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Originator:Ordnance Survey

Associated Monuments (first 1000 links displayed, contact Devon HER for more information)

MDV78207"Q" Unit Plinth, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV239321 - 20 Montpelier Terrace, Ilfracombe (Building)
MDV790391 - 3 The Square, Beer (Building)
MDV283591 and 2 Brooklands Farm, Kilmington (Building)
MDV762151 Regent Gardens, Teignmouth (Building)
MDV786341, 2, 2a, 2b, Bank Street, 5 and 5a Somerset Place, Teignmouth (Building)
MDV7884511 and 12 The Village, Yeoford (Monument)
MDV192441-12 Ceramic Terrace, Trinity Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV759421-3 Chapel Street, Sidbury (Building)
MDV7697213-18 Dolvin Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV2310318-21 Market Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV3880119 High Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV657402 Castle Chambers, 26 Castle Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2310523 Market Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV6573924 Castle Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV3883324-25 Joy Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV7065127 Castle Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV764303 Joy Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV786794 and 6 West Street (Building)
MDV230984 Market Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV762894-5 Frogmore Farm, Ashprington (Building)
MDV230995 Market Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV231006 Market Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV788636 Mill Street (Building)
MDV424127-12 Dolvin Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV788608 and 9 Market Place, Bideford (Monument)
MDV8448 Cross Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV788758 Grenville Street (Building)
MDV3892585 and 86 Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV7894386 High Street, Crediton (Monument)
MDV764149-18 Ebberley Lawn, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV7895496 and 97 High Street, Crediton (Monument)
MDV43876Abbey Chapel, Forecourt Wall and Piers, Tavistock (Building)
MDV67798Ablutions and Decontamination Block, Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV78393Ablutions Block, Winkleigh Airfield Dispersed Site 2 (Monument)
MDV76212Adit at Furzehill Mine (Monument)
MDV77886Agent's House, South Hooe Mine (Monument)
MDV76472Agricultural Building at Lower Wooladon Farm (Monument)
MDV76469Agricultural Building at Lower Wooladon Farm (Monument)
MDV76345Agricultural building at North Week Farm, Chulmleigh (Monument)
MDV78167Agricultural Building North-west of Lovaton (Monument)
MDV76452Agricultural Building, Lower Cawdron Farm. (Monument)
MDV76523Agricultural Building, South of Place Court. (Monument)
MDV76522Agricultural Building, South-East of St John's the Baptist (Monument)
MDV76650Agricultural Building, South-West of Blegberry Farmhouse (Monument)
MDV76505Agricultural Buildings, North-East of Dalditch Farm (Monument)
MDV67807Airmen's Latrines, Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV78360Ammunition Store, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV78357Ammunition Store, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV76298Animal Shelter at Sydenham, Marystow (Monument)
MDV76467Archaeological Feature, South-East of Higher Wooladon Farm (Monument)
MDV43329Arsenic Chimney, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV102393Artefact scatter, The Walronds, Cullompton (Find Spot)
MDV76870Ash Farm farmstead, Whitchurch (Monument)
MDV16573Ashburton to Tavistock routemarker, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV78318Aviation Petrol Installation, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV78211Bakery and Grocery, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV78999Bampton Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV70393Bank North West of Blackberry Maries (Monument)
MDV76388Bank to South of Enclosure in Greenawell Park (Monument)
MDV70801Bank, Military Training Camp, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV76376Banks Associated with Enclosure in Greenawell Park (Monument)
MDV76387Banks to East of Enclosure in Greenawell Park (Monument)
MDV23063Barclays Bank, Bedford Square, Tavistock (Building)
MDV76110Barn and Stables at Gorehayes Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV78261Barn at Cherrycombe, Luton (Monument)
MDV68903Barn at Gerston Farm (Monument)
MDV76796Barn at Hoppins Farm, Southerton (Monument)
MDV33135Barn at Lower Allerton Farm (Building)
MDV23482Barn at Warleigh Barton (Building)
MDV76534Barn at Wortham Manor, Lifton (Building)
MDV76295Barn to North of Sydenham House, Marystow (Monument)
MDV77365Barne farmstead, Christow (Monument)
MDV14595Barnstaple Castle Outer Bailey (Monument)
MDV78642Barrack Hut, Exeter Airfield Dispersed Site 3 (Monument)
MDV78646Barrack Hut, Exeter Airfield Dispersed Site 3 (Monument)
MDV78411Barrack Huts, Exeter Airfield Dispersed Site 8 (Monument)
MDV140Barrow 123 metres south-west of Wrangworthy Cross, East Putford (Monument)
MDV14657Barrow 174 metres south-west of Wrangworthy Cross, East Putford (Monument)
MDV78978Barrow 380 metres south of Upcott Cross (Monument)
MDV12645Barrow 444 metres east of Patchacott Cross, Beaworthy (Monument)
MDV404Barrow 500 metres north-east of Lane End, Halwill Moor (Monument)
MDV2005Barrow 'A' on Stoodleigh Down (Monument)
MDV10805Barrow at Roncombe Gate Farm, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV10806Barrow at Roncombe Gate Farm, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV2006Barrow 'B' on Stoodleigh Down (Monument)
MDV2038Barrow 'B' west of Higher Mattocks Down Farm (Monument)
MDV61295Barrow Cemetery on Stoodleigh Down (Monument)
MDV2166Barrow 'D' west of Twitchen Farm (Monument)
MDV60386Barrow 'E' west of Higher Mattocks Down Farm (Monument)
MDV2099Barrow east of Friendship Farm (Monument)
MDV12079Barrow 'F' on Stoodleigh Down (Monument)
MDV786Barrow in Cemetery on West Burrow Moor (Monument)
MDV784Barrow in Cemetery on West Burrow Moor (Monument)
MDV13870Barrow in Cemetery on West Burrow Moor (Monument)
MDV405Barrow in Cookworthy Moor Plantation, Ashwater (Monument)
MDV2768Barrow north of Beech Hill Farm (Monument)
MDV2167Barrow north-east of Outer Narracott Farm (Monument)
MDV2102Barrow north-east of Stowford Cross (Monument)
MDV10808Barrow on Broad Down, Farway (Monument)
MDV110Barrow on Bursdon Moor, Hartland (Monument)
MDV111Barrow on Bursdon Moor, Hartland (Monument)
MDV410Barrow on Langaford Moor, Ashwater (Monument)
MDV409Barrow on Langaford Moor, Ashwater (Monument)
MDV2770Barrow south of Upcott Cross, Broadwoodwidger (Monument)
MDV1170Barrow south-east of Smallacombe Farm (Monument)
MDV2773Barrow south-east of Upcott Cross (Monument)
MDV12329Barrow south-west of New Moor Plantations (Monument)
MDV5625Barrow west of Wrangworthy Cross, East Putford (Monument)
MDV45966Barton Cottages, Lundy (Monument)
MDV1049Bathe Pool, North Tawton (Monument)
MDV78419Baths and Decontamination Centre, Exeter Airfield Dispersed Site 9 (Monument)
MDV78851Bayonet Stance, Military Training Camp, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV77764Bearwalls Farm, Lydford (Monument)
MDV23053Bedford Chambers, Abbey Place, Tavistock (Building)
MDV78329Bellman Aeroplane Shed, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV78344Bellman Aeroplane Shed, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV44Benson's Cave, Marisco Castle, Lundy (Monument)
MDV1621Bidlake Mill, Bridestowe (Building)
