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Title:National Heritage List for England
Originator:English Heritage

Associated Monuments (508)

MDV800831 and 1a Plymouth Road, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV800731 and 2 Fore Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV807811 and 2 Greystones, North Brentor (Building)
MDV232351 and 3 East Street and 2 North Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV808351 and 3 St Lawrence Lane, Ashburton (Building)
MDV806221 High Street, Bradninch (Building)
MDV808341 Stapledon Lane (the Old Police Station), Ashburton (Building)
MDV800721, 1a and 2 Elliott Plain, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV3315710 and 12 Lower Street, Chagford (Building)
MDV8011110, 11 and 12 Market Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV8082011 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV22930114 Plymouth Road (Woodview), Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV80095115 Plymouth Road, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV2321712 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV8060412 Fore Street, Cullompton (Building)
MDV435441-2 Market Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV8081913 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV2321814 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV335881-4 Glebe Cottages, Drewsteignton (Building)
MDV8006814-17 Elliot Plain, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV8082316 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV3315516 Lower Street, Chagford (Building)
MDV8081817 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV8007417 Fore Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV3315618 Lower Street, Chagford (Building)
MDV7993118 Northumberland Place, Teignmouth (Building)
MDV8010218 Park View, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV2321918-20 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV8081719 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV8007519 Fore Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV808262 East Street (Lloyds Bank), Ashburton (Building)
MDV808132 Hurst Court, Ashburton (Building)
MDV808362 St Lawrence Lane, Ashburton (Building)
MDV8007620 and 21 Fore Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV8082720 North Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV8060521 Fore Street, Cullompton (Building)
MDV8007722 and 23 Fore Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV8082222 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV8082822 North Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV2906024 Broad Street, South Molton (Building)
MDV2322024 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV8007824 Fore Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV2326724 St Lawrence Lane, Ashburton (Building)
MDV2291825 and 26 Fore Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV2322126 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV8011026-27 Market Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV7992427-29 Fore Street, Topsham (Building)
MDV2322228 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV8008029 Fore Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV229133 and 4 Fore Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV229403 Market Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV808333 Stapledon Lane, Ashburton (Building)
MDV7992530 and 31 Fore Street, Topsham (Building)
MDV2322330 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV8008130 Fore Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV8009730-31 Chapel Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV2321131 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV8009832 Chapel Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV8007932 Fore Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV8082932 North Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV2322432(a and b) and 34 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV2321233-35 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV2291933-36 Fore Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV2290834 and 35 Chapel Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV8009636 Bossell Road, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV8083036 North Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV8081636-38 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV2290938 and 39 Chapel Street (formerly the Golden Lion Inn), Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV800703-8 Elliott Plain, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV8081439, 39a and 41 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV808254 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV801124 Market Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV232364 North Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV8010040 Chapel Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV2322540 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV2292040 Fore Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV8060941 Fore Street, Cullompton (Building)
MDV7992341 The Strand, Topsham (Building)
MDV233114-13 Great Bridge, Ashburton (Building)
MDV2322642 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV8081243 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV8081544 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV2321345 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV2322748-48a East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV2321449 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV389005 Duke Street, South Molton (Building)
MDV808325 Foales Court, Stapledon Lane (Building)
MDV8080950 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV2321551-51a East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV8081052-54 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV8080853 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV8008854 Fore Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV6236155 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV6236257 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV2330059-61 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV808246 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV232296 Kingsbridge Lane, Ashburton (Building)
MDV800156 St Lawrence Lane, Ashburton (Building)
MDV994861 Fore Street, Topsham (Building)
MDV7992162 Fore Street, Topsham (Building)
MDV2330662, 64 and 66 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV7992263 Fore Street (Building)
MDV1872765-67a East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV6236368 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV2330269, 71 and 73 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV232107 East Street, Ashburton (Gospel Hall) (Building)
MDV6236470 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV8008770 Fore Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV1404572 and 74 Fore Street, Seaton (Building)
MDV2330772-74 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV2330375 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV6236576 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV2330477 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV2331877 North Street (The Victoria Inn), Ashburton (Building)
MDV6236678-80 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV331597-9 Lower Street, Chagford (Building)
MDV6237879 North Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV331588 Lower Street, Chagford (Building)
MDV3318480 North Street, Chagford (Building)
MDV2330581 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV6236785 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV6237387 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV808219 East Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV435409 Market Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV232529 North Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV800699-13 Elliott Plain, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV7814Abbey Farmhouse, Buckfast Abbey (Building)
MDV7809Abbots Tower at Buckfast Abbey (Building)
MDV80106Abbotswell House, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV80006Agricultural buildings, Furzeleigh Farm, Ashburton (Building)
MDV33454Andrews Cottage, Belstone (Building)
MDV35465Archway 10 meters west of Manor House Hotel (Building)
MDV80874Arsenic Flue, Devon Great Consols Arsenic Works (Building)
MDV37291Ash house 40 metres north-east of Bullaton Farmhouse (Monument)
MDV34405Ash house at Torhill Farm, Manaton (Monument)
MDV62371Ashburton Hotel, East Street (Building)
MDV6537Assycombe Hill Stone Row in Fernworthy Forest, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV80775Barn 10 meters north-east of farmhouse, Meavy Barton (Building)
MDV30042Barn 10 metres south of Lower Bonehill Farmhouse (Building)
