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Originator:Ordnance Survey

Associated Monuments (first 1000 links displayed, contact Devon HER for more information)

MDV238021 - 27 Clarence road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV244641 - 5 Redgate, Bartows Causeway, Tiverton (Building)
MDV231391 and 2 Bedford Villas, Spring Hill, Tavistock (Building)
MDV207351 and 2 Knowles Hill Road, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV436511 and 2 New Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV295091 and 3 Highweek Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV443191 and 3 James Street, Okehampton (Building)
MDV443111 and 3 West Street, Okehampton (Building)
MDV755691 Bull Hill, Bideford (Building)
MDV230761 Church Lane, Tavistock (Building)
MDV990321 Cooper Street and 53-55 Mill Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV229911 Courtenay Park Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV613451 Fore Street, Cullompton (Building)
MDV989851 Honestone Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV484911 to 4 Bridge Buildings, Tiverton (Building)
MDV245861 to 5 (odd) Angel Hill, Tiverton (Building)
MDV796941 to 5 Victoria Terrace, Honiton (Monument)
MDV245091 to 6 Twyford Place, Tiverton (Building)
MDV493041 to 7 (odd) Church Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV436541 to 8 Summerland Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV437241, 1a and 1b Church Street, Cullompton (Building)
MDV755301, 2 and 3 Hampton Terrace, Bideford (Building)
MDV2303410 Highweek Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV24250100 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV24286101 and 103 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV24252104 and106 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV24288107 and 109 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV43645107 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV79685108 to 116 (even) High Street, Honiton (Monument)
MDV2314711 and 12 West Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV2378911 and 13 Bicton Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2311611 and 13 Plymouth Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV393211 Market Street, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV2296611 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV24254112 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV893791-15 (odd) Castle Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV24289115 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV89305115-119 (odd) Chapel Street, and attached outbuilding to 117, Tiverton (Building)
MDV493121-17 (odd) Queen Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV43668119-125 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV4417812 Allhalland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2299612 and 13 Courtenay Park Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV7358912 and 14 Courtenay Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2379512 Bicton Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV3875512 Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2465612 Newport Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2312612 Plymouth Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV8912712 St Andrew Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV4930712 to 22 Church Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV81048120 - 126 (even) Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Monument)
MDV7532013 and 13a Buttgarden Street (Building)
MDV2451113 and 14 Twyford Place, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9896413 Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV4430913 Fore Street, Okehampton (Building)
MDV7911413 Honestone Street, Bideford (Monument)
MDV8914613 St Andrew Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2376713 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2314813 West Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV91610131 East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV43678132 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV23032133-147 East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV79688134, 136 and 138 High Street, Honiton (Monument)
MDV43670135 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV43672135A, 135B and 137 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV7329313a, 14 and 14a Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2299714 and 15 Courtenay Park Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV4040314 and 16 Fore Street, Moretonhampstead (Building)
MDV246121-4 Bridge Terrace, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2463314 Fore Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9601814 Joy Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV242991-4 South Place, The Promenade, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV4850314 to 16 Leat Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV9888614 Torrington Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2450614-18 (even), 34 and 36 Castle Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV79681142 to 178 (even) High Street, Honiton (Monument)
MDV2358714-22 Montpellier Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2301114-24 Devon Square, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV43673147 to 153 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV7551615 Buttgarden Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2358915 North Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV4374115 Pound Square, Cullompton (Building)
MDV8914715 St Andrew Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV8917915 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV7969815 to 21 (odd) Church Hill, Honiton (Monument)
MDV7969115 to 23 (odd) New Street, Honiton (Monument)
MDV4949915-16 Barnstaple Street, Bideford (Monument)
MDV79687155 and 157 High Street, Honiton (Monument)
MDV80290159 and 161 High Street, Honiton (Monument)
MDV2299816 and 17 Courtenay Park Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV7555616 and 17 Market Place, Bideford (Building)
MDV9888416 and 17 Torrington Street (Building)
MDV2459116 Angel Hill, Tiverton (Building)
MDV7551716 Buttgarden Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2463416 Fore Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2312816 Plymouth Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV2377016 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV9896317 and 18 The Strand, Bideford (Building)
MDV9705017 and 19 Meddon Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV9924617 Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV7531917 Buttgarden Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV6573817 Castle Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2426417 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV8918017 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2377117 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV4849017 to 21 Leat Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV43677179 and 181 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV9896518 and 18a Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2422418 and 18a Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV7532118 Buttgarden Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2303618 Highweek Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV7555718 Market Place, Bideford (Building)
MDV2448918 to 22 (even) St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV1441518-22 St Andrew Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV43689186 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV2311819 and 21 Plymouth Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV7551819 Buttgarden Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2463719, 21 and 21A Gold Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV230702 and 3 Canal Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV230062 and 4 Courtenay Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV484952 and 4 John Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV246622 Park Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV231222 Plymouth Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV235972 Queen's Court, Exmouth (Building)