MDV76889Binnamore farmstead, South Brent (Monument)
MDV11593Birch Mill, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV53891Birchey Farm, Whitchurch (Monument)
MDV3039Bittaford Bridge, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV56538Blast Shelter, Dunkeswell Airfield (Monument)
MDV67762Blast Shelter, Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV67763Blast Shelter, Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV67768Blister Hangar, Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV77746Boiler House Chimney, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV57267BOMB STORE in the Parish of Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV78553Bottreaux Mill Farmhouse and Stable (Building)
MDV76411Boundary Stone by Newbridgehill Cottages (Monument)
MDV70375Boundary Stone, Lympstone Common (Monument)
MDV10694Bowl barrow 340 metres north-west of Farway Castle, Forming Part of a Dispersed Barrow Group on Farway Hill (Monument)
MDV10848Bowl Barrow North-West of Roncombe Gate, Farway (Monument)
MDV310Bowl Barrow on Beaford Moor (Monument)
MDV10701Bowl Barrow on Farway Hill. (Monument)
MDV41124Bowl Barrow on Horridge Moor (Monument)
MDV43969Bowl Barrow on Horridge Moor (Monument)
MDV10693Bowl Barrow on West Side of Seaton Road, Farway (Monument)
MDV704Bowl Barrow south-west of Rews Cross (Monument)
MDV12561Bowl Barrow West of Berry Down Cross (Monument)
MDV41117Bowl Barrows to west of The Barton, North Tawton (Monument)
MDV76872Boyton farmstead, Whitchurch (Monument)
MDV16776Bradford Methodist Chapel (Monument)
MDV54133Brandy Head Range Observation Post, Otterton (Monument)
MDV813Brannams Pottery, Litchdon Street Pottery, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV30368Brattonia Cottage and Forge Cottage, Bratton Clovelly (Building)
MDV14260Brazen Ward Powder Magazine, Lundy (Monument)
MDV3046Bridge at Torpeek Cross, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV78305Bridge House Barn, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV3047Bridge near Folly Cross, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV76484Bridge, South-East of Flete House (Monument)
MDV972Brightley Barton Camp, Chittlehampton (Monument)
MDV78088Brisworthy Farm, Meavy (Monument)
MDV80471Brisworthy Leat, Meavy (Monument)
MDV28363Brook House, Kilmington (Building)
MDV23111Brooklands, Parkwood Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV76403Building (Monument)
MDV70771Building 1, Houndtor (Building)
MDV70960Building 2, Houndtor (Building)
MDV70961Building 3, Houndtor (Building)
MDV70963Building 5, Houndtor (Building)
MDV77566Building at Bradford (Monument)
MDV77562Building at Bradford Manor (Monument)
MDV79160Building at Ford Barn deserted medieval settlement (Building)
MDV76165Building at Higher Kenneland, Bradford. (Monument)
MDV76206Building at Southweek (Monument)
MDV78232Building at Tamar Lead Smelting Works (Monument)
MDV78231Building at Tamar Lead Smelting Works, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV77399Building East of Eastacombe (Monument)
MDV67749Building for Radar Beacon, Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV76208Building near Southweek (Monument)
MDV77579Building near Swanpool Bridge (Monument)
MDV77002Building near Worlington Cross (Monument)
MDV77575Building North-west of New Cross Farm (Monument)
MDV77587Building on Braunton Marsh (Monument)
MDV77588Building on Braunton Marsh (Monument)
MDV77589Building on Braunton Marsh (Monument)
MDV77494Building Platform, South-East of Hawley Cottages (Monument)
MDV78193Building to East of Great Rutleigh, Northlew (Monument)
MDV77591Building with Enclosure on Braunton Marsh (Monument)
MDV76184Building, Ashwater (Monument)
MDV76186Building, Ashwater (Monument)
MDV76187Building, Ashwater (Monument)
MDV76045Building, Bicton (Monument)
MDV76044Building, Bicton College, Bicton. (Monument)
MDV76162Building, Bradford (Monument)
MDV76062Building, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV76057Building, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV76065Building, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV78269Building, East of Bridhayes (Monument)
MDV77403Building, East of Higher Codden Farm (Monument)
MDV77854Building, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV76097Building, Higher Sheepsbyre, Chulmleigh (Monument)
MDV78899Building, Military Training Camp, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70806Building, Military Training Site, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV78066Building, Mount Pleasant (Monument)
MDV78465Building, North Side of Mill Lane (Monument)
MDV77639Building, North-East of Lower Rexton (Monument)
MDV76466Building, North-West of Meddon Green Caravan Park (Monument)
MDV76514Building, North-West Side of Wheatpark Wood. (Monument)
MDV77489Building, South-East of Crookman's Corner (Monument)
MDV77389Building, South-East Side of South Lydcott Cottage (Monument)
MDV78195Building, South-West of Great Rutleigh Manor House, Northlew (Monument)
MDV76544Building, South-West of Shamley Bridge Cross (Building)
MDV75896Building, Stokenham (Monument)
MDV78197Building, West Down (Monument)
MDV77411Building, West Molland Barton (Monument)
MDV78562Buildings at Bottreaux Mill Farm (Monument)
MDV76526Buildings within Hartland Deer Park (Monument)
MDV77386Buildings Within Lydcott Hall Estate (Monument)
MDV56240Bulk Petrol Installation, Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV76913Bullhornstone farmstead, South Brent (Monument)
MDV59360Bulls Paradise and Giants Graves, Lundy (Monument)
MDV76845Burrator farmstead, Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV770Burridge Camp to the north-east of West Burridge Cross, Chawleigh (Monument)
MDV36941Burrows Farm West and Burrows Farm East, Watery Lane, Georgeham (Building)
MDV5447Butspill Mine, Tamar Valley Mine, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV62920Butter Wells at Cleave Farmhouse (Building)
MDV1206Cadeleigh West Enclosure (Monument)
MDV6249Cairn 290 metres south-east of Roundhill Farm (Monument)
MDV6248Cairn 300 metres south-east of Roundhill Farm (Monument)
MDV5220Cairn 360 metres north-west of Snowdon Hole, West Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV20073Cairn 370 metres north-east of Headless Cross, Moretonhampstead (Monument)
MDV6372Cairn 380 metres south-east of Roundhill Farm (Monument)
MDV5745Cairn 90 metres west of enclosures on Dockwell Ridge, South Brent (Monument)
MDV78409Cairn and Standing Stone to North of The Old Lighthouse, Lundy (Monument)
MDV58905Cairn and Standing Stone to South of The Old Lighthouse, Lundy (Monument)
MDV6250Cairn circle 280 metres south of Roundhill Farm (Monument)
MDV30642Cairn north of Cold East Cross (Monument)
MDV7457Cairn north of Top Tor (Monument)
MDV45983Cairn on Ackland's Moor, Lundy (Monument)
MDV8764Cairn on Heatree Down (Monument)
MDV3794Cairn on the north bank of the Blackbrook River south-east of Oakery, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV3792Cairn on the north bank of the Blackbrook River south-east of Oakery, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV3795Cairn on the north bank of the Blackbrook River south-east of Oakery, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV5298Cairn or hut circle south of Lamb's Down (Monument)
MDV58900Cairn to North-West of Quarterwall Cottages, Lundy (Monument)
MDV21Cairn to South of Widow's Tenement, Lundy (Monument)
MDV24Cairn to South-West of Tibbet's Lookout, Lundy (Monument)
MDV7109Cairn to West of Tibbetts Lookout, Lundy (Monument)
MDV14796Cairn with cist in middle of stone row, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV76251Capstan at Tamar Valley Mine (Monument)
