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Title:Tamar Valley National Mapping Programme Transcriptions and Database Records
Originator:Cornwall Archaeological Unit
Summary:As part of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site bid project (WHS), the Cornwall Council National Mapping Programme (NMP) team plotted all archaeological sites visible on aerial photographs from seven OS 1:10000 quarter map-sheets in the Tamar Valley area of west Devon. This work was carried out between June 2001 and January 2002. Two of the map-sheets were sited partly within the Dartmoor National Park. Almost 1,500 sites were recorded, of which 500 were new to the Devon Sites and Monuments Record (SMR).

Associated Monuments (546)

MDV114421Allotment Garden, Buckland Monachorum (Monument)
MDV114422Allotment Garden, Green Lane Gardens (Monument)
MDV114509Allotment Gardens at Millhill (Monument)
MDV114325Allotment Gardens East of Westbridge Cottages (Monument)
MDV114455Allotment Gardens North East of Whitchurch Road, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV114330Allotment Gardens South West of West Bridge, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV114189Allotments at Willestrew Parks (Monument)
MDV114273Allotments, off Butcher Park Hill (Monument)
MDV114236Allotments, west of Milton Abbot (Monument)
MDV4077Anderton Mine, Whitchurch (Monument)
MDV3837Barrow at Heathfield, Lamerton (Monument)
MDV3835Barrow at Heathfield, Lamerton (Monument)
MDV3861Bedford United Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV22884Bedford United Mine, Leat (Monument)
MDV114323Bomb Crater East of Westbridge Cottages (Monument)
MDV114587Bomb Crater, northwest of Porsham (Monument)
MDV114578Bomb Crater, northwest of Roborough House (Monument)
MDV114447Bomb Craters at Bickham (Monument)
MDV80263Bomb Craters, Near Bickham Mansion (Monument)
MDV114452Bomb Craters, south of Blowiscombe Farm (Monument)
MDV75975Building north-west of Willestrew (Monument)
MDV3822Capunda Copper Mine, North of Horsebridge (Monument)
MDV75053Catch Meadow below Kilworthy Farm, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV114450Catch Meadow North East of Woodtown (Monument)
MDV60357Catch Meadow System at Woodtown (Monument)
MDV3824Catsbridge Copper Mine, Catsbridge (Monument)
MDV114306Circular Enclosure North East of Taviton Mill (Monument)
MDV48791Clamoak Quarry, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV114115Clamoak Quay (Monument)
MDV4076Colcharton Mine (Monument)
MDV28430Complex of Enclosures, Field System and Pits to the west of Tamerton Foliot (Monument)
MDV4081Crelake Mine, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV114599Cropmark Ditch, south of Ashleigh Barton (Monument)
MDV50088Cropmark Ditches, north of Morwelldown (Monument)
MDV114297Cropmark Ditches, southwest of The Four Winds (Monument)
MDV114410Cropmark Enclosure, south of Tavy Consols Mine (Monument)
MDV37553Cropmark Enclosure, Southwest of Bawcombe (Monument)
MDV114089Cropmark Enclosure, Southwest of Bawcombe (Monument)
MDV114375Cropmark Field boundary or Enclosure, west of Norton (Monument)
MDV114090Cropmark Field Boundary, Southwest of Bawcombe (Monument)
MDV114091Cropmark Field Boundary, Southwest of Bawcombe (Monument)
MDV114242Cropmark Mound or Enclosure, southwest of Milton Green (Monument)
MDV114563Cropmark Mounds, northeast of Blaxton (Monument)
MDV114516Cropmark Pit, south of Galley’s Dairy (Monument)
MDV114519Cropmark Pit, south of Galley’s Dairy (Monument)
MDV114427Cropmark Pits, northwest of Venton Farm (Monument)
MDV114432Cropmarks of a Possible Former Building, south of Winsbeer Cottages (Monument)
MDV66940Curvilinear banked enclosure at Rowan Heights, Whitchurch (Monument)
MDV114307Curvilinear Ditches North East of Taviton Mill House (Monument)
MDV114225Curvilinear Enclosure east of Warleigh House (Monument)
MDV114239Curvilinear Enclosure west of Tamerton Foliot (Monument)
MDV114382Curvilinear Enclosure west of Tamerton Foliot (Monument)
MDV114396Curvilinear Enclosures south of Porsham (Monument)
MDV2694Defended Enclosure in Dunterue Wood (Monument)
MDV114096Deserted Farmstead of Torr (Monument)