MDV246112 to 6 (even) Bridge Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV245132 West Exe South and 14 Bridge Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV2379820 - 72 Bicton Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2377420 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2421320-26 Duncombe Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV7319020-26 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV43692207-213 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV7914321 - 23 Prospect Place, Bideford (Building)
MDV6454021- 23 North Street and Cob Cottages, North Tawton (Building)
MDV2426621 and 23 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV9704021-25 The Strand, Bideford (Building)
MDV484162-18 (even) Queen Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV9618522 and 23 High Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV7912622 and 23 Mill Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV4373822 and 24 High Street, Cullompton (Monument)
MDV4850422 to 24 Leat Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV2300123 and 24 Courtenay Park Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV8938323 and 25 Castle Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV3976623 Sandpath Road, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV79674233, 235 and 237 High Street, Honiton (Monument)
MDV43690239 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV7557024 Bull Hill, Bideford (Building)
MDV244752-4 St Paul's Square, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2449024 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2463524 to 26 Fore Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV8915024-25 St Andrew Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2301225 and 26 Devon Square, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2302425 and 27 East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV3976525 Sandpath Road, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV7557125, 26 and 27 Bull Hill, Bideford (Building)
MDV2431026 Fore Street, Northam (Building)
MDV2309326 King Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV4432126-38 (Even) Station Road, Okehampton (Building)
MDV2223227 Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV9887727 and 28 Barnstaple Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2431127 Fore Street (Building)
MDV2309427 King Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV2315227 West Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV2303728 and 30 Highweek Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV8938528 and 30, Castle Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2422928 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV9596228 Silver Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV4365729 and 31 New Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV2460129 Bampton Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV8699529 Bicton Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2426829 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV237553 and 4 Albion Terrace, Exmouth (Building)
MDV231403 and 4 Bedford Villas, Spring Hill, Tavistock (Building)
MDV235813 and 4 Louise Terrace, Exmouth (Building)
MDV970473 and 5 Meddon Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV244603 Bank Street, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV229923 Courtenay Park Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV989863 Honestone Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV1023803 Mill Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV791443 Queen Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV888173 to 7 (odd) High Street, Cullompton (Building)
MDV9889630 Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2423030 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV2449230 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9610431 and 31a Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV7484931 and 32 High Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV8934031 Bampton Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV4417031 Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV8939831 Church Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2430531 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV2462931 Fore Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9160631 Highweek Village, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV4849731 to 35 (odd) John Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV2359231 to 41 North Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV7888832 Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV8916432-33 St Andrew Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2463033 and 33a Fore Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2312033 and 35 Plymouth Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV2426933 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV2315433 West Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV9897334 and 35 Mill Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV8935335a Fore Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV80236 Pilton Street, Pilton, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2360836 The Strand, Exmouth (Building)
MDV9367037 North Street, Okehampton (Building)
MDV2301637-39 Devon Square, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV8931038 and 38A Gold Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2449438 and 40 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV4365639 and 41 New Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV2302639 East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2427339 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV206874 and 4a Bridgeland Street (Building)
MDV229884 Bank Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV744014 Barrington Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV990284 Cooper Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV397744 Golvers Hill Road, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV755264 Lower Meddon Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV437434 Queen Square, Cullompton (Building)
MDV788534 Queen Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV243214 The Square, Northam (Building)
MDV796954 to 20 (even) Clapper Lane, Honiton (Monument)
MDV229934, 5 and 6 Courtenay Park Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2464041 and 43 Gold Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2463644 Fore Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9701145 - 47 Torrington Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2448445 and 47 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9154045 Devon Square, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2361245 The Strand, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2423346 and 48 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV4362846 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV2447346 to 60 (even) St Andrew's Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV10263246-47, Mill Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2449848 and 50 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9926348, 49 and 50 High Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV3978149 and 51 Fore Street, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV4361849 and 51 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV8914349 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV891945 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV229645 and 7 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV237835 Bicton Place, Exmouth (Building)
MDV790975 Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV970485 Honestone Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV237605 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV791475 The Strand, Bideford (Building)
