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Title:Archaeological Assessment (Revised) of proposed Wind Farm at Fullabrook, North Devon
Originator:Exeter Archaeology

Associated Monuments (198)

MDV43132Ash Barton Barn, Braunton (Building)
MDV41809Ash Barton Chapel, Braunton (Monument)
MDV36006Ash Barton Garden Wall, Braunton (Building)
MDV12476Ash Barton, Braunton (Building)
MDV36008Barn at Beara Charter Barton, Braunton (Building)
MDV37980Barn at Lower Aylescott, West Down (Monument)
MDV66911Barn east of Crackaway Barton, West Down (Monument)
MDV12477Beara Charter Barton, Braunton (Building)
MDV36007Beeboles at Ash Barton, Braunton (Monument)
MDV32141Beer Charter, Braunton (Monument)
MDV37545Bittadon Barton Mill (Building)
MDV12556Bittadon Barton, Bittadon (Building)
MDV74512Bittadon Lane (Monument)
MDV74534Boundary Post near Knowlwater Mill (Monument)
MDV74513Boundary Stone at Bittadon (Monument)
MDV74511Boundary Stone at Burland Cross (Monument)
MDV32276Boundary Stone near Ashford Grove (Monument)
MDV31377Boundary Stone near Fullabrook (Monument)
MDV74518Boundary Stone on Fullabrook Down (Monument)
MDV57482Boundary Stone, Fullabrook Down, Marwood. (Monument)
MDV74482Building near Caenbrook Farm, West Down (Monument)
MDV66908Building near Caenbrook Farm, West Down (Monument)
MDV66915Building near The Old Rectory, Bittadon (Monument)
MDV74492Buildings near Bittadon Barton (Monument)
MDV74495Buildings on Fullabrook Down (Monument)
MDV31857Burland House, Bittadon (Building)
MDV74554Burland Lane, Halsinger (Monument)
MDV31859Burland, Marwood (Monument)
MDV74562Buttercombe Lane (Monument)
MDV74564Catchwork at Crackaway Barton (Monument)
MDV74559Chapel near Pippacott (Monument)
MDV74555Cold Burrow, Beara Farm (Monument)
MDV31181Crackaway Barton, West Down (Building)
MDV18677Crackaway Barton, West Down (Monument)
MDV74505Cropmark near Burland Cross (Monument)
MDV74553Cross Park, Beara Farm (Monument)
MDV34306Enclosure in Ash Wood, Braunton (Monument)
MDV13843Enclosure, Snow Ball Hill, West Down (Monument)
MDV31189Farmbuildings at Bittadon Barton, Bittadon (Building)
MDV74570Flint on Fullabrook Down (Find Spot)
MDV31851Footbridge at Little Silver, Marwood (Monument)
MDV74521Forches Green, Halsinger (Monument)
MDV31850Ford at Little Silver, Marwood (Monument)
MDV31378Ford near Lower Aylescott, West Down (Monument)
MDV32187Ford near Monkley Wood, Marwood (Monument)
MDV36753Fullabrook Barton, Braunton (Building)
MDV32142Garnishes Beara, Braunton (Monument)
MDV74502Gatepost at Fullabrook Farm (Monument)
MDV1573Gatepost near Burland Farm, Marwood (Monument)
MDV74509Guide Post at Burland Cross (Monument)
MDV56885Guide Post near Centery Plantation, West Down (Monument)
MDV74544Guide Post near Knowlwater Bridge (Monument)
MDV74503Gully near Crackaway Barton (Monument)
MDV74599Gypsy Corner Junction (Monument)
MDV41810Halsinger, Braunton (Monument)
MDV74475Higher Aylescott Cart Shed, West Down (Building)
MDV31188Higher Aylescott Farmbuildings (Building)
MDV31187Higher Aylescott Shippon, West Down (Building)
MDV31186Higher Aylescott, West Down (Building)
MDV18674Higher Aylescott, West Down (Monument)
MDV74526Hollow Way near Ash Barton (Monument)
MDV74527Hollow Way at Luscott Barton (Monument)
MDV74598Junction with track to Bittadon (Monument)
MDV31726Kennel Cottages, Old Barnstaple Road, Braunton (Monument)