MDV4073Devon and Courtenay Mine, Whitchurch (Monument)
MDV3862Devon Great Consolidated Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV3889Devon Great United Mine (Monument)
MDV3823Devon Mine (Monument)
MDV3888Ding Dong Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV3888Ding Dong Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV3888Ding Dong Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV3888Ding Dong Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV79952Disused Mine Shaft north of Morwelldown Plantation, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV114219Ditch at Poflet Pastures (Monument)
MDV114167Ditch North of Sydenham Mill (Monument)
MDV114216Ditches at Poflet Pastures (Monument)
MDV114554Drain at Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV114597Drainage System, Warleigh Marsh (Monument)
MDV114138Earthwork Banked Feature at Combe (Monument)
MDV114097Earthwork Banks of a Field, Southwest of Dunterton (Monument)
MDV114292Earthwork Ditch, southeast of Pittescombe (Monument)
MDV114267Earthwork Ditch, southwest of Langford Farm (Monument)
MDV114196Earthwork Ditches, Northeast of Haye Combe (Monument)
MDV114308Earthwork Enclosure, south of Pitland Corner (Monument)
MDV114340Earthwork Field Boundaries, north of Langford Farm (Monument)
MDV114276Earthwork Field Boundary, west of Kelly College (Monument)
MDV114588Earthwork Mound, northeast of Great Trehills (Monument)
MDV61505Earthwork Mound, Northwest of Lamerton Green (Monument)
MDV114086Earthwork Mound, West of Bradstone (Monument)
MDV114087Earthwork Mound, West of Bradstone (Monument)
MDV114589Earthwork Mound, Whiteshill Wood (Monument)
MDV114260Earthwork Trackway, east of Wheal Conquer Mine (Monument)
MDV114261Earthwork Trackway, east of Wheal Conquer Mine (Monument)
MDV114255Earthworks at Longbrook House (Monument)
MDV114407Earthworks of Possible Shafts, Lady Bertha Mine (Monument)
MDV21351Earthworks west of Buckland Abbey (Monument)
MDV21351Earthworks west of Buckland Abbey (Monument)
MDV21351Earthworks west of Buckland Abbey (Monument)
MDV21351Earthworks west of Buckland Abbey (Monument)
MDV114336Earthworks, east of Lamerton (Monument)
MDV114254Earthworks, southwest of Longbrook House (Monument)
MDV51353East Wheal Crebor, Whitchurch (Monument)
MDV4083East Wheal Russell Mine (Monument)
MDV114561Enclosure at Blaxton (Monument)
MDV50089ENCLOSURE in the Parish of Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV5484Enclosure on Bera Tor, Buckland Monachorum (Monument)
MDV67195Enclosure or Quarry, northwest of Bucklands Abbey (Monument)
MDV114326Enclosure southwest of Lower Chaddlewood House (Monument)
MDV114347Enclosure, east of Kilworthy (Monument)
MDV13489Enclosure, east of Pound (Monument)
MDV114515Enclosure, south of Galley’s Dairy (Monument)
MDV114517Enclosure, south of Galley’s Dairy (Monument)
MDV76606Enclosure, South-East of Harrogrove Lodge (Monument)
MDV114475Enclosure, southeast of Maristow House (Monument)
MDV114426Enclosure, west of Crapstone (Monument)
MDV114572Enclosure, west of North Bradley (Monument)
MDV114573Enclosure, west of North Bradley (Monument)
MDV114280Extraction Pit, north of Wilminstone Quarry (Monument)
MDV114329Extraction Pits, northeast of Lamerton (Monument)
MDV114243Extractive Pit and Trackway, southwest of Milton Green (Monument)
MDV114481Extractive Pit on West Down (Monument)
MDV114371Extractive Pit South of Buctor (Monument)
MDV114370Extractive Pits South of Buctor (Monument)
MDV114266Extractive Pits, southwest of Langford Farm (Monument)
MDV114368Field Bondary North of Morwelldown Plantation (Monument)
MDV114556Field Boundaries at Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV114562Field Boundaries at Blaxton (Monument)
MDV114582Field Boundaries at Coppers (Monument)
MDV114357Field Boundaries at Crebor and Buctor (Monument)
MDV114197Field Boundaries at Haye Down Farm (Monument)
MDV114577Field Boundaries at Henshears (Monument)
MDV114202Field Boundaries at Longcross (Monument)
MDV114303Field Boundaries at Mount House School (Monument)
MDV114555Field Boundaries at Parsonage Farm (Monument)
MDV114586Field Boundaries at West Broadley (Monument)
MDV114457Field Boundaries at Whitchurch (Monument)
