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Originator:Ordnance Survey

Associated Monuments (424)

MDV749921 and 2 Charles Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV759211 and 2 The Retreat, off Gold Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV749431 and 3 Victoria Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749231 Fairfax Place, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV3684210 High Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV7491910 The Quay, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV3684311 and 12 High Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV246381-3 Greenway's Almshouses, Gold Street, Tiverton , Tiverton (Building)
MDV2068413-15 High Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV7494415 Victoria Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7494517 Victoria Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749242 Fairfax Place, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749152 South Embankment, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7495022 Foss Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7494924 Foss Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV363482-4 The Quay, Bideford (Building)
MDV7494725 and 27 Victoria Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7490426 Newcomen Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7502828 Flagon House and 1 - 2 Mount Pleasant Steps, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749913 and 4 Charles Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749253 Fairfax Place, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749403 Market Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV752113 The Retreat, off Gold Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV3881130 High Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV7498331 and 33 Crowthers Hill, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV245834 to 12 Greenways Almshouses, Gold Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV749815 Above Town, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749905 Charles Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV206855 Church Walk, Bideford (Building)
MDV749415 Foss Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV239006 and 8 New Street, Great Torrington (Building)
MDV749896 Charles Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749376 Foss Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749276 Smith Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7498463 Victoria Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7498665-79 Victoria Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV3685772 High Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV3683974 and 74a High Street, Bideford (Monument)
MDV749388 Foss Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749218 The Quay, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7498581 Victoria Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV749209 The Quay, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV75970Agricultural Building, Slapton (Monument)
MDV75600Aller Cross Quarry (East) (Monument)
MDV17733Aller Cross Quarry (North-west) (Monument)
MDV19357Anvil Corner (Monument)
MDV8519Artillery fort at Dartmouth Castle (Building)
MDV75918Aviary, Slapton (Monument)
MDV58698Bableigh Wood Quarry (Monument)
MDV58703Balsdon's Quarry (Monument)
MDV40549Barn at Middle Mackham, Hemyock (Building)
MDV1785Barrow 'F' in the barrow cemetery on the ridge of Crownhill Down, Sparkwell (Monument)
MDV36059Barrow Near Chapelcombe (Monument)
MDV74988Bay Tree Cottage, 6 Roseville Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV145Berridon Hall, Bradworthy (Building)
MDV32792Berryhill Quarry on Berry Hill (Monument)
MDV16192Bestridge Quarry, Swimbridge (Monument)
MDV57784Boathouse on Old Braunton Pill (Monument)
MDV13499Boringdon Deerpark (Monument)
MDV5537Boringdon Park Mine, Sparkwell (Monument)
