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Title:RMB Chivenor Flood Defence Scheme Barnstaple, Devon: Archaeological Desk-based Assessment
Originator:Wessex Archaeology

Associated Monuments (209)

MDV318241 and 2 Manor Close, Wrafton (Building)
MDV330991-5 Church Hill, Fremington (Building)
MDV3182368 and 70 Wrafton (Building)
MDV66211Allen's Rock Fish Weir, Fremington (Monument)
MDV31876Barn at Eastacombe Farm, Heanton Punchardon (Building)
MDV31821Barn at Poyers Hotel, Wrafton (Building)
MDV58262Beacon Foundations in Taw Estuary (Monument)
MDV57784Boathouse on Old Braunton Pill (Monument)
MDV51127Boundary Bank east of Velator Bridge (Monument)
MDV49900Boundary Walls at Muddlebridge Cottages, Fremington (Monument)
MDV32642Bow Weir Limekiln (Monument)
MDV16296Braunton (Monument)
MDV63790Braunton and Heanton Punchardon Parish Boundary (Monument)
MDV199Braunton Great Field (Monument)
MDV17015Braunton Marsh (Monument)
MDV16956Braunton Old Malt House (Building)
MDV56005Brick Works at Heanton Court (Monument)
MDV51131Bridge over Knowl Water, Velator (Monument)
MDV72823Building to south-west of Wrafton Station (Monument)
MDV72821Building to northeast of Marstage Farm (Monument)
MDV72822Building to south of Velator Bridge (Monument)
MDV72825Building to south-west of Chivenor Airfield (Monument)
MDV64599Buildings on Home Farm Marsh, Fremington (Monument)
MDV56223Carvings in Fremington Manor Gazebo (Monument)
MDV32704Chivenor Crossing Signal Box (Monument)
MDV66210Chivenor Kiln Fish Weir, Heanton Punchardon (Monument)
MDV66212Chivenor to Penhill Fish Weir, Heanton Punchardon (Monument)
MDV71827Chivenor, Site 4 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV939Church of St Augustine, Heanton Punchardon (Building)
MDV936Church Plate in Church of St. Augustine (Find Spot)
MDV64604Clay Workings at Muddlebridge, Fremington (Monument)
MDV33115Cooper Headstone at St Peter's, Fremington (Building)
MDV33109Copp Gravestones at St Peter's, Fremington (Building)
MDV31873Cowlers, Heanton Hill, Heanton Punchardon (Building)
MDV49504Duck Decoy on Wrafton Marsh (Monument)
MDV62888East Yelland Power Station (Monument)
MDV31809Eastacombe Farmhouse (Building)
MDV203Eastern Castle and Western Castle, Lower Yelland, Fremington (Monument)
MDV32706Entrance Gates and Gate Piers to Fremington Manor House (Building)
MDV20925Fields bordering Velator Marsh (Monument)
MDV931Fire Beacon near St. Augustine's Church (Monument)
MDV66205Fish Weir at Horsey Island, Heanton Punchardon (Monument)
MDV66206Fish Weir at Horsey Island, Heaton Punchardon (Monument)
MDV62889Fish Weir near Yelland Power Station, Fremington (Monument)
MDV33110Fleming Headstone at St Peter's, Fremington (Building)
MDV59965Flint Scatter on Isley Marsh (Monument)
MDV31762Footbridge at Heanton Mill (Monument)
MDV32694Footbridge at Saltpill Duck Pond (Monument)
MDV32693Footbridge at Saltpill Duckpond (Monument)
MDV31760Footbridge near Braunton Pill (Monument)
MDV32674Footbridge near Fremington Pill (Monument)
MDV31763Footbridge near Heanton Mill (Monument)
MDV31758Footbridge near Velator Bridge (Monument)
MDV31766Footbridge over Knowl Water near Heanton Mill (Monument)
MDV57967Ford near Muddlebridge Cottages, Fremington (Monument)
MDV32685Former Field System at Chivenor (Monument)
MDV32690Former Post Office (Monument)
MDV31874Former Stable at Eastacombe Farm, Heanton Punchardon (Building)
MDV31765Former Wrafton Post Office (Monument)
MDV60349Forsythia Cottage, Velator, Braunton (Building)
MDV18946Fremington (Monument)
MDV59361Fremington Camp (Monument)
MDV12486Fremington House (Building)
MDV32679Fremington Quay (Monument)
MDV32678Fremington Station (Monument)
MDV909Fremington, St Peter (Building)
MDV32705Garden Walls at Fremington House (Building)
MDV33116Gazebo in Fremington Manor Gardens (Building)
MDV31808Granary at Eastacombe Farm, Heanton Punchardon (Building)
MDV32691Grandstand at North Devon Polo Ground (Monument)
MDV32682Gravestone at St Peter's, Fremington (Building)