MDV9900451 and 52 High Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2165851-53 Bannawell Street, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV4363052 and 54 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV7910053 Coldharbour, Bideford (Building)
MDV2302753 East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2459754 and 54a Bampton Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV9611254 Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2302855 East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2450156 to 60 (even) St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2315857 West Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV9901158 and 59 High Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV4365558 and 60 New Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV2460359 Bampton Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2316059 West Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV231246 and 8 Plymouth Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV990896 Buttgarden Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV495006 Honestone Street, Bideford (Monument)
MDV9894160 and 60a Mill Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2298060 and 62 Ashburton Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2423960 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV2316160 West Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV8932861 and 61A, Bampton Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9901261 High Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2424062 and 64 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV2295662 and 64 Seymour Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2459862 Bampton Street and 23 Newport Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV85862 Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2074063 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2075065 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV4364668 High Street, Honiton (Monument)
MDV2075769 & 71 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV84769 High Street, formerly the Trevelyan Hotel (Building)
MDV765296a The Quay, Bideford (Monument)
MDV1026306a, Cooper Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV229947 and 8 Courtenay Park Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV495017 and 8 Mill Street, Bideford (Monument)
MDV657567 and 8 New Road, Bideford (Building)
MDV989877 and 9 Honestone Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV231157 and 9 Plymouth Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV245877 Angel Hill, Tiverton (Building)
MDV755207 Buttgarden Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV242597 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV791217 to 15 Meddon Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2305872 Bannawell Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV2424274 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV2316574 West Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV9612275 Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2424376 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV2316776 West Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV2316877 West Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV2424478 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV2297479 and 79a Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV7889779 High Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV4363679 to 83 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV441758 Allhalland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV230088 and 10 Courtlands Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV989368 Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV437298 Duke Street, Cullompton (Building)
MDV245938 to 12 (even) Bampton Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV755638 Tower Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV788908, Lower Gunstone, Bideford (Building)
MDV9926080 and 81 High Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2424580 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV893188-14 Belmont Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2317183 and 84 West Street, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV2075483 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV10260484-94 Queen Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2428085 and 87 Fore Street (Building)
MDV2297685 and 87 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV4363785 and 97 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV9618986 and 86a High Street, and 21 Cross Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV9194788 Queen Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2428189 and 89a Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV4363889 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV485019 and 10 Leat Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV235839 and 10 Louisa Terrace, Exmouth (Building)
MDV242939 and 11 Mill Street and Warehouse to Rear, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV237859 Bicton Place, Exmouth (Building)
MDV988999 Cooper Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV397839 Crossley Moor Road, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV242609 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV755279 Lower Meddon Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV791229 Mill Street, Bideford (Monument)
MDV237639 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV229959, 10 and 11 Courtenay Park Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV4364191 and 91a High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV230109-13 Devon Square, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2424892 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV8933293 and 95, Barrington Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV4366194 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV4364395 to 99 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV4366296 and 96A High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV9613596 Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV32460A la Ronde Pleasure Grounds, Withycombe Raleigh, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV16282A La Ronde, Withycombe Raleigh, Exmouth (Building)
MDV61713Abandoned Mine Shaft, Peppins Howden (Monument)
MDV44168Abbeyfield House, Axminster. (Monument)
MDV102136Agrcultural Buildings at Greendale (Building)
MDV102139Agricultural Building at Greendale (Building)
MDV23131Alexander Centre, Plymouth Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV102658Allotment Gardens, Garden Spot Lane, Chudleigh (Monument)
MDV862Anchor Brewery, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV66184Andrew Burials, St Mary's Church, Bideford (Monument)
MDV39779April Cottage, Fore Street, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV81096Archaeological features at Middle Knapp Farm, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV81097Archaeological features at Middle Knapp Farm, Sidmouth (Monument)
MDV81240Archaeological Features between A379 and Old Rydon Lane (Monument)
MDV81249Archaeological Features between A379 and Old Rydon Lane (Monument)
MDV102417Archaeological features, Kensham Avenue (Monument)
MDV81291Archaeological Features, Land Adjacent to Station Road (Monument)
MDV102418Archaeological features, land to west of Dunscombe Farm (Monument)
MDV102518Archaeological Features, Steamer Quay Road, Bridgetown (Monument)
MDV71723Archway Bookshop, Church Street, Axminster (Building)
MDV81046Artefact Scatter, West of Gosford Lane (Monument)
MDV24575Ashley Cottage, Exter Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV24573Ashley House, Crediton Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV23600Athelstan Cottage, St Johns Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV29501Austins, 1 Courtenay Street, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV44886Ball Hill, Littleham, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV37021Bandstand, Simmons Park (Monument)
MDV24231Bank, 32 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV15354Baptist Chapel, High Street (Building)
