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Title:National Monuments Record Index incorporating Exmoor National Park National Mapping Programme for SS63NE
Originator:National Monuments Record
Date:2007 - 2009

Associated Monuments (87)

MDV32792Berryhill Quarry on Berry Hill (Monument)
MDV75793Clearance Cairn north of Haxton Down Farm (Monument)
MDV1984Down Castle Enclosure northwest of Down Farm (Monument)
MDV75784Earthwork west of Lydcott Wood (Monument)
MDV75789Earthwork west of Stoke Beara Farmstead (Monument)
MDV75787Field Boundary east of Botany Bay Plantation (Monument)
MDV75806Field Boundary south east of Buscombe Farm (Monument)
MDV75799Field Boundary southwest of Knightacott Cross (Monument)
MDV75807Field System with Leats south east of Wallover Bridge (Monument)
MDV54333Fullaford Water Mill (Building)
MDV64569Hollow Way north of Knightacott Cross (Monument)
MDV75788Hollow Ways south of Mockham Down (Monument)
MDV1976Kipscombe Deserted Medieval Settlement (Monument)
MDV1973Kipscombe Prehistoric Bowl Barrow (Monument)
MDV75782Leat from Gratton Farm to Lydcott Hall (Monument)
MDV75783Leat west of South Lydcott Wood (Monument)
MDV75808Leats, Sluices and Pond east of Sprecott Farm (Monument)
MDV75757Linear Depression southwest of Five Cross Way (Monument)
MDV75805Medieval Field Boundaries north of Kipscombe Wood (Monument)
MDV17895Medieval Field Boundaries on Silkwood Top (Monument)
MDV75791Medieval Field Boundary northeast of Benton (Monument)
MDV17897Medieval Field System on Wallover Down (Monument)
MDV75800Medieval Lynchets west of Northland Corner (Monument)
MDV75804Medieval Ridge and Furrow north of Leworthy Farm (Monument)
MDV75790Medieval Ridge and Furrow north of Stoke Benton (Monument)
MDV75803Medieval Ridge and Furrow south of Gratton Farm (Monument)
MDV75802Medieval Ridge and Furrow south-east of Gratton (Monument)
MDV75786Medieval Strip Field Lynchets east of Little Bray (Monument)
MDV75785Medieval Strip Field Lynchets west of Cross Gate (Monument)
MDV1985Mockham Down Iron Age Hillfort (Monument)
MDV19070Mockham, Brayford (Monument)
MDV75797Post Medieval Clearance Cairns west of Kipscombe (Monument)
MDV1979Prehistoric Barrow east of Little Bray Cross (Monument)
MDV1980Prehistoric Barrow east of Little Bray Cross (Monument)
MDV1981Prehistoric Barrow east of Little Bray Cross (Monument)
MDV1978Prehistoric Barrow east of Little Bray Cross (Monument)
MDV1982Prehistoric Barrow east of Little Bray Cross (Monument)
MDV1977Prehistoric Barrow northeast of Five Cross Way (Monument)
MDV1975Prehistoric Barrow on Bratton Down (Monument)
MDV75794Prehistoric Barrow south-west of Four Cross Way (Monument)
MDV12069Prehistoric Barrow South-West of Four Cross Way (Monument)
MDV12064Prehistoric Barrow to south of Four Cross Way (Monument)
MDV12065Prehistoric Barrow to south of Four Cross Way (Monument)
MDV12063Prehistoric Barrow to south of Four Cross Way (Monument)
MDV12062Prehistoric Barrow to south of Four Cross Way (Monument)
MDV1988Prehistoric Barrows north of Leworthy Cross (Monument)
MDV75795Prehistoric Cairn east of Little Bray Cross (Monument)
MDV75792Prehistoric Enclosure north east of Benton (Monument)
MDV75798Prehistoric Round Barrow south of Silkwood Top (Monument)
MDV51294Quarries on Wallover Down (Monument)
MDV32558Quarries south of Four Cross Way (Monument)
MDV32559Quarries south of Four Cross Way (Monument)
MDV57509Quarries south of Four Cross Way (Monument)
MDV32563Quarries south of Goat Combe (Monument)
MDV32564Quarries south of Goats Combe (Monument)
MDV32562Quarry and Other Features south of Wallover Down Gate (Monument)
MDV32697Quarry east of Benton Road (Monument)
MDV32552Quarry east of Northland Corner (Monument)
MDV32794Quarry northeast of Little Bray Cross (Monument)
MDV75796Quarry on Bratton Down (Monument)
MDV57510Quarry on Lee Ball (Monument)
MDV57793Quarry on Mockham Down (Monument)
MDV32557Quarry south of Four Cross Way (Monument)
MDV32793Quarry southwest of Berry Hill (Monument)
MDV74390Sluicegate west of Lydcott Wood (Monument)
MDV32775Stockdown Quarry west of Wort Wood (Monument)
MDV56295Tracks and Hollow Ways south of Mockham Down Gate (Monument)
MDV75801Two Field Boundaries east of Kipscombe (Monument)
MDV74463Water Meadow at Wallover Barton (Monument)
MDV75758Water Meadow northeast of Knightacott (Monument)
MDV75760Water Meadow south of Leworthy (Monument)
MDV74383Water Meadows and Leat east of Little Bray Farm (Monument)
MDV75777Water Meadows east of Fernam Farm (Monument)
MDV75764Water Meadows east of Haxton Down (Monument)
MDV75781Water Meadows east of Little Bray Farm (Monument)
MDV75779Water Meadows northwest of Cowley's Plantation (Monument)
MDV75762Water Meadows south of Buscombe Farm (Monument)
MDV75767Water Meadows south of Down Farm (Monument)
MDV75761Water Meadows south of Kipscombe (Monument)
MDV75759Water Meadows south of Leworthy (Monument)
MDV74382Water Meadows south of Lydcott Hall (Monument)
MDV75769Water Meadows south of Mockham Barton (Monument)
MDV75780Water Meadows south of South Lydcott Wood (Monument)
MDV75778Water Meadows south of Stock Farm, Brayford (Monument)
MDV75768Water Meadows southeast of Gratton Farm (Monument)
MDV75763Water Meadows southeast of Leworthy Bridge (Monument)
MDV75766Water Meadows west of Benton (Monument)