MDV77307Cartshed at Freathingcott Farm, Holcombe Rogus (Building)
MDV78156Cartshed at Lower Lovaton (Monument)
MDV76329Castle House, Plymouth Road (Building)
MDV78067Catchwater Meadow, Ashmansworthy (Monument)
MDV43891Cattle Market, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV76966Cemetery, Tiverton Road, Cullompton (Monument)
MDV54418Central of three hut circles in settlement east of Royal Hill, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV28Chambered Dwelling Above Jenny's Cove, Lundy (Monument)
MDV244Chapel and Holy Well west of Spreacombe (Building)
MDV12060Chelfham Barton Farmhouse (Building)
MDV1367Chilcot's Free School, 4 Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV76282Chimney at Combe Martin Silver Mine (Monument)
MDV76229Chimney at South Tamar Mine (Monument)
MDV28332Church Cottage, Hawkchurch (Building)
MDV19366Church of the Immaculate Conception, Higher Church Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV77247Church Park Cottages (Building)
MDV2119Churchyard Cross in Down St Mary (Building)
MDV432Churchyard Cross south-east of Langtree Parish Church (Building)
MDV1289Churchyard Cross, Silverton (Building)
MDV79061Circular enclosure in prehistoric settlement north of Downing's House, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV5081Cist 1 kilometre east of Nun's Cross Farm (Monument)
MDV4270Cist 150 metres north of Ranny Brook, Stall Moor (Monument)
MDV69111Cistern at Battery Point, Lundy (Monument)
MDV78220Civilian Hangar, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV45869Clearance Cairn at North End Settlement Site (Monument)
MDV62919Cleave Farmhouse (Building)
MDV27Coastal Defence Platform, Jenny's Cove, Lundy (Monument)
MDV347Codden Beacon Bowl Barrow (Monument)
MDV67797Commanding Officer's Quarters, Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV79029Common Lane, Beer (Monument)
MDV78643Compressor House, Exeter Airfield Dispersed Site 3 (Monument)
MDV79038Congregational Chapel, Fore Street, Beer (Monument)
MDV70415Control Shelter and Generator Building, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV76956Coombe farmstead, Gidleigh (Monument)
MDV68295Coop Farmstead, Broadwoodwidger (Monument)
MDV70969Corn-drying barn 3, Houndtor (Building)
MDV39573Corner Cottage or Old School House, Broadhempston (Building)
MDV40450Cotfield and Matfield north of Dawlish Road (Building)
MDV63007Cottage at Morwellham (Monument)
MDV76314Cottage at Morwellham (Monument)
MDV36791Cottage on Moor Lane, Nethercott (Building)
MDV77738Count House, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV30451Court Barton Barn, Bratton Clovelly (Building)
MDV1715Court Barton Farm House, Bratton Clovelly (Building)
MDV11799Court Gate, Tavistock Abbey (Building)
MDV76225Coxland Farm, Cheriton Bishop (Monument)
MDV1360Cranmore Castle, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV78916Crediton Railway Station (Building)
MDV77499Crook Dairy, Combe Raleigh (Monument)
MDV1098Cross at St Mary's Church, Honeychurch (Monument)
MDV1261Cross in St Michael's Churchyard, Cadbury (Building)
MDV1013Cross north-east of Heywood House (Building)
MDV51327Crowndale Cottages, Crowndale (Monument)
MDV77750Crusher House, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV78717Culvert to East of Manley Railway Bridge, Halberton (Monument)
MDV77229Dead Horse Plot (Monument)
MDV78424Decontamination Centre on East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV55674Defence Post 10, Exeter Airfield Outer Defences (Monument)
MDV54168Defence Post 26, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV67812Dining Room, Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV76396Ditch near Gappah Brake (Monument)
MDV76851Ditsworthy Warren Farmstead, Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV1312Dolbury Hillfort, 230 metres North of Killerton House (Monument)
MDV11970Dowland Barton (Building)
MDV78711Downhouse Farm, Holcombe Burnell (Monument)
MDV1877Dumpdon Hillfort, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV1890Dunkeswell Abbey (Monument)
MDV76909Dunstone farmstead, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV456Durpley Castle, Shebbear (Monument)
MDV79010Earthwork Butts for Former Rifle Range (Monument)
MDV10497Earthwork Mound at Four Firs (Monument)
MDV10473Earthwork Mound on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV10474Earthwork Mound on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV76243Eastacott Cottages, Dowland (Monument)
MDV76245Eastacott Farm House, Dowland (Monument)
MDV14663Eastern Barrow on Darracott Moor, Huntshaw (Monument)
MDV5307Eastern of two cairns to west of field system near Holy Brook, Holne (Monument)
MDV78348Emergency Pump House, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV2439Emmets Post Barrow north-west of Blackaton Cross, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV13748Enclosure 380 meters north-west of Lower Sanduck (Monument)
MDV76355Enclosure at Greenawell Park Farm (Monument)
MDV76356Enclosure at Greenawell Park Farm (Monument)
MDV2926Enclosure at Owley Farm, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV79058Enclosure in prehistoric unenclosed settlement south of Left Lake, Harford (Monument)
MDV28109Enclosure in settlement north of Downing's House, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV5189Enclosure to the east of Huntingdon Cross, Dean Prior (Monument)
MDV5321Enclosure west of Buckland Ford, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV4291Enclosure with hut circles 230 metres north-west of Dry Lake, Harford (Monument)
MDV5712Enclosure with hut circles on Dockwell Ridge, South Brent (Monument)
MDV4913Enclosure with two hut circles, Merrivale settlement (Monument)
MDV15115Enclosure, East Budleigh (Monument)
MDV61685Engine House and Stack at Tamar Valley Mine (Monument)
MDV78410Entrance Gate to Redhayes Estate (Monument)
MDV30379Eworthy Cottage (Building)
MDV23085Exeter Inn, 1 King Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV36768Farm Building at West Saunton Farm (Building)
MDV78262Farm Building, Hingston Farm (Monument)
MDV78263Farm Building, Hingston Farm, Bigbury (Building)
MDV77906Farm Building, Lower Eastwood (Monument)
MDV77008Farm Building, North-East of Town Farm (Monument)
MDV78312Farm Building, Wheatland Farm (Monument)
MDV78314Farm Building, Wheatland Farm (Monument)
MDV78311Farm Building, Wheatland Farm (Monument)
MDV76512Farm Buildings on Great Orcheton Farm (Monument)
MDV77908Farm Buildings, Higher Eastwood (Monument)
MDV77905Farm Buildings, Lower Eastwood (Monument)
MDV77246Farm Buildings, South of West Yeo Farm (Monument)
MDV78070Farm Buildings, South Woodland Farmstead (Monument)
MDV37381Farmstead at Morwellham (Building)
MDV60361FEATURE in the Parish of Bigbury (Monument)
MDV78307Field Boundary Ditch, Forges Hill (Monument)
MDV78306Field Boundary Ditch, Knowle Lane (Monument)
MDV76373Field system at Greenawell Park, Ogwell (Monument)
MDV45865Field System at North End, Lundy (Monument)
MDV76515Field System, South-West of Southcombe Farm (Monument)
MDV78316Fighter Pen, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV78372Fighter Pen, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV78579Fighter Pen, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV78374Fighter Pen, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV78369Fighter Pens, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV33786Fishpond in Lower Beer Wood (Monument)
MDV42132Fishponds with Retaining Walls at West Molland Barton (Building)
MDV77630Flat Rod Building in Maddacleave Wood (Monument)