MDV35780Boundary Post east of Anvil Corner (Monument)
MDV58580Boundary Stone on Burley Down (Monument)
MDV76011Boundary Stone on Crownhill Down (Monument)
MDV76012Boundary Stone on Crownhill Down (Monument)
MDV47985Boundary Stone on Crownhill Down (Monument)
MDV76010Boundary Stone on Crownhill Down, Sparkwell (Monument)
MDV74907Boundary Wall of St Barnabas Church, 33 Newcomen Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV42178Bowchurch Farmhouse, Molland (Building)
MDV5624Bowl Barrow 331 metres south-west of Wrangworthy Cross, East Putford (Monument)
MDV5623Bowl Barrow 440 metres south-west of Wrangworthy Cross, East Putford (Monument)
MDV10691Bowl Barrow 500m west-north-west of Ring-in-the-Mire, Forming Part of a Round Barrow Cemetery on Gittisham Hill, Gittisham (Monument)
MDV1029Bowl Barrow near Beacon Moor Cross (Monument)
MDV1030Bowl Barrow near Beacon Moor Cross (Monument)
MDV1042Bowl Barrow near Burrington Moor Cross (Monument)
MDV1041Bowl Barrow near Burrington Moor Cross (Monument)
MDV1043Bowl Barrow near Burrington Moor Cross (Monument)
MDV16575Bowl Barrow Near Chapelcombe (Monument)
MDV36060Bowl Barrow Near Chapelcombe (Monument)
MDV1144Bowl Barrow near Gibbet Moor Cross (Monument)
MDV1145Bowl Barrow near Gibbet Moor Cross (Monument)
MDV2193Bowl Barrow near Lynton Cross (Monument)
MDV2194Bowl Barrow near Lynton Cross (Monument)
MDV7336Bowl Barrow near Lynton Cross (Monument)
MDV103154Bowl Barrow near Lynton Cross (Monument)
MDV1188Bowl Barrow near New Moor Cross (Monument)
MDV60345Bowl Barrow north of Venn Cross (Monument)
MDV11635Bowl Barrow on Common Moor, East Putford (Monument)
MDV12447Bowl Barrow to south-west of Otterburn Farm, Halwill (Monument)
MDV75686Bridestowe and Lewtrenchard Boundary Stones (Monument)
MDV75597Building and Pond south of Putford Bridge (Monument)
MDV75502Building at Elworthy Farm (Monument)
MDV75848Building at Gay's Farm, Branscombe (Building)
MDV75847Building at Gay's Farm, Branscombe (Building)
MDV75943Building near Mousehole (Monument)
MDV75274Building north west of Wrinkleberry, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV54633Building north-west of Bowchurch (Monument)
MDV76147Building on East Side of Kingford, Pancrasweek (Building)
MDV75980Building south-east of Upcott (Monument)
MDV76064Building to east of Lockridge Farm (Monument)
MDV76060Building to east of Lockridge Farm (Monument)
MDV72821Building to northeast of Marstage Farm (Monument)
MDV76067Building to north-west of Whitsam (Monument)
MDV72822Building to south of Velator Bridge (Monument)
MDV72825Building to south-west of Chivenor Airfield (Monument)
MDV76071Building, Bicton (Monument)
MDV75930Building, Bicton (Monument)
MDV75931Building, Bicton (Monument)
MDV75927Building, Bicton (Monument)
MDV76076Building, Bicton (Monument)
MDV75929Building, Bicton (Monument)
MDV75926Building, Bicton Home Farm, Bicton (Monument)
MDV75928Building, Bicton Home Farm, Bicton (Monument)
MDV76037Building, Bishopsteignton (Monument)
MDV76176Building, Bradford (Monument)
MDV76154Building, Bradford (Monument)
MDV76167Building, Bradford (Monument)
MDV76153Building, Bradford (Monument)
MDV76166Building, Bradford (Monument)
MDV76052Building, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV76074Building, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV76075Building, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV76066Building, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV76058Building, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV76070Building, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV76051Building, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV76049Building, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV76047Building, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV76069Building, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV76050Building, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV76053Building, Colaton Raleigh. (Monument)
MDV75870Building, Colyton (Monument)