MDV114463Field Boundaries East of Highertown Farm (Monument)
MDV114487Field Boundaries North and South of Higher Tor (Monument)
MDV114281Field Boundaries North and South of Stilesweek (Monument)
MDV114372Field Boundaries North and West of Wheal Crebor House (Monument)
MDV114369Field Boundaries North of Morwelldown Plantation (Monument)
MDV114230Field Boundaries north of Warren Lane (Monument)
MDV114341Field Boundaries north-west of Newton Farm (Monument)
MDV75978Field Boundaries north-west of Willestrew (Monument)
MDV114464Field Boundaries on West Down (Monument)
MDV114479Field Boundaries on West Down (Monument)
MDV114438Field boundaries south of Crowndale Farm (Monument)
MDV114395Field Boundaries south of Porsham (Monument)
MDV114320Field Boundaries South of Tavistock (Monument)
MDV114443Field Boundaries South of Valley View Farm (Monument)
MDV114433Field Boundaries South of Wheal Crebor House (Monument)
MDV114391Field Boundaries south of Yappers Wood (Monument)
MDV114501Field Boundaries South West of Hartshole Farm (Monument)
MDV114354Field Boundaries South West of Lumburn (Monument)
MDV114334Field Boundaries South West of Tavistock (Monument)
MDV114335Field Boundaries South West of Tavistock (Monument)
MDV114337Field Boundaries South West of Tavistock (Monument)
MDV114389Field Boundaries west of Allern Farm (Monument)
MDV114160Field Boundaries West of Collacombe Barton (Park/Garden)
MDV114218Field Boundaries west of Reedwell Plantation (Monument)
MDV114493Field Boundaries West of Shillamill Wood (Monument)
MDV114550Field Boundaries, at Higher Wallers (Monument)
MDV114584Field Boundaries, Belliver Industrial Estate (Monument)
MDV114414Field Boundaries, Buckland Monachorum (Monument)
MDV114415Field Boundaries, Buckland Monachorum (Monument)
MDV114483Field Boundaries, Charity Bickham (Monument)
MDV114567Field Boundaries, Dinwood Plantation (Monument)
MDV114442Field Boundaries, east of Bere Aston (Monument)
MDV114551Field Boundaries, east of Higher Wallers (Monument)
MDV114571Field Boundaries, east of Pound (Monument)
MDV114423Field boundaries, Green Lane Gardens (Monument)
MDV114482Field Boundaries, Halsepark Wood (Monument)
MDV114411Field Boundaries, Mallows Farm (Monument)
MDV114460Field Boundaries, Milton Combe (Monument)
MDV114602Field Boundaries, north of Great Trehills Farm (Monument)
MDV114284Field Boundaries, north of Langford Farm (Monument)
MDV114581Field Boundaries, north of North Broadley (Monument)
MDV114279Field Boundaries, north of Wilminstone Quarry (Monument)
MDV114474Field Boundaries, northeast of Gnatham Farm (Monument)
MDV114592Field Boundaries, northeast of New Barn Farm (Monument)
MDV114249Field Boundaries, northeast of Short Burn Farm (Monument)
MDV114514Field Boundaries, northwest of Henshears (Monument)
MDV114579Field Boundaries, northwest of Roborough House (Monument)
MDV114580Field Boundaries, northwest of Roborough House (Monument)
MDV114522Field Boundaries, south of Galley’s Dairy (Monument)
MDV114288Field Boundaries, south of Pittescombe (Monument)
MDV114559Field Boundaries, south of Potter’s Bridge (Monument)
MDV114436Field Boundaries, south of Venton Farm (Monument)
MDV114459Field Boundaries, southeast of Blowiscombe Barton (Monument)
MDV114430Field Boundaries, southwest of Crapstone House (Monument)
MDV114462Field Boundaries, southwest of Gnatts Farm (Monument)
MDV114344Field Boundaries, southwest of Kilworthy (Monument)
MDV114317Field Boundaries, southwest of Pitland Corner (Monument)
MDV114318Field Boundaries, southwest of Pitland Corner (Monument)
MDV114417Field boundaries, Torr Farm (Monument)
MDV114576Field Boundaries, Welltown (Monument)
MDV114441Field Boundaries, west of Buckland Abbey (Monument)
MDV114424Field Boundaries, west of Crapstone (Monument)
MDV114380Field Boundaries, west of Philleigh Farm (Monument)
MDV114532Field Boundaries, west of Pound’s Cross (Monument)
MDV114530Field Boundary at Bulteel Bickham (Monument)
MDV114302Field Boundary at Higher Chaddlehanger Farm (Monument)
MDV114304Field Boundary at Higher Chaddlehanger Farm (Monument)
MDV114365Field Boundary at Hole Farm (Monument)
MDV114346Field Boundary at Kilworthy (Monument)