MDV30040Barn 30 metres south-west of Lower Bonehill Farmhouse (Building)
MDV33315Barn 80 metres north-east of Teigncombe Farmhouse, Chagford (Building)
MDV33260Barn and bakehouse at Great Ensworthy, Gidleigh (Building)
MDV80618Barn and Cart Shed, Bridge Farm (Building)
MDV33276Barn and Linhay to the west of South Langston Farmhouse (Building)
MDV23312Barn at Higher Headborough Farm, Ashburton (Building)
MDV23573Barn at North Hele farm, Cornwood (Building)
MDV31064Barn at Ruddycleave Farm (Building)
MDV34404Barn at Torhill Farm, Manaton (Building)
MDV37864Barn east of farmhouse, Laployd Barton (Building)
MDV80550Barn on Clampitt farmstead, Christow (Building)
MDV40381Barn south of farmhouse at Hill, Christow (Building)
MDV33531Barn south of Farmhouse, Middle Venton (Building)
MDV33194Barn, Batworthy Farm (Building)
MDV79997Barn, Putsborough Manor (Building)
MDV33193Batworthy Farmhouse, Chagford (Building)
MDV8171Belford Mill, Ashburton (Building)
MDV5980Bellever Clapper Bridge (Monument)
MDV33160Bishops House, 3-5 Lower Street, Chagford (Building)
MDV79888Bixley Haven, Broadway, Woodbury (Building)
MDV23538Blachford House, Cornwood (Building)
MDV4749Blachford Saw Mill, Cornwood (Building)
MDV33345Blacksmith's workshop at Yeo Farm, Chagford (Building)
MDV80092Boundary stone, Station Street, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV13521Bovey Castle, North Bovey (Building)
MDV1423Bradfield House, Uffculme (Building)
MDV37814Bridford Barton Farmhouse (Building)
MDV80616Bridge Farmhouse and Cider House (Building)
MDV3983Brisworthy Stone Circle, Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV7808Buckfast Abbey (Building)
MDV20062Buckfast Abbey Guesthouse (Building)
MDV30622Buckland Court, Buckland-in-the-Moor (Building)
MDV80121Buildings to Rear of 1 and 1b Pym Street, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV37294Bullaton farmhouse, Bovey Tracey (Building)
MDV22138Burnicombe Farmhouse and Barn (Building)
MDV4371Buttern Hill Stone Circle, Gidleigh (Monument)
MDV9344Canonteign Barton, Christow (Building)
MDV21728Canonteign House, Christow (Building)
MDV33346Cart Shed at Yeo Farm, Chagford (Building)
MDV80196Castle Barton Farmhouse (Building)
MDV32487Castle Drogo estate and gardens, Drewsteignton (Monument)
MDV8470Castle Drogo, Drewsteignton (Building)
MDV80731Chantry's Cottage, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV64865Chapel House (Building)
MDV64425Chapel of Ease, Fenacre Farm (Building)
MDV40377Chudleigh Lodge, Christow (Building)
MDV80089Church Bridge, Station Road, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV80061Church Cottage, Dunkeswell (Building)
MDV80782Church Hall (former school), North Brentor (Building)
MDV2214Church House, now the Community Centre, Combe Martin (Building)
MDV6982Church House, South Tawton (Building)
MDV3607Church House, Walkhampton (Building)
MDV65783Church Steps Cottages (Building)
MDV65782Church Stile Cottages (Building)
MDV68945Cider House at West Chapple Farm, Winkleigh (Building)
MDV33195Cider house, (former farmhouse) Batworthy Farm (Building)
MDV70550Claremont Cottages, Mirey Lane (Building)
MDV80733Cleave House, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV79558Cliff Castle and St Elmo, Castle Hill, Seaton (Building)
MDV33204Coach House and stables at Whiddonpark House (Building)
MDV80394College, 26 Millway, Bradninch (Building)
MDV80350Combe Hill, Combe Raleigh (Building)
MDV17176Conduit on East Street, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV79994Conerways, Oldway and 3 Bullen Street (Building)
MDV60870Connett's Farmhouse, Dunkeswell (Building)
MDV6513Corndonford Farmhouse (Building)
MDV33268Cottage or Kitchen at Yeo Farm, Chagford (Building)
MDV33279Cottage south-west of North Langston Farmhouse (Building)
MDV8740Cottages 35 meters north-east of church, North Bovey (Building)
MDV80414Country House, Sidford (Building)
MDV71620County Stone circa 80 metres east of Old Bow Bridge, Bickington (Building)
MDV80588Crammers Bridge, Chudleigh (Monument)
MDV80587Crammers Farmhouse, Chudleigh (Building)
MDV9345Cross at Canonteign Barton, Christow (Monument)
MDV54695Darch's Bakery, Town Mills (Monument)
MDV80730Devonshire Inn, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV29784Dockwell farmhouse, Widecombe in the Moor (Building)
MDV6400Down Ridge Stone Circle, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV79883Drakes Cottage, Castle Lane, Woodbury (Building)
MDV79884Drakes's Thatch, Castle Lane, Woodbury (Building)
