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Title:Ancient Earthworks
Originator:Wall, J. C.

Associated Monuments (147)

MDV8519Artillery fort at Dartmouth Castle (Building)
MDV1388Bampton Castle (Monument)
MDV14592Barnstaple Castle (Monument)
MDV5599Barrow east of Catkill Cross (Monument)
MDV1170Barrow south-east of Smallacombe Farm (Monument)
MDV19468BEACON in the Parish of Chivelstone (Monument)
MDV10433Belbury Castle, Ottery St Mary (Monument)
MDV5627Berry Castle Camp (Monument)
MDV1137Berry Castle Earthwork west of Queen Dart Cross, Whiteridge (Monument)
MDV634Berry Castle Hillfort south-west of Black Dog, Woolfardisworthy (Monument)
MDV10840Blackbury Castle, Southleigh (Monument)
MDV7601Blackdown Rings hillfort, Loddiswell (Monument)
MDV4842Bolt Tail Camp, Marlborough (Monument)
MDV10435Bowl Barrow on Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV10434Bowl Barrow on Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV10436Bowl Barrow on Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV10467Bowl Barrow on Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV10437Bowl Barrow on Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV10468Bowl Barrow on Venn Ottery Hill (Monument)
MDV1148Bowl Barrow on Witheridge Moor (Monument)
MDV2755Bowl Barrow west of Oak Cottage, Ashwater (Monument)
MDV2752Bowl Barrow west of Oak Cottage, Ashwater (Monument)
MDV972Brightley Barton Camp, Chittlehampton (Monument)
MDV1698Broadbury Castle Roman Camp, Beaworthy (Monument)
MDV6746Broadun Ring enclosed settlement on Broad Down, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV525Buckland Brewer, Enclosure Camp (Monument)
MDV11760Buckland Brewer, Tunnel (Monument)
MDV7224Burleigh Dolts, South Huish, South Hams (Monument)
MDV5628Burley Wood Hillfort, Bridestowe (Monument)
MDV770Burridge Camp to the north-east of West Burridge Cross, Chawleigh (Monument)
MDV921Burridge Hill Fort (Monument)
MDV1213Cadbury Castle (Monument)
MDV1321Castle Close Hillfort (Monument)
MDV9008Castle Dyke Camp in Ugbrooke Park (Monument)
MDV9783Castle Dyke in Tower Plantation, Ashcombe and Dawlish (Monument)
MDV9146Castle Dyke, Highweek, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV2690Castle Head Promontory Fort, Dunterton (Monument)
MDV284Castle Hill Settlement (Monument)
MDV18247Castle Motte and Keep, Totnes (Building)
MDV1062Castle Mound, North Tawton (Monument)
MDV776Castle north of Stone Barton, Chulmleigh (Monument)
MDV1961Castle Roborough, Loxhore (Monument)
MDV780Central Barrow on Dart Raffe Moor (Monument)
MDV169Clovelly Dykes (Monument)
MDV9388Cotley Castle, Holcombe Burnell (Monument)
MDV684Countisbury Castle or Wind Hill Promontory Fort (Monument)
MDV1124Court Castle, Winkleigh (Monument)
MDV1360Cranmore Castle, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV1123Croft Castle, Winkleigh (Monument)
MDV10778Cross Dyke at Three Horshoes Inn, Branscombe (Monument)
MDV8603Denbury Camp, Torbryan (Monument)
MDV1312Dolbury Hillfort, 230 metres North of Killerton House (Monument)
MDV1877Dumpdon Hillfort, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV11696Dunsland Northern Fishpond, Bradford (Monument)
MDV456Durpley Castle, Shebbear (Monument)
MDV181Earthwork east of Buck's Mills (Monument)
MDV1229Earthwork in Hillersdon Wood, Cullompton (Monument)
MDV8828Earthwork in Houndtor Wood (Monument)
MDV563Earthwork lynchets on Saunton Down (Monument)
MDV1018Eggesford Castle (Monument)
MDV48Embury Beacon Fort (Monument)
MDV7985Enclosure in Boro' Wood, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV1193Enclosure in East Kidland Wood (Monument)
MDV1965Enclosure in Smay's Wood, Stoke Rivers (Monument)
MDV12053Enclosure in Smytha Park Hillfort (Monument)
MDV2763Enclosure north of Northcott Wood (Monument)
MDV3900Enclosure north-east of Castle Farm (Monument)
MDV5484Enclosure on Bera Tor, Buckland Monachorum (Monument)
