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Title:The Merrivale Guardianship Area, Walkhampton, Devon
Originator:Probert, S. A. J.

Associated Monuments (71)

MDV16573Ashburton to Tavistock routemarker (Monument)
MDV5000Cairn associated with stone row, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV28496Cairn south of the Stone Row B, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV103582Cairn west of the Merrivale double stone rows (Monument)
MDV103583Cairn west of the Merrivale double stone rows (Monument)
MDV14796Cairn with cist in middle of stone row, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV3738Cist and Cairn south of Stone Alignment, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV28493Clearance cairn close to the Merrivale hut circle settlement (Monument)
MDV28492Clearance cairn east of reave, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV53413Clearance cairn near reave, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV53412Clearance cairn near reave, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV4961Clearance cairn partly overlying reave, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV28497Clearance cairn partly overlying reave, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV4898Enclosure with associated hut circle, Merrivale settlement (Monument)
MDV4612Enclosure with hut circle, Merrivale settlement (Monument)
MDV4905Enclosure with internal hut circle, Merrivale settlement (Monument)
MDV4913Enclosure with two hut circles, Merrivale settlement (Monument)
MDV53396Fallen standing stone, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV4603Hut circle 1, Merrrivale settlement (Monument)
MDV4903Hut circle 10, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4615Hut circle 11, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4901Hut circle 12, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4620Hut circle 13, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV53403Hut circle 14, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4621Hut circle 15, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4618Hut circle 16, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV78479Hut circle 17, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4907Hut circle 18, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4908Hut circle 19, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4600Hut circle 2, Merrrivale settlement (Monument)
MDV4909Hut circle 20, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4915Hut circle 21, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4989Hut circle 22, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4916Hut circle 23, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV78477Hut circle 24, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4899Hut circle 25, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4900Hut circle 26, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4984Hut circle 27, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4985Hut circle 28, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV53407Hut circle 29, Merrivale settlement (Monument)
MDV4601Hut circle 3, Merrrivale settlement (Monument)
MDV4990Hut circle 30, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4988Hut circle 31, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4986Hut circle 32, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4987Hut circle 33, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4910Hut circle 34, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4912Hut circle 35, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4906Hut circle 36, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV53404Hut circle 37, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4602Hut circle 4, Merrrivale settlement (Monument)
MDV4617Hut circle 5, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4604Hut circle 6, Merrrivale settlement (Monument)
MDV4614Hut circle 7, Merrrivale settlement (Monument)
MDV4613Hut circle 8, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4902Hut circle 9, Merrivale Settlement (Monument)
MDV4897Merrivale hut circle settlement (Monument)
MDV14797Merrivale Stone Row A, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV14795Merrivale Stone Row B, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV53409Millstone within enclosure, Merrivale settlement (Monument)
MDV15033Part of the Great Western Reave, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV55265Pillow mounds, Merrivale Warren (Monument)
MDV3757Probable ring cairn, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV4997Remains of a ring cairn, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV53397Short stone row south of standing stone, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV5001Short stone row, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV53410Slit trenches within Merrivale settlement (Monument)
MDV3759Small Cairn near Standing Stone, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV53395Standing stone, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV4998Stone circle, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV12832Unlikely hut circles, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV20665Warrener's House, Merrivale Warren (Monument)