MDV76158Building, Dunsland, Bradford (Monument)
MDV76159Building, Dunsland, Bradford (Monument)
MDV76155Building, Dunsland, Bradford (Monument)
MDV76156Building, Dunsland, Bradford (Monument)
MDV76099Building, Higher Sheepsbyre, Chulmleigh (Monument)
MDV76098Building, Higher Sheepsbyre, Chulmleigh (Monument)
MDV75836Building, Northleigh (Monument)
MDV75840Building, Northleigh (Monument)
MDV75838Building, Northleigh (Monument)
MDV75839Building, Northleigh (Monument)
MDV76102Building, Sheepsbyre, Chulmleigh (Monument)
MDV75909Building, Slapton (Monument)
MDV75907Building, Slapton (Monument)
MDV75911Building, Slapton (Monument)
MDV75908Building, Slapton (Monument)
MDV75915Building, Slapton (Monument)
MDV75912Building, Slapton (Monument)
MDV75914Building, South Grounds, Slapton (Monument)
MDV75917Building, south of Slapton Wood, Slapton (Monument)
MDV75919Building, south side of Slapton Wood, Slapton (Monument)
MDV75972Building, Stokenham (Monument)
MDV73936Buildings at Lockridge Mine (Monument)
MDV64599Buildings on Home Farm Marsh, Fremington (Monument)
MDV75924Buildings, Bicton Home Farm, Bicton (Monument)
MDV76177Buildings, Bradford (Monument)
MDV76048Buildings, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV22039Bunksland Farmhouse, East Anstey (Building)
MDV11606Cairn on Tibbett's Hill, Lundy (Monument)
MDV2690Castle Head Promontory Fort, Dunterton (Monument)
MDV284Castle Hill Settlement (Monument)
MDV1961Castle Roborough, Loxhore (Monument)
MDV2204Chapel of St. Nicholas, Lantern Hill, Ilfracombe (Building)
MDV61267Chillington, Field Boundary (Monument)
MDV56631Chimney at Lockridge Mine (Monument)
MDV76128Chimney Stack in Boringdon Park Wood (Monument)
MDV75958Cholditch Farmhouse, Clawton (Building)
MDV42174Church Gate Cottages, Molland (Building)
MDV35638Churchyard Wall at St Mary's Church (Building)
MDV75125Coach House, Linhay and Stable, Peppercombe, Parkham (Monument)
MDV44966Coastguard Station north of Torcross (Monument)
MDV42182Cophall Farmhouse (Building)
MDV75281Cottages at Higher Sturridge (Monument)
MDV75829Cottages, 1 and 2 Sellers Wood, Branscombe (Building)
MDV76103Cottages, Tiverton Road, Chawleigh (Monument)
MDV44318Darley House, George Street, Okehampton (Building)
MDV74910Dartmouth Arms, 26 Lower Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV2694Defended Enclosure in Dunterue Wood (Monument)
MDV21445Detached kitchen to north of Kingskerswell Manor House (Monument)
MDV75826Disused Quarry, Branscombe (Monument)
MDV44878Ditch at Okehampton Road (Monument)
MDV76135Ditch on Bullaford Moor (Monument)
MDV76134Ditch on Bullaford Moor (Monument)
MDV76133Ditch on Bullaford Moor (Monument)
MDV76136Ditch on Wester Bullaford Moor (Monument)
MDV75531Doda Well, Coffinswell (Monument)
MDV42176Dove Cottage (formerly Thatched Cottage), Molland (Building)
MDV563Earthwork lynchets on Saunton Down (Monument)
MDV75685East Down Pool, Burley Down (Monument)
MDV7283Ebenezer Chapel, Chillington (Monument)
MDV37052Ebenezer Chapel, Virginstow (Monument)
MDV60248Enclosure, Branscombe (Monument)
MDV12940Engine House on Crownhill Down (Monument)
MDV75256Farm Building at Sturridge (Monument)
MDV75277Farm Building at Sturridge (Monument)
MDV75278Farm Building at Sturridge (Monument)
MDV75683Farm Buildings North of the Bishop's Palace, Bishopsteignton (Monument)
MDV76125Flue in Boringdon Park Wood (Monument)
MDV32694Footbridge at Saltpill Duck Pond (Monument)
MDV31763Footbridge near Heanton Mill (Monument)
MDV31766Footbridge over Knowl Water near Heanton Mill (Monument)
MDV75269Footpath from Burscott to Hobby Drive, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV57967Ford near Muddlebridge Cottages, Fremington (Monument)
MDV76163Former Building near Quay House (Monument)
MDV75094Former Greenhouse at The Old Nurseries (Monument)
MDV32690Former Post Office (Monument)
MDV74608Fox Chest Tomb, St Clement's Churchyard (Building)
MDV32679Fremington Quay (Monument)
MDV76113Garden at Silverton Park (Monument)
