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Title:The Devon Urban Survey, 1976. First Draft
Originator:Timms, S. C.
Summary:Survey of 8 historic Devon towns and the archaeological implications of modern development within them. The towns included are Barnstaple, Bideford, Exmouth, Honiton, Newton Abbot, Tavistock, Teignmouth and Tiverton.

Associated Monuments (251)

MDV244641 - 5 Redgate, Bartows Causeway, Tiverton (Building)
MDV229631 and 3 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV9615910 Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2076511 and 11A Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV43665111 and 113 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV43667115 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV2223112 Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV9703216, 17 and 18 North Road, Bideford (Building)
MDV988952 Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV657402 Castle Chambers, 26 Castle Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV3684522 High Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV7885924 Bridgeland Street (Building)
MDV2302425 and 27 East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV1803128 and 28a Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV988923 Bridgeland Street (Building)
MDV4365639 and 41 New Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV206874 and 4a Bridgeland Street (Building)
MDV549214 Cross Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV230995 Market Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV9620960 High Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2074063 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2075065 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2446865-71 (odd) St Andrew's Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV4361270 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV9621374 High Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV206868 The Quay, Bideford (Building)
MDV3881597 High Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV16917Abbey Bridge, Tavistock (Building)
MDV4491Alice Horwood's School, Church Lane, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV14254All Saints Chapel, Bideford Bridge (Monument)
MDV107146All Saint's Chapel, Honiton (Building)
MDV4759All Saints, Okehampton (Building)
MDV22872Allhallows Chapel, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV503Almhouses on Meddon Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV20682Amory's Almshouses, Bideford (Building)
MDV14995Anglo Saxon Burh at Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV14994Anglo-Saxon Burh at Pilton, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV106447Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV14592Barnstaple Castle (Monument)
MDV14594Barnstaple Castle Inner Bailey (Monument)
MDV14595Barnstaple Castle Outer Bailey (Monument)
MDV61693Barnstaple Fish Market (Building)
MDV14292Barnstaple Medieval Town Defences (Monument)
MDV878Barnstaple Pannier Market (Building)
MDV9145Berry's Wood Hillfort, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV18918Bideford (Monument)
MDV108948Bideford Potteries (Monument)
MDV494Bideford Quay (Monument)
MDV55023Boat Building Yard, Strand, Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV21827Borough of East Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV21798Borough of Okehampton (Monument)
MDV21826Borough of West Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV29505Bradley Mill, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV813Brannams Pottery, Litchdon Street Pottery, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV5032Brightley Priory, Okehampton (Building)
MDV44322Brock's Almshouses, Castle Road, Okehampton (Building)
MDV7159Bronze Age Macehead (Find Spot)
MDV3833Bronze Fibula Found at Trendle Camp (Find Spot)
MDV43283Brunswick Wharf, East-the Water, Bideford (Monument)
MDV105823Burgage Plots High Street, Honiton (Monument)
MDV65669Burgage Plots in Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV15994Burgage Plots North of Fore Street (Monument)
MDV109201Burgage Plots to north of High Street, Okehampton (Monument)
MDV108953Burgage Plots, Meddon Street, Bideford (Monument)
MDV107198Burgage Plots, Teign Street and Bitton Park Road, Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV44184Burgage Plots, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV19219Castle at Exmouth (Building)
MDV19247Castle Quay, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV866Cattle Market south of Barnstaple Castle (Monument)
MDV796Chapel of St. Nicholas, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV11525Chapel of St. Thomas, Honiton (Building)
MDV1367Chilcot's Free School, 4 Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV11750Chudleigh Fort, East-the-Water, Bideford (Building)
MDV483Church of St Mary, Bideford (Building)
MDV20738Church of St. Mary, Highweek Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV4821Civil War Earthworks to west of Okehampton (Monument)
MDV59114Clapp's Mill, Okehampton (Building)
