62706Buck's Mill, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV75408Buck's Mills, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV81113Buiding west of Hartland Abbey (Monument)
MDV75114Building at Babbacome, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75223Building at Dyke, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV81321Building at Hindharton (Monument)
MDV106227Building at Nutcombe Hill, Combe Martin (Building)
MDV75047Building at Portledge Mouth, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75108Building at Tythesford, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75206Building east of Court Farm, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV106405Building east of Kitstone Hill (Building)
MDV81314Building east of Sutherland Farm (Monument)
MDV106385Building east of Warmscombe Wood (Building)
MDV81336Building east of Welsford (Monument)
MDV75390Building in Knap Wood, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV77579Building near Swanpool Bridge (Monument)
MDV75273Building north east of Burscott, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75335Building north of Burnstone, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75550Building north of Hescott Farm (Monument)
MDV75080Building north of Portledge, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75388Building north west of Henaford, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV75081Building north west of Portledge, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75274Building north west of Wrinkleberry, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75551Building north-east of Hescott Farm (Building)
MDV106387Building northeast of Rookery Nest (Building)
MDV106047Building northwest of Beechwood Boarding Kennels, Hartland (Building)
MDV105948Building northwest of Nether Velly House (Building)
MDV77575Building North-west of New Cross Farm (Monument)
MDV77588Building on Braunton Marsh (Monument)
MDV77590Building or Enclosure on Braunton Marsh (Monument)
MDV75389Building south of Brocksdale, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV75097Building south of Cartland, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75237Building south of East Dyke Cottages, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV81334Building south of Welsford (Monument)
MDV75101Building south west of Westacott, Alwington (Monument)
MDV106360Building southwest of Keypitts (Building)
MDV75337Building west of Eastacott, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75123Building west of Knotty Corner, Alwington (Monument)
MDV106380Building west of Lower Keypitts (Building)
MDV81114Building west of St Nectan's Church (Monument)
MDV106377Building west-northwest of Keypitts (Building)
MDV80896Building, South-East side of Berryhill Wood (Monument)
MDV75407Buildings below Cliff, Buck's Mill, Woolfardisworthy (Building)
MDV75331Buildings north east of Burstone, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75333Buildings north of Eastacott, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75079Buildings south east of Portledge, Alwington (Monument)
MDV558Burials on Cliffs at Saunton Down, Georgeham (Monument)
MDV75329Burnstone, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV106607Burrow Park, Little Burrow Park and Big Burrow Park; west of Northway, Parkham. (Monument)
MDV81117'Bury' Field Name east of Stoke (Monument)
MDV75364Butt Park, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV106044Butterbury, Hartland (Building)
MDV81137'Butts' Field Name south-east of Little Barton (Monument)
MDV106298Caple Bridge and Easter Caple Bridge, south-east of Sloley Farm, Berrynarbor. (Monument)
MDV81263Carriage Drive to Hartland Abbey (Monument)
MDV74681Cartland, Alwington (Monument)
MDV4413Cary Brasses, Clovelly Parish Church (Find Spot)
MDV106512Castle Gate, east of Blegberry, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV75118Castle Hill and Lower Castle, Babbacombe, Alwington (Monument)
MDV80464Catch Meadow (Monument)
MDV106415Catch Meadow north of Keypitts (Monument)
MDV106575Catch Meadow South of Lee Hills (Monument)
MDV106365Catch Meadow southeast of Francis (Monument)
MDV106491Catch Meadow Southeast of Lower Rowes Farm (Monument)
MDV7138Chapel at Higher Velly Farm, Hartland (Building)
MDV94Chapel at Thorry, Hartland (Building)
MDV75221Chapel Ground, Clovelly Dykes (Monument)
MDV105893Chapel of St Andrew, Hartland (Building)
MDV12404Chapel of St Andrew, Harton (Building)
MDV92Chapel of St. John, Hartland (Building)
MDV33971Chiddlecombe Quarries, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75056Chiddlecombe, Alwington (Monument)
MDV81216'Church' Field Name north-west of Tosberry (Monument)
MDV81133'Church' Field Name south of Newton (Monument)
MDV75334Church Meadow and Higher Church Meadow, Burnstone, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75305Church Park, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75199Church Park, Higher Clovelly (Monument)
MDV81322Civil War Turnpike in Hartland (Monument)
MDV106397Clannaborough Plantation south of Ettiford Farm (Monument)
MDV106189Clannabourough Moor, north of Lynton Cross, Bittadon (Monument)
MDV106507Cleanpits Down and Cleanpits Meadow, south of Blegberry, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV75397Cliff Path through Barton Wood, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV75306Clovelly Coastguard Station (Monument)
MDV11676Clovelly Court (Building)
MDV63554Clovelly Court Stables (Building)
MDV75300Clovelly Harbour (Monument)
MDV74791Clovelly Lifeboat House (Building)
MDV75125Coach House, Linhay and Stable, Peppercombe, Parkham (Monument)
MDV75156Coach House, Peppercombe Castle, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75045Coastguard Flagstaff, Giffard's Jump, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75158Coastguard Lookout, Peppercombe, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75002Cockington Cliff Quarry, Alwington (Monument)
MDV18914Cockington, Alwington (Monument)
MDV12545Combe Martin Silver Mines (Monument)
MDV81320'Common Meadow' field name south-east of Hartland (Monument)
MDV75383Common, Tredown, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV106033'Commons' Field Name at Embury Parlour, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106035'Commons' Field Name northwest of Watergap Farm (Monument)
MDV106036'Commons' Field Name west of South Hole, Hartland (Monument)
MDV67683Concrete Platform to West of Carpark at Hartland Point (Monument)
MDV75399Coney Park and East Coney Park, Buck's Barton, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV106174Coney Park, north-east of Westleigh Farm, Kentisbury (Monument)
MDV75387Cony Park, Henaford, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV30184Coombe Walter House, Abbotsham (Building)
MDV81119Corn Mill north-east of Bow Bridge (Monument)
MDV75189Cottage south of Hugglepit, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV106057Cottage in South Hole, Hartland (Building)
MDV75332Cottage north of Burntstone, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75363Cottages east of Tinney's Court, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV75400Coupling, south of Walland Cary, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV63557Court Dairy Cottage, Clovelly (Building)