MDV68902Gerston Farmstead (Monument)
MDV76046Glasshouse, Bicton (Monument)
MDV76157Glasshouse, Dunsland, Bradford (Monument)
MDV8520Gomerock Tower, West of Castle Road, Kingswear (Monument)
MDV75877Gorvin, Hartland (Monument)
MDV32691Grandstand at North Devon Polo Ground (Monument)
MDV75831Gravel Pit, Branscombe (Monument)
MDV66322Gravel Pit, Colyton (Monument)
MDV33904Great Abbots Farmhouse (Building)
MDV42177Green Cottage, Molland (Building)
MDV75638Guide Post in Hillsborough Promontory Fort (Monument)
MDV75639Guide Post in Hillsborough Promontory Fort (Monument)
MDV75640Guide Post in Hillsborough Promontory Fort (Monument)
MDV57168Guide Post near The Ebrington Arms, Knowle (Monument)
MDV75501Guide Post on Swineham Hill (Monument)
MDV74905Harbour View, 27 Newcomen Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV31724Hardings Mill, Heanton Punchardon (Building)
MDV11861Hart Farm, Heanton Punchardon (Monument)
MDV80Hartland Church House (Building)
MDV19561Hawley's Fortalice, Dartmouth Castle (Monument)
MDV76170Hedge Bank off Calf Street, Great Torrington (Monument)
MDV76172Hedgebank near Torrington Cottage Hospital (Monument)
MDV15124High Peak Dark Age Defended Settlement (Monument)
MDV75687Higher Carley, formerly Lower Carley, Lifton (Monument)
MDV75279Higher Sturridge (Monument)
MDV749Hillfort north to Stonehill Copse, Queen's Nympton (Monument)
MDV39820Hillside and Brook Cottage, Coffinswell (Building)
MDV8145Hillslope Enclosures in North Wood, Dartington (Monument)
MDV75834Hollow south of Summerdown, Northleigh (Monument)
MDV460Holy Well west of St. Petrock's Church (Monument)
MDV75257Horse Engine House at Sturridge (Monument)
MDV74888Horse Engine House, East Titchberry, Hartland (Monument)
MDV76096Horse Engine House, Higher Sheepsbyre, Chulmleigh (Monument)
MDV75889Horse Engine House, Lower Sheepsbyre, Chulmleigh (Monument)
MDV74886Horse Engine House, West Titchberry, Hartland (Monument)
MDV35159Huish School (Monument)
MDV16986Icehouse in Mamhead Park (Building)
MDV22658Ilfracombe Branch Line (Monument)
MDV22656Ilfracombe Branch Line (Monument)
MDV22657Ilfracombe Branch Line (Monument)
MDV43281Infant School, Bideford East the Water (Monument)
MDV74959Laburnum Cottage, formerly Shamley Cottage, Hartland (Monument)
MDV75618Lady Howard's Oak, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV11706Lane Barton, Newton St. Petrock (Monument)
MDV76006Leat at Great Abbotts Farm (Monument)
MDV36431Leat to Lew Corn Mill, Northlew (Monument)
MDV75835Lees Cottage, Northleigh (Monument)
MDV75827Lime Kiln, Branscombe (Monument)
MDV32680Limekiln by Fremington Pill (Building)
MDV75969Limekiln, Slapton (Monument)
MDV14676Limekilns east of South Aller Farmstead (Monument)
MDV76093Linear Feature near Lockridge Farm (Monument)
MDV76107Link Block at Pound Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV74917Lloyds Bank, 2 The Quay, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV64476Lockridge House (Monument)
MDV5443Lockridge Silver and Lead Mine (Monument)
MDV12629Lopwell Mine in Blindwell Wood, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV75085Lower Broadwood Farmhouse (Building)
MDV75688Lower Carley, formerly Higher Carley, Lifton (Monument)
MDV39821Manor Barn, Coffinswell (Building)
MDV39823Manor Lodge, Coffinswell (Building)
MDV4060Maristow Camp, Bickleigh (Monument)
MDV75447Marlpit to Southwest of Whitley Farm, Farway (Monument)
MDV62820Medieval Field System at Cookbury (Monument)
MDV25256Medieval Leat on the west side of Crownhill Down (Monument)
MDV26721Medieval Leat on west side of Crownhill Down (Monument)
MDV63463Middle Mackham Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV40548Middle Mackham Farmhouse, Hemyock (Building)
MDV31788Milestone near Corfe Green, Braunton (Monument)
MDV31775Milestone near Prospect Cottage, Braunton (Monument)
MDV36209Milestone north of Clawton (Monument)
MDV40445Milestone on Dawlish Road to the north-east of Matford Mill (Building)