MDV77709Flat Rod Crank Pit, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV78378Flight Office "AK", Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV78570Flight Office, Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV30273Flint and Chert Scatter, East of East Manley, Halberton (Monument)
MDV76482Foot Bridge to Head Weir Island (Monument)
MDV77984Footbridge over Leat East of Town Mills (Monument)
MDV77934Footbridge, Birch Wood (Monument)
MDV77644Footbridge, North-East of Orchard Cottage (Monument)
MDV67480Footlands, Knowle Lane (Monument)
MDV78551Ford at Beer Cross (Monument)
MDV21003Ford farmstead, South Tawton (Monument)
MDV76267Forge at Combe Martin Silver Mine (Building)
MDV77978Former Building at Abham (Monument)
MDV78430Former Building at RAF Folly Gate (Monument)
MDV77982Former Building at Riverford (Monument)
MDV77218Former Building at the Playground (Monument)
MDV76204Former Building near Week's Mill (Monument)
MDV77714Former Building North of Bradstone Mill (Monument)
MDV77718Former Building or Enclosure North of Bradstone Mill (Monument)
MDV76200Former Building South of Eworthy (Monument)
MDV76203Former Building to South of Eworthy (Monument)
MDV77976Former Buildings at Abham (Monument)
MDV77536Former Farm Building at Higher Grinacombe (Monument)
MDV78158Former Farm Building at Lower Lovaton (Monument)
MDV78159Former Farm Building at Lower Lovaton (Monument)
MDV77522Former Farm Buildings at Waytown (Monument)
MDV76338Former Farmhouse at Higher Whitstone (Building)
MDV77189Former Field Boundaries South-west of Kerswell Down Hill (Monument)
MDV78313Former Field Boundary at The Chanter's House (Monument)
MDV77201Former Field Boundary South of Common Lane (Monument)
MDV77187Former Field Boundary South-west of Kerswell Down Hill (Monument)
MDV78401Former Greenhouses at Redhayes (Monument)
MDV76916Former Hedgebank at Dart Park (Monument)
MDV78233Former Offices and Workshops at Tamar Lead Smelting Works, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV78550Former Quarry, East Lee (Monument)
MDV78399Former Stable Block at Redhayes (Monument)
MDV78148Former Stables at Lower Lovaton (Monument)
MDV77231Former Wall North-West of Abbotsham Cross (Monument)
MDV77248Former Water Tank at Rear of Church Park Cottages, Kingswear (Monument)
MDV77147Foundry at Sandquay (Monument)
MDV76250Four Old Shafts at Tamar Valley Mine (Monument)
MDV1681Foxhole Barrow to south of Greenacres Farm, Halwill (Monument)
MDV79060Fragments of an enclosure in settlement in Erme Valley, Harford (Monument)
MDV76374Fragments of Field System in Greenawell Park (Monument)
MDV78238Furnace Buildings at Tamar Lead Smelting Works, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV63475Garden of Delamore House, Cornwood (Park/Garden)
MDV78186Gas Chamber, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV67713Gas Chamber, Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV78175Gas Clothing Store, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV69514Gawton Mine, Pearce's Shaft (Monument)
MDV77296Generals Cottage, Broadhembury (Building)
MDV5467George and Charlotte Mine (Monument)
MDV37029Germansweek Sunday School (Monument)
MDV2232Germansweek, St German's (Building)
MDV7267Gerston Manor and South Manor at Gerston Farm (Building)
MDV7033Giant's Grave (Monument)
MDV3041Glazebrook Bridge, South Brent (Monument)
MDV78992Gold Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV70942Golden Well, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV77363Gosford Pines Cottages, Ottery St. Mary (Building)
MDV39996Granary at Chelfham Barton Farmhouse (Building)
MDV27048Granary at Churchill Farm, Chardstock (Building)
MDV54229Gravel Pit North East of Mount Pleasant (Monument)
MDV38945Gravel Pit North of Morish Cotley (Monument)
MDV78913Gravel Pit, Coombe Common (Monument)
MDV54228Gravel Pit, Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV76221Great Haye Farmhouse (Building)
MDV1366Great House of St George, Tiverton (Building)
MDV76863Grimstone Manor Farmstead, Horrabridge (Monument)
MDV78412Guardroom at RAF Branscombe Radar Station (Monument)
MDV78224Gunnery Research Unit Command Office, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV78317Gunnery Research Unit Workshop, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV55112Gunnery Training Area, HMS Cambridge (Monument)
MDV78414Gym, Cinema and Church, Exeter Airfield Dispersed Site 7 (Monument)
MDV67804Gymnasium and Chapel, Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV14459Hackney Quay Settlement, Kingsteignton (Monument)
MDV67772Hangar, Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV69690Harpford Hill Cottage North West of Oakdene Farm (Monument)
MDV37879Hawkdown Farmhouse, Dowland (Building)
MDV54225Hawkerland Valley Military Depot (Monument)
MDV76957Haycroft farmstead, Throwleigh (Monument)
MDV73011Head Weir, Chittlehamholt (Monument)
MDV76219Hedge Bank east of Beech Farm (Monument)
MDV79027Hedge Bank, Wembury Point (Monument)
MDV70219Hedgebank North East of Mount Pleasant (Monument)
MDV1853Hembury Hillfort, Payhembury (Monument)
MDV1799Hemerdon Mine (Monument)
MDV29204Higher Bonehill Farmhouse (Building)
MDV77538Higher Grinacombe Farmhouse (Monument)
MDV76955Higher Murchington farmstead, Throwleigh (Monument)
MDV22100Higher Uppacott Farmhouse, Widecombe in the Moor (Building)
MDV76911Highland farmstead, Whitchurch (Monument)
MDV76944Hill farm, Ilsington (Monument)
MDV77988Hill House East, Fore Street, Chulmleigh (Building)
MDV2689Hilltop Enclosure north-west of Lucy Cleave Wood (Monument)
MDV37704Holwell Temple, Castle Hill Estate, Filleigh (Building)
MDV1309Holy Well at Lower Comberoy, Broadclyst (Building)
MDV14400Honeyditches Multiphase Settlement, Seaton (Monument)
MDV14057Honeyditches Roman Villa, Seaton (Monument)
MDV76169Horse Engine House at Higher Kennland, Bradford. (Monument)
MDV76383Horse Engine House at North Down Farm, Clawton (Monument)
MDV76300Horse Engine House at Sydenham, Marystow (Monument)
MDV76226Horse Engine House, Coxland Farm, Cheriton Bishop (Monument)
MDV77637Horse Engine House, Lower Rexton (Monument)
MDV77466Horse Engine House, North Quoditch Farm (Monument)
MDV78068Horse Engine House, South Woodland Farm (Monument)
MDV76659Horse Engine House, within Blegberry Farm Complex (Monument)
MDV79042Houses in School Street, Sidford (Monument)
MDV76862Huckworthy Mill farmstead, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV43907Hut circle 11, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43909Hut circle 13, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43910Hut circle 14, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43911Hut circle 15, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV4618Hut circle 16, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV43913Hut circle 17, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV78479Hut circle 17, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV43915Hut circle 19, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV4600Hut circle 2, Merrrivale settlement (Monument)
MDV43918Hut circle 22, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43919Hut circle 23, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43920Hut circle 24, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV4899Hut circle 25, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4900Hut circle 26, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4988Hut circle 31, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4986Hut circle 32, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4987Hut circle 33, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4906Hut circle 36, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV43900Hut circle 4, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV4602Hut circle 4, Merrrivale settlement (Monument)