MDV58366Covered Reservoir north of Home Lodge, Hartland (Monument)
MDV105955Cropmark northeast of Fosfelle (Monument)
MDV81206Cropmark north-east of Putshole Farm (Monument)
MDV81208Cropmark south-west of Docton (Monument)
MDV105973Cropmarks northeast of Higher Velly (Monument)
MDV81268Cross at south end of The Square, Hartland (Monument)
MDV81127'Cross' Field Name north-west of Round Tree Corner (Monument)
MDV75198Cross Land, north of West Dyke, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV106554Cross Park, south east of Christow Farm, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV66201Crow Fish Weir, Braunton (Monument)
MDV106510Culver Close, north-west of Hartland Abbey, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV106299Culver Park, east of Hill Barton. (Monument)
MDV75374Curvilinear Enclosure, Linton, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV81183Dadworthy or Thorry Farmstead south-west of Edistone, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75370Darracott Methodist Chapel, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV75371Darracott Smithy, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV34778Darracott Sunday School, Welcombe (Building)
MDV81236Deer Park west of Hartland (Monument)
MDV75384Deer Park, Upcott, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV81292Deer Parks Field Name north of East Staddon, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75367Deer Plot, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV81138'Ditch' Field Name north-west of Galsham Farm (Monument)
MDV4411Docton Memorial in St. Nectan's Church, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106516Double Ditch, south-west of Shamley Bridge, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV91Dovecote at Hindebarton, Hartland (Building)
MDV81163Dovecote at Milford, Hartland (Monument)
MDV95Dovecote at Thorry, Hartland (Building)
MDV44540Downwater Cottages near Waytown, Parkham (Building)
MDV105978Drainage channels east and southeast of Tosberry (Monument)
MDV105976Drainage channels east of Edistone (Monument)
MDV105977Drainage channels north of Tosberry (Monument)
MDV105975Drainage channels south of Baxworthy Farm (Monument)
MDV105979Drainage channels southwest of Tosberry (Monument)
MDV75119Drang, Cockington Farm, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75078Drying Ground, Portledge, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75236Dwelling west of Holiwell Farm, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75230Dyke Green, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV41898Early Christian Cemetery, Cheristow, Hartland (Monument)
MDV41896Early Christian Graveyard at South Hole, Hartland (Monument)
MDV81202Earthwork east of Milford Cross (Monument)
MDV81184'Earthwork' Field Name east of Docton Farm (Monument)
MDV81312'Earthwork' Field Name north-east of Fosfelle (Monument)
MDV563Earthwork lynchets on Saunton Down (Monument)
MDV80469Earthwork, east of Cranham Farm (Monument)
MDV75325Earthworks east of Clovelly Court (Monument)
MDV75386East and West Colbury, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV75109East Cockington, Alwington (Monument)
MDV106185East Coney Park and West Coney Park, north of Coulsworthy House, Combe Martin. (Monument)
MDV33985East Dydon Almshouses, Alwington (Building)
MDV75330Eastacott, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV81271Easter Coney Park Field Name to south of Hartland (Monument)
MDV81147Elmscott Common, Hartland (Monument)
MDV78280Elmscott School, Hartland (Monument)
MDV20926Enclosed Fields at South Burrow (Monument)
MDV41858Enclosure at Goldenpark, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106061Enclosure in South Hole, Hartland (Monument)
MDV16955Enclosure near Down House Cottages (Monument)
MDV16958Enclosure near Saunton Court (Monument)
MDV75356Enclosure north west of Mead Farm, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV4410Enclosure on Blueberry Hill, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV106399Enclosure south of Keypitts (Monument)
MDV106646Extractive pits at Higher Quarry Close, east of East Bursdon Farm, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV75105Fairy Cross to Babbacombe Road, Alwington (Monument)
MDV81343'Farford Green' Field Name east of Farford (Monument)
MDV81361Farford, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75191Farm Building, Hugglepit, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75192Farm Building, Hugglepit, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75061Farm Building, Portledge Farm, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75060Farm Buildings, Portledge Farm, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75058Farm Buildings, Portledge Farm, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75059Farm Buildings, Portledge Farm, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75110Farm Buildings, West Cockington, Alwington (Monument)
MDV41800Farmstead at Philham, Hartland (Monument)
MDV41853Farmstead at St. Leonards, Hartland (Monument)
MDV41852Farmstead at Stoke, Hartland (Monument)
MDV81309Farmstead at West Staddon and East Staddon (Monument)
MDV81328Farmstead or shrunken hamlet and field system south-east of Welsford (Monument)
MDV81201Farmstead south of Newton Cross (Monument)
MDV81180Farmstead south-east of Docton (Monument)
MDV106241Field Boundary west of Stony Corner, Combe Martin (Monument)
MDV105941Field Name east of Hescott Farm (Monument)
MDV105921Field Name east of Mettaford (Monument)
MDV105935Field Name north-east of Holloford Farm (Monument)
MDV81187Field Name south-west of Edistone (Monument)
MDV105865Field Name, South Middle Ditch, (Monument)
MDV105919Field Names north of Hescott Farm (Monument)
MDV105923Field names south of South Down Farm (Monument)
MDV105950Field Names west of Highford Wood (Monument)
MDV75152Field System southwest of Babbacombe, Alwington (Monument)
MDV18631Firebeacon, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75301Fish Cellar and Net Loft, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV20206Fish Field, Alwington (Monument)
MDV106580Fish Pond Northwest of Berrynarbor Park (Monument)
MDV106579Fish Ponds Southwest of Berrynarbor (Monument)
MDV66206Fish Weir at Horsey Island, Heaton Punchardon (Monument)
MDV16897Fish Weir in Taw and Torridge Estuary (Monument)
MDV34013Fishpond at Portledge Mouth, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75644Flagstaff at Hillsborough Promontory Fort (Monument)
MDV75645Flagstaff in Hillsborough Promontory Fort (Monument)
MDV75406Flagstaff west of Buck's Mill, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV560Flint Scatter between Lookout Station and Down End House (Monument)
MDV59962Flint Scatter by Elmscote Gutter, Hartland (Find Spot)
MDV25461Flint Scatter near Down House Cottages, Braunton (Monument)
MDV12393Flint Scatter on Braunton Burrows (Monument)
MDV562Flint scatters on Saunton Down (Monument)
MDV561Flints found on cliff edge at Saunton Down, Braunton (Monument)
MDV75404Float Meadow and Lower Float Meadow, Buckish Down, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV106032'Float Meadow' Field Name east of Knap Shippen, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75023Float Meadow, Gilscott, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75021Flot Meadow, Gilscott, Alwington (Monument)