MDV31767Milestone to the south-east of Wrafton, Heanton Punchardon (Monument)
MDV75936Mill Leat near Crowden Mill (Monument)
MDV43153Mine Shaft at Lopwell Mine in Blindwell Wood, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV43151Mine Shaft in Blindwell Wood, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV42181Molland Botreaux Post Office and Sunnymead Cottage (Building)
MDV1171Molland, St Mary (Building)
MDV1613Motte and Baileys in Burley Wood, Bridestowe (Monument)
MDV75022Mount Boone House Boundary Wall (Building)
MDV75995Newton Mill Leat, Newton St. Petrock (Monument)
MDV35150Newton St. Petrock Vicarage (Monument)
MDV44877Okehampton Street and Okehampton Road, Exeter (Monument)
MDV14140Old Bottle Hill Leat on Crownhill Down (Monument)
MDV76179Old Lime Kilns at Marsh Barton Farm (Monument)
MDV75503Old Quarry by Wilson's Tenement Plantation (Monument)
MDV76127Ore Hearth Smelt Mill in Boringdon Park Wood (Monument)
MDV76059Outbuildings, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV1Pancrasweek Churchyard Cross (Monument)
MDV39817Periwinkle Cottage and Fox Cottage, Coffinswell (Building)
MDV69899Pier southeast of Axmouth Harbour (Monument)
MDV32283Pippacott (Monument)
MDV76138Pit on Wester Bullaford Moor (Monument)
MDV76116Pond to North-East of Hayne House, Silverton (Monument)
MDV76117Pond to South of Silvertonpark Farm (Monument)
MDV75883Pond, Colyton (Monument)
MDV75910Pond, Slapton (Monument)
MDV75904Pond, Stokenham (Monument)
MDV9425Posbury Camp (Monument)
MDV44481Possible Buildings near Kingskerswell Manor House (Monument)
MDV76092Possible Catch Meadow near Lockridge Farm (Monument)
MDV76095Possible Circular Enclosure at Woodtown (Monument)
MDV75866Possible Defended Curvilinear Enclosure on Knowle Hill (Monument)
MDV76132Possible Field Boundary near Penn Cottage (Monument)
MDV76131Possible Hedgebank near Penn Cottage (Monument)
MDV76137Possible Storage Pits on Bullaford Moor (Monument)
MDV76105Pound Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV59620Pound Farmhouse, Luppitt (Building)
MDV44480Pound House in St Mary's Churchyard, Kingskerswell (Monument)
MDV37268Probable Stock Enclosure South of Ash Plantation (Monument)
MDV76104Pump, Tiverton Road, Chawleigh (Monument)
MDV75659Quarries east of Goddleigh Road (Monument)
MDV70116Quarries on Galford Down (Monument)
MDV32558Quarries south of Four Cross Way (Monument)
MDV67888Quarries, south of Glass Water Bridge, Yarscombe (Monument)
MDV53112Quarry at Lockridge (Monument)
MDV53111Quarry at Lockridge (Monument)
MDV75706Quarry by Gratleigh Wood, High Bickington (Monument)
MDV75658Quarry east of Goodleigh Road (Monument)
MDV75271Quarry in Holiwell Wood, Clovelly (Monument)
MDV75944Quarry near Cophall (Monument)
MDV53113Quarry near Lockridge Farm (Monument)
MDV33895Quarry near Luckworthy Copse (Monument)
MDV36206Quarry near Swingate Cross, Tetcott (Monument)
MDV48799Quarry near Trehills Plantation (Monument)
MDV53125Quarry near Whitsam (Monument)
MDV70081Quarry north of Affaland, Clawton (Monument)
MDV75549Quarry north of Hescott Farm (Monument)
MDV75548Quarry north of Mettaford Farm (Monument)
MDV75979Quarry north-west of Dunterton Barton, Dunterton (Monument)
MDV49646Quarry north-west of Hemerdon Ball (Monument)
MDV36430Quarry northwest of Hole Park Cottages (Monument)
MDV34075Quarry on Ball Hill, Southcott (Monument)
MDV67889Quarry south of Stile Lane, Yarnscombe (Monument)
MDV70080Quarry south-west of Lower Horslett, Clawton (Monument)
MDV37048Quarry south-west of Luffincott (Monument)
MDV74674Quarry, Deadman's Cross (Monument)
MDV31643Railway Mile Post near Knowle (Monument)
MDV47679Rectangular Enclosure Recorded North West of Hillend Farm (Monument)
MDV76124Remains of Buildings at Boringdon Park Mine (Monument)
MDV76056Remains of Two Buildings near Whitsam (Monument)
MDV76122Reservoirs at Boringdon Park Mine (Monument)
MDV75508Ridge and Furrow near Molland Cross (Monument)
MDV75509Ridge and Furrow on Meshaw Moor (Monument)
