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Originator:Ordnance Survey

Associated Monuments (203)

MDV13861Abbey Fish Pond, Hartland (Monument)
MDV33974Alwington Almshouses (Monument)
MDV33975Alwington Methodist Chapel (Monument)
MDV32578Arlington Court Kennels (Monument)
MDV44060Ash Warren (Monument)
MDV35182Ashreigney Bible Christian Chapel (Monument)
MDV2657Ashreigney Methodist Church (Monument)
MDV35776Bandstand in Stanhope Park, Holsworthy (Monument)
MDV32141Beer Charter, Braunton (Monument)
MDV35793Bickford Arms, Brandis Corner (Monument)
MDV34097Bideford, Riverside Pottery (Monument)
MDV36266BLACKSMITHS WORKSHOP in the Parish of Halwill (Monument)
MDV34767Bocombe Mill Leat, Parkham (Monument)
MDV21559Bondleigh Mills (Monument)
MDV33996Boundary Post at Buck's Mills, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV56989BOUNDARY STONE in the Parish of East Down (Monument)
MDV56990BOUNDARY STONE in the Parish of East Down (Monument)
MDV32709BOUNDARY STONE in the Parish of Horwood, Lovacott and Newton Tracey, Instow (Monument)
MDV32276Boundary Stone near Ashford Grove (Monument)
MDV2619Bradford Bible Christian (Rehoboth) Chapel (Monument)
MDV16776Bradford Methodist Chapel (Monument)
MDV32269Bridge over Knowle Water near Pippacott (Monument)
MDV34563Bucks Mill Leat, Yarnscombe (Monument)
MDV34001Buck's Mills Methodist Chapel (Building)
MDV7138Chapel at Higher Velly Farm, Hartland (Building)
MDV32704Chivenor Crossing Signal Box (Monument)
MDV64604Clay Workings at Muddlebridge, Fremington (Monument)
MDV43125Cole's Mill Leat (Monument)
MDV34964Combe Mill Millpond (Monument)
MDV28996Cookbury Wick, Cookbury (Monument)
MDV34566Court Mill Leat, Yarnscombe (Monument)
MDV34778Darracott Sunday School, Welcombe (Building)
MDV2606Derril Bible Christian Chapel (Monument)
MDV35783Dippermill Leat, Shebbear (Monument)
MDV29104Durdon (Monument)
MDV33984Dydon Quarry, Alwington (Monument)
MDV75685East Down Pool, Burley Down (Monument)
MDV31483East Down, 'Indicott' (Monument)
MDV33985East Dydon Almshouses, Alwington (Building)
MDV60378FEATURE in the Parish of Exminster (Monument)
MDV62466FIELD SYSTEM in the Parish of Winkleigh (Monument)
MDV34992Field system north of Woolfardisworthy Village (Monument)
MDV60752Field System south of Green Lane Farm, Black Torrington (Monument)
MDV34013Fishpond at Portledge Mouth, Alwington (Monument)
MDV32694Footbridge at Saltpill Duck Pond (Monument)
MDV32693Footbridge at Saltpill Duckpond (Monument)
MDV32674Footbridge near Fremington Pill (Monument)
MDV57177Footbridge over Beer Mill Leat (Monument)
MDV31603Footpath near Winsham Down House (Monument)
MDV58372Ford and footbridge to west of Forge, Hartland (Monument)
MDV57967Ford near Muddlebridge Cottages, Fremington (Monument)
MDV57176Ford on Beer Mill Leat (Monument)
MDV31723Ford over Knowle Water near Harding's Mill (Monument)
MDV32271Ford over Knowle Water near Pippacott (Monument)
MDV34358FORGE in the Parish of Horwood, Lovacott and Newton Tracey (Monument)
MDV32685Former Field System at Chivenor (Monument)
MDV32690Former Post Office (Monument)
MDV906Fremington Mill (Building)
MDV32678Fremington Station (Monument)
MDV947Fullabrook Mine, Braunton (Monument)
MDV34114Gammaton Methodist Chapel (Monument)
MDV32142Garnishes Beara, Braunton (Monument)
MDV2617Goldworthy Bible Christian Chapel (Monument)
MDV32691Grandstand at North Devon Polo Ground (Monument)
MDV32579GRAVEL PIT in the Parish of Arlington (Monument)
MDV67936Halwill/Beaworthy Parish Boundary Tree (Monument)
MDV32328Harding's Mill Leat (Monument)
MDV31724Hardings Mill, Heanton Punchardon (Building)