MDV59265Baptist Chapel, High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV35459Barn 50 metres north of Southmeads in Lettaford (Building)
MDV102082Barn at Narracott Farm, Milton Abbot (Building)
MDV84166Barn at Pitt Farm, Mamhead (Building)
MDV35455Barn north-west of Southmeads in Lettaford (Building)
MDV24642Barrington House, Tiverton (Building)
MDV22421Beambridge to Exeter Railway (Monument)
MDV34437Beckaford Bridge, Manaton (Monument)
MDV102469Bedford Brewery, Tavistock (Building)
MDV91601Beech Cottage, Foxwell Lane, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV43625Belmont, 40 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV81155Berry Field Names east of Goldenpark, Hartland (Monument)
MDV9186Berry Meadow, Kingsteignton (Monument)
MDV9145Berry's Wood Hillfort, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV7257Bible Christian Chapel (Monument)
MDV85615Biddlecombe School (Building)
MDV79139Bideford and North Devon Building Society, 5 The Quay, Bideford (Monument)
MDV97041Bideford Arts Centre (Building)
MDV18274Bideford Manor House (Monument)
MDV494Bideford Quay (Monument)
MDV11737Bidna Windmill (Monument)
MDV89368Black Horse Inn, also known as the Twyford Inn (Building)
MDV51409Blackabrook Weir to north of Princetown (Monument)
MDV24606Blagdon's Almshouse, Barrington Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV22977Blanche House, 89 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV23619Boldbrook Cottage, 145 Withycombe Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV7556Bonehill House (Building)
MDV49309Boundary Walls at St Paul's Church (Monument)
MDV89111Boundary Walls to the Elms and Oakdale, Blundells Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV80870Boundary, between Cross House and Northam House (Monument)
MDV15525Bradham Farm, Withycombe Raleigh, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV43683Bramble Hill House, Exeter Road, Honiton (Building)
MDV5532Brass Plaques to John and Joan Greenaway, St Peter's Church (Find Spot)
MDV89329Brewins School, Bampton Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV62898Brickhouse (Monument)
MDV55226Brickworks, Withycombe Raleigh, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV73292Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Monument)
MDV58877Broadway Clay Works, Kingsteignton (Monument)
MDV42007Broadway Road, Kingsteignton (Monument)
MDV44322Brock's Almshouses, Castle Road, Okehampton (Building)
MDV39776Brookside, 1 Golvers Hill Road, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV24572Broomhill, Baker's Hill, Tiverton (Building)
MDV52534Brunel Lodge, Wolborough, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV102767Buckfast Weir (Monument)
MDV20722Buckfastleigh Station (Monument)
MDV43176Building 2: Incorporating Mill at Powder Mills Gunpowder Factory (Building)
MDV43182Building 8: Charge Magazine at Powder Mills Gunpowder Factory (Building)
MDV81314Building east of Sutherland Farm (Monument)
MDV65663Building south of Bradley Lane, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV69004Building, Castle Road (Monument)
MDV63396Building, Queen Street, Bideford (Monument)
MDV43282Buildings on Bideford Waterfront (Monument)
MDV72776Buildings to south of Abbotsham Road, Bideford (Monument)
MDV81036Buildings within Enclosure (Monument)
MDV73122Burgage Plot to the rear of 18-20 Fore Street (Monument)
MDV73707Burgage Plots, Fore Street (Monument)
MDV71136Burrough House, Northam (Monument)
MDV78884Buttgarden Street, Bideford (Monument)
MDV23773Byron Court, 19 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV7434Cairn 30 metres south-east of Rippon Tor (Monument)
MDV23075Canal Bridge, Canal Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV81263Carriage Drive to Hartland Abbey (Monument)
MDV101605Carriage Shed, Kinglsey Road, Bideford (Building)
MDV81296Cartshed at Glebe Farm, Widecombe (Monument)
MDV24472Castle Barton, Park Hill, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9146Castle Dyke, Highweek, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV70645Castle Lodge, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV24476Castle Lodge, Park Hill, Tiverton (Building)
MDV73203Cellar of Outbuildings, 44 Fore Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV7721Central Tinner's Hut in Streamwork on Brim Brook, Dartmoor Forest (Building)
MDV44320Chalet Treloar, Simmons Park (Building)
MDV65755Chalice House, Torridge Hill, Bideford (Building)
MDV17232Chapel at Waldron's Almshouses, Tiverton (Building)
MDV1863Chapel of Allhallows, Church Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV89123Chapel, Tiverton Cemetery (Building)
MDV71735Chest Tomb South-west of St Andrew's Parish Church (Building)
MDV24329Chircombe House, Chircombe Lane, Northam (Building)
MDV1569Christ Church, Bear Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV10675Christ Church, North Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV88810Church Cottage, Gravel Walk, Cullompton (Building)
MDV10661Church of St. John in the Wilderness, Withycombe Raleigh, Exmouth (Building)
MDV21731Church of St. John the Evangelist, Exmouth (Building)
MDV6974Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Throwleigh (Building)
MDV6128Church of the Holy Trinity, Gidleigh (Building)
MDV36523Church Park, West Alvington Hill (Monument)
MDV51151Churchyard, St Edmund's, Kingsbridge (Monument)
MDV51152Churchyard, St Thomas a Becket, Dodbrooke (Monument)
MDV102479Cider House at Goren Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV102492Cider House, Preston Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV102507Cider House, Wadhays Farm, Awliscombe (Building)
MDV59114Clapp's Mill, Okehampton (Building)
MDV18917Clarence Wharf (Monument)
MDV81358Clay Cellar, West Golds Way, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV9233Clergy Widow's Houses, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV102520Coastguard Boundary Stones, Lannacombe (Monument)
MDV93207Cockingford Farmhouse (Building)
MDV51761Cockingford Mill leat (Monument)
MDV43037Cockpit Hill, Cullompton (Monument)
MDV21659Coin and Pottery from 51 Bannawell Street, Tavistock (Find Spot)
MDV17297Collegiate Church of St Peter (Monument)
MDV1867Copper Castle Toll House, King's Road, Honiton (Building)
MDV16790Corstone Farmhouse, Broadwoodkelly (Building)
MDV10658Courtlands Cross Toll House, Withycombe Raleigh, Exmouth (Building)
MDV102484Cow House at Preston Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV102506Cow House, Wadhays Farm, Awliscombe (Building)
MDV62522Cowsic Weir, Holming Beam to north-east of Princetown (Monument)
MDV54279Cranford Hotel, Littleham, Exmouth (Building)
MDV65780Cullompton Leat (Monument)
MDV102140Dairy at Greendale (Building)
MDV51272Date's Yard, Dodbrooke (Monument)
MDV834Derby Lace Factory, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV49922Devon & Courtenay Clay Works, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV23014Devon Lodge, Devon Square, Newton Lodge (Building)
MDV73129Dipping Well, Howden Court (Monument)
MDV24207Dodbrooke House, Former Rectory (Building)
MDV23121Drake Memorial, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV22955Drawing Office, St. Pauls Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV62052Drill Hall, Newport Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV24211Duncombe House, 5 Duncombe Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV7998Earthwork enclosure south-east of Leigh Tor (Monument)
MDV55230East Devon Brick and Tile Works, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV73509East Fingle Farm, Drewsteignton (Monument)
MDV22259East Street Market Place, Crediton (Monument)
MDV32670Ellerslie Lookout Tower, Bickington (Building)
MDV89408Elm House and 5 Rackenford Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV79696Elm Terrace, Clapper Lane, Honiton (Monument)
MDV89429Elmore Mill Leat (Monument)
MDV81147Elmscott Common, Hartland (Monument)
MDV23130Endsleigh Terrace, Plymouth Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV24582Entrance Lodges to Heathcoat Lace Factory, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9223Entrances to Forde House, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV22498Exmouth to Budleigh Salterton Branchline. (Monument)
