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Title:Dartmoor Nationally Important Sites
Originator:Gerrard, S.

Associated Monuments (48)

MDV55154Bank and Ditch at West Coombe Settlement (Monument)
MDV8754Berry Pound on Hamel Down (Monument)
MDV8816Blissmoor Longhouse and Enclosures (Building)
MDV5889Cairn 5 south-west of Bellever Tor (Monument)
MDV5951Cairn 7 or Hut Circle south-west of Bellever Tor (Monument)
MDV5950Cairn 8 south-west of Bellever Tor (Monument)
MDV5952Cairn and Cist north-east of Smith Hill Farm (Monument)
MDV7534Cairn north of Blackslade Ford (Monument)
MDV30642Cairn north of Cold East Cross (Monument)
MDV7519Cairn north of Kingshead Farmstead, Widecombe in the Moor (Monument)
MDV7456Cairn north of Top Tor (Monument)
MDV7455Cairn north of Top Tor (Monument)
MDV20169Cairn south of Blackslade Ford (Monument)
MDV30638Cairn south of Blackslade Ford (Monument)
MDV55155Cairnfield at West Coombe Settlement (Monument)
MDV26843Cairnfield north-east of Pitton (Monument)
MDV26796Cairnfield north-west of Bell Tor (Monument)
MDV26795Cairnfield west of Bell Tor (Monument)
MDV5888Cist and Cairn 3 south-west of Bellever Tor (Monument)
MDV5890Cist and Cairn 6 south-west of Bellever Tor (Monument)
MDV5891Cist of Cairn 10 to south-west of Bellever Tor (Monument)
MDV6272Dunnabridge Pound (Monument)
MDV78909Enclosure and Field System west of Poundsgate (Monument)
MDV27233Enclosure east of Smith Hill Farm (Monument)
MDV5886Enclosure west of Bellever Tor (Monument)
MDV26484Enclosures north-west of Brake Corner (Monument)
MDV8817Field System north of Bowerman's Nose (Monument)
MDV52775Field System south of Bellever Tor (Monument)
MDV8801Field System south of Bowerman's Nose (Monument)
MDV7440Hut Circle north-west of Chinkwell Tor (Monument)
MDV5887Hut Circle south of Bellever Tor (Monument)
MDV55156Hut Circles at West Coombe Settlement (Monument)
MDV119122Hut circles in settlement east of Blissmoor Farmstead (Monument)
MDV8814Leapra Brook Longhouses, North Bovey (Monument)
MDV26675Leapra Rings on Shapeley Common (Monument)
MDV7520Northern of two cairns on Hamel Down (Monument)
MDV26974Parallel reaves around Pil Tor (Monument)
MDV30634Possible cairn south of Blackslade Ford (Monument)
MDV18427Pound at Poundsgate (Monument)
MDV48021Reave system on Easdon Down (Monument)
MDV26687Reave system on the north side of Cripdon Down (Monument)
MDV8815Settlement east of Blissmoor Farmstead (Monument)
MDV54474Settlement north of Sherberton Farm (Monument)
MDV27670Settlement north-east of Smith Hill Farm (Monument)
MDV26983Settlement south of Blissmore (Monument)
MDV26955Settlement south of Bonehill Rocks (Monument)
MDV7522Southern of two cairns on Hamel Down (Monument)
MDV8724West Coombe Settlement, Shapley Common (Monument)