MDV2604Hartland Bible Christian Chapel (Building)
MDV34026Hartland Methodist Chapel (Building)
MDV34029Hartland Methodist Church (Building)
MDV34017Hartland Smithy (Monument)
MDV2613Haytonw Bible Christian Chapel (Monument)
MDV33993Holwell Methodist Chapel (Monument)
MDV35159Huish School (Monument)
MDV34561Huntshaw Cross, Smithy (Monument)
MDV22657Ilfracombe Branch Line (Monument)
MDV34127Kennels (Monument)
MDV34994Kerswell Field System (Monument)
MDV14953Kingskerswell, Fore Street Brewery (Monument)
MDV11829Landcross Grange (Building)
MDV34096Landcross Methodist Chapel (Building)
MDV11778Landcross Mill (Building)
MDV34095Landcross Mill Leat (Monument)
MDV2651Langham Cross Bible Christian Chapel (Monument)
MDV34959Lantern Cross Baptist Chapel (Monument)
MDV34962Leat to Stonyford Corn Mill, St. Giles in the Wood (Monument)
MDV36432Lew Corn Mill, Northlew (Building)
MDV919Lime Kiln at West Ashford (Monument)
MDV917Lime Kiln near Penhill Point (Monument)
MDV32680Limekiln by Fremington Pill (Building)
MDV31488LINHAY in the Parish of Berrynarbor (Monument)
MDV11960Lovistone Barton, Huish (Building)
MDV20282Marland Brick and Tile Works, Peters Marland (Monument)
MDV62820Medieval Field System at Cookbury (Monument)
MDV62821Medieval Field System at Cookbury (Monument)
MDV62818Medieval Field System, Cookbury Wick, Cookbury (Monument)
MDV32144Memorial Stone near Fullabrook Mine (Monument)
MDV35162Merton Mill Leat, Merton (Monument)
MDV33983Milepost 600 metres south west of Fairy Cross, Alwington (Monument)
MDV33998Milepost north of Walland Farm, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV32302Milestone at the Pinetum, Pilton (Monument)
MDV37261MILESTONE in the Parish of Ilsington (Building)
MDV34098MILESTONE in the Parish of Landcross (Monument)
MDV32129Milestone near Little Silver (Monument)
MDV52189Milestone north of Forches Cross (Monument)
MDV32342Milestone on A361, opposite entrance to Broughton Inn, Heanton Punchardon (Monument)
MDV33972Milestone south west of Knotty Corner (Monument)
MDV31725Milestone, Old Barnstaple Road, Braunton (Monument)
MDV2614Milton Damerel Bible Christian Chapel (Monument)
MDV22376North Devon and Cornwall Junction Light Railway (Monument)
MDV32692North Devon Polo Ground (Monument)
MDV34126Old Parsonage (Building)
MDV44530Old Post Office, 141 Turnpike Gate, Higher Clovelly (Building)
MDV32145Old Shaft near Fullabrook Mine (Monument)
MDV34993Parkham Ash Field System (Monument)
MDV32140Patsford Cottage, Marwood (Building)
MDV73871Peamore War Memorial, Shillingford St. George (Monument)
MDV33988Peppercombe Coastguard Station, Parkham, Torridge (Building)
MDV32283Pippacott (Monument)
MDV56992PUMP in the Parish of Berrynarbor (Monument)
MDV34000Quarries and trackway in Loggins and Longtree Woods, east of Buck’s Cross, Woolfardisworthy. (Monument)
MDV31731Quarries near Boode (Monument)
MDV32131Quarry at Gypsy Corner, Marwood (Monument)
MDV34963Quarry at Stonyford (Monument)
MDV33977Quarry circa 240 metres north-west of Eastacott, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV35775Quarry east of Brendon, Thornbury (Monument)
MDV34763Quarry east of Cranford Cross, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV35782Quarry east of Ireland Wood, Milton Damerel (Monument)
MDV60887Quarry east of Matcott, Sutcombe (Monument)
MDV31727Quarry in Ash Wood, Braunton (Monument)
MDV31730Quarry in Ash Wood, Braunton (Monument)
MDV32281Quarry in Ladywell Wood (Monument)
MDV32138Quarry in Patsford Wood, Marwood (Monument)
MDV32268Quarry in Pippacott Woood (Monument)
MDV33999Quarry in Steart Wood, Parkham (Monument)