MDV43901Hut circle 5, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV43903Hut circle 7, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV4613Hut circle 8, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV43905Hut circle 9, Grimspound settlement (Monument)
MDV78981Hut circle associated with enclosure, Dockwell Ridge (Monument)
MDV45870Hut Circle at North End Settlement Site, Lundy (Monument)
MDV45866Hut Circle at North End Settlement Site, Lundy (Monument)
MDV45875Hut Circle at North End Settlement Site, Lundy (Monument)
MDV45872Hut Circle at North End Settlement Site, Lundy (Monument)
MDV79069Hut circle east of incomplete Enclosure 'C' north-west of Dry Lake, Harford (Monument)
MDV5177Hut circle in Bishop's Meads settlement (Monument)
MDV5178Hut circle in Bishop's Meads settlement (Monument)
MDV79062Hut circle in enclosure 200 meters north-west of Dry Lake, Harford (Monument)
MDV79067Hut circle in enclosure 'B' north-west of Dry Lake, Harford (Monument)
MDV79068Hut circle in enclosure 'B' north-west of Dry Lake, Harford (Monument)
MDV4323Hut circle in enclosure north of Blatchford Bottom, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV78966Hut circle in enclosure, Dockwell Ridge (Monument)
MDV79059Hut circle in prehistoric unenclosed hut circle settlement in the Erme Valley, Harford (Monument)
MDV4326Hut circle in prehistoric unenclosed hut circle settlement in the Erme Valley, Harford (Monument)
MDV54361Hut circle in settlement north-east of Moorlands, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV78741Hut circle in settlement north-east of Moorlands, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV54363Hut circle in settlement north-east of Moorlands, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV78910Hut circle in settlement north-east of Shipley Tor (Monument)
MDV6295Hut circle in settlement north-east of Swincombe intake (Monument)
MDV79050Hut circle in unenclosed prehistoric settlement south of Left Lake, Harford (Monument)
MDV79000Hut circle near enclosures, Dockwell Ridge (Monument)
MDV79003Hut circle near enclosures, Dockwell Ridge (Monument)
MDV79001Hut circle near enclosures, Dockwell Ridge (Monument)
MDV7440Hut Circle north-west of Chinkwell Tor (Monument)
MDV4324Hut circle settlement on the western slope of Quickbeam Hill in the Erme Valley, Harford (Monument)
MDV5806Hut circle within enclosure north-west of Dockwell, Dean Prior (Monument)
MDV5805Hut circle within enclosure north-west of Dockwell, Dean Prior (Monument)
MDV7102Hut Circles in Widow's Tenement Enclosure, Lundy (Monument)
MDV76850Huxton farmstead, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV62956Hydroelectric Power Station at Morwellham (Monument)
MDV77797Incline Tramway to Kings Shaft, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV76437Industrial Building within Lifton Quarry (Monument)
MDV76521Industrial Building, North-West of Otterton Bridge (Monument)
MDV76434Industrial Buildings within Lifton Mine (Monument)
MDV76428Industrial Buildings within Lifton Quarry (Monument)
MDV67856Institute and Sergeants' Recreation Room, Winkleigh Airfield WAAF Accommodation Site (Monument)
MDV77298Ivy Cottage, Broadhembury (Building)
MDV77751Jigger House, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV7107John O'Groat's House, Lundy (Monument)
MDV11592Keats Mill, Yarcombe (Building)
MDV76318Kennels to South of Sydenham House, Marystow (Monument)
MDV76211Kings Arms Public House and 3 Regent Gardens, Teignmouth (Building)
MDV3235Kitt's Mine south of River Lyd (Monument)
MDV789Knap Down Mine, Combe Martin (Monument)
MDV76357Knowle Farm, Copplestone (Monument)
MDV19670Lake Farmhouse at Poundsgate (Building)
MDV77243Lambpark Farmhouse and Cottage (Building)
MDV16337Langford (Monument)
MDV78480Langmans Quarry (Monument)
MDV78644Latrine Block and Drying Room, Exeter Airfield Dispersed Site 3 (Monument)
MDV67759Latrine Block, Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV78343Latrine, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV76292Leat at Morwellham (Monument)
MDV76296Leat at Sydenham, Marystow (Monument)
MDV77983Leat East of Town Mills, Staverton (Monument)
MDV1622Leat to Bidlake Mill, Bridestowe (Monument)
MDV67875Leat to Head Mill, Chittlehamholt (Monument)
MDV40971Leat to Sydenham Mill, Marystow (Monument)
MDV78556Leats at East Lee (Monument)
MDV472Lenwood Bowl Barrow (Monument)
MDV16230Lifton Quarry and Associated Features (Monument)
MDV37382Limekiln at Morwellham Quay (Building)
MDV76597Linear Earthwork at Higher Willestrew (Monument)
MDV76361Linhay at Tale Farm, Payhembury (Monument)
MDV77309Linhay at Widhayes Farm, Uplowman (Building)
MDV17019Linhay on Braunton Marsh, 630 metres west-south-west of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV17018Linhay on Braunton Marsh, 700 metres west of the Great Sluice (Building)
MDV76287Long Frogmore, Ashprington (Building)
MDV58895Longhouse and enclosure to north of Widow's Tenement, Lundy (Monument)
MDV65036Longmeadow, Mattress and Broadley, Broadclyst Moor (Building)
MDV56249LOOPHOLED WALL in the Parish of Clyst Honiton (Monument)
MDV14335Lower Allerton Farmhouse (Building)
MDV4306Lower Piles Medieval Settlement, Harford (Monument)
MDV76242Lower Stentiford, Dowland (Monument)
MDV76257Lower Upcott, Upcott (Monument)
MDV76848Lower Uppershaugh farm, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV76931Lower Waye farmstead, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV38439Lower Wotton Farmhouse (Building)
MDV78173Lubricant and Inflammable Store, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV43267Lundy Granite Quarry (Monument)
MDV45956Lundy Quarry Inclined Plane (Monument)
MDV45961Lundy Quarry Tramway (Monument)
MDV76389Lynchet on West Side of Greenawell Park (Monument)
MDV45900Magazine at Battery Point, Lundy (Building)
MDV77855Magazine South of Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV76424Magazine within Lifton Quarry (Monument)
MDV76874Manor Farm, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV77073Mardon farmstead, Moretonhampstead (Monument)
MDV78883Market Building, Market Place, Bideford (Building)
MDV23086Market House Inn, 2 King Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV77401Market House, South Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV12429Meadow Barn at Gerston Farm (Building)
MDV67765Mechanical and Electrical Plinth, Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV14274Medieval Cemetery at Bulls Paradise, Lundy (Monument)
MDV27806Medieval Farmstead in Dendles Wood, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV12501Medieval Settlement, Paiges Lane, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV76239Medieval Shaft and Spoil Mounds at Lockridge Mine (Monument)
MDV76945Meldon farmstead, Okehampton Hamlets (Monument)
MDV55082Mess Hall and Possible Accommodation Block at RAF Branscombe Radar Station (Monument)
MDV42169Middle Lee Farmhouse (Building)
MDV77420Middle Rook farmstead, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV23065Midland Bank, Bedford Square, Tavistock (Building)
MDV30374Midstream Cottage and Briony, Bratton Clovelly (Building)
MDV76340Milestone 6 Miles from Honiton, Upottery (Building)
MDV27615Milestone and War Memorial, Rousdon (Building)
MDV76420Milestone at Smallmarsh Bridge (Building)
MDV76426Milestone Between Week Cross and New Bridge Cross (Monument)
MDV76450Milestone by Hillside Cottage, Butterleigh (Monument)