MDV75463Rifle Range to west of Bradford Pond, Witheridge (Monument)
MDV33900Robert House, Former Village School, Molland (Monument)
MDV20260Round Barrow on Ball Hill, Broad Down (Monument)
MDV20259Round Barrow on Ball Hill, Broad Down (Monument)
MDV10690Round Barrow on Gittisham Hill (Monument)
MDV75652Roundhouse at Bountis Thorne, East Putford (Monument)
MDV139Rush Barrow, Wrangworthy Cross, East Putford (Monument)
MDV32695Saltpill Duck Pond (Monument)
MDV46430Sand Pit north of Dumpdon Hill (Monument)
MDV67890Saunders, Yarnscombe (Monument)
MDV42179School House, Molland (Building)
MDV76126Settling Tanks in Boringdon Park Wood (Monument)
MDV75977Shaft north-west of Willestrew (Monument)
MDV25258Shafts at Wheal Sidney Tin Mine (Monument)
MDV76038Shaldon Battery Engine Room (Monument)
MDV76032Shaldon Battery Guardhouse (Monument)
MDV76040Shaldon Battery Gun Emplacement (Monument)
MDV76042Shaldon Battery Gun Emplacement (Monument)
MDV76043Shaldon Battery Pillbox (Monument)
MDV76031Shaldon Battery Searchlight (Monument)
MDV76036Shaldon Battery Workshops (Monument)
MDV42175Shaws Cottage, Molland (Building)
MDV76018Shippon Adjoining Cophall Farmhouse (Building)
MDV42183Shippon at Cophall Farm (Building)
MDV34008Signal Station above Hartland Point (Monument)
MDV75960Slapton Bridge, Slapton (Monument)
MDV75968Sluice, Stokenham (Monument)
MDV75744South Beer, Clawton (Monument)
MDV75920Southfield Lodge, Bicton (Monument)
MDV74906St Barnabas Church, Newcomen Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV7056St Sylvester's Parish Church, Chivelstone (Building)
MDV85St. James' Chapel, Milford, Hartland (Building)
MDV83St. Leonard's Chapel, Hartland (Building)
MDV30762Stable Block (Monument)
MDV1970Stoke or Beara Castle, Stoke Rivers (Monument)
MDV36909Tetcott Fishpond, The Wilderness, Tetcott (Monument)
MDV42180The Bakery, Molland (Building)
MDV75034The Keep, 17 Mount Boone, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV33910The London Inn, Molland (Building)
MDV74942The Market House Inn, Market Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV75095The Old Nurseries (Monument)
MDV74913The Old Post Office, 9 South Embankment, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74948The Sail Loft, 26 Foss Street, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74946The Windjammer, 23 Victoria Road, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV29721Threepenny Lodge, Poltimore (Building)
MDV76106Threshing barn at Pound Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV75255Threshing Barn at Sturridge (Monument)
MDV75005Threshing Barn at West Heanton, Buckland Filleigh (Monument)
MDV75484Threshing Barn at Westcott Farm, Milton Abbot (Monument)
MDV74911Tippers Quay, 25 South Embankment, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV74929Town Cottage, 9 Church Close, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV38933Town Farm, North Street, Braunton (Monument)
MDV37053Virginstow Church Hall (Monument)
MDV37056Virginstowe, Middlecott Quarry (Monument)
MDV31769Weir on Knowl Water at Wrafton (Monument)
MDV31771Weir on Knowl Water near Wrafton Bridge (Monument)
MDV34868Well south of East Pilliven Farm (Monument)
MDV75656Well, Pit and Wall at 6 Litchdon Street, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV72827Wells to south of Chivenor Airfield (Monument)
MDV1798Wheal Florence Tin Mine on Crownhill Down, Sparkwell (Monument)
MDV43044Wiilliams Cottages, Molland (Building)
MDV76119Willow Bed to North-East of Hayne Farm, Silverton (Monument)
MDV31602Winsham Field System (Monument)
MDV76142Wood Farm, Pancrasweek (Monument)
MDV76129Woodbank in Boringdon Wood, Sparkwell (Monument)
MDV76130Woodbanks in Chacegrove Wood (Monument)
MDV75542Woodburn Linhay, East Anstey (Monument)
MDV74982Woodlands, Weeke Hill, Warfleet (Building)
MDV31764Wrafton Sunday School (Monument)
MDV46955Yealmpton Manor, Fore Street, Yealmpton (Building)
MDV1685Yeworthy Barrow, Higher Eworthy, Germansweek (Monument)