MDV114466Field Boundary at Ley Farm (Monument)
MDV114465Field Boundary at Stone Farm (Monument)
MDV114159Field Boundary East of Collacombe Barton (Monument)
MDV114144Field Boundary North of Ottery Park Industrial Estate (Monument)
MDV114155Field Boundary North of Rushford (Monument)
MDV114158Field Boundary Northeast of Collacombe Barton (Monument)
MDV114222Field Boundary Northeast of Longbrook Farm (Monument)
MDV114235Field Boundary northeast of Milton Abbot (Monument)
MDV114143Field Boundary Northwest of Ottery Park Industrial Park (Monument)
MDV114145Field Boundary Northwest of Ottery Park Industrial Park (Monument)
MDV114361Field Boundary or Enclosure, east of Kilworthy (Monument)
MDV114409Field Boundary south of Tavy Consols Mine (Monument)
MDV114434Field Boundary South of Wheal Crebor House (Monument)
MDV114277Field Boundary South West of Middle Lumburn Bridge (Monument)
MDV114278Field Boundary South West of Middle Lumburn Bridge (Monument)
MDV114105Field Boundary Southwest of Lamerhooe (Monument)
MDV114392Field Boundary west of Trehills Plantation (Monument)
MDV114437Field Boundary, Buckland Abbey (Monument)
MDV114418Field Boundary, Buckland Monachorum (Monument)
MDV114420Field Boundary, Buckland Monachorum (Monument)
MDV114485Field Boundary, Charity Bickham (Monument)
MDV114564Field Boundary, east of Blaxton (Monument)
MDV114451Field Boundary, east of Blowiscombe Barton (Monument)
MDV114595Field Boundary, east of Horsham (Monument)
MDV114390Field Boundary, Morwelldown Plantation (Monument)
MDV114583Field Boundary, north of West Broadley (Monument)
MDV114591Field Boundary, northwest of Dunsburgh Farm (Monument)
MDV114513Field Boundary, northwest of Henshears (Monument)
MDV114402Field Boundary, northwest of Higher Gawton (Monument)
MDV114403Field Boundary, northwest of Higher Gawton (Monument)
MDV114314Field Boundary, northwest of Kilworthy House (Monument)
MDV114413Field Boundary, northwest of Uppaton House (Monument)
MDV114408Field Boundary, south of Balstone (Monument)
MDV114594Field Boundary, south of Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV114429Field Boundary, south of Crapstone House (Monument)
MDV114374Field Boundary, south of Higher Norton (Monument)
MDV114534Field Boundary, south of Maristow Cottage (Monument)
MDV114486Field Boundary, southeast of Charity Bickham (Monument)
MDV114468Field Boundary, southwest of Chumland Cottages (Monument)
MDV114373Field Boundary, west of Blindwell Wood (Monument)
MDV114301Field Boundary, west of Heathfield Farm (Monument)
MDV114600Field System at Ashleigh Barton (Monument)
MDV114135Field System at Barn (Monument)
MDV114088Field System at Bradstone Grange (Monument)
MDV114121Field System at Clamoak (Monument)
MDV114120Field System at Clamoak Quarry (Monument)
MDV114156Field System at Collacombe Barton (Monument)
MDV114147Field System at Higher Woodley (Monument)
MDV114293Field System at Little Crease (Monument)
MDV114295Field System at Little Crease (Monument)
MDV114234Field System at Longacre Cottages (Monument)
MDV114322Field System at Lower Chaddlewood (Monument)
MDV114108Field System at New Barn Farm (Monument)
MDV21373Field System at Short Burn Farm (Monument)
MDV114150Field System North of Horsebridge (Monument)
MDV114127Field System Northwest of Ley Farm (Monument)
MDV114126Field System Southeast of Cleave Mount (Monument)
MDV114362Field system to east of Kilworthy, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV114359Field system to north-east of Kilworthy, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV114360Field system to west and north of Kilworthy, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV114384Field System west of Tamerton Foliot (Monument)
MDV114300Field System West of Tavistock (Monument)
MDV114119Field System, East of Cleavelands (Monument)
MDV114286Field System, north of Lamerton (Monument)
MDV114274Field System, north of Tavistock (Monument)
MDV114136Field System, South of Collins Farm (Monument)
MDV114238Field System, south of Milton Abbot (Monument)
MDV114283Field System, southeast of Lamerton (Monument)
MDV114246Field System, southwest of Coombe Lodge (Monument)
MDV76515Field System, South-West of Southcombe Farm (Monument)