MDV106525Flot Meadow, north-west of Downe House, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV105878Foot Bridge, North-West of Mettaford (Monument)
MDV75350Footbridge at West Mill, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV75171Footbridge in Retheridge Wood, Hartland (Monument)
MDV81173Footbridge, Near Kernstone Wood (Monument)
MDV75232Footpath between Dyke and Holiwell, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75200Footpath between Hugglepit and Lower Sierra, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV105942Footpath east of Nether Valley House (Monument)
MDV75269Footpath from Burscott to Hobby Drive, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV81156Footpath from Goldenpark to Hardisworthy, Hartland (Monument)
MDV81294Footpath from Philham Lane to East and West Staddon (Monument)
MDV81362Footpath from Rosedown towards Rosedown Mill, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75122Footpath from West Cockington to the Beach, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75243Footpath from Winsworthy Cottage to B3237, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV106567Footpath in Parsonage Wood (Monument)
MDV81164Footpath leading east from Milford, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75173Footpath leading south west from Snacksland (Monument)
MDV81181Footpath north of Firebeacon Cross (Monument)
MDV81317Footpath north-east of Fosfelle (Monument)
MDV106583Footpath Northeast of Hill Barton (Monument)
MDV106077Footpath south of Golden Park, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106388Footpath south of Hele (Monument)
MDV106568Footpath South of Middle Lee Farm (Monument)
MDV81220Footpath south of Philham (Monument)
MDV81218Footpath south of Philham (Monument)
MDV75359Footpath south of Welcombe Barton (Monument)
MDV81338Footpath south-east of Gorrans Down (Monument)
MDV81318Footpath south-east of Hartland (Monument)
MDV81326Footpath south-east of Tosberry (Monument)
MDV81330Footpath south-east of Welsford (Monument)
MDV105945Footpath southwest of Higher Velly (Monument)
MDV81134Footpath south-west of Newton (Monument)
MDV75210Footpath to Court Farm, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75360Footpath to Welcombe Barton (Monument)
MDV106349Footpath west of Higher Slade (Monument)
MDV105927Footpath west of Sowden Cottages (Monument)
MDV41801Forcewell, Hartland (Monument)
MDV58372Ford and footbridge to west of Forge, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75349Ford at West Mill, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV75209Ford in Snaxland Wood, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV105984Ford northwest of Mettaford (Monument)
MDV33973Ford Smithy, Alwington (Building)
MDV81226Ford south of Philham (Monument)
MDV106076Ford south-east of Sitka, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75103Ford, Alwington (Monument)
MDV44498Fordhillhead, Hartland (Building)
MDV44499Fordhouse, Hartland (Building)
MDV75019Former Building at Gilscott, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75020Former Building at Gilscott, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75153Former Field System east of Babbacombe, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75343Former medieval strip fields east of Dyke Farm, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV60349Forsythia Cottage, Velator, Braunton (Building)
MDV41707Foundations below Buttress Cliffs, Braunton Burrows (Monument)
MDV41709Foundations near Shingle Slack, Braunton Burrows (Monument)
MDV81132'Gallows' Field name south of Newton (Monument)
MDV62704Galsham Mill, Hartland (Building)
MDV74969Garden Wall to Portledge, Alwington (Building)
MDV106488Gate North of Stapleton Farm (Monument)
MDV44497Gatepiers at Highford Farm, Hartland (Monument)
MDV44535Gateway adjacent to Hobby Lodge, Clovelly (Building)
MDV75018Gilscott Farm Track, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75017Gilscott to Peppercombe Footpath, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75025Gilscott, Alwington (Monument)
MDV106573Gratton Plantation South of Goosewell (Monument)
MDV106562'Great Blindwell' and 'Little Blindwell' Field Names West of Sterridge (Monument)
MDV106546Great Castles and Little Castles, north-east of Markadon Wood, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV19487Great Castles, northeast of Blegberry, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106173'Great Churchyard' Field Name, north-west of Stoke Barton, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV106589Green Hall, South-East of Buck's Mills (Monument)
MDV30187Greencliff Farmhouse, Abbotsham (Building)
MDV30193Greencliff Lime Kiln, Abbotsham (Monument)
MDV41856Greenlake, Hartland (Monument)
MDV98Greenstone Axe from Southdown Farm, Hartland (Find Spot)
MDV106648Gutter Meadow, west of East Fattacott Farm, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV19043Gypsy Lane, Abbotsham (Monument)
MDV106563Hall Northwest of Orchard House (Building)
MDV74546Hardisworthy, Hartland (Monument)
MDV66202Hart Weir, Braunton (Monument)
MDV54830Hartland Abbey Parkland and Gardens (Monument)
MDV34027Hartland Almshouses (Building)
MDV2604Hartland Bible Christian Chapel (Building)
MDV21740Hartland Borough (Monument)
MDV12413Hartland Manor (Monument)
MDV93Hartland Market Cross (Monument)
MDV34026Hartland Methodist Chapel (Building)
MDV34029Hartland Methodist Church (Building)
MDV81108Hartland Quay Hotel (Building)
MDV34025Hartland Sunday School (Building)
MDV15540Hartland Tannery (Monument)
MDV71401Hartland, Town Hall (Monument)
MDV106643Headland, North-West of Gawlish Farm, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV106655Headland, North-West of Rosedown Mill, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV106636Headlands, South West of Pattard Cross, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV75378Higher and Lower Clamland, Upcott, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV106679Higher Bagaborough and Lower Bagaborough, west of Chaltaborough Farm, Abbotsham. (Monument)
MDV11614Higher Brownsham House, Hartland (Building)
MDV106601Higher Cockpit Field and Lower Cockpit Field, east of Hoops Inn, Parkham. (Monument)
MDV75348Higher Gutter Hill and Lower Gutter Hill, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV105940Higher Velly (Monument)
MDV105929Highford Farm (Monument)
MDV12414Hindeharton Deerparks, Hartland (Monument)
MDV44534Hobby Lodge, Clovelly Court (Building)
MDV106480Hole Farm (Monument)
MDV106651Hole Mills, east of Hole Mills Cottage, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV75016Hollow Way, Peppercombe, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75380Homestead, Upcott, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV44537Hoops Inn, Parkham (Building)
MDV75190Horse Engine House at Hugglepit, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV23384Horsey Island (Monument)
MDV17027Horsey Island Sea Wall, Braunton (Monument)
MDV106053House at Blackthorn, South Hole, Hartland (Building)
MDV75222House at Dyke, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV22230House at Shamland, Abbotsham (Building)
