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Title:Fishacre to Lyneham Natural Gas Pipeline: Archaeological Fieldwalking and Field Reconnaissance Survey: Preliminary Summary
Originator:Cotswold Archaeology

Associated Monuments (211)

MDV49077Almshouses (Monument)
MDV38148Avon Wick (Monument)
MDV38151Barons Hill Medieval Settlement (Monument)
MDV35352Barrow southwest of Woodland Barton, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV27864Beneknowle Cottage (Monument)
MDV7302Black Hall (Building)
MDV44287Boundary between North Huish and Ugborough Parishes (Monument)
MDV28883Boundary Ditch to east of Water Lane, Dartington (Monument)
MDV47832Boundary Stone in Avon Wick (Monument)
MDV18511Bow Quarry (Monument)
MDV3100Bowcombe Quarry east of Quarry Farm, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV5052Bowcombe Quarry, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV7304Bridge Cottage in Avonwick (Building)
MDV2982Cannamore Farmstead (Monument)
MDV38165Catchwork water meadows between Haredon Cross and Bowbombe Quarry, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV13537Chapel Cottage and Charford Chapel Cottage (Monument)
MDV13539Charford Farm House (Monument)
MDV13540Charford Manor Farmhouse (Monument)
MDV37312Chiswell Medieval Settlement (Monument)
MDV74588Clay Pipe from southeast of Hood Manor (Find Spot)
MDV44701Clay Pipe Kiln northeast of Sandwell Bridge (Monument)
MDV38169Coyton Farmhouse (Building)
MDV36990Curvilinear cropmarks of ditches south of Peekmill, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV50171Curvilinear enclosure east of Swainstone Ham, Ermington (Monument)
MDV56041Curvilinear enclosure northeast of Penquit House, Ermington (Monument)
MDV7290Cutwellwalls Farmstead (Monument)
MDV108196Dartington Mill Weir (Monument)
MDV36989D-shaped enclosure north-east of Sign of the Owl Cross, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV3079Earlscombe Corn Mill (Monument)
MDV2990Earlscombe Farmstead (Monument)
MDV122202Earthworks, southeast of Sparkwell, Staverton (Monument)
MDV13541Elwell farmhouse (Monument)
MDV60104Enclosure northwest of Abham Bridge (Monument)
MDV37199Enclosure, southwest of Pease Park Farm, Staverton (Monument)
MDV36992Field boundaries and enclosures east of Sign of the Owl Cross (Monument)
MDV74591Field Boundaries south of Glendale Farm (Monument)
MDV55801Field boundaries, northwest of Hollycombe Barn, Broadhempston (Monument)
MDV46763Filham Fish Pond (Monument)
MDV2828Filham House (Monument)
MDV2842Fillham Silverlead Mine, Ugborough (Building)
MDV19673Fishacre Barton (Monument)
MDV19772Fishacre Mill (Monument)
MDV74280Flint Scatter from northeast of Copper Tree Cross (Monument)
MDV2996Forder Farmstead (Monument)
MDV113381Fountain to south of Black Hall, North Huish (Monument)
MDV47801Hanger's Quarry (Monument)
MDV44289Harberton and South Brent Parish Boundary (Monument)
MDV7568Hazard Hill Neolithic Settlement (Monument)
MDV16347Hazard Medieval Manor (Monument)
MDV17758Hemsford (Monument)
MDV13558Higher Beneknowle Farmhouse (Monument)
MDV3000Higher Bowcombe Bank Barn and Shippon (Building)
MDV2999Higher Bowcombe Bank Barn and Shippon (Building)
MDV2998Higher Bowcombe Farmhouse (Building)
MDV22075Higher Keaton Farmhouse (Building)
MDV13542Higher Kerswill Farmhouse (Monument)
MDV39472Higher Velwell Farmhouse (Building)
MDV13546Higher Wonton Farmhouse (Monument)
MDV113350Hillhead Barn to south of Hillhead Farm, Ugborough (Building)
MDV3009Hillhead Farmstead (Monument)
MDV115036Hilltop Enclosure to west of Billany Farm, Dartington (Monument)
MDV16126Hood Medieval Manor (Monument)
MDV47038Hood Quarry (Monument)
MDV2921Hookmoor Medieval Cross (Monument)
MDV74291Iron Slag and Tile from northwest of Huxham's Cross (Monument)
MDV74287Iron Slag, Tile and Mortar from southwest of Hood Manor (Monument)
MDV22076Keaton Medieval Settlement (Monument)
MDV49143Kennel at Waddons (Monument)
MDV7083Kingsbridge Branch Railway (Monument)
MDV3011Ladydown Farmstead (Monument)
MDV3013Langford Barton Barn (Monument)
MDV3012Langford Barton Farmstead (Monument)