MDV74535Knowlwater Leat (Monument)
MDV74514Lane near Burland Farm (Monument)
MDV74536Lane over Fullabrook Down (Monument)
MDV74484Linhay at Beara Charter Barton , Braunton (Building)
MDV31848Little Silver Quarry, Marwood (Monument)
MDV22727Little Silver Tenement, Marwood (Monument)
MDV31184Lower Aylescott, West Down (Building)
MDV18675Lower Aylescott, West Down (Monument)
MDV32392Lower Metcombe Farmhouse, Marwood (Building)
MDV18657Lower Metcombe, Marwood (Monument)
MDV12473Luscott Barton, Braunton (Monument)
MDV940Luscott Chapel, Braunton (Monument)
MDV74522Luscott Lane, Halsinger (Monument)
MDV44061Luscott Warren, Braunton (Monument)
MDV74507Lyncet near Burland Cross (Monument)
MDV74533Lynchet near Luscott Barton (Monument)
MDV32186Marwood Primary School (Monument)
MDV74568Medieval Pottery near Burland Cross (Find Spot)
MDV74567Medieval Pottery near Crackaway Barton (Find Spot)
MDV74569Medieval Pottery near Crackaway Barton (Find Spot)
MDV37669Metcombe Mill, Marwood (Monument)
MDV74506Milestone near Burland Cross (Monument)
MDV32129Milestone near Little Silver (Monument)
MDV74501Milestone near Metcombe Cross (Monument)
MDV31372Milestone near Stowford Plantation, Bittadon (Monument)
MDV31858Milestone Southeast of Burland House (Monument)
MDV31725Milestone, Old Barnstaple Road, Braunton (Monument)
MDV32190Milltown Leat, Marwood (Monument)
MDV32189Milltown Mill, Marwood (Monument)
MDV32191Milltown Smithy (Monument)
MDV31820Milltown Smithy, Marwood (Monument)
MDV74517North Lane, Metcombe (Monument)
MDV74494Orchard Pond, Fullabrook Barton (Monument)
MDV31185Outbuildings at Lower Aylescott, West Down (Building)
MDV31856Parish Boundary Stone East of Burland House (Monument)
MDV74561Patsford Chapel (Monument)
MDV32140Patsford Cottage, Marwood (Building)
MDV74499Pond at Lower Metcombe Farm (Monument)
MDV74524Pond near Ash Barton (Monument)
MDV74508Pond near Crackaway Barton (Monument)
MDV66909Quarries in Aylescott Wood, West Down (Monument)
MDV31731Quarries near Boode (Monument)
MDV74493Quarry at Burland (Monument)
MDV32131Quarry at Gypsy Corner, Marwood (Monument)
MDV31817Quarry at Milltown, Marwood (Monument)
MDV31730Quarry in Ash Wood, Braunton (Monument)
MDV31727Quarry in Ash Wood, Braunton (Monument)
MDV74496Quarry in Burland Wood (Monument)
MDV31370Quarry in Centery Plantation, West Down (Monument)
MDV2179Quarry in Crackaway Plantation, West Down (Monument)
MDV66916Quarry in Crackaway Plantation, West Down (Monument)
MDV31852Quarry in Little Silver Wood, Marwood (Monument)
MDV32138Quarry in Patsford Wood, Marwood (Monument)
MDV66910Quarry in Snowball Wood, West Down (Monument)
MDV31866Quarry in Tugela Plantation, Marwood (Monument)
MDV31853Quarry near Bittadon (Monument)
MDV31733Quarry near Boode (Monument)
MDV74560Quarry near Boode (Monument)
MDV31732Quarry near Boode (Monument)
MDV74498Quarry near Burland Farm (Monument)
MDV66917Quarry near Burland Farm, Marwood (Monument)
MDV66918Quarry near Burland Farm, Marwood (Monument)
MDV31382Quarry near Caenbrook Farm, West Down (Monument)
MDV31379Quarry near Crackaway Barton, West Down (Monument)
MDV74491Quarry near Fullabrook (Monument)
MDV66907Quarry near Fullabrook Barton, Braunton (Monument)
MDV74497Quarry near Fullabrook Farm (Monument)
MDV32132Quarry near Gypsy Corner, Marwood (Monument)
MDV66906Quarry near Higher Aylescott, West Down (Monument)
MDV74548Quarry near Knowlwater Farm (Monument)