MDV75381House at Upcott, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV75186House east of West Dyke Farm, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75163House north west of The Castle, Peppercombe, Parkham (Monument)
MDV75369House south of Leddon, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV75297House south of Mount Pleasant, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV81102Houses on Hartland Quay (Monument)
MDV75187Huggle Pit Meadow, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75188Hugglepit, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV81261Hunting Lodge, Hartland (Monument)
MDV81115Inn at Stoke (Monument)
MDV75075Kennel Orchard and Kennel Copse, Portledge, Alwington (Monument)
MDV81130Kennels north-east of St Leonards (Monument)
MDV41855Kernstone, Hartland (Monument)
MDV16894Kilns near Kiln Cottages (Monument)
MDV106484'Kingsland' Field Name Southwest of Hole Farm (Monument)
MDV75077Kitchen Garden, Portledge, Alwington
MDV106290Kitstone, south of West Haggington Farm, Ilfracombe. (Monument)
MDV789Knap Down Mine, Combe Martin (Monument)
MDV789Knap Down Mine, Combe Martin (Monument)
MDV789Knap Down Mine, Combe Martin (Monument)
MDV789Knap Down Mine, Combe Martin (Monument)
MDV75037Landing Place, Portledge, Alwington (Monument)
MDV81195Leat in Docton Wood west of Edistone (Monument)
MDV80895Leat to Hartland Mill (Monument)
MDV41799Leigh Farmstead, Hartland (Monument)
MDV11689Limekiln at Bucks Mills, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV75405Limekiln east of Buck's Mill Beach, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV16895Limekiln near Marstage Farm (Monument)
MDV75161Limekiln north of The Castle, Peppercombe, Parkham (Monument)
MDV106395Limekiln northwest of Ilfracombe Golf Club (Monument)
MDV45560Linhay at the White House, Braunton Marsh (Monument)
MDV45559Linhay on Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV45571Linhay on Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV17020Linhay on Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV45572Linhay on Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV36779Linhay on Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV17021Linhay on Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV45573Linhay on Braunton Marsh (Monument)
MDV45558Linhay on Braunton Marsh (Monument)
MDV36862Linhay on Braunton Marsh 480 metres north-west of the Great Sluice. (Building)
MDV4462Linhay on Braunton Marsh, 1.14 kilometres north of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV45574Linhay on Braunton Marsh, 120 metres north-west of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV45569Linhay on Braunton Marsh, 190 metres north-west of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV17022Linhay on Braunton Marsh, 350 metres north of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV17023Linhay on Braunton Marsh, 630 metres northeast of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV17019Linhay on Braunton Marsh, 630 metres west-south-west of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV17018Linhay on Braunton Marsh, 700 metres west of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV36781Linhay on Braunton Marsh, 950 metres north-north-west of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV45563Linhay on Horsey Island, Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV45561Linhay on Horsey Island, Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV45562Linhay on Horsey Island, Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV45565Linhay on Horsey Island, Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV45568Linhay on Horsey Island, Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV45566Linhay on Horsey Island, Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV45564Linhay on Horsey Island, Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV45567Linhay on Horsey Island, Braunton Marsh (Monument)
MDV81311Linhay south-east of Fosfelle (Monument)
MDV106644Littenbury, North-East of Gawlish Farm, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV81148Little Cross Ground Field Name north-east of Sandhole Cross, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106524Little Warren, south of Downe House, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV81237Lodge in Hartland (Monument)
MDV63558London Lodge, Clovelly Court, Clovelly (Building)
MDV14283Long Furlong Farmhouse, Hartland (Building)
MDV34188Loveland Farmhouse, Hartland (Building)
MDV106606Lower Burrow Park and Burrow Park, west of Northway, Parkham (Monument)
MDV44538Lower Holwell, Parkham (Building)
MDV106511Lower Post Parks and Post Parks, north of Blegberry, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV106188Lower Well Park, south of Langleigh Lane, Ilfracombe (Monument)
MDV106659Lower, Middle and Higher Cross Park, South-West of Abbotsham. (Monument)
MDV81188'Malt House' Field Name in Edistone (Monument)
MDV106509Malt House Meadow, east of Berry Farm, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV106638Malt House Meadow, North-East of Long Furlong Farm, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV81165Malthouse at Milford, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75401Malthouse at Steart Farm, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV75107Malthouse at Tythesford, Alwington (Monument)
MDV12746Manor House at South Hole, Hartland (Building)
MDV81149Mansley Common, Hartland (Monument)
MDV41850Markadon Manor, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75377Meanhill, Upcott, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV81157Medieval Field System east of Hardisworthy, Hartland (Monument)
MDV81153Medieval Field System east of Milford Common, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75355Medieval Field System, Berry Park, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV75376Medieval field system, Upcott, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV75373Medieval Field System, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV75393Medieval Strip Fields, Bursdon, Hartland (Monument)
MDV81161Melley Mill, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75176Memorial Cross in West Wood, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV172Mesolithic Scatter from East Dyke Farm, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV58373Methodist Chapel, Clovelly (Building)
MDV75182Milepost east of Clovelly Dykes, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV105928Milepost west of Highford Farm (Monument)
MDV105872Milepost, North-East of Mettaford Cross (Monument)
MDV106367Milestone east of Francis (Monument)
MDV34023Milestone near Hartland Cross (Monument)
MDV75224Milestone north of East Dyke Cottages, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75295Milestone on B3237, 11 Miles west of Bideford (Monument)
MDV81152Milford Common, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106654Mill Ditch, South-East of Norton Farm, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV81199'Mill' Field Name north-west of Edistone (Monument)
MDV80902Mill Leat, South of Cheristow Wood (Monument)
MDV75065Mill Meadow and Mill Meadow Copse, Alwington (Monument)
MDV106599Mill Meadow, north of Lower Worthygate, Parkham. (Monument)
MDV81287Millpond south of Rosedown Mill, Hartland (Monument)
MDV30194Mine Adit, Abbotsham Cliff (Monument)