MDV74593Ley Cottages (Monument)
MDV26149Limekiln northeast of Tigley Cross (Monument)
MDV43002Linear Feature near Huxham's Cross (Monument)
MDV43003Linear Feature west of Huxham's Cross (Monument)
MDV56045Linear Features east of Clay Copse (Monument)
MDV8137Linear Features to west of Billany Farm, Dartington (Monument)
MDV33133Little Westcombe (Monument)
MDV7303Medieval Cross at Black Hall (Monument)
MDV7860Medieval Cross at Kingston House (Monument)
MDV74601Medieval Pottery from northeast if Nine Milestone Cross (Find Spot)
MDV74289Medieval Pottery from northwest of Huxham's Cross (Find Spot)
MDV74586Medieval Pottery from southeast of Hood Manor (Find Spot)
MDV74284Medieval Pottery from southwest of Hood Manor (Find Spot)
MDV74281Medieval Pottery from the north of Copper Tree Cross (Find Spot)
MDV74276Medieval Pottery from the southwest of Fishacre Cross (Find Spot)
MDV74583Medieval Pottery west of Huxham's Cross (Find Spot)
MDV19411Medieval Settlement at Lotherton (Monument)
MDV3062Medieval Stone at Sign of the Owl Cross (Monument)
MDV47831Milestone at west end of Avonwick Village (Monument)
MDV3061Milestone between Hookmoor Cross and Forder Cross, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV47034Milestone east of Glendale Farm (Monument)
MDV46600Milestone northeast of Langford Gate, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV47828Milestone south of Bluepost Cottage, Harberton (Building)
MDV13585Milestone southwest of Wonton Farm, South Brent (Monument)
MDV47802Milestone west of Sandwell Bridge, Harberton (Monument)
MDV13582New Bridge at Avonwick (Monument)
MDV38158Newlands (Monument)
MDV13557North Beneknowle Farmhouse (Monument)
MDV2981Northern Farmstead at Broadaford (Monument)
MDV49919Nursery east of Newtake (Monument)
MDV46767Parish Boundary Stone north of Higher Newlands (Monument)
MDV5051Parish Boundary Stone north of Whiteley Cross (Monument)
MDV46624Parish Boundary Stone northeast of Keaton Bridge (Monument)
MDV46626Parish Boundary Stone southwest of Keaton Bridge (Monument)
MDV46629Parish Boundary Stone west of the River Erme (Monument)
MDV46633Parish Boundary Stone west of the River Erme (Monument)
MDV46631Parish Boundary Stone west of the River Erme (Monument)
MDV47027Petoe Quarry (Monument)
MDV74592Pond east of Fursdon (Monument)
MDV74590Pond southwest of Bartonhill Cross (Monument)
MDV56044Possible field boundary, southwest of Barkingdon Manor, Staverton (Monument)
MDV106148Possible Trackways and Evidence of Industry to south-west of Dun Cross, Dartington (Monument)
MDV74584Post Medieval from west of Huxham's Cross (Find Spot)
MDV74282Post Medieval Pottery from north of Copper Tree Cross (Find Spot)
MDV74602Post Medieval Pottery from northeast of Nine Milestone Cross (Find Spot)
MDV74290Post Medieval Pottery from northwest of Huxham's Cross (Find Spot)
MDV74587Post Medieval Pottery from southeast of Hood Manor (Find Spot)
MDV74285Post Medieval Pottery from southwest of Hood Manor (Find Spot)
MDV74277Post Medieval Pottery from the southwest of Fishacre Cross (Find Spot)
MDV74279Post Medieval Pottery from the west of Hemsford (Find Spot)
MDV7306Prehistoric Adze from Woodland Barton (Find Spot)
MDV22792Prehistoric Axe from Clenemeads (Find Spot)
MDV50173Prehistoric Barrow east of the River Yealm (Monument)
MDV51894Prehistoric Blade found to the north of Hemsford (Find Spot)
MDV56046Prehistoric Enclosure (Monument)
MDV43004Prehistoric Enclosure east of Hood Ball (Monument)
MDV28881Prehistoric Enclosure northwest of Billany Farm (Monument)
MDV59242Prehistoric Enclosure on Hazard Hill (Monument)
MDV8136Prehistoric Enclosure southwest of Huxham's Cross (Monument)
MDV28882Prehistoric Enclosure west of Billany House (Monument)
MDV13714Prehistoric Enclosures northeast of Lower Velwell (Monument)
MDV14432Prehistoric Flint Flake from the A38 Roadworks (Find Spot)
MDV74283Prehistoric Flint Flakes from northwest of Bartonhill Cross (Find Spot)
MDV74288Prehistoric Flint from northwest of Huxham's Cross (Monument)
MDV74585Prehistoric Flint from southeast of Hood Manor (Find Spot)