MDV9233Clergy Widow's Houses, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV109885Coggan's Well, Fore Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV23172Corn Market, West Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV1360Cranmore Castle, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV15271Crocker's Old Pottery, Bideford (Monument)
MDV108945Customs House, Bideford (Monument)
MDV109197Darkey Lane, Okehampton (Monument)
MDV4806Deserted Medieval Settlements, Sites 52-59, at Okehampton (Monument)
MDV3831Disc Head of a Bronze Pin, Trendle Camp (Find Spot)
MDV107240Early Medieval Quay at Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV107201East Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV55019East Teignmouth Medieval Market Place (Monument)
MDV59248East the Water Manor (Monument)
MDV106986Exe Bridge, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV109139Exmouth (Monument)
MDV10649Exmouth Castle (Monument)
MDV21108Flint Arrowhead from Green Close, Exmouth (Find Spot)
MDV52298Flood Pottery, King Street, Honiton (Monument)
MDV43293Ford across the River Torridge (Monument)
MDV14325Former Inn, Red Lion Yard (Monument)
MDV9883Former Medieval Salterns, Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV44306Former Mill, 37 North Street, Okehampton (Building)
MDV12521Fort Hill Fort, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV3832Fragment of Bronze Ornamental Work, Trendle Camp (Find Spot)
MDV1366Great House of St George, Tiverton (Building)
MDV61691Great Quay, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV12364Greenways Almshouses, Gold Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV1374Heathcoat Lace Factory, Tiverton (Building)
MDV18496High Street, Okehampton (Monument)
MDV21701Higher Market House, Tavistock (Building)
MDV6880Hillfort, Okehampton Park (Monument)
MDV10637Holy Trinity Chapel, Exmouth (Building)
MDV108743Honiton (Monument)
MDV21788Honiton Borough (Monument)
MDV17552Honiton Domesday Settlement (Monument)
MDV14179Honiton Early Medieval Settlement (Monument)
MDV1871Honiton Pottery, High Street, Honiton (Monument)
MDV18716Honiton Town Mills, Millhead Road, Honiton (Monument)
MDV107149Honiton's Public Water Supply (Monument)
MDV12507Horwood's Almshouses, Church Lane, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV17678Hospital, Formerly Leper Hospital (Building)
MDV107243Joy Street, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV18717Langford, Black Aller or Northcott Mill, Black Aller, Honiton (Building)
MDV19525Late 17th Century House, Tiverton Castle (Building)
MDV3830Late Bronze Age Socketed Axe, Trendle Camp (Find Spot)
MDV9231Leper Hospital, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV61692Little Quay, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV41872Littleham Manor, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV497Long Bridge or Bideford Bridge, Bideford (Monument)
MDV827Long Bridge, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV21702Lower Market House, Tavistock (Building)
MDV89106Lowman Bridge, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV498Maltese Cross, Long Bridge, Bideford (Monument)
MDV11521Manor House, 143 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV18749Manor Mills or Little Town Mills, Littletown Road, Honiton (Building)
MDV16968Manor of Little Tiverton or West Exe (Monument)
MDV18818Manor of Okehampton (Monument)
MDV78883Market Building, Market Place, Bideford (Building)
MDV78883Market Building, Market Place, Bideford (Building)
MDV78883Market Building, Market Place, Bideford (Building)
MDV78883Market Building, Market Place, Bideford (Building)
MDV15993Market Place, Fore Street, Okehampton (Monument)
MDV78878Market Place, High Street (Monument)
MDV11522Marwood House, Monkton Road, Honiton (Building)
MDV21792Medieval Borough of Tavistock (Monument)
MDV21783Medieval Borough of Tiverton (Monument)
MDV4767Medieval Leper Hospital, Okehampton (Building)
MDV14865Medieval Pottery, Dowell Street, Honiton (Monument)
MDV107197Medieval Quay, Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV20451Medieval Settlement around Okehampton Castle (Monument)
MDV12501Medieval Settlement, Paiges Lane, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV28911Mediterranean Pottery from Teignmouth (Find Spot)
MDV8649Milber Down Hillfort, Combeinteignhead (Monument)
MDV8653Milber Down Southern Camp (Monument)
MDV19146Mill Brook, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV19764Mill on the East Okement River, Okehampton (Building)
MDV55017New Quay, Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV107157New Road, Honiton (Monument)
MDV21820Newton Abbot Borough (Monument)
MDV21821Newton Bushel Borough, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV14326Okehampton Castle (Building)
MDV4751Okehampton Roman Fort (Monument)
MDV12365Old Blundells School, Tiverton (Building)
MDV12508Paige's Almshouses, Church Lane, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV4515Penrose Almshouses, Litchdon Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV38774Post Medieval Pottery Works in Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV14520Post-medieval Pottery Sherds, St Andrew Street (Find Spot)
MDV14414Pottery Sherds from Excavations at Prospect Place (Find Spot)
MDV14606Prehistoric Stone Tools, Dowell Street (Monument)