MDV14070Enclosure to west of Honeyditches, Seaton (Monument)
MDV10688Farway Castle (Monument)
MDV8518Gallants Bower Civil War Fort (Monument)
MDV437Great Torrington Castle (Monument)
MDV13834Great Torrington, Castle Chapel (Monument)
MDV8541Greenway Camp Hillfort (Monument)
MDV11391Hawkesdown Camp (Monument)
MDV11957Heanton Satchville Barrow, Huish (Monument)
MDV418Hembury Castle Hillfort, Buckland Brewer (Monument)
MDV1853Hembury Hillfort, Payhembury (Monument)
MDV1894Hemyock Castle (Monument)
MDV2071HENGE in the Parish of Parracombe (Monument)
MDV11693Hengiscot Enclosure (Monument)
MDV1019Heywood Castle, Eggesford (Monument)
MDV15124High Peak Dark Age Defended Settlement (Monument)
MDV290Hillfort in Ten Oaks Wood, Roborough (Monument)
MDV749Hillfort north to Stonehill Copse, Queen's Nympton (Monument)
MDV752Hillfort on Whitechapel Moors, Bishop's Nympton (Monument)
MDV2210Hillsborough Promontory Fort, Ilfracombe (Monument)
MDV2689Hilltop Enclosure north-west of Lucy Cleave Wood (Monument)
MDV2092Holwell Barrow (Monument)
MDV8824Hunter's Tor Camp, Lustleigh (Monument)
MDV1332Huntsham Castle Enclosure (Monument)
MDV7630Iron Age Hillfort at Halwell Camp (Monument)
MDV473Kenwith Castle (Monument)
MDV8743King's Barrow on King Tor, Hookney Down (Monument)
MDV1878Luppitt Beacon on Dumpdon Hill (Monument)
MDV14312Lydford Castle (Monument)
MDV41Marisco Castle, Lundy (Building)
MDV1848Medieval motte and bailey at Buckerell Knap, Buckerell parish (Monument)
MDV8649Milber Down Hillfort, Combeinteignhead (Monument)
MDV8653Milber Down Southern Camp (Monument)
MDV44736Military earthworks at Shoalstone Point, Brixham (Monument)
MDV19527Moat (Monument)
MDV13758Moated Homestead south of Stokenham House (Monument)
MDV1985Mockham Down Iron Age Hillfort (Monument)
MDV15339Motte and Bailey at Castle Hill, Widworthy Park (Monument)
MDV7602Motte and Bailey within Loddiswell Rings (Monument)
MDV1613Motte and Baileys in Burley Wood, Bridestowe (Monument)
MDV11509Mound at Bushy Knap (Monument)
MDV11390Musbury Castle (Monument)
MDV15122Neolithic Settlement at High Peak (Monument)
MDV1277No Man's Chapel Tumulus, Upton Pyne (Monument)
MDV2760Northcott Wood Camp (Monument)
MDV781Northern Barrow on Dart Raffe Moor (Monument)
MDV14326Okehampton Castle (Building)
MDV2084Parracombe, Holwell Castle (Monument)
MDV9425Posbury Camp (Monument)
MDV7010Possible site of stone settings near Spinsters Rock (Monument)
MDV11691Prehistoric Camp to the north of Waltersmoor (Monument)
MDV7399Prehistoric settlement to the west of Holwell Tor, Ilsington (Monument)
MDV5648Ramsdown or Castle Park Camp, Milton Abbot (Monument)
MDV10872Rectangular Enclosure at Lower Well Farm (Monument)
MDV14317Ringwork to west of Lydford (Monument)
MDV41932Roman Fort at Couchill, Seaton (Monument)
MDV50021Romano British Farmstead at Stoke Gabriel (Monument)
MDV7025Salcombe Castle or Fort Charles (Monument)
MDV11473Sampford Barton (Building)
MDV15472Saxon Burh at Halwell Camp (Monument)
MDV14054Seaton Down Hillfort (Monument)
MDV2807Settlement at Bantham Ham (Monument)
MDV732Shoulsbury (or Shoulsbarrow) Castle (Monument)
MDV7347Shoulsbury Castle, Barrow (Monument)
MDV10733Sidbury Castle (Monument)
MDV8371Slapton Castle, Stokenham (Monument)
MDV1958Smytha Park Hillfort, Loxhore (Monument)
MDV7622Stanborough Camp, Halwell (Monument)
MDV1913Stockland Great Castle (Monument)
MDV1918Stockland Little Castle (Monument)
MDV10196Stoke Hill Camp Iron Age Hillfort (Monument)
MDV1970Stoke or Beara Castle, Stoke Rivers (Monument)
MDV8432Sub-triangular enclosure at Higher Bury Camp, Tedburn St. Mary (Monument)
MDV3829The Trendle, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV9063Totnes Castle (Building)
MDV2925Turtley Hillfort (Monument)
MDV1930Univallate Hillfort known as Membury Castle (Monument)
MDV71Windbury Head Camp, Hartland (Monument)
MDV10500Woodbury Castle, Woodbury, East Devon (Monument)
MDV159Woodford Wood Motte and Bailey (Monument)