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OASIS ID:geoflo1-107071
Title:Woodbury Castle, Gradiometer Survey
Originator:Caldwell, L.
Summary:Gradiometer survey undertaken as part of a programme of research and restoration of the site. The major anomalies (Q) recorded in the northern part of the site were due to the former presence of a cottage which was demolished some years ago together with a buried barbed wire fence running east-west along the former boundary of the property. Also recorded in this part of the site were a well (O) and pipeline (P). Four narrow linear anomalies were recorded in the southern part of the site running north-west to south-east; three (I, J, K) are likely to be water gullies, the fourth (N), recorded as a negative anomaly, is probably a modern plastic pipeline or cable. An amorphous anomaly running east-west across the survey area is probably the result of pits and scoops filled with humic material and occupation debris, or possibly the remains of a trackway. Several circular anomalies were recorded in the south-western corner of the site; these are interpreted as round house gullies with associated pits or postholes (A-G). A negative circular anomaly, possibly a circular structure with stone footings (M) was recorded in the eastern part of the site. To the north of this were parallel rows of roughly circular anomalies (L), their size in the range for possible pits or postholes. A general scatter of ferrous magnetic anomalies was recorded throughout the southern half of the site which is probably due to the presence of buried modern metal objects. This makes the identification of smaller archaeological anomalies uncertain as does the naturally deposited ferrous magnetic material caused by small scale localised ponding.
DOI (permanent link):https://doi.org/10.5284/1018047

Associated Monuments (5)

MDV108275Cottage in Woodbury Castle (Monument)
MDV108277Lines of Pits or Postholes at Woodbury Castle (Monument)
MDV108276Round Houses in Woodbury Castle (Monument)
MDV108274Well in Woodbury Castle (Monument)
MDV10500Woodbury Castle, Woodbury, East Devon (Monument)