MDV21715Prehistoric Flints from north of Charford Farm (Monument)
MDV74600Prehistoric Flints from northeast of Nine Milestone Cross (Monument)
MDV8154Prehistoric Flints from Velwell Farm (Monument)
MDV8167Prehistoric Flints from west of Riverford Farm (Monument)
MDV74286Prehistoric Pottery from southwest of Hood Manor (Find Spot)
MDV44282Prehistoric Reaves west of Higher Bowcombe, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV21717Prehistoric Scatter north of Webland Farm (Monument)
MDV74278Prehistoric Tools from west of Hemsford (Monument)
MDV20566Quarries north of Brook Lake, Ermington (Monument)
MDV47835Quarries southeast of Ashpark Plantation (Monument)
MDV49144Quarries to the north of Waddons Farm (Monument)
MDV13577Quarry at Beneknowle Cottage (Monument)
MDV29667Quarry at Petoe (Monument)
MDV13565Quarry at Portford Bridge (Monument)
MDV47836Quarry east of Barons' Hill (Monument)
MDV47829Quarry east of Beneknowle (Monument)
MDV3082Quarry east of Homershill Cross (Monument)
MDV49946Quarry east of Lower Stretchford (Monument)
MDV5038Quarry Farm Cottage and Barn (Monument)
MDV5044Quarry Farm Farmstead, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV49944Quarry in Hood Ball Copse (Monument)
MDV74589Quarry north of Bartonhill Cross (Monument)
MDV46593Quarry north of Haredon Farm (Monument)
MDV46594Quarry north of Higher Bowcombe Farm (Monument)
MDV46628Quarry northwest of Keaton Bridge (Monument)
MDV49947Quarry south of Abham Bridge (Monument)
MDV13572Quarry south of Charford Farm, South Brent (Monument)
MDV74594Quarry southeast of Coyton (Monument)
MDV47039Quarry southeast of Hood Copse (Monument)
MDV3086Quarry southeast of Ladydown (Monument)
MDV13571Quarry southwest of Elwell (Monument)
MDV49142Quarry to the northwest of Ringswell Cross (Monument)
MDV47036Quarry west of Water Lane (Monument)
MDV47037Quarry west of Water Lane (Monument)
MDV50121Rectangular enclosure north of Moore Farm, Harberton (Monument)
MDV36991Rectilinear enclosure south of Cutwellwalls Farm, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV50172Rectilinear enclosure southwest of Swainstone, Ermington (Monument)
MDV3140Ridgeway Linking the Erme Estuary and the Glaze Valley (Monument)
MDV8138Riverford Bridge (Building)
MDV118597Riverford Farm, Staverton (Monument)
MDV118597Riverford Farm, Staverton (Monument)
MDV118597Riverford Farm, Staverton (Monument)
MDV118597Riverford Farm, Staverton (Monument)
MDV39201Riverford Farmhouse, Staverton (Building)
MDV44291Sandwell Barn (Monument)
MDV16907Settlement at Pitten, Yealmpton (Monument)
MDV106140Settlement evidence comprising extensive prehistoric activity south of Langage Dairy Farm (Monument)
MDV3154Signal Sation north of Telegraph Cross, Ermington (Monument)
MDV2980Southern Farmstead at Broadaford (Monument)
MDV20336Southwood Farmstead (Monument)
MDV46575Southwood Quarry (Monument)
MDV2826St Andrew's Chapel south of Filham House (Building)
MDV47033St Barnabas's Church (Building)
MDV7314St James's Church in Avonwick (Building)
MDV46591Stone Cross north of Hookmoor Cross (Monument)
MDV64621Strip Fields to north-west of Ugborough (Monument)
MDV47834The Avon Inn (Monument)
MDV33130Tigley Farm Barn (Building)
MDV33131Tigley Farmhouse (Building)
MDV74430Tigley Medieval Settlement (Monument)
MDV7582Tollhouse at Sandwell Cross (Monument)
MDV3143Track from Yeo to Keaton Bridge (Monument)
MDV13579Two Quarries to the north-east of Beneknowle, South Brent (Monument)
MDV44283Ugborough and Ermington Parish Boundary (Monument)
MDV38034Virginia Cottage, Ugborough (Building)
MDV3145West Worthele Medieval Manor (Monument)
MDV33127Westcombe Farmhouse (Building)
MDV38030Whitehouse Farm Barn and Shippon (Building)
MDV38031Whitehouse Farm Stables (Building)
MDV3032Whitehouse Farmhouse (Building)
MDV3033Whiteley Farmstead (Monument)
MDV38012Wonton Farm House (Building)
MDV3034Wood Farmstead (Monument)
MDV3096Wood Quarry southwest of Wood Farmstead (Monument)
MDV113379Woodland Barton Farm, Avonwick (Monument)
MDV93369Woodland Barton Farmhouse, Avonwick (Building)