MDV80289Drinking Fountain, Cotmaton Road, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV35462East Lodge to Manor House Hotel, North Bovey (Building)
MDV37225East Steps and Foxhole Cottages, Dunsford (Building)
MDV64879Eastleigh, 91 East Street, South Molton (Building)
MDV80039Elford Town Farmhouse (Building)
MDV51433Enclosure 710 metres north-west of Little Links Tor, Bridestowe and Sourton (Monument)
MDV2883Fallen standing stone east of Hangershell Rock, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV80776Farm building 30 meters east of farmhouse, Meavy Barton (Building)
MDV33278Farm Buildings north-west of north Langston Farmhouse (Building)
MDV80348Farmbuildings at Raddon Court, Thorverton (Building)
MDV39495Farmhouse at Addislade, Dean Prior (Building)
MDV80661Farmhouse at Grimstone, Horrabridge (Building)
MDV33303Farmhouse at Moortown, Gidleigh (Building)
MDV34403Farmhouse at Torhill, Manaton (Building)
MDV37865Farmhouse, Laployd Barton (Building)
MDV6534Fernworthy or Froggymead Stone Circle, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV4199Fice's Well north-east of Rundlestone, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV65417Finchs Foundry, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV80831Foal's Cottage, Ashburton (Building)
MDV49238Former Post Office, Woodbury (Building)
MDV71702Former Warehouse, Topsham Quay (Building)
MDV80572Foundry Cottage, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV65416Foundry House, Finch Foundry, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV21357Foxworthy Mill, Lustleigh (Building)
MDV7845Furzeleigh Farmhouse, Ashburton (Building)
MDV80848Garden Walls and Gateway at West Wyke Farmstead (Monument)
MDV12439Gatehouse to Ilsington churchyard (Building)
MDV37813Gatepost at northern entrance of Bridford Barton (Monument)
MDV35466Gateway with lodges north of Manor House Hotel (Building)
MDV35467Gazebo at Manor House Hotel, North Bovey (Building)
MDV79882Gilbrook Cottages, Woodbury (Building)
MDV80284Gittisham Farmhouse (Building)
MDV80005Granary, Higher Headborough Farm, Ashburton (Building)
MDV33304Granite butter well at Moortown Farm, Gidleigh (Monument)
MDV40399Great Howton farmhouse, Moretonhampstead (Building)
MDV11796Great Torrington Market House and Pannier Market (Building)
MDV2627Great Torrington, St Michael and All Angels (Building)
MDV37358Guide Post at junction of Ashburton Road and Newton Road, Bovey Tracey (Building)
MDV62360Halshanger Farmstead, Ashburton (Building)
MDV8068Haytor Granite Tramway, Haytor to Stover Canal (Monument)
MDV61865Higher Compton Barton (Building)
MDV29214Higher Headborough Farmhouse, Ashburton (Building)
MDV79845Higher Ley Farmhouse, North Molton (Building)
MDV13324Higher Lutton farmhouse, South Brent (Building)
MDV22300Higher Mill Cottages in Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV7797Higher Mill, Buckfast (Building)
MDV20681Hill, Christow (Building)
MDV3502Hingston Hill Stone Row, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV80493Hole Farmhouse (Building)
MDV6424Horn's Cross, Holne (Monument)
MDV37139House at Iron Mills, Dunsford (Building)
MDV6541Hurston Ridge Stone Row, Chagford (Monument)
MDV61334Hut circle 180 metres west of Metherall farmstead and east of Fernworthy Reservoir, Chagford (Monument)
MDV6695Hut circle 210 metres north-west of Metherall farmstead and east of Fernworthy Reservoir, Chagford (Monument)
MDV6626Hut circle 260 metres north-west of Metherall farmstead and east of Fernworthy Reservoir, Chagford (Monument)
MDV6625Hut circle 300 metres north-west of Metherall farmstead and east of Fernworthy Reservoir, Chagford (Monument)
MDV27672Hut circle settlement north of Bellever Tor, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV59583Hut circle settlement on north side of Bradford Leat to the south of Buttern Hill, Gidleigh (Monument)
MDV51432Hut circle with enclosure north-west of Little Links Tor, Bridestowe and Sourton (Monument)
MDV51431Hut circle within enclosure north-west of Little Links Tor, Bridestowe and Sourton (Monument)
MDV19560Hydro-Electric Engine House, Castle Drogo (Building)
MDV62372Ireland House, East Street Ashburton (Building)
MDV9510Iron Mills, Dunsford (Building)
MDV23559Ivybridge, Methodist Chruch (Building)
MDV22226Jasmine Cottage, 32 Fore Street, Seaton (Building)
MDV80770Jubilee Fountain, Trinity Square, Axminster (Building)
MDV62375K6 telephone box, Ashburton (Building)