MDV31816Gravestone in St. Augustine's Churchyard (Building)
MDV32328Harding's Mill Leat (Monument)
MDV31724Hardings Mill, Heanton Punchardon (Building)
MDV11861Hart Farm, Heanton Punchardon (Monument)
MDV66216Heanton Court East Fish Weir, Heanton Punchardon (Monument)
MDV66215Heanton Court West Fish Weir, Heanton Punchardon (Monument)
MDV195Heanton Mill, Heanton Punchardon (Building)
MDV18659Heanton Punchardon (Monument)
MDV935Heanton Punchardon Church Cross (Building)
MDV31815Heanton Punchardon Church Cross (Monument)
MDV16189Heanton Punchardon Church House (Building)
MDV12478Heanton Punchardon Manor House (Building)
MDV63795Hedgebank near River Caen (Monument)
MDV63792Hedgebank near Southview (Monument)
MDV51995Hexagonal Pillbox at Royal Air Force Chivenor (Monument)
MDV51994Hexagonal Pillbox at Royal Air Force Chivenor (Monument)
MDV51991Hexagonal Pillbox near Royal Air Force Chivenor (Monument)
MDV33108Hilltop Cottages, 1 and 2 Yelland Road, Fremington (Building)
MDV23384Horsey Island (Monument)
MDV16898Horsey Island Fish Weir (Monument)
MDV17027Horsey Island Sea Wall, Braunton (Monument)
MDV66207Horsey Ridge Fish Weir, Heanton Punchardon (Monument)
MDV22657Ilfracombe Branch Line (Monument)
MDV22658Ilfracombe Branch Line (Monument)
MDV16894Kilns near Kiln Cottages (Monument)
MDV63788Lane to Southview Cottage (Monument)
MDV71813Light Anti Aircraft Battery [A], Chivenor (Monument)
MDV71824Light Anti Aircraft Battery 1, Chivenor (Monument)
MDV71825Light Anti Aircraft Battery 2, Chivenor (Monument)
MDV71826Light Anti Aircraft Battery 3, Chivenor (Monument)
MDV917Lime Kiln near Penhill Point (Monument)
MDV56006Limekiln at Heanton Court Barton (Monument)
MDV32680Limekiln by Fremington Pill (Building)
MDV16895Limekiln near Marstage Farm (Monument)
MDV63794Limekiln near Velator Marsh (Monument)
MDV32641Limekiln on East Yelland Marsh (Monument)
MDV198Limekilns at Velator (Monument)
MDV31875Linhay at Eastacombe Farm (Building)
MDV45560Linhay at the White House, Braunton Marsh (Monument)
MDV36779Linhay on Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV45559Linhay on Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV17021Linhay on Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV45571Linhay on Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV45572Linhay on Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV17020Linhay on Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV45573Linhay on Braunton Marsh (Monument)
MDV36862Linhay on Braunton Marsh 480 metres north-west of the Great Sluice. (Building)
MDV4462Linhay on Braunton Marsh, 1.14 kilometres north of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV45574Linhay on Braunton Marsh, 120 metres north-west of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV45569Linhay on Braunton Marsh, 190 metres north-west of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV17022Linhay on Braunton Marsh, 350 metres north of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV17024Linhay on Braunton Marsh, 400 metres north-east of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV17023Linhay on Braunton Marsh, 630 metres northeast of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV17019Linhay on Braunton Marsh, 630 metres west-south-west of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV17018Linhay on Braunton Marsh, 700 metres west of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV36781Linhay on Braunton Marsh, 950 metres north-north-west of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV45562Linhay on Horsey Island, Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV45566Linhay on Horsey Island, Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV45565Linhay on Horsey Island, Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV45563Linhay on Horsey Island, Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV45568Linhay on Horsey Island, Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV45561Linhay on Horsey Island, Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV45564Linhay on Horsey Island, Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV45567Linhay on Horsey Island, Braunton Marsh (Monument)
