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Title:Buildings at Risk Survey in the Devon Part of the Blackdown Hills AONB
Originator:Devon County Council
Summary:Resurvey in 1997 of the buildings at risk identified in the original survey of 1994. File notes, photos and correspondence concerning subsequent actions to solve the cases of the buildings that still remain at risk. Some buildings were found to have been repaired, others had deteriorated and some new cases were found.

Associated Monuments (77)

MDV76110Barn and Stables at Gorehayes Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV76342Barn at Preston Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV77359Barn, Ford Farm, Membury (Building)
MDV22067Barn, Higher Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV22067Barn, Higher Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV22067Barn, Higher Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV22067Barn, Higher Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV76879Barn, Huggins Wick Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV105291Bodmiscombe Farm (Monument)
MDV35969Bodmiscombe Farmhouse, Uffculme (Building)
MDV27201Canterbury Cottage, Hook, Chardstock (Building)
MDV102475Cart Shed, Churchill Farm, Chardstock (Building)
MDV104790Cellar and Granary, Gapper's Farm (Building)
MDV74255Chest Tomb at St Andrew's Parish Church (Building)
MDV74254Chest Tomb at St Andrew's Parish Church, Broadhembury (Building)
MDV36124Chest Tomb in St. Michael's Churchyard, Cotleigh (Building)
MDV77582Chest Tomb in St. Nicholas Churchyard, Combe Raleigh (Building)
MDV78297Chest Tomb, south side of St. Nicholas Church, Combe Raleigh (Building)
MDV28346Chest Tombs in St. Andrew's Churchyard, Chardstock (Monument)
MDV78296Chest Tombs in St. Nicholas Churchyard, Combe Raleigh (Building)
MDV17559Church of St Andrew, Chardstock (Building)
MDV81466Churchill Farm, Chardstock (Monument)
MDV77177Cider House, Huggins Wick Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV102507Cider House, Wadhays Farm, Awliscombe (Building)
MDV77500Crook Dairy Farmhouse, Combe Raleigh (Building)
MDV77499Crook Dairy, Combe Raleigh (Monument)
MDV20558Cummins Farmhouse, Stockland (Building)
MDV102495Duck House, Preston Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV76824Flood Headstones in St. John's Churchyard, Yarcombe (Building)
MDV104775Ford Farm (Monument)
MDV5621Former Chapel and Cider House, Membury Court (Building)
MDV104782Gapper's Farm (Monument)
MDV77498Gates to Tracey House, Awliscombe (Monument)
MDV76109Gorehayes or Gordhayes Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV77448Goren Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV27165Goren Farmhouse, Stockland (Building)
MDV27048Granary at Churchill Farm, Chardstock (Building)
MDV27171Granary at Penny Hill Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV104776Granary, Ford Farm (Building)
MDV38081Higher Lea Farm Cottage, Yarcombe (Building)
MDV27039Home Farmhouse, Tytherleigh, Chardstock (Building)
MDV103945Huggins Wick Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV77176Huggins Wick Farmhouse, Luppitt (Building)
MDV78302Hutchings Headstone in St. Johns Churchyard, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV78294John Sheldon Headstone, St. Nicholas Church, Combe Raleigh (Building)
MDV11592Keats Mill, Yarcombe (Building)
MDV53858Linhay, Membury Court (Building)
MDV76107Link Block at Pound Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV27027Lords Fillet, Turfmoor, Membury (Building)
MDV78299Lych Gate to St. Nicholas Churchyard, Combe Raleigh (Building)
MDV104858Membury Court (Building)
MDV36113Monkton Village Pump (Monument)
MDV104791Open-Fronted Cattle Shed, Gapper's Farm (Building)
MDV77464Penny Hill Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV76105Pound Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV59620Pound Farmhouse, Luppitt (Building)
MDV76343Preston Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV76341Preston Farmhouse, Upottery (Building)
MDV103951Shippon, Huggins Wick Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV77501Shippons at Crook Dairy, Combe Raleigh (Building)
MDV27154Snodwell Manor Hotel, Stockland (Building)
MDV18845South Mill, Stockland (Building)
MDV79329South Wood Farm, Cotleigh (Monument)
MDV11584South Wood Farmhouse, Cotleigh (Building)
MDV76875Speller Headstone in St. John's Churchyard, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV78300St. Andrews School, Chardstock (Building)
MDV27047Stables at Churchill Farm, Chardstock (Building)
MDV27170Stables at Penny Hill Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV105580Stout Mill Farm (Monument)
MDV11589Stout Mill, Yarcombe (Building)
MDV77571Three Farmbuildings at Wadhays Farm, Awliscombe (Building)
MDV77443Threshing Barn and Stables, Gapper's Farm (Building)
MDV76106Threshing barn at Pound Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV102468Threshing Barn, Churchhill Farm, Chardstock (Building)
MDV27189Threshing Barn, Membury Court (Building)
MDV11527Tracey House, Awliscombe (Building)
MDV82700Wadhays Farm, Awliscombe (Monument)
MDV76827Warren Headstone in St. John's Churchyard, Yarcombe (Building)
MDV35739Yarcombe Baptist Church (Building)