MDV76457Milestone near Ash Farm, Fenny Bridges (Monument)
MDV76416Milestone near Bridge Cross (Monument)
MDV76435Milestone near Core Hill Road (Monument)
MDV76412Milestone near Courtney's Garage (Monument)
MDV76524Milestone near Great Huish (Monument)
MDV76447Milestone near Heazille Cottages (Monument)
MDV76445Milestone near Huxham Wood Farm (Monument)
MDV76422Milestone near Umberleigh Barton Cottages (Monument)
MDV76442Milestone on Horse Lane (Monument)
MDV70791Military Garage, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV40972Mill Pond at Sydenham Mill, Marystow (Monument)
MDV1103Millsome Castle, Castle Wood, Coldridge (Monument)
MDV53409Millstone within enclosure, Merrivale settlement (Monument)
MDV78690Mine Building, George and Charlotte Mine (Monument)
MDV77889Mine Workers' Houses (Monument)
MDV79025Ministry of Defence Boundary Post, Wembury Point (Monument)
MDV970Moated Site at Brightly Barton, Chittlehampton (Building)
MDV51392Modern pit, Merrivale settlement (Monument)
MDV76949Monks Withecombe farmstead, Throwleigh (Monument)
MDV37873Mons Hall Farm House (Building)
MDV77421Moor Cross farmstead, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV52835Morwellham School (Monument)
MDV2924Motte and Bailey south of Langford Barton (Monument)
MDV76868Mount Clog farmstead, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV77263Narrow Gully North-West of Four Cross Ways (Monument)
MDV77221New Barn, Manor Farm (Monument)
MDV58237New Buildings (Monument)
MDV23133New Cemetery Chapel (Building)
MDV78426Nissen Hut Adjacent to Pinhoe Cold Store (Monument)
MDV78868Nissen Huts, Military Training Camp, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV78879Nissen Huts, Military Training Camp, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV78866Nissen Huts, Military Training Camp, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV78852Nissen Huts, Military Training Camp, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV1277No Man's Chapel Tumulus, Upton Pyne (Monument)
MDV77612North Shaft in Morwelldown Plantation (Monument)
MDV291Northern Barrow at Moorland Gate (Monument)
MDV781Northern Barrow on Dart Raffe Moor (Monument)
MDV79031North-west Entrance, HMS Cambridge, Wembury Point (Monument)
MDV78474Oakfield, Chudleigh (Building)
MDV67824Officers' Ablutions and Latrine Block, Winkleigh Airfield Dispersed Site (Monument)
MDV67851Offiers' Quarters, Winkleigh Airfield WAAF Accommodation Site (Monument)
MDV77076Old Cawte farmstead, Dunsford (Monument)
MDV14071Old Gaol, South Molton (Building)
MDV76400Old Gravel Pit, North of Rydon Farm (Monument)
MDV31Old Lighthouse on Lundy (Building)
MDV76275Old Quarry South of Blackdown Wood, Marystow (Monument)
MDV78271Old Quarry, North-West of New Standon Farm (Monument)
MDV28357Old Rugg's Farm House in Kilmington (Building)
MDV76246Old Shafts at Tamar Valley Mine (Monument)
MDV78940Orchard House, Alexandra Road, Crediton (Monument)
MDV78802Orthostatic Boundaries, Boil Tail (Monument)
MDV78801Orthostatic Boundary, Bolberry Down (Monument)
MDV33140Outbuilding, Lower Velwell (Monument)
MDV77997Outhouses and Shed, Union Tin Smelting Works (Monument)
MDV77995Outhouses at Union Tin Smelting Works (Monument)
MDV77572Oval Hollow or Mound near Upcott (Monument)
MDV76617Oval Mound South-West of Cardwell (Monument)
MDV78580Over Blister Hangar, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV3043Owley Bridge, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV78131Padely Linhay, South of Padely Wood (Monument)
MDV78771Parade Ground, Military Training Camp, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV41528Part of Furzehill Mine, or Birch Mine (Monument)
MDV15033Part of the Great Western Reave, Walkhampton and Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV4356Partial enclosure in prehistoric settlement north of Downing's House, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV30384Paul's Shop (Building)
MDV76830Peekhill farmstead, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV3045Pennaton Bridge (Monument)
MDV77464Penny Hill Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV77245Pharmacy, Fore Street, Beer (Monument)
MDV36877Philleyholme Mill, Hawkchurch (Monument)
MDV78150Pigsties at Lower Lovaton (Monument)
MDV76302Pigsties in Farmyard to South of Sydenham House, Marystow (Monument)
MDV76368Pillow Mound in Greenawell Deer Park (Monument)
MDV76371Pillow Mound in Greenawell Deer Park (Monument)
MDV76369Pillow Mound in Greenawell Deer Park (Monument)
MDV78325Pilots' Sleeping Shelter, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV10116Pinhoe, Little Thatch (Building)
MDV77182Pitland and Under Pitland (Monument)
MDV78253Plate Railway Lines at Lime Kiln Quay (Monument)
MDV77152Platers' Shop at Sandquay (Monument)
MDV78337Pond at Hill Barton (Monument)
MDV76168Pond, Bradford (Monument)
MDV77474Pond, Lower Alsworthy Farm (Monument)
MDV78185Ponds to West of Rutleigh Ball Farm (Monument)
MDV78827Pope's, Yeoford (Building)
MDV77554Possible Adit Entrance at Pickards Down Mine (Monument)
MDV60124Possible Barrow at Highermoor, Pancrasweek (Monument)
MDV77275Possible Boundary Ditch North-West of Four Cross Ways (Monument)
MDV77258Possible Boundary Ditch to North-West of Four Cross Ways (Monument)
MDV77276Possible Boundary Ditches North-West of Four Cross Ways (Monument)
MDV77607Possible Boundary Hedge Through Maddacleave Wood (Monument)
MDV77256Possible Bronze Age Enclosure Ditch at Four Cross Ways (Monument)
MDV3227Possible clapper bridge north of Willsworthy Bridge (Monument)
MDV77859Possible Former Building at Middle Stone (Monument)
MDV76252Possible Furnace Site at Tamar Valley Mine (Monument)
MDV76224Possible Mine Workings near Cleave (Monument)
MDV77555Possible Openwork with Shaft at Pickards Down Mine (Monument)
MDV76618Possible Pit or Quarry to South-West of Cardwell (Monument)
MDV76607Possible Prospecting Pit or Quarry South-West of Cardwell (Monument)
MDV77257Possible Romano-British Pit North-West of Four Cross Ways (Monument)
MDV76605Possible Shaft at Cardwell Farm (Monument)
MDV77853Possible Shaft, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV53398Possible stone row near standing stone, Merrivale, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV78225Possible Storehouse at Tamar Lead Smelting Works (Monument)
MDV41359Post Cottage, Templeton (Building)
MDV79162Post medieval building at Ford Barn settlement (Building)
MDV78941Post Office, 7 Market Street, Crediton (Monument)
MDV23054Post Office, Abbey Place, Tavistock (Building)
MDV78415Pottery Sherds from Land to the Rear of Churchills Farm, Hemyock (Find Spot)
MDV18427Pound at Poundsgate (Monument)
MDV76271Powder House at Combe Martin Silver Mine (Building)
MDV45879Prehistoric Field System in Widow's Tenement Enclosure, Lundy (Monument)
MDV76341Preston Farmhouse, Upottery (Building)
MDV3757Probable ring cairn, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV17626Probable Ring Ditch North of The Barton, North Tawton (Monument)
MDV1727Providence Chapel, Bratton Clovelly (Monument)
MDV77947Pump at Former Buildings, Lower Birch (Monument)
MDV30385Pump Cottage (Building)
MDV77907Pump, Lower Eastwood (Monument)
MDV13188Puper's Reave, Buckfastleigh Moor (Monument)
MDV76866Purps farmstead, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV76405Quaker and Wesleyan Chapel, Topsham (Building)
MDV77733Quarries at Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV47561Quarries Near South Tamar Mine (Monument)
MDV69024Quarries north of Clamoak, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV77184Quarry at Brook Cottage (Monument)