MDV62368K6 telephone box, Ashburton (Building)
MDV80787K6 telephone box, Chagford (Building)
MDV49096K6 telephone box, Drewsteignton (Building)
MDV80803K6 telephone box, Dunsford (Building)
MDV80796K6 Telephone box, Harbourneford (Building)
MDV80804K6 telephone box, Hennock (Building)
MDV80798K6 telephone box, Hexworthy (Building)
MDV80794K6 telephone box, Holne (Building)
MDV80795K6 Telephone box, Lower Combe (Building)
MDV80799K6 Telephone Box, Lydford (Building)
MDV80800K6 Telephone box, Mary Tavy (Building)
MDV80780K6 Telephone box, Meavy (Building)
MDV80801K6 telephone box, near Merrivale Quarry (Building)
MDV80789K6 telephone box, North Bovey (Building)
MDV80791K6 Telephone box, Ponsworthy (Building)
MDV80790K6 telephone box, Poundsgate (Building)
MDV80802K6 Telephone box, Rendlestone (Building)
MDV80788K6 telephone box, Sandy Park (Building)
MDV80793K6 telephone Box, Sigford (Building)
MDV80797K6 telephone box, South Brent (Building)
MDV80792K6 Telephone box, Southbrook Farm (Building)
MDV80805K6 telephone box, Walkhampton (Building)
MDV80738K6 telephone kiosk, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV54833Kentisbeare House (Building)
MDV32038Kitchen Garden at Tapeley House, Westleigh (Building)
MDV60718Knights Cottage, West Worlington (Building)
MDV64866Langmead House, Former Congregational Church (Building)
MDV4226Langstone Moor Stone Circle, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV80606Limekilns at Westleigh Quarry (Building)
MDV49466Linhay at Yeo Farm, Chagford (Building)
MDV80619Linhay Range at Bridge Farm, Burrington (Building)
MDV80082Linhay to the rear of 40-42 Fore Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV37293Linhays and barn north-west of Bullaton farmhouse (Building)
MDV80779Little Coombe, Meavy (Building)
MDV35464Lodge to Manor House Hotel, North Bovey (Building)
MDV80620London Cottage, Burrington (Building)
MDV33259Longhouse at Great Ensworthy, Gidleigh (Building)
MDV39432Longhouse at Ingletts, Holne (Building)
MDV6149Longstone on Shovel Down, Chagford Common (Monument)
MDV72165Loughrigg, East Street, South Molton (Building)
MDV80199Lovelane Farmhouse (Building)
MDV7467Lower Bonehill Farmhouse (Building)
MDV54288Lower Lodge, Widworthy (Building)
MDV37946Lower North Harton Farmhouse, Lustleigh (Building)
MDV30345Lower Quarry Farmhouse (Building)
MDV35463Manor House Hotel gateway, North Bovey (Monument)
MDV20065Mansion at Buckfast Abbey (Building)
MDV2334Marchant's Cross, Meavy (Monument)
MDV2298Meavy Barton Farmhouse (Building)
MDV80732Methodist Chapel, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV33530Middle Venton Farmhouse, Drewsteignton (Building)
MDV80784Midhurst Cottage and Post Office, Peter Tavy (Building)
MDV80409Milestone at Lower Ferry in Kingswear (Building)
MDV80672Milestone at Rosemoor, St Giles in the Wood (Monument)
MDV80573Milestone east of Weekstone Cross, Pancrasweek (Building)
MDV23558Milestone in the Parish of Ivybridge (Building)
MDV38614Milestone North West of Stover Bridge, Teigngrace (Building)
MDV80680Milestone on A3124 at Moorparks, Beaford (Monument)
MDV80678Milestone on A3124 to north of Beaford (Monument)
MDV80674Milestone on A3124 to south-east of Hillbrae, St Giles in the Wood (Building)
MDV34960Milestone on A3124 to west of Neno's House, Beaford (Monument)
MDV34957Milestone on A3194 between Woolleigh Bridge and Woolleigh Cross, Beaford (Monument)
MDV37359Milestone on Bovey Straights, Bovey Tracey (Building)
MDV40449Milestone on bridge over Matford Brook, Alphington (Building)
MDV45723Milestone on the A3122 to the west of Dartmouth (Building)
MDV51847Milestone to east of Linhay Business Park, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV34226Miner's Dry, Wheal Friendship Mine (Building)
MDV1579Molford House (Building)
MDV33257Mount Pleasant Farmhouse, Murchington (Building)
MDV3338Multiple stone circle, Yellowmead Down, Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV80063Musgrove Farmhouse, Dunkeswell (Building)
MDV80679Neno's House, Beaford (Building)
MDV1675North Brentor Methodist Church (Building)
MDV7846North Gate, Buckfast Abbey (Monument)
MDV33280North Langston Farmhouse (Building)
MDV40376North Lodge, Christow (Building)
MDV23572North or Higher Hele farmhouse, Cornwood (Building)
MDV5096Nun's Cross, Walkhampton Common, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV33343Office at Yeo Farm, Chagford (Building)
MDV30043Outbuilding 10 metres north-west of Lower Bonehill Farmhouse (Building)
