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Title:Gawton Mine, Devon: Archaeological Assessment
Originator:Buck, C.

Associated Monuments (96)

MDV77627Air Shaft in Morwelldown Plantation (Monument)
MDV43329Arsenic Chimney, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV43328Arsenic Flue, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV43327Arsenic Flue, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV43326Arsenic Refinery, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV22881Bedford Consols or Wheal Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77746Boiler House Chimney, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77747Boiler House, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV43325Brunton Calciners, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77732Building at Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77711Building at Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77786Building by Arsenic Flue, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77854Building, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77852Building, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77626Capstan in Morwelldown Plantation (Monument)
MDV77605Costean Pit at Wheal Tool Mine (Monument)
MDV77738Count House, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77748Crusher Engine House, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77750Crusher House, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77838Culvert, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77698Deep Adit, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77836Dock, Gawton Quay (Monument)
MDV77617Engine and Boiler House in Morwelldown Plantation (Monument)
MDV43340Engine house and shaft complex at Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV43330Engine House Complex, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77618Engine Shaft in Morwelldown Plantation (Monument)
MDV77630Flat Rod Building in Maddacleave Wood (Monument)
MDV77709Flat Rod Crank Pit, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77638Flat Rod Cutting in Maddacleave Wood (Monument)
MDV43331Gawton Mine, Bayly's Shaft (Monument)
MDV69513Gawton Mine, Fuller's Shaft (Monument)
MDV69514Gawton Mine, Pearce's Shaft (Monument)
MDV5490Gawton Mine, West Devon (Monument)
MDV19379Gawton Quay (Monument)
MDV77749Grinder House, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77703Grinding House, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77652Horse Whim at Whim Shaft in Maddacleave Wood (Monument)
MDV77731House or Office at Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77797Incline Tramway to Kings Shaft, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77812Incline Tramway Tunnel, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV69516Incline Tramway, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV43335INDUSTRIAL BUILDING in the Parish of Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV43337INDUSTRIAL BUILDING in the Parish of Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV77751Jigger House, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77796Leaching Launders at Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77697Leat Through Maddacleave Wood (Monument)
MDV5491Lime Kilns at Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77646Lode Back Pits near Sims Shaft, Maddacleave Wood (Monument)
MDV77855Magazine South of Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77673Middle Adit, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77816Mine Building, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77656Mine Buildings in Maddacleave Wood (Monument)
MDV77655Mine Waste Heap near Shallow Adit Portal, Maddacleave Wood (Monument)
MDV77612North Shaft in Morwelldown Plantation (Monument)
MDV77610Openwork in Maddacleave Wood (Monument)
MDV77744Ore Crusher, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV43333Oxland Calciner, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77611Possible Adit or Shaft in Maddacleave Wood (Monument)
MDV77653Possible Angle Bob Pit in Maddacleave Wood (Monument)
MDV77607Possible Boundary Hedge Through Maddacleave Wood (Monument)
MDV77850Possible Dressing Floor Buildings, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77657Possible Former Sump House in Maddacleave Wood (Monument)
MDV77629Possible Horse Whim in Morwelldown Plantation (Monument)
MDV77659Possible Mine Magazine in Maddacleave Wood (Monument)
MDV77853Possible Shaft, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77661Possible Sump Shaft in Maddacleave Wood (Monument)
MDV77784Possible Waterfall Building, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77837Possible Wheel Pit, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV22882Powder Magazine, Bedford Consols Mine (Monument)
MDV77614Probable Dressing Floor in Morwelldown Plantation (Monument)
MDV77733Quarries at Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77734Quarry at Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77735Quarry at Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77736Quarry at Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77615Reservoir Pond in Morwelldown Plantation (Monument)
MDV77737Reservoir, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77671Shaft near Fuller's Shaft, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77654Shallow Adit Portal, Maddacleave Wood (Monument)
MDV77641Sims Shaft, Maddacleave Wood (Monument)
MDV43336Small building at east end of Limekilns at Gawton Mine (Building)
MDV43339Smithy, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77687Spoil Heap at Pearce's Shaft, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77851Spoil Heap, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77669Spoil Heaps at Fuller's Shaft, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77643Spoil Heaps near Sims Shaft, Maddacleave Wood (Monument)
MDV43334Stores, Gawton Quay (Monument)
MDV43338Tavistock Hamlets, Gawton Mine, Mine Captain's House (Monument)
MDV43324The Cooperage, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77795Tramway to Spoil Heap, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77753Two Buddles West of Engine House, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77701Unnamed Shaft at Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77794Waste Tip West of Buddles, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77603Wheal Tool Mine (Monument)
MDV43332Wheel Pit at Bayly's Shaft, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV77613Wheel Pit in Morwelldown Plantation (Monument)
MDV77650Whim Shaft, Maddacleave Wood (Monument)