MDV75195Minhay Park, Hugglepit, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV4423Minster at Westacott, Abbotsham (Monument)
MDV106650Moor at Castle, east of Moor Farm, Hartland (Monument)
MDV34187Moor Farmhouse, Hartland (Building)
MDV81142Moor Stone Field Name north-east of South Hole, Hartland (Monument)
MDV81143Moor Stone Hill Field Name north-east of South Hole, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75160Mooring Post, Portledge Cliffs, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75402Mooring Posts off Buck's Mill, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV62703Mouth Mill, Clovelly (Building)
MDV74231Natcott Farmstead, Hartland (Monument)
MDV74224Netherton Farm, Hartland (Monument)
MDV74225Netherton Farm, Quarry (Monument)
MDV44536New Swann Farmhouse, Alwington (Building)
MDV41854Newton Farm, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106513Nicholls Castle, west of Pitt Farm, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75341Old Coastguard Hut, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75203Old Garden, Oldpark Wood, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75202Old Park, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV44530Old Post Office, 141 Turnpike Gate, Higher Clovelly (Building)
MDV75398Old Quay Point, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV58161Old Quay, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV34347old School House to north of Buck's Cross, Woolfardisworthy (Building)
MDV106184Old Walls, east of Seven Ash Farm, Kentisbury (Monument)
MDV74084Omega Gate at Lighthouse Cross (Monument)
MDV60803Open Field System near Welsford Farm, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75342Orchard east of West Dyke Farm, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75100Paddon's Path, Babbacombe, Alwington (Monument)
MDV81293Parish Moors Field Name south-west of Spur Cross, Hartland (Monument)
MDV81128'Park' Field Name south-east of Stoke (Monument)
MDV106295Park Pale, north-east of Ruggaton Farm, Berrynarbor. (Monument)
MDV106049Parkvale Cottage, Hartland (Building)
MDV75041Path to Bath House, Portledge, Alwington (Monument)
MDV34186Pattard Farmhouse, Hartland (Building)
MDV50845Peat Deposit at Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV53224Peat Deposit at Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV11687Peppercombe Castle, Parkham (Monument)
MDV106514Pil Castle, west of Pitt Farm, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV21331Pillbox below Saunton Sands Hotel (Monument)
MDV21117Pillbox near Crow Point (Monument)
MDV106526Pit Field, north-east of Downe House, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV106549Pit Park, two adjoining fields north of East Titchberry Farm, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV75352Pit south west of The Hermitage, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV11615Plaster Ceiling in Higher Brownsham House, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75120Pole Park, Cockington Farm, Alwington (Monument)
MDV106408'Pond Close' Field Name northeast of Higher Trayne (Monument)
MDV106287Pond Field, east of Francis Farm, Ilfracombe. (Monument)
MDV81124Poorhouses at Hartland Mill (Monument)
MDV19490Portledge Mine, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75026Portledge Mouth Limekiln, Alwington (Monument)
MDV64768Portledge Parkland and Gardens (Monument)
MDV2155Portledge, Alwington (Building)
MDV81323Possible Leat north-east of Hartland (Monument)
MDV57775Possible Warren at Saunton (Monument)
MDV75235Post Field, Clovelly (Find Spot)
MDV75340Post Vernham, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV81116'Pound' Field Name at Stoke (Monument)
MDV81231'Pound' Field Name north of Leigh (Monument)
MDV81269Pound Field Name, Hartland (Monument)
MDV81229Pound in Philham (Monument)
MDV12400Prehistoric Finds from Southdown Farm, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV101Prehistoric Finds near Baxworthy Cross, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV60802Probable geological features south of Welsford (Monument)
MDV103178Probable Quarry North-East of Oxenpark Farm (Monument)
MDV75096Pump Meadown, Portledge, Alwington (Monument)
MDV34000Quarries and trackway in Loggins and Longtree Woods, east of Buck’s Cross, Woolfardisworthy. (Monument)
MDV106576Quarries South of Hill Coppice (Monument)
MDV58687Quarry at Abbotsham (Monument)
MDV34349Quarry at Buck's Cross, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV81179Quarry at Firebeacon Cross (Monument)
MDV58368Quarry at Hartland Quay (Monument)
MDV68225Quarry at Higher Rowden Cliff, Alwington (Monument)
MDV106482Quarry at Ilfracombe Golf Club (Monument)
MDV81214Quarry at Paignton Water (Monument)
MDV78277Quarry at Sandhole Cliff (Monument)
MDV106566'Quarry Close' West of Middle Lee Farm (Monument)
MDV106505Quarry Close, south east of Blegberry, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV106292Quarry Close, south of Higher Trayne Farm, Ilfracombe. (Monument)
MDV81125Quarry east of Brawn's Wood (Monument)
MDV106586Quarry East of East Hagginton Farm (Monument)
MDV75181Quarry east of Highford Farm, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75205Quarry in Deer Park, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75207Quarry in Deer Park, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV106572Quarry in Gratton Plantation (Monument)
MDV75271Quarry in Holiwell Wood, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75194Quarry in Oldpark Wood, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75208Quarry in Snaxland Wood, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV33999Quarry in Steart Wood, Parkham (Monument)
MDV106492Quarry in the Sterridge Valley (Monument)
MDV75024Quarry Meadow, Gilscott, Alwington (Monument)
MDV68899Quarry near Linton Hills, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV34775Quarry near Linton, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV81099Quarry near Stoke Barton (Monument)
MDV68897Quarry near Welcombe Mouth (Monument)
MDV75395Quarry north of Buck's Barton (Monument)
MDV75030Quarry north of Gilscott Farm, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75549Quarry north of Hescott Farm (Monument)
MDV106357Quarry north of Langstone Gardens (Monument)
MDV75548Quarry north of Mettaford Farm (Monument)
MDV75027Quarry north of Peppercombe, Alwington (Monument)
MDV81123Quarry north of Prustledge Wood (Monument)
MDV75179Quarry north west of Burford, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75165Quarry north west of Greencliff, Abbotsham (Monument)
MDV75391Quarry North-East of Henaford, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106578Quarry Northeast of Parsonage Wood (Monument)
MDV78402Quarry north-west of Long Lane Farm (Monument)
MDV58365Quarry on eastern side of The Warren, Hartland (Monument)
MDV34028Quarry on north side of Cutliffe Lane, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75368Quarry Plot, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV34014Quarry south of Portledge, Alwington (Monument)
MDV106493Quarry South of Ruggaton Wood (Monument)
MDV68226Quarry south west of Cockington Farm, Alwington (Monument)
MDV81121Quarry south-east of Bow Bridge (Monument)
MDV81337Quarry south-east of Gorrans Down (Monument)