MDV80774Outbuilding 5 meters north of Meavy Barton farmhouse (Building)
MDV40251Outbuilding north of 48 Ford Street, Moretonhampstead (Building)
MDV30988Outbuilding south-west of farmhouse, Ruddycleave (Building)
MDV2951Owley Cottage, Ugborough (Building)
MDV80053Oxford House at 10 West Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV80741Pair of cottages, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV80268Pendennis House (Building)
MDV80783Peter Tavy Inn (Building)
MDV80777Pigsties south-east of farmhouse, Meavy Barton (Building)
MDV80603Plovers Barron, Westleigh (Building)
MDV80840Postbridge Road Bridge (Monument)
MDV81027Premises of Regward and Co. Ltd., Lyme Street, Axminster (Building)
MDV79896Pressland Pump, Hatherleigh (Building)
MDV80728Primula House, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV33524Pumpy Cottage, Lower East Week (Building)
MDV80347Raddon Court, Thorverton (Building)
MDV62370Railings and gate piers at The Coach House, East Street (Monument)
MDV80931Rawridge Farmhouse, Upottery (Building)
MDV80811Red Lion Inn, 56 East Street Ashburton (Building)
MDV80194Remains of a Medieval Fortified House, Fishpond and Later Garden Features (Monument)
MDV10286Rewe Cross (Monument)
MDV1315Rood Screen in St. Disen's Church Bradninch (Building)
MDV33529Rose Cottage, Drewsteignton (Building)
MDV37792ROUTE MARKER NON SPECIFIC in the Parish of Hennock (Building)
MDV80739Row of three cottages, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV80011Royal Oak inn, Ashburton (Building)
MDV30993Ruddycleave Farmhouse, Buckland in the Moor (Building)
MDV38001Runnaford at Lower Combe (Building)
MDV59093Ryall's Court, Seaton (Building)
MDV79926Salisbury House, 30 Monmouth Street, Topsham (Building)
MDV80101Seafield and Seacourt Villas (Building)
MDV30041Shippon 15 metres south-west of Lower Bonehill Farmhouse (Building)
MDV49465Shippon adjoining Yeo Corn Mill, Chagford (Building)
MDV80541Shippon and Stables at Wonson Manor (Building)
MDV39496Shippon at Addislade, Dean Prior (Building)
MDV80551Shippon at Clampitt farmstead, Christow (Building)
MDV30991Shippon at Ruddycleave Farm (Building)
MDV79841Shippons at Higher Ley Farm, North Molton (Building)
MDV80727Silverlake, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV20066South Gate at Buckfast Abbey (Monument)
MDV33277South Langston Farmhouse (Building)
MDV64861South Molton Town Hall (Building)
MDV64864South Molton, Falcon Inn (Building)
MDV80023Southcott Farmhouse, Burrington (Building)
MDV33523Spring Cottage, Lower East Week (Building)
MDV9950St Margaret's Church, Topsham (Building)
MDV11211St Mary the Virgin Parish Church, Axminster. (Building)
MDV20064St Mary's Abbey Church at Buckfast Abbey (Building)
MDV1313St. Disen's Church, Bradninch (Building)
MDV80644St. Peter's Church, Bideford East-the-Water (Building)
MDV80398Stable and barn, Blackslade Manor (Building)
MDV30990Stable and pigsties, Ruddycleave Farm (Building)
MDV37863Stable north of Laployd Barton Farmhouse (Building)
MDV33419Stables and coach house at Castle Drogo (Building)
MDV3377Standing stone at the west end of Drizzlecombe stone row '2', Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV80736Staplers and The Heritage, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV80091Steps to Holy Trinity church, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV51434Stone alignment near enclosure north-west of Little Links Tor, Bridestowe and Sourton (Monument)
MDV4374Stone circle 330 metres south of Little Hound Tor, South Tawton (Monument)
MDV4626Stone circle south-east of Sourton Tors, Bridestowe and Sourton (Monument)
MDV80040Stone Garden Table, Duryard House (Building)
MDV2421Stone row 440 metres south of Great Trowlesworthy Tor, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV2415Stone Row 550 metres south-west of Great Trowlesworthy Tor, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV2399Stone row 600 metres south-west of Penn Beacon, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV80769Stone row associated with Yellowmead stone circle, Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV6003Stone row south of Laughter Tor, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV80052Stonehayes Farmhouse, Stonehayes Farm (Building)
MDV80742Sunnyside Cottage, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV80737Sunnyside, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV80729Sycamore Cottage, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV1128Tamarisk, East Street, South Molton (Building)