MDV102392Fairlinch Farm, Braunton (Monument)
MDV9249Fairwater Leat, Kingsteignton (Monument)
MDV1345Farleigh Mill (Monument)
MDV99930Farm building east of Spriddlestone Barton, Brixton (Building)
MDV102670Field boundaries and hollow way, Ugbrooke Park (Monument)
MDV73996Field Boundary Near Bell Cross, Dodbrooke (Monument)
MDV65520Field Named Rack Park (Monument)
MDV102777Fingle Mill Head Weir (Monument)
MDV491Fire Iron found on the site of Bideford Post Office (Find Spot)
MDV47646Fish ponds east of Goodabrook Wood, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV3962Fitzford Cottages, Plymouth Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV58142Flint and Chert Artefacts South-west of Little Silver Bridge (Monument)
MDV55709Flint Blade, Lower Redgate (Find Spot)
MDV81101Flint Scatter, Exminster Golf Course (Monument)
MDV102517Flint Scatter, Steamer Quay Road, Bridgetown (Monument)
MDV81091Flint Scatter, West of Gosford Lane. (Monument)
MDV81095Flint, Pulhayes Farm, East Budleigh (Monument)
MDV13715Follaton House, Totnes (Building)
MDV92118Footbridge immediately west of Crediton Railway Station Main Range (Building)
MDV81173Footbridge, Near Kernstone Wood (Monument)
MDV98952Ford House, New Road, Bideford (Building)
MDV9221Ford House, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV64256Ford House, Rowe Close, Bideford (Monument)
MDV52530Ford Leat, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV90822Forecourt Walls, Keynedon Barton (Building)
MDV102946Forge Cottage, Throwleigh (Building)
MDV20308Former Bone Mill at Crelake Barracks (Monument)
MDV102694Former Coach House, Cornerways, Lydford (Building)
MDV44317Former Congregational Chapel, North Street, Okehampton (Building)
MDV102128Former field boundaries, Abootsham (Monument)
MDV102963Former field boundary north of Anchor Mills (Monument)
MDV63976Former Gardens of Langwell House, Dodbrooke (Monument)
MDV16340Former Grammar School, West Bridge (Monument)
MDV59113Former Livestock Market (Monument)
MDV44306Former Mill, 37 North Street, Okehampton (Building)
MDV59112Former Okehampton Primary School (Monument)
MDV69828Former Pannier Market Building (Monument)
MDV19139Former Prison Blocks, St Andrew's Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV44936Former Quarry South of Washbrook (Monument)
MDV19757Former Saw Mill, North Street (Monument)
MDV43640Four Cottages on Church Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV81038Garden Boundaries, High Street, Honiton (Monument)
MDV45299Garden Wall and Gate Piers, Clare House, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV24214Garden Wall to South of 22 Duncombe Street (Building)
MDV43745Garden Wall, 2 Queen Square, Cullompton (Monument)
MDV102768Garden Walls and Gatepiers, Fairlea, Northdown Road, Bideford (Monument)
MDV97029Gates and Gate Piers at Main Entrance to Victoria Park (Building)
MDV96191Gates and Gate Piers at West Entrance to Paternoster Row (Building)
MDV89119Gates, Gate Piers and Boundary Wall, Tiverton Cemetery (Building)
MDV23605Gaveney House, 5 Salterton Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV56129Glebe Cottage; former Counthouse and Mine Captain's House for Devon Friendship Mine (Building)
MDV63409Gold Street Mill (Monument)
MDV23780Golden Dragon Restaurant, Beacon Hill, Exmouth (Building)
MDV79102Golden Hinde, Cooper Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV72760Grammar School, Northdown Road, Bideford (Monument)
MDV73026Granary at East Titchberry, Hartland (Building)
MDV88908Great Gornhay Farmhouse (Building)
MDV23622Greengates Cottages, 249 and 251 Withycombe Village Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV40406Greenhill House, Moretonhampstead (Building)
MDV73204Greenhouse, 44 Fore Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV12364Greenways Almshouses, Gold Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV30214Greenwood Cottage, 33 Highweek Village (Building)
MDV74346Grenville House, Queen Street, Bideford (Monument)
MDV74114Grenville Nursing Home, 81, Meddon Street, Bideford (Monument)
MDV43639Greystones, 101 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV69495Grimstone Head Weir, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV52206Guide Post at Fishwick Cross, now Gallows Cross, Kingsteignton (Monument)
MDV842Guildhall, High Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV15342Hartland Mill (Building)
MDV81175Hartland Point Radar Station (Monument)
MDV66743Hayne, North Tawton (Monument)
MDV18983Head Weir, Formerly Drake's or Evans' Weir (Monument)
MDV102629Heards Garage, Queen Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV48500Heatcoat Workers Housing, Leat Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV2681Heathcoat School, Leat Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV22734Heathcoat's Terraced Houses, Melbourne Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV83002Heathfield Camp, West of Honiton (Monument)
MDV10727Heathfield Farmhouse, Honiton (Building)
MDV8675Henley's Cider Factory, Abbotskerswell (Building)
MDV74662Hey Hop House, Silver Street, Axminster (Building)
MDV73711High Castle Dyke Farm, 47 Highweek Village, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV13528Higher Mill, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV65650Higher Town Mills Weir, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV24217Hingston's Malthouse, 38 Ebrington Street, Okehampton (Building)
MDV6205Holy Street Mill, Chagford (Building)
MDV7501Holy Well, Widecombe-in-the-Moor (Monument)
MDV28413Honeywell, Penn Inn, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV11356Horriford Farm, formerly Holyford Farm. (Monument)
MDV12531Horse and Groom, Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV102739Horse Engine House at Hill, Christow (Building)
MDV102105Horse Engine House at West Coombe Farm, Hollacombe (Building)
MDV102509Horse Engine House, Wadhays Farm (Building)
MDV81102Houses on Hartland Quay (Monument)
MDV21295Huckworthy Mill House (Building)
MDV102910Hulham Farm, Withycombe Raleigh, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV58677Human Remains, St Georges Church (Monument)
MDV13181Hut circle within Enclosure 'B' at Erme Pound, Harford (Monument)
MDV99035Iffield, North Road, Bideford (Building)
MDV48493Industrial Housing, John Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV24205Inglenook, 146 Church Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV74668Ivy House, Coombe Lane, Axminster (Building)
MDV48492John's Terrace, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV81130Kennels north-east of St Leonards (Monument)
MDV78854King Street, Bideford (Monument)
MDV79682King's Terrace, off King Street, Honiton (Monument)
MDV51155Kingsbridge Cemetery, High House Point (Monument)
MDV24249Kingsbridge Methodist Church (Building)
MDV24304Kingsbridge Union Workhouse (Building)
MDV85533Kitchen Garden, Ugbrooke Park (Building)
MDV24290Knowle House, 137 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV15250Lady Glenorchy's Chapel, Exmouth (Building)
MDV24652Lamb Inn, Newport Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV16627Lane opposite Capel Lane, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV39762Langmead Cottage and Cob Cottage, Tarrs Lane, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV36532Langstone Cross Field, Belle Cross (Monument)
MDV79699Lavington United Reform Church, Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV102948Leat to Bittaford Mill, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV52195Leat to Sandygate Mill, Kingsteignton (Monument)
MDV102651Leather Tor Farmhouse, Walkhampton (Building)
MDV12732Leathertor Deserted Medieval Farmstead, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV99774Leewood, Huckworthy Bridge (Building)
MDV24297Leighton House, The Promenade, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV63971Lime Kiln South of Boxhill (Monument)
MDV66956Limekiln Lane, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV53827Limekiln, Tumbly Hill, Kingsbridge (Monument)