MDV51132Linhay south of Knowl Water (Monument)
MDV66209Lower Yelland Fish Weir, Fremington (Monument)
MDV32681Lychgate at St Peter's Parish Church, Fremington (Building)
MDV31825Manor Cottage, Wrafton (Building)
MDV32643Marsh Farm (Monument)
MDV67614Medieval and Post Medieval Pottery (Find Spot)
MDV32683Milestone in Fremington (Monument)
MDV32342Milestone on A361, opposite entrance to Broughton Inn, Heanton Punchardon (Monument)
MDV31767Milestone to the south-east of Wrafton, Heanton Punchardon (Monument)
MDV915Mill Field and Mill Marsh, Fremington (Monument)
MDV31872Monks Cottage, Heanton Hill, Heanton Punchardon (Building)
MDV32692North Devon Polo Ground (Monument)
MDV33112Palmer Tomb at St Peter's Parish Church, Fremington (Building)
MDV33113Parkin Headstone at St Peter's, Fremington (Building)
MDV32668Penhill House (Building)
MDV66219Penhill Point East Fish Weir, Fremington (Monument)
MDV66213Penhill Point West Fish Weir, Fremington (Monument)
MDV51133Poyers Bridge (Monument)
MDV31822Poyers Hotel, Wrafton (Building)
MDV31807Pumphouse at Eastacombe Farm (Building)
MDV32281Quarry in Ladywell Wood (Monument)
MDV937Rood Screen in Church of St. Augustine (Monument)
MDV16896Round Linhay on Braunton Marsh, 950m north of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV51992Royal Air Force Base Chivenor (Monument)
MDV32695Saltpill Duck Pond (Monument)
MDV33111Sampson Headstone at St Peter's, Fremington (Building)
MDV33114Score Headstone at St Peter's, Fremington (Building)
MDV59203Sewage Tank near Fremington Camp (Monument)
MDV31757Signal Post at Velator (Monument)
MDV31738Signal Post near Wrafton Station (Monument)
MDV51128Sluice at Velator Bridge (Monument)
MDV51130Sluice at Velator Quay, Braunton (Monument)
MDV51134Sluice near Marstage Cottage, Braunton (Monument)
MDV51135Sluice to east of Poyers Bridge (Monument)
MDV57475Small Brooch found at Pill Cottage (Find Spot)
MDV32689Smithy at Fremington (Monument)
MDV31759Smithy at Wrafton (Monument)
MDV197Standing Stone near Wrafton House (Monument)
MDV109933Stanton Shelter at RAF Chivenor (Monument)
MDV36837Stile on Braunton Sea Wall 200 metres north-east of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV36838Stile on Braunton Sea Wall 900 metres south-west of the Great Sluice (Monument)
MDV938Sundial at St Augustine's Church (Monument)
MDV908Sundial at St Peter's Parish Church, Fremington (Monument)
MDV58261Taw Estuary Beacon Foundations (Monument)
MDV31871Thatches, Heanton Hill, Heanton Punchardon (Building)
MDV22393The Barnstaple and Ilfracombe Railway, Barnstaple-Braunton Section (Monument)
MDV4463The Great Sea Bank, Braunton Marsh (Monument)
MDV17026The Inspector's House, Braunton Marsh (Building)
MDV33106The New Inn (Building)
MDV54947The Wreck of the Adieu Vat (Maritime)
MDV36799Velator Bridge (Building)
MDV51129Velator Quay (Monument)
MDV63789Velator Signal Box (Monument)
MDV31770Velator Weir (Monument)
MDV63793Wall from Velator Cottage to Lilac Cottage (Monument)
MDV31811War Memorial at St. Augustine's Church (Monument)
MDV66208Weir by Yelland Power Station, Fremington (Monument)
MDV57785Weir near the Toll House (Monument)
MDV31769Weir on Knowl Water at Wrafton (Monument)
MDV31771Weir on Knowl Water near Wrafton Bridge (Monument)
MDV31812Well on Eastacombe Lane (Monument)
MDV72827Wells to south of Chivenor Airfield (Monument)
MDV68221West Penhill Quarries (Monument)
MDV31810Westacombe Cottage, Heanton Punchardon, Barnstaple, Devon (Building)
MDV33107Westaway Cottage, School Road, Fremington (Building)
MDV31826Williams Arms, Wrafton (Building)
MDV44056Wrafton Bridge (Monument)
MDV44055Wrafton Gate Toll House (Monument)
MDV54163Wrafton Radar Station (Monument)
MDV31768Wrafton Station (Monument)
MDV31764Wrafton Sunday School (Monument)
MDV5507Yelland Stone Row (Monument)
MDV21944Yelland, Flint Scatter (Monument)
MDV202Yelland, Prehistoric Flint Scatter (Monument)