MDV17985Tapeley, Westleigh (Building)
MDV80726Taw Leat and Mill House cottages, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV80748Taw River Inn, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV40262Telephone Kiosk, Doccombe (Building)
MDV49561Terminal cairn of stone row south-west of Glasscombe Corner, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV31024Thatched stone building west of St Peter's Church (Building)
MDV79886The Beals, Greenway, Woodbury (Building)
MDV80753The Castle Hotel, Bradninch (Building)
MDV62369The Coach House, East Street Ashburton (Building)
MDV11231The George Hotel, Axminster (Building)
MDV13600The Golden Lion, East Street Ashburton (Building)
MDV1451The Grange, Broadhembury (Building)
MDV38054The Great Hall, Mapstone Hill, Lustleigh (Building)
MDV80122The Great House, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV6758The Grey Wethers northern stone circle, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV6759The Grey Wethers southern stone circle, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV79927The Lighter Inn (Building)
MDV64882The Medical Hall, South Molton (Building)
MDV80778The Mill Cottage, Meavy (Building)
MDV8793The New Corn Mill, North Bovey (Building)
MDV11237The Old Chapel, Castle Street, Axminster (Building)
MDV80735The Old Cottage, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV22932The Old School House, Silver Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV80853The Old Vicarage, Upottery (Building)
MDV79898The Parsonage, Greenway, Woodbury (Building)
MDV59273The Pole Arms Hotel, Seaton (Building)
MDV38019The Rock, South Brent (Building)
MDV33344The Stable, Yeo Farm, Chagford (Building)
MDV8252The Three Crowns Hotel, Chagford (Building)
MDV80085The Valiant Soldier, 79 Fore Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV80084The White Hart public house, Plymouth Road (Building)
MDV65611Thomas Hall, formerly Great Duryard House, Exeter (Building)
MDV17657Three Limekilns at Woodfield Quarry (Building)
MDV79839Threshing Barn at Higher Ley Farm, North Molton (Building)
MDV33295Threshing Barn at Mount Pleasant Farm, Murchington (Building)
MDV40382Threshing barn east of Hill farmhouse, Christow (Building)
MDV80291Toll Gates at Copper Castle Toll House, King's Road, Honiton (Building)
MDV80093Tollmarsh, Plymouth Road, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV80094Town Mill Leat railings, Plymouth Road, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV14148Trowlesworthy Warren, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV80740Tudor Cottage, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV22097Tunhill Farmhouse (Building)
MDV2888Two fallen standing stones east of Hangershell Rock, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV48922Vicarage, Meavy (Building)
MDV18452Village Pound, Sidbury (Building)
MDV80067Vine Cottage, 24 Station Road, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV80529Walkham Mill, Walkhampton (Building)
MDV61335Wall adjacent to hut circle north-west of Metherall farmstead and east of Fernworthy Reservoir, Chagford (Monument)
MDV6165Wallabrook clapper bridge (Monument)
MDV40375Walls, gates and gate piers east of North Lodge (Monument)
MDV80885War Memorial at Rewe Cross (Monument)
MDV68944West Chapple Farmhouse, Winkleigh (Building)
MDV37761West Park Cottage, Swannaford, Bridford (Building)
MDV6954West Wyke Farmhouse, South Tawton (Building)
MDV6002Western double stone row south of standing stone south of Laughter Tor, Datmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV8095Western gateway into St Michael's churchyard, Ilsington (previously school) (Building)
MDV79810Westernmost warehouse at North Tawton Woollen Mill (Building)
MDV8277Whiddonpark House, Chagford (Building)
MDV80448White Swan Hotel, Crediton (Building)
MDV80785Wisdom, Peter Tavy (Building)
MDV6209Wonson Manor House (Building)
MDV70551Woodbury House, Greenway, Woodbury (Building)
MDV80056Woodhayne Barton Farmhouse, Culmstock (Building)
MDV64874Woodville (Building)
MDV80390Yarner Barn, Dartington (Building)
MDV37301Yarner House, Bovey Tracey (Building)
MDV79802Yeat Farmhouse (Building)
MDV33147Yellam Farmhouse, Chagford (Building)
MDV6156Yeo Farm Mill, Chagford (Building)
MDV19339Yeo Farmhouse, Chagford (Building)
MDV3436Yeo Old Farm House (Building)