MDV105932Quarry south-east of Highford Farm and Highford Cottages (Monument)
MDV78283Quarry south-east of Milford hamlet (Monument)
MDV81340Quarry south-east of Netherton Farm (Monument)
MDV81230Quarry south-east of Stowford (Monument)
MDV81221Quarry south-west of Philham (Monument)
MDV81222Quarry south-west of Philham (Monument)
MDV34776Quarry south-west of Putshole Farm, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV106246Quarry southwest of Stony Corner, Combe Martin (Monument)
MDV58367Quarry to north of Pattard Bridge, Hartland (Monument)
MDV58371Quarry to north-east of St. Leonards Chapel, Hartland (Monument)
MDV34772Quarry to north-west of Welsford Farm, Hartland (Monument)
MDV34030Quarry to south of Cutliffe Lane, Hartland (Monument)
MDV34021Quarry to South of Sutterland, Hartland (Monument)
MDV34774Quarry to south of Tosberry (Monument)
MDV34773Quarry to south-east of Welsford Farm, Hartland (Monument)
MDV34022Quarry to south-west of Sutterland Farm (Monument)
MDV74232Quarry to the east of Thorne (Monument)
MDV105949Quarry west of Nether Velly House (Monument)
MDV78404Quarry west of Truckham Farm, Combe Martin (Monument)
MDV106247Quarry west of Vellacott Lane, Combe Martin (Monument)
MDV106660Quarry, Abbotsham (Monument)
MDV76644Quarry, North-West of Blegberry Cottages (Monument)
MDV105869Quarry, South-West of Mettaford (Monument)
MDV105870Quarry, South-West of Mettaford (Monument)
MDV106181Rack Park, east of Seven Ash Farm, Kentisbury. (Monument)
MDV81232'Rackfield' Field Name east of Leigh (Monument)
MDV81198'Rackfield' Field Name south-east of Warriors Bridge (Monument)
MDV55665RAF Northam Radar Station (Monument)
MDV106354Range of Buildings north of Larkstone Gardens (Building)
MDV81171Range of Builidings , Near Milford House (Monument)
MDV81282Rattenbury Mead Field Name, Tosberry, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106564Rectory Southwest of Berrynarbor (Building)
MDV106649Reeve Cross, South-East of Loveland Farm, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV105936Reservoir north-east of Southdown Cottages (Monument)
MDV58369Reservoir to south-east of Hartland Quay (Monument)
MDV106508Ridge Acre, north of Berry Farm, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV75233Ridge Bridge, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV106600Ridge Park, North-East of Buck's Mill, Parkham. (Monument)
MDV106647Ridge Rew, west of Norton Farm, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV106382Rifle Range east of Warmscombe Wood (Monument)
MDV108Ring Cairn 540 metres south west of Higher Welsford, Hartland (Monument)
MDV30195Rixlade Farmhouse, Abbotsham (Building)
MDV106413Road and Parish Boundary at Slew Hill (Monument)
MDV75076Road from Fairy Cross to Portledge Mouth, Alwington (Monument)
MDV106221Road from Higher Leigh, Berrynarbor to Seven Ash Cross (Monument)
MDV106483Road North of Old Berrynarbor Road (Monument)
MDV81308Road north of West Staddon (Monument)
MDV81191Road north-west of Docton Farm (Monument)
MDV106225Road south of Lower Leigh Farm, Berrynarbor (Monument)
MDV75049Road south of Portledge Mouth, Alwington (Monument)
MDV81315Road south of Spur Cross (Monument)
MDV81182Road south-west of Docton (Monument)
MDV106245Road southwest of Stony Corner, combe Martin (Monument)
MDV81193Road west of Edistone (Monument)
MDV106394Road west of Ifracombe Golf Club (Monument)
MDV44532Roadside Sign for Clovelly Cross Filling Station, Clovelly (Building)
MDV81284Roborough Down Field Names, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106584Rock Cutting Northeast of East Hagginton Farm (Monument)
MDV4430Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4450Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4433Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4441Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4434Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4453Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4435Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4445Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4455Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4439Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4452Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4448Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4451Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4431Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4436Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4454Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4437Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4446Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4440Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4429Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4456Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4444Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4432Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4447Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4442Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV4428Rock Outcrop near Kipling Tors, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV75226Rocket Apparatus House, Turnpikegate, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75385Rockstick, Upcott, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV11684Romano British Pots from Portledge, Alwington (Find Spot)
MDV62759Rosedown Mill, Hartland (Building)
MDV81364Rosedown, Hartland (Monument)
MDV16896Round Linhay on Braunton Marsh, 950m north of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV41708Ruins near Shingle Slack, Braunton Burrows (Monument)
MDV75357Sand Wharf, Mead Farm, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV75098Sandway north of Cartland, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75057Sandway to Portledge Mouth, Alwington (Monument)
MDV81146Sandy Cottage, Sandhole, Hartland (Monument)
MDV18644Saunton (Monument)
MDV106552Sawpit Mead, east of Lutsford Farm, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV55668Second World War Anti-Glider ditches, Northam Burrows (Monument)
MDV55666Second World War Minefield, Northam Burrows (Monument)
MDV17118Secular College, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75055Sentry Fieldnames, Chiddlecombe, Alwington (Monument)
MDV105926Settlement at Southdown Farm (Monument)
MDV81310Settlement at Sutherland Farm (Monument)
MDV81217'Settlement' Field Name east of Edistone (Monument)
MDV81228'Settlement' Field Name north-east of Edistone (Monument)
MDV81186'Settlement' Field Name south-west of Eddistone House (Monument)
MDV105946Settlement northeast of Higher Velly (Monument)
MDV81227Settlement, Field Name north-east of Edistone (Monument)
MDV56008Settlement, near Cornborough, Abbotsham (Monument)
MDV103766Settlement, Warmleigh (Monument)
MDV20325Shamland Barn, Abbotsham (Building)
MDV22229Shamland, Abbotsham (Monument)
MDV106178Shoot Meadow, east of Beara, Combe Martin (Monument)
MDV106238'Shoot Park' Field Name southeast of Truckham Farm (Monument)
MDV81189Shrunken Settlement of Edistone (Monument)
MDV105867Shrunken Settlement, Hescott (Monument)
MDV105868Shrunken Settlement, Holloford (Monument)
MDV105866Shrunken Settlement, Mettaford (Monument)
MDV75104Shute Meadow, Chiddlecombe, Alwington (Monument)