MDV31493QUARRY in the Parish of Berrynarbor (Monument)
MDV31489QUARRY in the Parish of Berrynarbor (Monument)
MDV31479QUARRY in the Parish of Berrynarbor (Monument)
MDV32256QUARRY in the Parish of East Down (Monument)
MDV56991QUARRY in the Parish of East Down (Monument)
MDV32259QUARRY in the Parish of East Down (Monument)
MDV31497QUARRY in the Parish of East Down (Monument)
MDV36264QUARRY in the Parish of Halwill (Monument)
MDV32863QUARRY in the Parish of Horwood, Lovacott and Newton Tracey (Monument)
MDV34125QUARRY in the Parish of Horwood, Lovacott and Newton Tracey (Monument)
MDV31867QUARRY in the Parish of Marwood (Monument)
MDV31484QUARRY in the Parish of Marwood (Monument)
MDV31733Quarry near Boode (Monument)
MDV31732Quarry near Boode (Monument)
MDV75594Quarry near Derril (Monument)
MDV32703Quarry near Fremington (Monument)
MDV32278Quarry near Luscott Barton, Braunton. (Monument)
MDV32130Quarry near Metcombe Cross, Marwood (Monument)
MDV32133Quarry near Middle Marwood (Monument)
MDV34268Quarry near Monkley Wood (Monument)
MDV32274Quarry near Waterlake Lane, Heanton Punchardon (Monument)
MDV32275Quarry near Waterlake Lane, Heanton Punchardon (Monument)
MDV57448Quarry on Watery Lane (Monument)
MDV34564Quarry south of Langley Cottages, Yarnscombe (Monument)
MDV34565Quarry south of Little Barton, Yarnscombe (Monument)
MDV34014Quarry south of Portledge, Alwington (Monument)
MDV33976Quarry to south-east of Lower Burscott Farm, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV36267Quarry, west of Stonequarry Farm, Halwill (Monument)
MDV34362RESERVOIR in the Parish of Horwood, Lovacott and Newton Tracey (Monument)
MDV31729Reservoir near Boode (Monument)
MDV31728Rifle Range on Buttercombe Lane (Monument)
MDV51992Royal Air Force Base Chivenor (Monument)
MDV32695Saltpill Duck Pond (Monument)
MDV52193Sawmill in Stover Park (Monument)
MDV36262School adjacent to Bible Christian Chapel, Chilla, Black Torrington (Monument)
MDV36263School south of Lake, Black Torrington (Monument)
MDV34012Site of Reservoir north east of Portledge, Alwington (Monument)
MDV34562Sittycleave Well, Yarnscombe (Monument)
MDV32689Smithy at Fremington (Monument)
MDV36261Smithy near Chilla Chapel, Black Torrington (Monument)
MDV33978St. Ann's Church, Buck's Cross, Woolfardisworthy (Building)
MDV34771Stitworthy Quarry, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV51975Stoke Coastguard Station, Hartland (Building)
MDV52188Stone at School Road (Monument)
MDV52169STONE in the Parish of Bickington (Monument)
MDV52150STONE in the Parish of Teigngrace (Monument)
MDV34961Stonyford Corn Mill, St. Giles in the Wood (Monument)
MDV52152Teigngrace Halt (Building)
MDV67684Thuborough Mill Leat, Sutcombe (Monument)
MDV60751Track leading south-west from West Chilla, Black Torrington (Monument)
MDV31811War Memorial at St. Augustine's Church (Monument)
MDV34952Weare Giffard Mill Leat Aqueduct (Monument)
MDV32277Weir on Knowle Water, Heanton Punchardon (Monument)
MDV32147Well at Beara Charter Barton (Monument)
MDV32143Well at Beer Charter, Braunton (Monument)
MDV57449Well at Boode (Monument)
MDV32331Well at Luscott Barton, Braunton (Monument)
MDV32332Well at Luscott Barton, Braunton (Monument)
MDV32284Well at Pippacott (Monument)
MDV58370Well at Trellick Farm, Hartland (Monument)
MDV31482WELL in the Parish of East Down (Monument)
MDV32139Well near Easter Cottage, Marwood. (Monument)
MDV31812Well on Eastacombe Lane (Monument)
MDV46535Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV31602Winsham Field System (Monument)
MDV28997Woodacott, Thornbury (Monument)
MDV57604Wreck of the Queen off Hartland Point (Maritime)