MDV74549Quarry near Knowlwater Farm (Monument)
MDV31383Quarry near Lower Aylescott (Monument)
MDV32278Quarry near Luscott Barton, Braunton. (Monument)
MDV32130Quarry near Metcombe Cross, Marwood (Monument)
MDV32133Quarry near Middle Marwood (Monument)
MDV31819Quarry near Milltown, Marwood (Monument)
MDV34268Quarry near Monkley Wood (Monument)
MDV31380Quarry near Titching Park Cleaves, West Down (Monument)
MDV32274Quarry near Waterlake Lane, Heanton Punchardon (Monument)
MDV32275Quarry near Waterlake Lane, Heanton Punchardon (Monument)
MDV31818Quarry near Whiddon Cross, Marwood (Monument)
MDV57453Quarry on Halsinger Down, Braunton (Monument)
MDV74500Ridge and Furrow near Metcombe Cross (Monument)
MDV74596Road from Hore Down Gate to Wigley Cross (Monument)
MDV74510Road from Patsford to Halsinger (Monument)
MDV74557Road to Fullabrook Mill (Monument)
MDV74473Round Barrow Cemetery, Centery Lane (Monument)
MDV2185Round Barrow near Hillcrest Farm, Centery Lane (Monument)
MDV2190Round Barrow near Hillcrest Farm, Centery Lane (Monument)
MDV2189Round Barrow near Hillcrest Farm, Centery Lane (Monument)
MDV2186Round Barrow near Hillcrest Farm, Centery Lane (Monument)
MDV2188Round Barrow near Hillcrest Farm, Centery Lane (Monument)
MDV2184Round Barrow near Hillcrest Farm, Centery Lane (Monument)
MDV2187Round Barrow near Hillcrest Farm, Centery Lane (Monument)
MDV2191Round Barrow near Hillcrest Farm, Centery Lane (Monument)
MDV2174Round Barrow near Hillcrest Farm, Centery Lane (Monument)
MDV74565Smithy at Little Silver (Monument)
MDV74523Spring near Ash Barton (Monument)
MDV74525Spring near Ash Barton (Monument)
MDV74515Spring near Burland Farm (Monument)
MDV74504Spring near Crackaway Barton (Monument)
MDV74530Spring near Luscott Barton (Monument)
MDV2178St Peter's Church, Bittadon (Building)
MDV31183Stables and Outbuildings at West Stowford Barton, West Down (Building)
MDV2172Standing Stone at Higher Aylescott, West Down (Monument)
MDV2183Standing Stone, West Stowford Barton, West Down (Monument)
MDV31854The Old Chapel House, Marwood (Monument)
MDV31371The Old Rectory, Bittadon (Monument)
MDV74545Track at Knowlwater Farm (Monument)
MDV74558Track from Metcombe Cross (Monument)
MDV74556Track on Beara Down (Monument)
MDV74539Track over Fullabrook Down (Monument)
MDV74519Track over Swindon Down (Monument)
MDV74597Track to Bittadon (Monument)
MDV74552Track to Forches Cross (Monument)
MDV74520Track to Little Silver (Monument)
MDV74542Track to Lower Aylescott (Monument)
MDV74563Track to Metcombe (Monument)
MDV74551Track to Whiteberry Plantation (Monument)
MDV32277Weir on Knowle Water, Heanton Punchardon (Monument)
MDV32147Well at Beara Charter Barton (Monument)
MDV32143Well at Beer Charter, Braunton (Monument)
MDV32331Well at Luscott Barton, Braunton (Monument)
MDV32332Well at Luscott Barton, Braunton (Monument)
MDV31860Well near Burland Farm, Marwood (Monument)
MDV31375Well near Crackaway Barton (Monument)
MDV32139Well near Easter Cottage, Marwood. (Monument)
MDV31849Well near Little Silver, Marwood (Monument)
MDV31862Well on Metcombe Down, Marwood (Monument)
MDV31861Well on Metcombe Down, Marwood (Monument)
MDV54329West Stowford Barton Mill, West Down (Monument)
MDV31182West Stowford Barton, West Down (Building)
MDV18676West Stowford Barton, West Down (Monument)
MDV74550Whiteberry, near Luscott Barton (Monument)