MDV81120Linear Feature, Crealy Adventure Park (Monument)
MDV81109Linear Feature, Exminster Golf Course (Monument)
MDV102657Linhay (Building)
MDV102135Linhay at Greendale Farm, Clyst St Mary (Building)
MDV35456Linhay north of Southmeads in Lettaford (Building)
MDV35475Linhay north-west of Sanders in Lettaford (Building)
MDV81148Little Cross Ground Field Name north-east of Sandhole Cross, Hartland (Monument)
MDV99574Little Stert, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV79689Lloyds Bank, 82 High Street, Honiton (Monument)
MDV24324Locksley House, 1 Tower Street, Northam (Building)
MDV81237Lodge in Hartland (Monument)
MDV52532Lodge on Old Totnes Road, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV497Long Bridge or Bideford Bridge, Bideford (Monument)
MDV23003Longmead, 1 Courtenay Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV12533Lower Almshouses, Pilton Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV39703Lower Mill House, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV9250Lower Mill, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV51056Lych Gate at North-West Entrance to St. Margaret and St. Andrew's Churchyard, Litteham, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV89161Lych Gate, St Peter's Churchyard (Building)
MDV89161Lych Gate, St Peter's Churchyard (Building)
MDV89161Lych Gate, St Peter's Churchyard (Building)
MDV89161Lych Gate, St Peter's Churchyard (Building)
MDV498Maltese Cross, Long Bridge, Bideford (Monument)
MDV73025Malthouse at East Titchberry, Hartland (Building)
MDV11521Manor House, 143 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV81149Mansley Common, Hartland (Monument)
MDV15993Market Place, Fore Street, Okehampton (Monument)
MDV63673Market Square, Axminster (Monument)
MDV96134Marshalls Public House, Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV81153Medieval Field System east of Milford Common, Hartland (Monument)
MDV47943Methodist Chapel, Buckfast Abbey (Building)
MDV82647Methodist Church, Chapel Street (Building)
MDV34058Milepost, Gammaton Road (Monument)
MDV39712Milestone on B3195 north-east of Five Lanes Cross, Kingsteignton (Monument)
MDV1354Milestone Opposite Blundell's School (Monument)
MDV73137Milestone, 13 miles from Exeter (Monument)
MDV81152Milford Common, Hartland (Monument)
MDV99460Milford Farm, Stowford (Monument)
MDV81166Milford Mill Cottage, Hartland (Building)
MDV74996Military Buildings near Hartland Point (Monument)
MDV45919Military Earthworks, Tiverton Castle (Monument)
MDV70201Military Sidings, Okehampton Station (Monument)
MDV102491Milking Parlour, Preston Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV19146Mill Brook, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV68904Mill Pond at Garden Mill, Kingsbridge (Monument)
MDV85616Mill Pond for Sawmills at Ugbrooke (Building)
MDV69871Mill Pond North of Lower Mill (Monument)
MDV58460Mill, Commercial Wharf, Bideford (Monument)
MDV44253Millbrook House, Stoney Lane, Axminster (Building)
MDV51071Millpond at Marpool Mill, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV67065Moorhayes (Monument)
MDV11727Moreton House, Bideford (Building)
MDV9187Mortuary Chapel, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV89369Mortuary, Greenways Almshouses (Building)
MDV24277Myrtle House, 49a Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV47069Named 'Old Quarry' on Ordnance Survey 1880s-90s First Edition map. (Monument)
MDV69827Narrow Burgage Plots, Fore Street (Monument)
MDV24282National Westminster Bank, 91 Fore Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV79141Natwest Bank, 11 The Quay, Bideford (Building)
MDV23761Nelson House, 6 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV9227New Cross Cottage, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV81037Newcombes Farm (Monument)
MDV24580Newplace, Seven Crosses Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV22462Newton Abbot Section of the South Devon Railway (Monument)
MDV52562Newton College (Building)
MDV16801Newton House, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV102467Nichols's Brewery, High Street (Monument)
MDV7523North Hall Manor House, Widecombe (Building)
MDV24308Northam House, Bideford (Building)
MDV32730Northam Parish Hall (Monument)
MDV24319Northam Post Office, Northam (Building)
MDV34077Northgate Cemetery Mortuary Chapel (Monument)
MDV63977Nursery, Duncombe Street (Monument)
MDV30619Old Blundell's School, Gates, Walls and Lodges (Monument)
MDV81058Old Budleigh Court, Budleigh Hill (Building)
MDV74223Old Burying Ground, Bideford (Monument)
MDV66957Old Clay Pit, Lime Kiln Lane, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV23616Old Country House and Mundys Farm, West Down Lane, Littleham, Exmouth (Building)
MDV20203Old Quarry, Chircombe Lane (Monument)
MDV61282Orchard, Higher Mill (Monument)
MDV42401Original Blue Coat Boys School Building, St Peter's Churchyard (Monument)
MDV73131Outbuilding, Howden Court (Monument)
MDV102861Pair of weirs south-west of Huckworthy Bridge (Monument)
MDV48963Parish Boundary Stone marking Walkhampton and Sheepstor parishes (Monument)
MDV52567Parish Boundary Stone on Torquay Road, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV81293Parish Moors Field Name south-west of Spur Cross, Hartland (Monument)
MDV23585Parrys, Marley Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV42221Passage House Inn at Hackney Quay, Kingsteignton (Monument)
MDV98905Patch and Parrot, 5 Cooper Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV52536Pavilion on south side of Church Road, Wolborough, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV17548Penton House (Building)
MDV55227Phear Park, formerly Marpool Park, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV35457Pig Houses north-east of Southmeads, Lettaford (Building)
MDV102137Piggery at Greendale Farm, Clyst St Mary (Building)
MDV50878Pillbox S.43 near Town Weir, Axminster (Monument)
MDV48167Pillbox T125, Morton Way, Axminster (Monument)
MDV24663Pinnex Moor House, off Park Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV102623Pit, Bideford East the Water (Monument)
MDV7381Pixon Toll Cottage (Building)
MDV58112Point House, 5 Trinity Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV81053Pond south-east of Flat Tor (Monument)
MDV81124Poorhouses at Hartland Mill (Monument)
MDV81323Possible Leat north-east of Hartland (Monument)
MDV20427Possible Mill, Lower Upcott (Monument)
MDV60455Possible Preserved Timber Feature (Monument)
MDV102112Possible water meadow at High Park Farm, Alwington (Monument)
MDV102781Possible weir 200 metres north-east of Babeny (Monument)
MDV45576Post Holes Containing Post-medieval Pottery, St Andrew's Hill (Monument)
MDV81049Post Medieval and Modern Artefacts from Cockles Rise (Monument)
MDV81035Postholes, Oakdown Holiday Park (Monument)
MDV20683Post-medieval Pottery, Bridgeland Street (Find Spot)
MDV80299Pottery Sherds and Flint Flake, Okedene, Hayne Lane (Find Spot)
MDV81122Pottery Sherds, Exminster Golf Course (Find Spot)
MDV62461Pottery waste, Stella Maris Convent School stable block, Bideford (Find Spot)
MDV81116'Pound' Field Name at Stoke (Monument)
MDV5913Powder Mills Gunpowder Factory, Cherry Brook (Monument)
MDV14606Prehistoric Stone Tools, Dowell Street (Monument)
MDV83572Priesthall, Priest Hill, Kentisbeare (Building)
MDV75539Public Library, Bideford (Building)
MDV74471Purzebrook House, Musbury Road, Axminster (Building)
MDV30492Quarries, Berry’s Wood, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV63844Quarries, Bideford East the Water (Monument)
MDV81214Quarry at Paignton Water (Monument)
MDV81099Quarry near Stoke Barton (Monument)
MDV26564Quarry near Yarner Wood, Manaton (Monument)
MDV72745Quarry to South-west of Bingwell (Monument)
MDV58281Rackpark, Kingsbridge (Monument)
MDV51055Railway Cottages, Littleham Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV23091Railway Viaduct, King Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV89359Raised Pavement and Railings, Angel Hill (Monument)
MDV377Raleigh Mill, Pilton, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV83612Reed's Place, Cullompton (Building)