MDV114237Field System, west of Milton Abbot (Monument)
MDV114419Formal Gardens, The Garden House, Buckland Monachorum (Monument)
MDV114299Former Field Boundaries and Trackway at Wallabrook Farm (Monument)
MDV114203Former Field Boundary at Cardwell (Monument)
MDV114169Former Field Boundary at Hardicott Farm (Monument)
MDV114149Former Field Boundary at Hill Farm (Monument)
MDV114152Former Field Boundary at Rushford (Monument)
MDV114184Former Field Boundary at Tuell (Monument)
MDV114177Former Field Boundary North of Derriton Farm (Monument)
MDV114183Former Field Boundary Northeast of Hardicott Cottage (Monument)
MDV114170Former Field Boundary Southwest Hardicott Farm (Monument)
MDV114153Former Field Boundary West of Rushford (Monument)
MDV114192Former Field Boundary, East of Foghanger (Monument)
MDV114178Former Field Boundary, North of Hardicott Farm (Monument)
MDV114191Former Field Boundary, North of Higher Haye (Monument)
MDV114172Former Field Boundary, Northeast of Youngcott (Monument)
MDV114173Former Field Boundary, Northeast of Youngcott (Monument)
MDV114168Former Field Boundary, Northwest of Ford Farm (Monument)
MDV114179Former Field Boundary, South of Coombe Farm (Monument)
MDV114164Former Field Boundary, Southwest of Lane End (Monument)
MDV114163Former Field Boundary, West of Portington (Monument)
MDV114291Former Mine at Crease (Monument)
MDV41529Furzehill Mine, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV114478Garden Feature, Maristow House (Monument)
MDV5490Gawton Mine, West Devon (Monument)
MDV5467George and Charlotte Mine (Monument)
MDV5467George and Charlotte Mine (Monument)
MDV5467George and Charlotte Mine (Monument)
MDV5467George and Charlotte Mine (Monument)
MDV79917Gill's Shaft, Wheal Crebor Mine (Monument)
MDV68409Gravel Pit, east of East Hilltown Farm (Monument)
MDV41454Gravel Pit, west of Kilworthy (Monument)
MDV114309Gravel Pit, west of Kilworthy (Monument)
MDV2689Hilltop Enclosure north-west of Lucy Cleave Wood (Monument)
MDV79932Hitchen's Shaft, Tavistock Canal Tunnel (Monument)
MDV114601Holllow Way, northeast of Ashleigh Barton (Monument)
MDV114112Hollow way and Field Boundary, West of New Park Farm (Monument)
MDV114316Hollow, south of Pitland Corner (Monument)
MDV114342Hollow, within Hurdwick Golf Course (Monument)
MDV114566Hollow-way, north of Blaxton (Monument)
MDV114364Holming Beam middle lode, Morwell Down (Monument)
MDV114162Industrial Remains of a Possible Quarry, Southeast of Portington Farm (Monument)
MDV79199Iron Age Enclosure, Buckland Abbey (Monument)
MDV114188Landscaped Garden at Willestrew (Monument)
MDV76612Large Cut Feature North of Higher Willestrew (Monument)
MDV39380Leat at Tinhay (Monument)
MDV76073Leat near Lockridge and Whitsam Down Mines (Monument)
MDV114467Leats on West Down (Monument)
MDV16230Lifton Quarry and Associated Features (Monument)
MDV5443Lockridge Silver and Lead Mine (Monument)
MDV53174Lopwell Quay (Monument)
MDV3887Luscombe Mine (Monument)
MDV114215Market Garden south-west of Tor Rock (Monument)
MDV114552Market Garden, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV114536Market Garden, Chumland Cottages (Monument)
MDV114544Market Garden, west of Gnatham Farm (Monument)
MDV114557Market Gardens and Orchard, northeast of Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV114180Market Gardens at Endsleigh (Monument)
MDV114456Market Gardens at Hazelwood, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV114201Market Gardens east of Warleigh Wood (Monument)
MDV114388Market Gardens south of Whitson Farm (Monument)
MDV114289Medieval Field System West of Bowrish Cottages (Monument)
MDV126992Military camp off Tavistock Road, Plymouth (Monument)
MDV51083Military Camp, Crapstone, Buckland Monachorum (Monument)
MDV51597Military Camp, northwest of Battens Farm (Monument)
MDV55702Military Camp, northwest of Venton Farm (Monument)
MDV56226Military Camp, west of Crapstone (Monument)
MDV56225Military Camp, west of Crapstone (Monument)
MDV56224Military Camp, west of Crapstone (Monument)
MDV55703Military Camp, west of Crapstone (Monument)
MDV3957Millhill Quarry north of Higher Lumburn Bridge (Monument)