MDV48777Quarry at Furzehill (Monument)
MDV77734Quarry at Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77736Quarry at Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV51328Quarry in Crowndale Wood (Monument)
MDV76378Quarry in Greenawell Deer Park (Monument)
MDV39634Quarry in Sydenham Wood, Marystow (Monument)
MDV21987QUARRY in the Parish of Ogwell (Monument)
MDV76256Quarry north of Berry Cottages (Monument)
MDV34622Quarry South of Knowstone (Monument)
MDV44937Quarry south-west of Gerston Farm (Monument)
MDV76615Quarry to North of Ash Cross, Petrockstow (Monument)
MDV76273Quarry to West of Longpark Cottage, Marystow (Monument)
MDV20643Quarry Workers' Cottages, Lundy (Monument)
MDV45954Quarry, Lundy (Monument)
MDV76644Quarry, North-West of Blegberry Cottages (Monument)
MDV77009Quarry, North-West of Drayford Bridge (Monument)
MDV45682Quarry, South of Hemborough Post (Monument)
MDV76235Quarry, Week Bottom Wood (Monument)
MDV78130Quarry, Within Wampford Copse (Monument)
MDV37380Quay Cottage and Assayer's Laboratory at Morwellham (Building)
MDV63610Radar Station at Burleigh Bolts, South Huish (Monument)
MDV67785Radar Workshop, Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV76335Railings on north side of Rock Park (Building)
MDV77910Raised Tramway, New Shaft, Wheal Emma (Monument)
MDV78443Ratherton Cottages, Holsworthy (Monument)
MDV78395Ration Store, Exeter Airfield Dispersed Site 2 (Monument)
MDV67760Recreation Hut, Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV77565Rectangular Structure North-east of Bradford (Monument)
MDV78229Remains of Farmhouse South of Halfway Wall, Lundy (Monument)
MDV39130Revelstoke Park House (Building)
MDV7108Revetted Platform to West of Gannets Rock, Lundy (Monument)
MDV76446Rewe Millenium 2000 Stone (Monument)
MDV37871Ridges Farm House, Upcott (Building)
MDV70805Rifle Range, Military Training Site, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV5225Ring cairn on the summit of Gripper's Hill, Dean Moor (Monument)
MDV14518Ring Ditch North-East of The Barton, North Tawton (Monument)
MDV43970Ring Ditch on Horridge Moor (Monument)
MDV14517Ring Ditches North of The Barton, North Tawton (Monument)
MDV78826Rock Cottage (Monument)
MDV76173Roman Coin, Townlands, Bradninch (Find Spot)
MDV78062Roman Tile from Exminster Parish Church (Find Spot)
MDV28329Rose Cottage and Hypatia Cottage, Hawkchurch (Building)
MDV77954Rose Cottage, Atherington (Monument)
MDV78429Rotor Modulator Building at RAF Hope Cove GCI Station. (Monument)
MDV74473Round Barrow Cemetery, Centery Lane (Monument)
MDV2190Round Barrow near Hillcrest Farm, Centery Lane (Monument)
MDV10832Round Barrow on Broad Down (Monument)
MDV10835Round Barrow on Broad Down, Farway (Monument)
MDV10814Round Barrow on Broad Down, Farway (Monument)
MDV10837Round Barrow on Broad Down, Farway (Monument)
MDV5677Ruined farmstead south of Glasscombe Corner, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV76932Rushlade farmstead, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV12527Salem Almshouses, Salem Square, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV78555Saw Mill at East Lee (Monument)
MDV76323Saw Pit at Morwellham Quay (Monument)
MDV77162School, Station Road, Bow (Monument)
MDV2240Seccombe Farmhouse, Germansweek (Building)
MDV67830Sergeants' and Airmen's Ablutions and Drying Block, Winkleigh Airfield Dispersed Site (Monument)
MDV67852Sergeants' and Airwomen's Bath and Decontamination Block, Winkleigh Airfield WAAF Accommodation Site (Monument)
MDV67857Sergeants' Mess, Winkleigh Airfield WAAF Accommodation Site (Monument)
MDV76393Series of Ditches near Gappah Brake (Monument)
MDV76394Series of Gullies near Gappah Brake (Monument)
MDV76433Settlement at 4-6 Joy Street, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV6453Settlement east of Mel Tor (Monument)
MDV5306Settlement north of Snowdon Brook, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV7505Settlement south of Greator Rocks (Monument)
MDV39647Shaft (Monument)
MDV48789Shaft at Cleave Mine (Monument)
MDV48779Shaft at Furze Hill Mine (Monument)
MDV76210Shaft at Furzehill Mine (Monument)
MDV76283Shaft at Knap Down Mine (Monument)
MDV74298Shaft at Tamar Valley Mine (Monument)
MDV76241Shaft at Tamar Valley Mine (Monument)
MDV78275Shaft, Little Crandford. (Monument)
MDV78287Shaft, South-East of Bramblemoor (Monument)
MDV39648Shafts (Monument)
MDV78697Shilston Barton, Modbury (Monument)
MDV29024Shop in Guildhall Square, Tavistock (Building)
MDV5001Short stone row, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV78417Sick Bay, Nissen Creek (Monument)
MDV48836Sick Quarters Site, Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV77985Sidholme, Elysian Fields, Sidmouth (Building)
MDV46020Signal Cottages, Marisco Castle (Monument)
MDV78382Sleeping Shelter, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV78385Sleeping Shelter, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV67780Sleeping Shelter, Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV39221Slees, Flood Street, Stoke Gabriel (Building)
MDV76587Sluice at Brush Weir (Monument)
MDV76593Sluice on Leat to South-West of Park Wood (Monument)
MDV76582Sluice South of Catham Lake (Monument)
MDV78132Sluice, South of Heal Wood (Monument)
MDV78126Sluice, Wampford Mill (Monument)
MDV76511Sluice, West of Paver's Farm (Monument)
MDV5713Small enclosure with hut circles on Dockwell Ridge (Monument)
MDV76392Small Pit in Gappah Brake (Monument)
MDV78221Smelt Mill at Tamar Lead Smelting Works, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV77380Smith Hay farmstead, Christow (Monument)
MDV78559Smithy at Bottreaux Mill (Monument)
MDV1958Smytha Park Hillfort, Loxhore (Monument)
MDV77834South Lake farm, Meavy (Monument)
MDV51878South Molton Union Workhouse, North Road, South Molton (Building)
MDV5493South Tamar Silver and Lead Mine (Monument)
MDV78006South Upper Yard, Union Tin Smelting Works (Building)
MDV779Southern Barrow on Dart Raffe Moor (Monument)
MDV54417Southern of three hut circles in settlement east of Royal Hill, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV77228Sowell Farmhouse, Kentisbeare (Building)
MDV77669Spoil Heaps at Fuller's Shaft, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77412Spring, North-East of West Molland Barton (Monument)
MDV77249Springhead Cisterns at Rear of Church Park Cottages, Kingswear (Monument)
MDV2814St Andrew's Church, South Huish (Building)
MDV15263St Giles's Parish Church, Kilmington (Building)
MDV2060St James's Church, Arlington (Building)
MDV76853St Leonards Hall farmstead, Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV1719St Mary's Parish Church, Bratton Clovelly (Building)
MDV7297St Mary's Parish Church, Diptford (Building)
MDV78990St Peter Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV76974St Rumons Primary School, Tavistock (Building)
MDV78300St. Andrews School, Chardstock (Building)
MDV78939St. Martins, Alexandra Road, Crediton (Monument)
MDV76459St. Swithun's Churchyard, Sandford (Monument)
MDV76364Stable at Tale Farm, Payhembury (Monument)
MDV77237Stables at Ayshford Court, Burlescombe (Building)
MDV27047Stables at Churchill Farm, Chardstock (Building)
MDV40126Stables at Kennacott Farm (Building)
MDV76294Stables to North of Sydenham House, Marystow (Building)
MDV11998Stafford Barton (Building)
MDV67808Stand-by Set House, Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV76722Stand-by Set House, Winkleigh Airfield VHF Transmitting Staion (Monument)
MDV58904Standing Stone and Cairn to South of The Old Lighthouse, Lundy (Monument)
MDV216Standing Stone at Whitestone, Ilfracombe (Monument)