MDV102405Relict field boundary north of Eastacott (Monument)
MDV75285Remains of Possible Medieval Buildings, Newport Street (Monument)
MDV74671Rest Harrow Clinic, Church Street, Axminster (Building)
MDV63411Riverside House (Monument)
MDV95952Rock Park, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV24579Roman Catholic Church and Presbytery, Tiverton (Building)
MDV45109Roman road along Tunnel Lane, Honiton (Monument)
MDV1875Roman Road from Exeter to Honiton (Monument)
MDV51269Rope Walk in Kingsbridge (Monument)
MDV102612Ropewalk (Maritime)
MDV75536Rose of Torridge, 6 The Quay, Bideford (Building)
MDV78892Rows of terraced housing, Bridge Street, Bideford (Monument)
MDV42386Royal Aller Vale Quarry, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV23777Royal Beacon Hotel, Exmouth (Building)
MDV859Royal Fortescue Hotel, Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV75533Royal Mail Public House, Bideford (Building)
MDV102667Ruined farm building at Leather Tor Farm, Walkhampton (Building)
MDV102660Ruined structures at Leather Tor Farmstead, Walkhampton (Building)
MDV55222Salterton Road Brick and Tile Works, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV20739Sandford Orleigh, Exeter Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV19565Sandygate Mill, Kingsteignton (Monument)
MDV81228'Settlement' Field Name north-east of Edistone (Monument)
MDV81192Settlement, between A379 and Old Rydon Lane (Monument)
MDV81227Settlement, Field Name north-east of Edistone (Monument)
MDV81092Settlement, Hillsborough Promontory Fort (Monument)
MDV99086Sewer Ventilation Pipe adjacent to 13 Ashley Terrace, Bideford (Building)
MDV22957Seymour, 74 Seymour Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV102888Sheepwash on Wray Brook to the north of Yeo Cottages, Bovey Tracey (Monument)
MDV14890Shilstone Manor House, Drewsteignton (Building)
MDV81030Shippon 10 metres south of Higher Bonehill Farmhouse (Building)
MDV69879Shippon at Westwoods Farm, Ogwell (Building)
MDV33418Shippon north-east of Shilstone Farmhouse (Building)
MDV23801Shop on Corner of Beacon Hill facing Chapel Hill, Exmouth (Building)
MDV102091Shoreacre, Braunton (Building)
MDV91803Signal Box west of Credition Station Main Range (Building)
MDV52528Site of Aqueducts in Decoy Country Park, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV102546Site of building, Peter Hopper's Hill (Building)
MDV52545Site of Clay Pits, Decoy Industrial Estate, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV51049Site of Clubhouse, Shelley Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV102552Site of Quarry, West of Mill Ford Wood (Monument)
MDV52522Site of Sand Pit, Meadway, Kingskerswell Road, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV52527Site of Shaft at Devon & Courtenay Clay Works, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV60884Site of Shaft in Decoy Country Park, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV52525Site of Shaft in Decoy Country Park, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV49697Site of Tramway at Devon & Courtenay Clay Works, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV12363Slee's Almshouses, St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV102920Sluice at Head of Leat to Wortha Mill (Monument)
MDV57544Smythes Mill, Axminster (Monument)
MDV22954Somerset Lodge, Rundle Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV95900South Street Auction Rooms (Building)
MDV79146Springfield Terrace, Bideford East-the-Water (Building)
MDV63970Squares Quay, Kingsbridge (Monument)
MDV62050St Andrew's Mill Leat (Monument)
MDV71729St Andrew's Parish Church, Burn Chest Tomb (Building)
MDV58456St David's House, Commercial Wharf, Bideford (Building)
MDV89115St George's House, 8 Park Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV24471St George's Vicarage or Pitt Rectory (Building)
MDV43679St Margaret's Almshouses (Northern Block), Exeter Road, Honiton (Building)
MDV43680St Margaret's Chapel, Exeter Road, Honiton (Building)
MDV1658St Michael's Church, Brentor (Building)
MDV7460St Pancras Church, Widecombe-in-the-Moor (Building)
MDV1868St Paul's Church, High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV7972St Peter's Church, Buckland-in-the-Moor (Building)
MDV7241St. Edmund, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV12367St. Lawrence's Chapel (Monument)
MDV81302St. Mary's Church Hall, Highweek Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV20737St. Mary's Church, Highweek, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV1372St. Pauls Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV80644St. Peter's Church, Bideford East-the-Water (Building)
MDV102085Stable and Cow House at Narracott Farm, Milton Abbot (Building)
MDV102069Stable at Over Weir, Umberleigh (Building)
MDV102504Stable at Wadhay (Building)
MDV102072Stable at West Mill Farm, Bishops Nympton (Building)
MDV24585Stables, Collipriest House (Building)
MDV60726Station House, Tavistock (Building)
MDV89108Statue of King Edward VII, Lowman Bridge (Building)
MDV62396Stirrup Mount and Buckle, 30 Fore Street, Cullompton (Find Spot)
MDV380Stoneyard Farmhouse (Monument)
MDV24804Stony Lane, Axminster (Monument)
MDV99647Storridge Wood Lodge, Cornwood (Building)
MDV62944Strip Fields south of Broadway Road, Kingsteignton (Monument)
MDV63399Structures, Mill Street, Bideford (Monument)
MDV3966Sundial Over South Porch, St Andrew's Church, Whitchurch (Monument)
MDV499Sundial, Long Bridge, Bideford (Monument)
MDV16531Tacketwood Quarry, West Alvington (Monument)
MDV1406Tannery, Exeter Hill (Monument)
MDV23143Tavistock Methodist Church (Building)
MDV84602Teignmouth Brewery (Monument)
MDV98347Telephone Kiosk, St James Church (Building)
MDV24258The Anchor Hotel (Building)
MDV89362The Angel Hotel, Angel Hill, Tiverton (Building)
MDV1864The Angel House, High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV89333The Barley Mow, Barrington Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV8708The Barn Owl Inn, formerly Manor Farmhouse (Building)
MDV80294The Causeway, Northam Road, Bideford (Monument)
MDV39760The Chantry and Elmfield, Vicarage Hill, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV67445The Cottage, Keynedon Barton (Monument)
MDV23030The Dartmouth Inn, East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV24505The Elms, Station Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV91472The Exeter Inn, Church Street, Modbury (Building)
MDV43614The Globe Inn (63 and 165) and 167 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV23021The Jolly Abbot Inn, East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV74664The Laurels and Tanners Cottage, Lyme Road, Axminster (Building)
MDV9058The Leechwell, Totnes (Monument)
MDV73136The Lodge, Howden Court (Monument)
MDV24486The Manse, 2 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV23579The Manse, Summer Lane, Withycombe Raleigh, Exmouth (Building)
MDV24651The Market Hall, Fore Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV69784The Marsh, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV64781The Monolith, Simmons Park (Monument)
MDV102650The Mount Pleasant Drive, Ugbrooke Park (Monument)
MDV101597The Mount, Castle Street, Northam (Building)
MDV43666The New Dolphin Hotel, High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV23017The Newton Gallery, 4 East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV72684The Old Custom House, Bideford (Building)
MDV74400The Old Forge, 4 Barrington Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV43621The Old Manse, 57 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV89306The Old School, Chapel Street, Tiverton, formerly Brewin School (Building)
MDV23051The Old Toll House, Rackenford Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV89309The Palmerston Hotel, Fore Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV102672The Pitt Garden, Ugbrooke Park (Monument)
MDV89382The Queens Head (20) and 22 Castle Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV23170The Queen's Head Hotel, 80 West Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV23138The Retreat, Russell Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV57539The Sail loft, Camperdown Terrace, Exmouth (Building)