MDV114495Mine Shaft East of Hartshole Farm, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV70351Mine Shaft in the Parish of Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV114500Mine Shaft North East of George and Charlotte Mine (Monument)
MDV114445Mine Shaft North East of Rixhill (Monument)
MDV114469Mining and Extractive Remains on West Down (Monument)
MDV114223Mound east of Warleigh Barton (Monument)
MDV114598Mound, northwest of Great Trehills (Monument)
MDV19380New Quay (Monument)
MDV19935North Hooe Silver and Lead Mine, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV114383Numerous Pits west of Tamerton Foliot (Monument)
MDV114529Orchard and Market Garden at Bulteel Bickham (Monument)
MDV114542Orchard and Market Garden, Gnatham Farm (Monument)
MDV114505Orchard at Broadwell Farm (Monument)
MDV114506Orchard at Hartshole Farm (Monument)
MDV114568Orchard at Pound (Monument)
MDV114507Orchard at Walreddon Farm (Monument)
MDV114398Orchard east of Great Trehills Farm (Monument)
MDV114214Orchard east of Tor Rock (Monument)
MDV114206Orchard north of Tamerton Lake (Monument)
MDV114229Orchard north-west of Warleigh Lodge (Monument)
MDV114399Orchard south of Allern Farm (Monument)
MDV114400Orchard south of Horsham Farm (Monument)
MDV114385Orchard south of Whitson Farm (Monument)
MDV114553Orchard, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV114585Orchard, Dunsburgh Farm (Monument)
MDV114546Orchard, Hole Farm (Monument)
MDV114539Orchard, north of Gnatham Farm (Monument)
MDV114541Orchard, northeast of Gnatham Farm (Monument)
MDV114549Orchard, Parsonage Farm (Monument)
MDV114593Orchard, south of Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV114350Orchards at Colcharton House, North East of Gunnislake (Monument)
MDV114439Ornamental Gardens at Buckland Abbey (Monument)
MDV114358Oval Enclosure at Crebor and Buctor (Monument)
MDV114379Oval Enclosure west of Tamerton Foliot (Monument)
MDV114381Oval Enclosure west of Tamerton Foliot (Monument)
MDV114095Paddock, Southeast of Bawcombe (Monument)
MDV41528Part of Furzehill Mine, or Birch Mine (Monument)
MDV51596Plymouth, Bere Alston AA Battery (Monument)
MDV29577Poflett Deseted Medieval Settlement, Milton Abbot (Monument)
MDV114435Possible Bomb Crater, southeast of Venton Farm (Monument)
MDV114345Possible Catch Meadow Gutter, south of Kilworthy (Monument)
MDV114570Possible Catch Meadow, southeast of Pound (Monument)
MDV76095Possible Circular Enclosure at Woodtown (Monument)
MDV114082Possible Cropmark Enclosure (Monument)
MDV21699Possible Deserted Medieval Settlement, Chaddlehanger (Monument)
MDV21699Possible Deserted Medieval Settlement, Chaddlehanger (Monument)
MDV21699Possible Deserted Medieval Settlement, Chaddlehanger (Monument)
MDV21699Possible Deserted Medieval Settlement, Chaddlehanger (Monument)
MDV102598Possible Enclosure, North-West of Ashleigh Barton (Monument)
MDV114412Possible Extraction Pit or Mine, northwest of Alston (Monument)
MDV114312Possible Field Boundaries North West of Middlemoor (Monument)
MDV76610Possible Field Boundary at Willesley (Monument)
MDV114565Possible Field Boundary, northeast of Blaxton (Monument)
MDV114321Possible Former Cricket Ground (Monument)
MDV75052Possible former field boundaries below Kilworthy Farm, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV114199Possible Former Field Boundaries, South of Windrush (Monument)
MDV114397Possible Military Features south of Porsham (Monument)
MDV114195Possible Military Site, Haye Down Farm (Monument)
MDV114240Possible Mine Shaft, southwest of Milton Green (Monument)
MDV114139Possible Mine Workings, North of New Bridge (Monument)
MDV114142Possible Pillow Mounds or Industrial Earthworks, Within Morwell Wood (Monument)
MDV114081Possible Prehistoric Cropmark Enclosure, West of Lifton Park Farm (Monument)
MDV76609Possible Prospecting Pit or Quarry at Cardwell (Monument)
MDV76607Possible Prospecting Pit or Quarry South-West of Cardwell (Monument)
MDV114265Possible Shaft or Prospective Pit, Luscombe Plantation (Monument)
MDV114187Possible Track or Catch Meadow Gutter, Northwest of Willestrew (Monument)
MDV114262Possible Trackway or Field Boundary Ditch, Collacombe Down (Monument)