MDV12503Priory Cottage, Coronation Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV4488Priory of St Mary Magdalene, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV104795Quay at North Walk/Castle Street Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV10624Roman Coin from Boarden Barn, Exmouth (Find Spot)
MDV10670Roman Coin from Marpool Hill Area, Exmouth (Find Spot)
MDV4817Roman coin hoard found on Park Hill, Okehampton Hamlets (Find Spot)
MDV1870Roman coin, Lower Brand Lane, Honiton (Find Spot)
MDV1380Roman Coins from Castle Street, Tiverton (Find Spot)
MDV20441Roman road across Sourton Down (Monument)
MDV18525Roman Road from Exeter to Teignbridge (Monument)
MDV75536Rose of Torridge, 6 The Quay, Bideford (Building)
MDV75533Royal Mail Public House, Bideford (Building)
MDV14597Saxon Cemetery at Barnstaple Castle (Monument)
MDV13517Saxon Settlement at Okehampton (Monument)
MDV44187Shambles, Fore Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV107153Shambles, Honiton (Monument)
MDV42006Sherborne Mill, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV41864Site of the Medieval Terminus for the Starcross Ferry, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV9887Sixteenth Century Halberd from Carlton Place, Teignmouth (Find Spot)
MDV12363Slee's Almshouses, St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV13848St Andrew's Chapel, St. Andrew's Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV4763St James Chapel, Okehampton (Building)
MDV9170St Leonard's Tower, Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV43679St Margaret's Almshouses (Northern Block), Exeter Road, Honiton (Building)
MDV1874St Margaret's Almshouses (Southern Block), Exeter Road, Honiton (Building)
MDV14255St Mary's Chapel, Bideford Bridge (Monument)
MDV18857St Matthew's Chapel, Tavistock (Building)
MDV10704St Michael and All Angels, Honiton (Building)
MDV9878St Michael's Church, Teignmouth (Building)
MDV1369St Peter's Church, Tiverton (Building)
MDV857St Peter's Parish Church, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV12522St Thomas a Becket's Chapel, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV4510St. Anne's Chapel, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV109150St. Anne's Chapel, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV3933St. Eustachius's Parish Church, Tavistock (Building)
MDV15168St. James Church, Teignmouth (Building)
MDV10665St. Margarets Chapel, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV107147St. Margaret's Hospital, Honiton (Building)
MDV17252St. Mary Magdalene Lazar House, Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV109882St. Peter's Chapel, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV12362St. Thomas Chapel, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9869Stone Cross, Regent Street, Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV499Sundial, Long Bridge, Bideford (Monument)
MDV76330Tavistock (Monument)
MDV3919Tavistock Abbey (Monument)
MDV3924Tavistock Abbey Mill (Building)
MDV123232Tavistock Canal (Monument)
MDV4067Tavistock Canal, Northern Section (Monument)
MDV4094Tavistock Great Bridge (Monument)
MDV29023Tavistock Guildhall (Building)
MDV44197Tavistock Pannier Market (Building)
MDV9179Teign Bridge, Teigngrace (Monument)
MDV108706Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV15245Teignmouth and Shaldon Bridge (Building)
MDV62725Textile Mill on the River Exe at Tiverton (Monument)
MDV55325The Den, Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV3929The Fishlake, or Buddle (Monument)
MDV41952The Manor of Tavistock (Monument)
MDV24651The Market Hall, Fore Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV24595The Market House, Bampton Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV72684The Old Custom House, Bideford (Building)
MDV4492The Old Vicarage, 2 Vicarage Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV3949The Old West Bridge (Monument)
MDV107164The Pill, Bideford (Monument)
MDV21271The Red House, 25-26, Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV500The Royal Hotel, Bideford (Building)
MDV845The Three Tuns, 80 High Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV3829The Trendle, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV1379Tiverton Castle (Building)
MDV16967Tiverton Manor (Monument)
MDV18285Tiverton Town Hall (Building)
MDV14081Tiverton Town Leat (Monument)
MDV15270Torrington Lane Pottery, East-the-Water (Monument)
MDV107199Town fields, Landscore Road, Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV5579Town Mill, Okehampton (Building)
MDV65932Town Mill, Tavistock (Building)
MDV882Town Mills, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV17046Tracey Mill, Honiton (Building)
MDV18718Tucking Mills, New Street, Honiton (Monument)
MDV20748Tudor House, 49 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV1601Two Neolithic Polished Axes Found in Ford Street, Tavistock (Find Spot)
MDV4089Vigo Bridge, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV1378Waldron's Almshouses and Chapel, Wellbrook Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV107246Waste Dumps from North Walk Pottery, Barnstaple (Find Spot)
MDV16268West Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV9862West Teignmouth Medieval Market Place (Monument)
MDV57357Workhouse at Mount Ford, Tavistock (Building)