MDV24295The Seven Stars Inn, Mill Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV24296The Ship and Plough Inn, The Promenade, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV22965The Ship Inn, 9 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV23038The Swan Inn, 4 Highweek Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV23749The Temple, Alexandra Terrace, Exmouth (Building)
MDV75562The Torridge Inn, Bideford (Building)
MDV3829The Trendle, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV89374The White Ball Inn, 8 Bridge Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV89322The Willows, 32 Belmont Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV89155Three Lamp Standards in St Peter's Churchyard, St Peter Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV81031Threshing Barn 6 metres east of Middle Bonehill Farmhouse (Building)
MDV95344Threshing Barn at West Mill Farm, Bishops Nympton (Building)
MDV67444Threshing Barn, Keynedon Barton (Monument)
MDV1348Tiverton section Exe of the Exe Valley Railway (Monument)
MDV49308Tiverton, St Paul's (Building)
MDV1869Tomb, Churchyard of Church of St Michael and All Angels Church, Honiton (Monument)
MDV98885Torridge House (Building)
MDV43278Torrington Street, Bideford East-the-Water (Monument)
MDV65938Town Mill Leat, Okehampton (Monument)
MDV63974Town Mill Pond, Wallingford Lane, Kingsbridge (Monument)
MDV19781Town Mill, Kingsteignton (Monument)
MDV65932Town Mill, Tavistock (Building)
MDV81350Trackway near Dainton Elms Cross, Ipplepen (Monument)
MDV23595Travershes Cottage, Pound Lane, Withycombe Raleigh, Exmouth (Building)
MDV81084Triangulation Point, near Down Copse. (Monument)
MDV88812Trumps Barn, Tiverton Road (Building)
MDV22958Tuckers Maltings, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV18718Tucking Mills, New Street, Honiton (Monument)
MDV20748Tudor House, 49 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV22986Union Bridge, Back Road, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV23018Union Inn, 6 East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV12369United Reformed Church, formerly Congregational Church, St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV102808Upper Weir to Cleave Mill, Belstone (Monument)
MDV61794Victoria Chambers, 63 High Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV43747Victoria Hall, Tiverton Lane (Building)
MDV24301Victoria Place, The Promenade, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV24661Villa Franca, Park Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV82700Wadhays Farm, Awliscombe (Monument)
MDV29826Wall and gate piers, The Vicarage, Widecombe (Monument)
MDV22987Wall at Union Bridge, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV95953War Memorial in Rock Park, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV64293Warehouse, Dodbrooke Quay (Monument)
MDV18425Washbrook (Monument)
MDV24212Waterloo Place, 1-4 Duncombe Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV33270Wayside, Throwleigh (Building)
MDV102902Weir 120 metres west of Broadall Lake (Monument)
MDV102815Weir 130 metres south-west of Horsehill (Monument)
MDV102867Weir 135 meters south-east of Lydford Viaduct (Monument)
MDV102818Weir 150 meters south-east of Grenofen Bridge (Monument)
MDV102774Weir 17 meters south of Hoo Meavy Bridge (Monument)
MDV102821Weir 270 meters north-east of Grenofen (Monument)
MDV102773Weir 270 metres south-east of Zempson Bridge (Monument)
MDV102823Weir 400 meters south of Mary Tavy Bridge (Monument)
MDV102880Weir 440 metres south-east of Meldon Viaduct (Monument)
MDV102931Weir 50 metres north-west of Glaze Viaduct (Monument)
MDV102855Weir 740 meters south of Mary Tavy Bridge (Monument)
MDV102875Weir at Ashburton Park (Monument)
MDV102811Weir at Belstone Cleave (Monument)
MDV102899Weir at Blachford, east of Cornwood (Monument)
MDV102765Weir at Hill Bridge, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV102893Weir at Moor Cross Bridge, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV102874Weir at Piall Bridge, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV102809Weir at Pond Cottage, Chagford (Monument)
MDV102759Weir at South Brent (Monument)
MDV102798Weir Cottage, 200 metres south of Green Bridge (Building)
MDV102928Weir east of Dendles Wood, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV102924Weir east of Dendles Wood, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV102795Weir east of Shelstone Tor (Monument)
MDV102796Weir east of Shelstone Tor (Monument)
MDV102886Weir east of Storridge Wood, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV102922Weir in Broadall Lake, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV102800Weir Mill Leat, Drewsteignton (Monument)
MDV102801Weir Mill, Drewsteignton (Building)
MDV94832Weir North of East Bridge (Building)
MDV102863Weir north of Whitchurch Down (Monument)
MDV102859Weir north-west of Knowle Down (Monument)
MDV102810Weir on Blackaton Brook (Monument)
MDV51539Weir on Devonport Leat to north-east of Beardown Farm, north-east of Princetown (Monument)
MDV102877Weir on Hayne Brook to east of Deal Farm, Manaton. (Monument)
MDV102881Weir on Hayne Brook to north of New Bridge, Manaton (Monument)
MDV102832Weir on Holy Brook to south-east of 'Mill Leat', Holne (Monument)
MDV102837Weir on Pond to north of Pitton, Widecombe in the Moor (Monument)
MDV102872Weir on River Ashburn to north of Lurgecombe Farm (Monument)
MDV102884Weir on River Bovey in Hisley wood, Lustleigh (Monument)
MDV102824Weir on River Burn to south of Wringworthy Farm, Mary Tavy (Monument)
MDV102901Weir on River Erme at Stowford Cleave, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV102834Weir on River Mardle above Brook Mill Bridge, (Monument)
MDV102919Weir on River Mardle to south of Dial Motors, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV102827Weir on River Mardle to west of Higher Combe, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV102871Weir on Stream to south of Ford House, Drewsteignton (Monument)
MDV102830Weir on the Dean Burn north-east of Deancombe, Dean Prior (Monument)
MDV102932Weir south of Glazebrook Lodge (Monument)
MDV102790Weir south-west of Jordan (Monument)
MDV89139Weir, Town Mills (Monument)
MDV102836Weirs at Bagpark, Widecombe in the Moor (Monument)
MDV102803Weirs on Drainage Channel to south of Fatherford (Monument)
MDV81110Well house at Hartland Quay (Monument)
MDV51154Well House, Church Steps, Kingsbridge (Monument)
MDV3944Well House, off Callington Road (Monument)
MDV102551Well, Blaxton Farmstead (Monument)
MDV81444WELL, Chardstock (Monument)
MDV81083Well, near Hare Wood (Monument)
MDV7247Welle, or Langwell, House, Dodbrooke (Building)
MDV97044Wellesbourne, Limers Lane, Northam (Building)
MDV21292Welltown Farmhouse, Walkhampton (Building)
MDV51348West Bridge Nursery (Monument)
MDV73628West End Cottage, 92 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV33486West Fingle Farmhouse, Drewsteignton (Building)
MDV102659West Leathertor Farmhouse, Walkhampton (Building)
MDV97350West Mill Farmhouse, Bishops Nympton (Building)
MDV18998West Range, Keynedon Barton (Building)
MDV22258West Town Medieval Market Place (Monument)
MDV74665Westcoombe House, Coombe Lane, Axminster (Building)
MDV63677Weston House, Market Square, Axminster (Building)
MDV55377Wharf at Bideford Bridge, East The Water (Monument)
MDV3613Wheal Collier Adit, Huckworthy Bridge (Monument)
MDV43615White Cottage, 35 High Street, Honiton (Building)
MDV23019White Hart Inn, East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV45762Willhay Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV23603Withycombe House now Hill Crest School, St Johns Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV23129Woburn Terrace, Plymouth Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV65661Wolborough House, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV84401Woodlands Hotel, Barn Park Road (Building)
MDV24315Woodville, Heywood Road (Building)
MDV97034York House (part of Stella Maris School), Bideford (Building)