MDV12630Pound, Northwest of New Barn Farm (Monument)
MDV114128Probable Quarry Within South Tamar Mine (Monument)
MDV114141Prospecting Pits or Mine Shafts, South of Luscombe Mine (Monument)
MDV79890Pumping Wheel at Lady Bertha Mine, Buckland Monachorum (Monument)
MDV114176Quarries at Birdsham (Monument)
MDV21609Quarries south of Higher Lumburn Bridge (Monument)
MDV114328Quarries southwest of Lower Chaddlehanger (Monument)
MDV114324Quarries southwest of Lower Chaddlewood House (Monument)
MDV114319Quarries to the southwest of Pitland Corner (Monument)
MDV114353Quarries, east of Kilworthy (Monument)
MDV51001Quarries, north of Collacombe Barton (Monument)
MDV114574Quarries, northwest of Coppers (Monument)
MDV114454Quarries, south of Blowiscombe Farm (Monument)
MDV114244Quarries, southwest of Coombe Lodge (Monument)
MDV114248Quarries, West of Short Burn Farm (Monument)
MDV114305Quarry at Higher Chaddlehanger Farm (Monument)
MDV114232Quarry at Longbrook Farm (Monument)
MDV76608Quarry at Ramsdown Camp (Monument)
MDV114298Quarry at The Four Winds (Monument)
MDV114285Quarry east of East Hilltown Farm (Monument)
MDV47561Quarry Near South Tamar Mine (Monument)
MDV48799Quarry near Trehills Plantation (Monument)
MDV114182Quarry North of Hardicott Cottage (Monument)
MDV114404Quarry north of Higher Gawton (Monument)
MDV114491Quarry Pit in Quarry Wood (Monument)
MDV114492Quarry Pit in Quarry Wood (Monument)
MDV114488Quarry Pit in Ramsham Wood (Monument)
MDV114489Quarry Pit in Ramsham Wood (Monument)
MDV114490Quarry Pit in Ramsham Wood (Monument)
MDV114480Quarry Pit on West Down (Monument)
MDV114310Quarry Pit on Whitchurch Down (Monument)
MDV114449Quarry Pit Overlooking the Tiddy Brook (Monument)
MDV114355Quarry Pit South East of Gulworthy Cross (Monument)
MDV114393Quarry south of Porsham (Monument)
MDV114331Quarry southwest of Lower Chaddlehanger (Monument)
MDV114332Quarry southwest of Lower Chaddlehanger (Monument)
MDV114333Quarry southwest of Lower Chaddlehanger (Monument)
MDV114114Quarry to the South of Clamoak Quarry (Monument)
MDV114256Quarry within Hurlditch Down (Monument)
MDV114257Quarry within Hurlditch Down (Monument)
MDV114575Quarry, at Welltown (Monument)
MDV114349Quarry, east of Kilworthy (Monument)
MDV114351Quarry, east of Kilworthy (Monument)
MDV114401Quarry, east of Maddacleave Wood (Monument)
MDV114315Quarry, Hurdwick Golf Course (Monument)
MDV114146Quarry, North of Chipshop (Monument)
MDV114352Quarry, north of Kilworthy (Monument)
MDV114287Quarry, north of Lamerton (Monument)
MDV114165Quarry, North of Sydenham Damarel (Monument)
MDV114275Quarry, north of Tavistock (Monument)
MDV114161Quarry, Northeast of Portington (Monument)
MDV114367Quarry, northwest of Chumland Cottages (Monument)
MDV114294Quarry, northwest of Higher Chaddlehanger Farm (Monument)
MDV114296Quarry, northwest of Higher Chaddlehanger Farm (Monument)
MDV114247Quarry, south of Coombe Lodge (Monument)
MDV114194Quarry, South of Haye Down Farm (Monument)
MDV114268Quarry, south of Langford Farm (Monument)
MDV114270Quarry, south of Langford Farm (Monument)
MDV114250Quarry, south of Short Burn Farm (Monument)
MDV114251Quarry, south of Short Burn Farm (Monument)
MDV114252Quarry, south of Short Burn Farm (Monument)
MDV114253Quarry, south of Short Burn Farm (Monument)
MDV114290Quarry, southeast of Pittescombe (Monument)
MDV114461Quarry, southwest of Gnatts Farm (Monument)
MDV114271Quarry, southwest of Hurdwick Farm (Monument)
MDV51009Quarry, Southwest of Lane End (Monument)
MDV40926Quarry, to the North of Bradstone (Monument)
MDV114148Quarry, to the West of Woodley (Monument)
MDV114272Quarry, west of Hurdwick Farm (Monument)
MDV114185Quarry, West of Willestrew (Monument)
MDV51355Quarry, Whitchurch Down (Monument)
MDV114558Quay at Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV114116Quay at Cleeve Farm, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV114472Quay at Hallowell Farm (Monument)
MDV114131Quay at North Hooe (Monument)
MDV114137Quay at Tuckermarsh Quay (Monument)
MDV114117Quay at Weir Quay, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV114213Quay east of Salts Cottage (Monument)
MDV114193Quay north-west of Budshead (Monument)