MDV106551Shute Meadow, north of Lutsford Farm, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV75304Shute Park, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV106605Shuts Close, North-East of Lower Worthygate Farm, (Monument)
MDV81145Sintapark Field Names north of Hardisworthy, Hartland (Monument)
MDV50849Site of Anti Glider Posts at Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV81150Site of house to west of Lower Elmscott Farm, Hartland (Monument)
MDV34012Site of Reservoir north east of Portledge, Alwington (Monument)
MDV19849Site of Wheal Hartland Copper mine (Monument)
MDV106411Slew Barn, Oxenpark Lane, Berrynarbor (Building)
MDV51130Sluice at Velator Quay, Braunton (Monument)
MDV106577Sluice Gates Northeast of Middle Lee Farm (Monument)
MDV51134Sluice near Marstage Cottage, Braunton (Monument)
MDV106409Sluicegate northwest of West Haggington Farm (Monument)
MDV81169Small Building east of Little Orchard, Milford (Monument)
MDV77580Small Building on Braunton Marsh (Monument)
MDV81100Small enclosure south of Life Rock, Hartland Quay (Monument)
MDV81264Smithy in North Street, Hartland (Monument)
MDV33979Smithy, Buck's Cross, Woolfardisworthy (Building)
MDV81265Smithy, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75241Smithy, Higher Clovelly (Monument)
MDV70009Smithy, Lincombe (Building)
MDV75172Snaxland, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV81203Soilmark east of Golden Park (Monument)
MDV81205Soilmarks east of Golden Park (Monument)
MDV81197Source of Leat north of Edistone (Monument)
MDV106547South, North and Little Berry, to north-west of West Titchberry Farm, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV106230Spoilheap northeast of Beara, Combe Martin (Monument)
MDV106494Spring Northwest of Lower Rowes Farm (Monument)
MDV7139St Clare's Chapel, Philham (Building)
MDV33978St. Ann's Church, Buck's Cross, Woolfardisworthy (Building)
MDV100St. Clare's Well, Hartland (Monument)
MDV45296St. Leonard's Cottage, Hartland (Building)
MDV52St. Nectan's Bench Ends, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV50St. Nectan's Church, Welcombe (Building)
MDV41899St. Nectan's Monastery, Hartland (Monument)
MDV51St. Nectan's Rood Screen, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV54St. Nectan's Well, Welcombe (Building)
MDV106642Stanbury Mead, in vicinity of Gawlish Farm, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV60702Standing Stone by spring to south of Hartland Abbey (Monument)
MDV60701Standing Stone to north of Hartland Abbey (Monument)
MDV106521Stepstile fields, north of Hartland Abbey (Monument)
MDV36837Stile on Braunton Sea Wall 200 metres north-east of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV36838Stile on Braunton Sea Wall 900 metres south-west of the Great Sluice (Monument)
MDV99Stone Axe from Southdown Farm, Hartland (Find Spot)
MDV106248Stone east of Lincombe Manor Farm, Ilfracombe (Monument)
MDV81233'Stone' Field Name north-east of Leigh (Monument)
MDV81235'Stone' Field Name south-west of Hartland (Monument)
MDV81215'Stone' Field Name west of Tosberry (Monument)
MDV106300Stone Meadow, south of Berrynarbor. (Monument)
MDV106216Stone northwest of Blegberry, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106038'Stone Park' Field Name east of Cranham Farm, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106486'Stone Park' Field Name South of Hole Farm (Monument)
MDV75372Stone Park, Darracott, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV106296Stone Park, north-east of Ruggaton Farm, Berrynabor. (Monument)
MDV106598Stone Park, South of Worthygate Wood, Parkham. (Monument)
MDV106641Stone Park, South-West of Gawlish Farm, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV75366Stone Park, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV75365Stone Park, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV106515Stone Pitts, south of East Titchberry Farm, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV75382Stone Post, Upcott, Welcombe (Find Spot)
MDV75328Stone Seat east of Clovelly Court (Monument)
MDV58364Stone, Blegberry Cliff, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106301Stonehedge, south of Sloley Farm, Berrynarbor. (Monument)
MDV37675Stones at Collaberie Farm, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV105958Strip field system north of Farford (Monument)
MDV105974Strip field system southwest of Gorrans Down (Monument)
MDV81172Strip Field, South-West of Wargery Farmstead (Monument)
MDV34024Strip Fields adjacent to Forcewell Wood, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75126Strip Fields east of Gilscott, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75345Strip Fields north east of Eastacott, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV81207Strip fields surrounding Edistone (Monument)
MDV75344Strip Fields, Burnstone, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV80905Strip Fields, East of Brawn's Wood (Monument)
MDV81274Structure at northern end of Cutliffe Lane, Hartland (Monument)
MDV81141Structure in field north of South Hole, Hartland (Monument)
MDV81272Structure in field to north-west of Hartland (Monument)
MDV81273Structure in field to west of Hartland (Monument)
MDV81277Structure on north side of Cutliffe Lane, Hartland (Monument)
MDV105937Structure southeast of Highford FarmHartland (Building)
MDV81275Structure to south-east of Cutliffe Lane, Hartland (Monument)
MDV44568Submerged Forest, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV75396Summerhouse north of Walland Cary, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV32102Sundial at St. Nectan's Church, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75327Sundial north east of Clovelly Court (Monument)
MDV75326Sundial south of Clovelly Court (Monument)
MDV75168Tenements at Greencliff, Abbotsham (Monument)
MDV21499Terraces on Gawlish Cliff, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106286The Big Turnpike Meadow, east of Two Pots, Ilfracombe. (Monument)
MDV63556The Cabin, Clovelly (Building)
MDV75164The Castle, Parkham (Monument)
MDV63551The Cottage, The Wilderness, Clovelly Court (Building)
MDV81105The Cow House at Hartland Quay (Monument)
MDV106186The Great Burrow and Little Burrow, south of Lincombe Manor Farm, Ilfracombe. (Monument)
MDV4463The Great Sea Bank, Braunton Marsh (Monument)
MDV75155The Hut, Alwington (Monument)
MDV17026The Inspector's House, Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV32101The Pope's Chamber, St. Nectan's Church, Hartland (Building)
MDV41897The Promontory of Hercules, Hartland Point (Monument)
MDV74230Thorne Farmstead, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75362Tinney's Court, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV18204Titchberry, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV106232Toll House at Easter Close Cross, Kentisbury (Building)
MDV75240Toll House, Turnpikegate, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV62705Tosberry Mill, Hartland (Building)
MDV41802Tosberry, Hartland (Monument)
MDV5504Town Clock, Hartland (Find Spot)
MDV81319'Townland' field name south-east of Hartland (Monument)
MDV75336Track between Holiwell Farm and Eastacott Farm, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV106401Track east of Kitstone Hill (Monument)
MDV75031Track from Gilscott to Portledge Mouth, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75201Track leading to Hugglepit, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV106487Track North of Berrynarbor Road (Monument)