MDV58897Standing Stone to North-West of The Old Lighthouse, Lundy (Monument)
MDV58903Standing Stone to South of The Old Lighthouse, Lundy (Monument)
MDV58899Standing Stone to West of St. Helen's Church, Lundy (Monument)
MDV2062Standing Stone west of Higher Mattocks Down Farm (Monument)
MDV53395Standing stone, Merrivale, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV77974Staverton Bridge Mills Leat (Monument)
MDV43873Still House, Tavistock Abbey (Building)
MDV41790Stitchpool Farmhouse (Building)
MDV1970Stoke or Beara Castle, Stoke Rivers (Monument)
MDV1689Stone Cross at St Peter and St James's Parish Church , Halwill (Building)
MDV12Stone Revetted Platform at North East Point, Lundy (Monument)
MDV78496Stone, South of Hele Bridge (Monument)
MDV268Stoning Cross east of Hatherleigh (Building)
MDV77172Stonycombe Cottages (Monument)
MDV77170Stonycombe Quarry (Monument)
MDV55278Storage cache in enclosure wall, Grimspound (Monument)
MDV77998Store for Manufactured Tin, Union Tin Smelting Works (Building)
MDV78000Store For Unmanufactured Metals, Union Tin Smelting Works (Building)
MDV78880Strand House, 4 The Strand (Building)
MDV15585Strip fields to the south-west of Halberton (Monument)
MDV75913Structure, Slapton (Monument)
MDV77511Structure, South-West of Waytown Methodist Church (Monument)
MDV78914Structures in Old Gravel Pit, Coombe Common (Monument)
MDV67748Sub Station, Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV2854Sub-rectangular enclosure on Henlake Down (Monument)
MDV76321Sydenham Bridge, Marystow (Building)
MDV1636Sydenham House, Marystow (Building)
MDV40973Sydenham Mill, Marystow (Building)
MDV78201Tailrace, Harberton (Building)
MDV78007Tank, Union Tin Smelting Works (Monument)
MDV78572Technical Workshop, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV78779Telephone Box, K6 Type (Building)
MDV78805Telephone Box, K6 Type (Building)
MDV58542TERRACE in the Parish of Exeter (Building)
MDV46034The Barn, Manor Farm, Lundy (Monument)
MDV28331The Cobblers, Hawkchurch (Building)
MDV78972The Cottage on The Great Mew Stone (Monument)
MDV78635The Knowle, Barton Terrace, Dawlish (Building)
MDV78532The Lodge, Alphington (Building)
MDV37383The Manager's House, Morwellham Quay (Building)
MDV78953The Mount, Crediton (Monument)
MDV28326The Old Bakery, Hawkchurch (Building)
MDV45895The Old House, Marisco Castle, Lundy (Monument)
MDV49070The Old Parsonage, Woodland (Monument)
MDV28358The Old Post Office, Whitford Road (Building)
MDV77244The Old School, Combe Raleigh (Monument)
MDV4494The Red House, 23 Castle Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV33138The Round House west of Lower Allerton Farmhouse (Monument)
MDV63006The Ship Inn, Morwellham Quay (Building)
MDV78112The Soldier's Well, Woodbury (Monument)
MDV311Three Barrows south-east of Beaford Moor (Monument)
MDV38213Three Chest Tombs in St Michael's Churchyard (Building)
MDV32001Threshing Barn at Sydenham, Marystow (Building)
MDV77573Threshing Barn at Wadhays, Awliscombe (Building)
MDV78828Threshing Barn, Yeoford Village (Building)
MDV45974Tibbetts Admiralty Signalling Station (Building)
MDV78931Tidal Swimming Pool, Wembury Point (Monument)
MDV76308Timber Bungalow at Southdown east of Thurlestone Sands (Building)
MDV36074Tithe Barn, Langdon Barton (Building)
MDV1379Tiverton Castle (Building)
MDV72161Tolcis Cottage and Rose Cottage, Axminster (Building)
MDV76834Torfields farmstead, Whitchurch (Monument)
MDV76865Town Farm farmstead, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV30376Town Farm House, Bratton Clovelly (Building)
MDV76854Town Farm, Horrabridge (Monument)
MDV76888Town Farm, South Brent (Monument)
MDV61281Town Farm, Walkhampton (Building)
MDV70215Trackway across Aylesbeare Common (Monument)
MDV70927Trackway South East of Yettington Intakes (Monument)
MDV78345Transformer House, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV76359Trap House and Stable at Tale Farm, Payhembury (Monument)
MDV76576Tree Mound or Enclosure in Kings Nympton Park (Monument)
MDV76478Tree Ring, North-East of Flete Mill Cottage (Monument)
MDV76474Tree Ring, South-East of Laundry Cottage (Monument)
MDV76480Tree Ring, South-West of Head Weir Island (Monument)
MDV76479Tree Ring, West of Otter Island (Monument)
MDV2151Two Bowl Barrows north of Challacombe Cross (Monument)
MDV701Two Bowl Barrows south of Rews Cross (Monument)
MDV77753Two Buddles West of Engine House, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77158Two Cranes at Sandquay (Monument)
MDV77567Two Former Buildings at Bradford Manor (Monument)
MDV6296Two small adjoining huts within settlement north-east of Swincombe water intake (Monument)
MDV76382Two Small Quarries in Greenawell Park (Monument)
MDV78349Type A1 Aircraft Shed, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV78327Type A1 Aircraft Shed, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV76648Umborne Village Hall (Monument)
MDV78389Unidentified Structure, Exeter Airfield (Monument)
MDV78925Union Street, Crediton (Monument)
MDV78951Upauver, Poundsgate, Strathyre, Kinross and Three Corners, Crediton (Monument)
MDV1680Upcott Barrow north-east of Broadmeads Plantation, Halwill (Monument)
MDV78739Vantage Point in Maddacleave Wood (Monument)
MDV3684Village Cross west of Northlew Church (Building)
MDV67770W. T. and Gun Cleaning Workshop, Winkleigh Airfield (Monument)
MDV22255Wade Mill, West Molland Barton (Building)
MDV69109Wall Alongside Path to Fog Battery, Lundy (Building)
MDV5536Wall Painting at St Mary's Parish Church, Bratton Clovelly (Building)
MDV77884Wall Paintings in St. Michaels Church, Axmouth (Monument)
MDV45898Walled Garden to North of Marisco Castle Keep, Lundy (Monument)
MDV36292Warren's Farmhouse (Building)
MDV77994Water Course at Reservoir Pond, Union Smelting Works (Monument)
MDV77893Water Wheel for Grinder House, South Hooe Mine (Monument)
MDV54807Waterford (Monument)
MDV63005Waterwheel at the manganese mill, Morwellham (Monument)
MDV28361Ways Cottage, Kilmington (Building)
MDV1690Wayside Cross south of Halwill Parish Church (Building)
MDV78406Waytown Farm, Kentisbury (Monument)
MDV37032Week's Mill Leat (Monument)
MDV78143Weir on Blackwater River above Philleyholme Mill, Hawkchurch (Monument)
MDV76401Weir, South-East of Bicton Farm (Monument)
MDV76510Weir, West of Paver's Farm (Monument)
MDV78145Weirs in Pound Covert, Hawkchurch (Monument)
MDV78560Well at Bottreaux Mill (Monument)
MDV78439Well, Beccott Farm (Monument)
MDV78072Well, North of East Woodland Farmstead (Monument)
MDV76327Well, south-east of Stancombe Farm (Monument)
MDV77410Well, West Molland Barton (Monument)
MDV76933Welstor farmstead, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV23055West Devon Club, Abbey Place, Tavistock (Building)
MDV77415West Gatcombe Farmstead (Monument)
MDV78005West Upper Yard, Union Tin Smelting Works (Monument)
MDV4668Wheal Fanny Mine (Monument)
MDV78691Wheel Pit, George and Charlotte Mine (Monument)
MDV978Whitstone Farmhouse (Building)
MDV45880Widow's Tenement Farmstead (Monument)
MDV41478Williams' Shaft, Combe Martin Silver Mine (Monument)
MDV76890Withill Farmstead, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV15238Woodbrooke, Cheriton Bishop (Monument)
MDV159Woodford Wood Motte and Bailey (Monument)
MDV78213Woollen Mill, Parkwood Road,Tavistock (Monument)
MDV45231World War II Pillbox at Budleigh Salterton (Monument)
MDV78463World War II Report and Control Centre (Monument)
MDV76324Wrinklehorn Villa, Bourton Road (Building)
MDV13384Yalland Warren, South Brent (Monument)
MDV16215Yarde, Silverton (Monument)
MDV76844Yeo Farm (Monument)
MDV76946Youlditch farmstead, Okehampton Hamlets (Monument)