MDV114211Quay south-east of Badgers Park Wood (Monument)
MDV5648Ramsdown or Castle Park Camp, Milton Abbot (Monument)
MDV114245Rectilinear Enclosure west of Tamerton Foliot (Monument)
MDV114377Rectilinear Enclosure west of Tamerton Foliot (Monument)
MDV114378Rectilinear Enclosure west of Tamerton Foliot (Monument)
MDV114440Reservoir at Crowndale (Monument)
MDV114209Ridge and Furrow at Poflet Pastures (Monument)
MDV114471Ridge and Furrow on West Down (Monument)
MDV114473Ridge and Furrow on West Down (Monument)
MDV114327Ridge and Furrow South West of Tavistock (Monument)
MDV114348Ridge and Furrow, east of Kilworthy (Monument)
MDV114376Ridge and Furrow, east of Well Farm (Monument)
MDV80267Ridge and Furrow, North of Bickham Plantation (Monument)
MDV114470Ridge and Furrow, north of Gnatham Farm (Monument)
MDV114596Ridge and Furrow, Warleigh Marsh (Monument)
MDV4078Rixhill Mine, Whitchurch (Monument)
MDV52867Rumleigh Brickworks, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV12638Rundle's Shaft, Wheal Crebor (Monument)
MDV79963Shaft and Spoil Heap on West Down, Whitchurch (Monument)
MDV67385SHAFT in the Parish of Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV70466SHAFT in the Parish of Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV114356Shaft Pit West of Lumburn (Monument)
MDV114428Shafts at Wheal Crebor House (Monument)
MDV22883South Bedford Copper Mine (Monument)
MDV5441South Hooe Silver and Lead Mine, Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV5493South Tamar Silver and Lead Mine (Monument)
MDV58631Spoil Heap at Tinhay, Lifton (Monument)
MDV114560Spoil Heap north of Blaxton Cross (Monument)
MDV114085Spoil Heaps at Bawcombe (Monument)
MDV114084Structure within Lifton Quarry (Monument)
MDV80265Sub-Circular Feature, North of Roborough Farm (Monument)
MDV80264Sub-Circular Features, North of Broadley Wood (Monument)
MDV80264Sub-Circular Features, North of Broadley Wood (Monument)
MDV80264Sub-Circular Features, North of Broadley Wood (Monument)
MDV80264Sub-Circular Features, North of Broadley Wood (Monument)
MDV79951Taylor's Shaft, Tavistock Canal Tunnel (Monument)
MDV114444Tennis Court at Bickham (Monument)
MDV114446Tennis Court at Bickham (Monument)
MDV114476Tennis Court at Maristow House (Monument)
MDV23173The Pimple, Whitchurch Down (Building)
MDV3829The Trendle, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV79980Tinworking in Morwelldown Plantation, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV79975Tinworks at Crowndale, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV114448Trackway at Bickham (Monument)
MDV114477Trackway on West Down (Monument)
MDV114311Trackway on Whitchurch Down (Monument)
MDV114431Trackway or Field Boundaries, south of Winsbeer Cottages (Monument)
MDV114405Trackway within Blackmoorham Wood (Monument)
MDV114569Trackway, south of Pound (Monument)
MDV114228Trackway, Southwest of Willesley (Monument)
MDV114111Trackway, West of Bere Ferrers (Monument)
MDV114494Trackways West of and Within Shillamill Wood (Monument)
MDV114406Trackways within Blackmoorham Wood (Monument)
MDV114269Trackways, south of Langford Farm (Monument)
MDV114221Warleigh Quay, Bickleigh (Monument)
MDV114231Warren Quay, Bickleigh (Monument)
MDV114603Water Channel at Brambleham (Monument)
MDV114282Water Channel North East of Stilesweek (Monument)
MDV114590Water Channel, Ashleigh Blaxton Coppice (Monument)
MDV114425Water Channel, Crapstone Barton (Monument)
MDV114338Water Channel, east of Lamerton (Monument)
MDV114484Water channels East of Lower Tor and Higher Tor (Monument)
MDV80266Water Meadow, North-East of Broadley Wood (Monument)
MDV12637West Crebor Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV45824West Devon Consols Mine, Lamerhooe (Monument)
MDV3826Wheal Carpenter Copper Mine (Monument)
MDV51002Wheal Conquer Mine (Monument)
MDV3954Wheal Crebor Mine (Monument)
MDV3956Wheal Crowndale Mine, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV3818Wheal Grace Copper Mine (Monument)
MDV56082Wheal Maria, Three Shafts (Monument)
MDV22889William and Mary Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV68399Wilminstone Quarry, Tavistock (Monument)