MDV105986Track northeast of Baxworthy Cross (Monument)
MDV106373Track south of Warmscombe Farm (Monument)
MDV106074Track south-east of Sitka, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75204Track to West Dyke Farm, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75351Track to West Mead Farm, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV81280Trackway across Bursdon Moor, Hartland (Monument)
MDV81307Trackway east of Philham (Monument)
MDV81212Trackway north of Lutsford Farm (Monument)
MDV105917Trackway north-east of Mettaford Farm (Monument)
MDV106489Trackway Northeast of Stapleton Farm (Monument)
MDV81223Trackway south of Greenlake Cross (Monument)
MDV81332Trackway south-east of Tosberry (Monument)
MDV106069Trackway southwest of Putshole Farm, Hartland (Monument)
MDV16676Transmitter Block, Radar Station, Northam (Monument)
MDV55664Transmitter Masts, RAF Northam Radar Station (Monument)
MDV75353Trapple Bridge, sout of Welcombe House, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV75637Tree Clump near Hillsborough Promontory Fort (Monument)
MDV41857Trellick, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106369Trough east of Francis (Monument)
MDV15343Tucking Mill, Hartland (Building)
MDV106239Two houses southeast of Truckham Farm, Combe Martin (Building)
MDV106293Upper Kennel Park and Lower Kennel Park, north-west of Hole Farm, Ilfracombe. (Monument)
MDV106294Upper Shipping Park and Lower Shipping Park, south-west of Lyford Farm, Ilfracombe. (Monument)
MDV66204Upper Weir, Crow Point, Braunton (Monument)
MDV75643Urinal at Hillsborough Promontory Fort (Monument)
MDV75339Vernham, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75115Wall Park, Babbacombe, Alwington (Monument)
MDV63553Walls enclosing Kitchen Gardens, with Gazebo and Cottage, Clovelly Court (Building)
MDV75162Warehouse west of The Castle, Peppercombe, Parkham (Monument)
MDV106284Warren Piece, south of Torrs Park, Ilfracombe. (Monument)
MDV106637Warren, to east of Long Furlong Farm, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV75296Watch House and Flagstaff at Clovelly Coastguard Station (Monument)
MDV103092Water meadow at Middle Cockhill Farm (Monument)
MDV103095Water meadow at West Hagginton Farm (Monument)
MDV103112Water meadow north and south of Warmscombe Farm (Monument)
MDV103194Water meadow north-west and south of Smythen Farm (Monument)
MDV103104Water meadow north-west of Lower Trayne Farm (Monument)
MDV103203Water Meadow South of Bowden Farm (Monument)
MDV103422Water Meadow South of Nutcombe Farm, Combe Martin (Monument)
MDV106653Watermine Acres, north of West Fattacott Farm, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV78406Waytown Farm, Kentisbury (Monument)
MDV81289Weir at head of Leat to Rosedown Mill, Hartland (Monument)
MDV57785Weir near the Toll House (Monument)
MDV16042Welcombe (Monument)
MDV53Welcombe Barton Chapel (Building)
MDV34777Welcombe House Quarry (Monument)
MDV75361Welcombe Pound (Monument)
MDV75392Welcombe School (Monument)
MDV75124Well at Babbacombe Farm, Alwington (Monument)
MDV58370Well at Trellick Farm, Hartland (Monument)
MDV81110Well house at Hartland Quay (Monument)
MDV105922Well north-east of Natcott Farm (Monument)
MDV106490Well Southeast of Cherry Tree Cottage (Monument)
MDV81333Welsford Farm, Hartland (Monument)
MDV81160Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Lower Elmscott, Hartland (Monument)
MDV106179West and East Pitt Close, north-east of Beara, Combe Martin (Monument)
MDV81144West Cindar Field Name to west of Hardisworthy, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75180West Dyke, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75347West Mead Farm, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV34779West Mill Leat, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV62702West Mill, Welcombe (Building)
MDV106658Westacott Park and House, north - east of Westacott Farm, Abbotsham (Monument)
MDV75099Westacott, Alwington (Monument)
MDV106555Wester Bridgeland and Easter Bridgeland, north east of Cheristow Farm, Hartland. (Monument)
MDV106297White Stone Down, north of Bodstone Barton. (Monument)
MDV106072Whiteway, Hartland (Monument)
MDV41478Williams' Shaft, Combe Martin Silver Mine (Monument)
MDV81286Windmill north of Farford, Hartland (Monument)
MDV18755Windmill to north west of Abbotsham Cross (Building)
MDV68898Witheford, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV75116Withy Bed, Babbacombe, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75050Withy Bed, East Dydon, Alwington (Monument)
MDV81118Wood north and east of St Nectan's Abbey (Monument)
MDV44569Wooden Stakes at Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV44570Wooden Stakes at Westward Ho, (Monument)
MDV58099Wooden Wreck, Northam (Maritime)
MDV106410Woolscott Barton southwest of Sterridge Valley (Monument)
MDV51989Wreck of a WWII Target Ship south of Hartland Quay (Maritime)
MDV81103Wreck of SS Rosalia west of Hartland Quay (Maritime)
MDV57609Wreck of the Reine Francois Leonie off Embury Beacon, Hartland (Monument)
MDV57615Wreck of the Affo off Hartland Point (Monument)
MDV57610Wreck of the Alexandra off Hartland (Monument)
MDV57587Wreck of the Avonmore at Welcombe Mouth (Maritime)
MDV57616Wreck of the Briez Huel off Hartland Point (Monument)
MDV57588Wreck of the Cambalu at Welcombe Mouth (Maritime)
MDV57606Wreck of the Cottager off Hartland Point (Monument)
MDV57612Wreck of the Deux Freres at Blegberry, Hartland (Monument)
MDV57603Wreck of the Eclipse off Hartland Point (Monument)
MDV57585Wreck of the Eilanus at Knapp Head, Hartland (Maritime)
MDV57617Wreck of the Electra off Hartland Point (Monument)
MDV51987Wreck of the Empire Grove near Hole Rock, off Hartland (Maritime)
MDV57605Wreck of the Fame off Hartland Point (Monument)
MDV57601Wreck of the Iris off Hartland Point (Monument)
MDV51983Wreck of the Jenny Jones south of Hartland Quay (Maritime)
MDV51982Wreck of the 'John' off Hartland (Maritime)
MDV57600Wreck of the Lochlibo near Hartland Point (Monument)
MDV57602Wreck of the Mars at Hartland Point (Monument)
MDV57918Wreck of the Melbury on Exmouth Bar (Maritime)
MDV57583Wreck of the Nancy at Welcombe Mouth (Maritime)
MDV57607Wreck of the Nancy off Hartland Point (Monument)
MDV57584Wreck of the Nettleton at Knapp Head, Hartland (Maritime)
MDV58198Wreck of the Paquebot-de-Brest at Abbotsham Rocks (Maritime)
MDV57604Wreck of the Queen off Hartland Point (Monument)
MDV57620Wreck of the Queenswood off Hartland (Monument)
MDV57608Wreck of the Ravald off Hartland Point (Monument)
MDV57618Wreck of the Rollon off Hartland Point (Monument)
MDV57621Wreck of the Senagambie off Hartland (Monument)
MDV57586Wreck of the Sfojna at Knapp Head, Hartland (Maritime)
MDV57611Wreck of the St Joseph off Hartland Point (Monument)
MDV57614Wreck of the Tudor off Hartland Point (Monument)
MDV51986Wreck of the Uppingham off Hartland (Maritime)
MDV57619Wreck of the Ville de Bayonne off Hartland Point (Monument)
MDV51985Wreck of the Welbury near Hartland Quay (Maritime)
MDV75324Wrinkleberry Earthwork, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75311Wrinkleberry, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV81136Yonder Blackmoor, south-east of Little Barton (Monument)